Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/30/2012 – Dr. Drew Bonus Show

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/30/2012 – Dr. Drew Bonus Show

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/21/2012 – Release Date 09/28/2012

Dr. Drew is back for the #8th Bonus Show, Adam is explaining to Drew that’s it’s been over 3 1/2 years since he had to work for the man. Adam is thanking the audience for all the support, Drew just chimed in and revealed he just recorded his own Carolla Digital podcast and how happy he is to own have a project that’s wholly their own.

Adam is asking Drew if he would rather his kids were paraplegic or addicted to drugs, Drew is giving some good answers and Adam has a great quote about the sex lives of men confined to a wheelchair. Adam is sipping some Mangria, Drew is jumping in to explain that two sips left him questioning if he was safe to drive.

Drew is asking Adam about the idea of bringing a live audience in to watch the podcast, Adam is explaining the live shows and an idea he had about a “pirate ship” version of “The Tonight Show” from his own theater. Drew is describing a very great magnet airport encounter, like something straight out of the old Loveline days.


Adam is explaining his recent flight with the battling “sympathy”dogs, Drew is supporting the idea of people who want their dogs while accepting Adam’s argument that it’s total bullshit. Adam is showing the “seizure dog” to Drew who instantly replies that the dog pictured is actually a breed prone to having seizures.

Adam is now telling Drew about his “Seizure Goat” that he named Barney, when he first explained the events of the flight last week after returning from Dallas. Adam is filling Drew in on how he gathered intel from the woman on the plane, He’s now explaining the Richard Belzer episode of the podcast from year 1 to Drew.

Adam is asking Drew about the usefulness of a “seizure dog” and how it might actually help, Drew is giving him some educated answers, he’s explaining how Greg Grunberg who is an activist for epilepsy would be the man to ask. Adam is making a great argument about people who are allergic to dogs and how unfair it is to them if you bring your dog on a plane, especially if peanuts are banned.

Drew is telling Adam he read some quotes from his OWS rant that went viral, the control room fired up the checklist for what “seizure dogs” actually do, they’re riffing on it in the same way they used to mock the PSA’s forced onto Loveline by the FCC/Ad Council, good times! Drew is making an analogy to people who want to smoke pot and justify it the same way the “sympathy dog” people do, Drew is fine with both ideas but would rather we just all be honest about our motivations.


1st Caller, Olya is concerned that mold in her home is causing her mysterious illnesses, Drew quickly tells her she’s not making sense and speaking nonsense. He’s converting her symptoms to clinical terms and Adam is jumping in with the old Loveline insight.

Drew is explaining that she is not correct, that it cannot be mold causing her problems. She then tells him he is dead wrong and so is every other doctor who has told her the same, she’s convinced that she knows more and Drew lays down the law with a great comment.

Adam and Drew are in full on old school Loveline mode, telling her what reality is. Drew is discussing “projective identification” and the real symptoms of mold born illnesses, Drew just did a call back to “PussGria” from last week’s bonus show.

Dr. Drew mentions he’s coming on my podcast, Adam is telling Drew about me, so awesome and odd. Adam reminds the fans of the official archive where you can obtain all 900+ episodes from the past 3 years.


 2nd Caller, Jimmy with another Loveline style question, this one a classic topic. Jimmy’s girlfriend might have an infection, it’s causing symptoms he doesn’t care for. Drew gives the classic angle they always tell guys to use, Adam is giving a new spin about custom greeting cards.

Adam is asking about Ob/Gyn etiquette if a certain type of scent is noticed, Adam is now on an amazing riff about what guys would do if they had this problem. Drew proposes the question of what Adam’s buddy “Ray” might do if he had a vagina, Drew is losing his shit.


3rd Caller, Nadia is suffering from depression, she’s trying to explain her problems and Adam has some great one liners. She was addicted to pornography and Drew is now doing some investigating into her past.


4th Caller, Molly has been seeing a psychologist but is not sure he is worth her time. Adam explains he thinks even a crappy therapist is helpful and Drew chimes in that his 1st episode of his new podcast is dedicated to the topic of how someone finds a good therapist and ensures they’re engaged in an actual therapeutic process. Adam and Drew are giving her some great advice. Drew suggests a live show in Maryland for him and Adam.


5th Caller, Ben wants to know the negative side effects of ecstacy. Adam is explaining how blown away he is by people who have done large amounts of the drug and how it doesn’t seem like a good idea. Adam is now giving his shrooms and Fish & Chips analogy. The guys are in full on classic mode right now and having a great back and forth about ecstasy.

Ben is finally on the line, after some confusion. Adam tells Ben to stop doing the drug and gets him to admit how much he’s used. Ben wants Dr Drew to explain it to him but he just did. Adam is giving him a great piece of advise.


6th Caller, Jake He has 1 month old twins. He’s spending his 2nd night alone with them while his wife is going back to school. Jake drops off the line and Adam transitions to when exactly “extracurricular” and “juvenile” became negative descriptions.


7th Caller, JR has social anxiety, Drew is explaining the exact type he is describing is a perfect example of what happens to people after frequent ectasy use. JR says he doesn’t do drugs, Adam is relating the “Donny Osmond” anxiety disorder story and asking Drew how that can manifest out of nowhere to someone like him.

Drew is explaining that fear of flying is this type of anxiety, he’s relating how he got over his own fear of flying. JR is explaining an incident that involved a DUI, a good friend he had to testify against and a dead guy. Adam and Drew are feeling the weight of his story and trying to give good advice.

Adam is on a good jag about cops asking you unsettling questions about the level of preparedness you have undertaken for self defense, hilarious quotes!