Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/30/2015 – Joel McHale

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/30/2015 – Joel McHale

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Joel McHale

Recorded 09-29-2015 – Release Date 09-30-2015

Production Number #1670

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Adam opens the show to a funny intro and thanks the fans for the quickly approaching 7th year anniversary of the network and show.

BB has a classic #TopDrop from KLSX featuring today’s guest Joel McHale, Joel is in studio at the top of the show and says it feels good to be back.

Joel a KLSX ACS regular is making only his 6th appearance on the podcast, you can hear his first appearance on ACS #15 (feat. Joel McHale) from the first two weeks of shows and then again on ACS #88 (feat. Joel McHale, Jimmy Pardo & Adam Perry Lang) which became the stuff of legend on “other” podcasts thanks to one of the guests.


Adam is giving out some plugs for Joel and asks him about developing into a live performer around the same time Adam was getting into his standup work after the end of the KLSX show.

Joel has a funny Mangria joke and quickly explains how he worked out his material, stage presence and learned about what audiences want.

Adam is talking about cobbling an act together and Joel has a great compliment for Adam and his ability to come up with stuff that would take others years to write for an act.


Adam talks about liking the recent trend of live podcasts, BB is now giving his take and explains his role and feelings about being on stage.

Adam says the audience is now coached up on the live radio stage show element, hilarious Hal Holbrook reference.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Joel McHale improves every live read edition!


Adam asks Joel about ‘Community’ and leans how they might actually fulfill the dream/manifest destiny of “6 Season and a Movie!” the rallying cry of Dan Harmon and the fan base of the show.

Joel says there is some contract stuff to be worked out but they should be getting a Yahoo financed movie out of it to wrap things up, maybe.

Adam asks if Donald Glover would come back for the movie, Adam is asking about something like ‘Big Bang Theory’ getting the attention that perhaps ‘Community’ deserves.


Adam is praising the show, he loves the first paint ball episode, Joel talks about the man behind the show Dan Harmon and Adam is talking about his private jet flight to NYC and how you don’t want the flight to end.

Joel is asking how Adam got the ride, Adam tells him about Norm Pattiz and Joel says he loves him, hilarious delivery and timing.

Adam is talking about the commercial flight home from NYC, Adam is talking about the TSA agent walking past “The Hoop That Gives You Ovarian Cancer” to yell at Mike.


Adam jokes about the device being named that and compares it to Smuckers, Joel is crushing this improv riff questioning the title of the device.

Adam closes it out with a dark twist.

Adam is now sharing the rest of the details of the TSA douche yelling at them.


Joel is telling them about TSA rule free airport security checkpoints, Joel says that the planes between LAX and JFK that American uses are the best.

Adam talks about Rob Lowe sitting behind him in the 1st class cabin.


Adam is setting up a clip of Eric Stonestreet on ‘Take a Knee’ where he talks about goat semen scents, wow!

Adam is now sharing the details of his conversation with Phil Rosenthal about goat cheese, Adam is sharing the 1st class menu choices with the gang.

Gina is reading the options and now Adam is talking about a Caprese salad and how the mozzarella cheese drinks up the oil and vinegar and flavor.

Adam has a killer “Goat Based Economy” one liner that please a very loyal legion of one time super dedicated Carolla fans.


Adam is talking about his POV of Rob Lowe and how it only made him even dreamier, Adam talks about his perfect chin and nose and how his chin distracts from his nose like Sophia Vergara’s various parts distract from you from the others you could be admiring.


Adam talks about people never sleeping on their belly in 1st class and jokes about it being an invitation, Adam says obviously he read Rob wrong.

Adam talks about Rob having the confidence to sleep face down on a plane, wow!

Adam gets an unofficial plug in for ‘The Grinder’ and is back to the 1st class menu and the lack of pork chops for every passenger, Adam brings up Syria again.


Joel is now asking Adam about his flight, Adam talks about being on a corporate jet and Adam describes his reptile brain idea for ‘Private Jet Therapy’ as discussed in ADS #277.

Adam brings up the ovarian tube, Gina brings up flight simulators for people who suffer from a fear of flying.

Adam is now asking Joel to agree to disagree and uses Russian dolls to make a solid analogy while mid sarcastic Meta improv riff with Joel, wow!

Adam in his heart of hearts knows Joel is wrong, this is so much fun!


Adam doesn’t claim to be a linguistics expert, Adam asks him if he has a crystal ball.

Adam and Joel are listing off the various things and professions Adam doesn’t claim to be or practice, wow!

This is great, Joel is an amazing guest and it’s sad he’s so rarely on the show.

Adam and Joel are doing a “let’s agree to disagree” closer to wrap up the scene.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Joel McHale gets confused by BB wrapping up the bit for them edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tom, he says he was a big fan before Joel got into that embarrassing argument, Adam is telling Tom about “yeah but still” and its use to win a tie after losing an argument.

He wants to know Joel’s favorite guests on ‘The Soup’ and Joel mentions Adam’s many appearances on the show, Joel mentions past ACS guest Kumail Nanjiani.

Tom wants to know about any guests who don’t really know the format or what they’re supposed to do, Joel explains the “big ask” in the show’s premise and execution.


Joel brings up “toxins” and Dr. Drew’s ranting about the meaningless term, Adam is now walking them through his theory on toxins, civil rights leaders being executed all the way to several other examples, Adam says toxins are akin to caveman thinking.


2nd Caller Jason, he wants to know how to tell his girlfriend he’s not too keen on her moving into his place when her lease ends.

Adam, Joel and BB all have funny lines, Adam jokes about “vaginally clumsy” and further asks Jason about his gal pal, they mountain bike together, the stuff of herpes medication commercials.

Adam is bringing up the cuckold herpes boyfriend in the Valtrex commercials, Adam, BB and Joel all joke about the costumer for those spots and the directions the guy probably gets.


Everyone is not that sympathetic to Jason’s cause, Adam says he will miss the sweet sensation of her nostril blowjobs.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Joel keeps improving these ads, German Blitzkrieg blackout edition

Adam admits jetlag is real bonus edition

They head to break.


They’re back from break with the great and hilarious Joel McHale, who I actually met at Laughs for Bald Bryan and he was nice! I helped him find his way through the theater, been a fan ever since I first saw him on ‘Almost Live’ while growing up in Kirkland Wa.

ACS #207 laughs for Bald Bryan Promo (feat. Bad Religion, Joel McHale, Greg Fitzsimmons, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry Miller & Dana Gould)

Adam says nobody is more tickled over Joel’s success than him and Joel explains how the KLSX bookings truly helped with the success of ‘The Soup’ and Adam is flattered if that’s in any way true.


BB is doing his best Fake Jack Silver impression and Adam is sharing the hit list of the guests Jack Silver thought were “radio death” Joel McHale, Louis C.K. and Zach Galifianakis.

Joel mentions Jack’s desire for more “snatch talk” and events involving fat dudes and chicken wings, Adam is describing his experience on being smashed behind his town car driver.

Adam explains the professional car service also picked someone else up and they was stuck behind the reclined seat, Adam didn’t say anything as not to come off racist to the driver, but if he was a red haired white guy he would have lectured him on the spot.


Joel is sharing the story of his town car driver falling asleep while driving him and his father, wow.

BB brings up the NYC driver who pulled over to take a shit at 711, the world’s worst 711 on the planet.

Adam accuses these driver types, this guy specifically of playing up the “Charro” thing of using his accent to hide behind “yes, it’s good” and other phrases that imply they’re not able to understand your objections.


Adam shares another story of a driver using the same “it’s good” and then busting out the “oh yeah!” when August refused to sign the invoice/receipt to approve the charge.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Matt explains the policy for them covering damage caused by vomit from passengers, Adam dubs it the “yak in the back” policy


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the end of Burt Reynolds debt to his ex-wife, Adam is talking about some of his classic movies with Joel, Joel remarks on not hearing the name Loni Anderson in a long time.

Adam is now asking the gang for the name of the #1 most masturbated actress of all time, everyone is weighing in.

Adam says Suzanne Sommers and the three phases of men jacking off to her, Gina is responding to the idea of that as a “compliment” and Adam has a funny “pulling for ya” and Adam says he would produce in volume, one fan who produces a ton of jizz.


Adam is talking about the pre-internet era, Gary argues for the Pam Anderson sex tape.


2nd Story is on the sentencing for prison guard involved in the escape in upstate New York earlier this year.

Adam talks about his love of this old timey crime, ala pick pockets and Joel argues some realistic points about her letting murders free.

Adam is now saying a prison is no different than an automobile or your digestive system.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Adam can’t read, let alone live, this is from the heart as he’s reading disabled edition.


3rd Story is on the water found on Mars, Adam is now asking about the reaction of a human race in response to the discovery of an alien race.

Gina asks the question but frames it as an invasion, Adam wants to know if the hatred and divisions we have would heal by the knowledge that we are for sure not alone.

Adam is talking about the 2005 ‘War of the Worlds’ and the broken logic regarding bump starting manual transmission cars.


Joel suggests Adam be hired to yell at people about these factual errors in scripts so they don’t make it into the final cut of the movie.

Adam is now sharing the anecdote of watching ‘Ghost Rider’ with Sonny and asking him about the goalposts distance.

Joel says Adam should’ve been one of the announcers, Joel talks about Vin Diesel being shot in ‘Fast and the Furious 6’ Gary has the details of the solenoid in ‘War Of the Worlds’ and Adam asks about the wrong engine being put in the car again, no solution to that one.


4th Story is on the end of the Pope’s visit to the United States and Gina plays some clips from his prog rock album.

Joel talks about being in 2 of the ‘X-Files’ episodes this January on Fox, Adam shares his distaste for Soca while talking about countries should be producing music.

Adam talks about the giant guitars for Mexican bands, Adam shares the broken logic of a bigger guitar leading to more blowjobs from groupies.

Adam is killing this riff about the giant guitar being outside the sweet spot of getting laid, it’s the Jimi Hendrix median where women want to fuck you, guitar shape/size and human shape/size.


Adam is now riffing about the irony of the world’s largest people playing the smallest guitars as they talk about “Brother Iz” Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Who died, that is made clear, and Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Live Read for ‘Hell and Back’

Not to be confused with ‘To Hell and Back’ edition

Hilarious Philip Seymour Hoffman one liner from Adam

Adam closes out the show with some plugs and I hope Joel comes back very soon!

Dynamite episode.