Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/29/2015 – Darren Lynn Bousman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/29/2015 – Darren Lynn Bousman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Darren Lynn Bousman

Recorded 09-27-2015 – Release Date 09-29-2015

Production Number #1669

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Adam opens the show with Darren in studio making his 4th appearance on the show, Adam responds to the funny “saw” intro.

Adam is asking him about his live musical event, Darren explains what it is and how it’s akin to an underground circus.

Adam talks about Eli Roth and his nice Jewish background that led to his current genre choices somehow, Darren explains how he started out wanting to make action movies and how years of rejection and false starts led to his dark screenplay that took his career in another direction.


Adam wants to know the biggest towns for this show or just the macabre in general, Darren is talking about the interactive ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ style elements.

Darren shares his love for ‘Road Hard’ and how he relates to the experiences shown in the movie, Darren talks about his 9 month old son and how she only sees the photos from the 30min of celebrating each night not the grueling grind of the road.

Adam talks about how his wife would react if she worked his schedule and came home to find him with the AC blasting sipping a Pina colada out of a half of a coconut.


Adam talks about his experiences more, Darren takes it back to the relationship in the movie and Adam thanks him, professional director.

Darren is telling them about the rule of “do not fall asleep in the van” which led to fireworks being fired from his shoe.

Adam says Cousin Sal threw a match between a guy’s toes, a literal “hot foot” which Gina cannot believe.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is now setting up a clip from ‘Road Work’ and explains the idea behind it.

Adam is now having Gary play ‘left over beer bottles’ and it’s hilarious, flies circling heads!

“Into the mouth of my son!” and Dawson is on mic and explains that this is a continuation of the other WCACA.

Adam explains the reason for the truncated show and his policy on private jets for doing shit he doesn’t want to do.

He’s got a private jet waiting for him, wow!


Gina’s News

Adam does a live read for ‘The Grinder’ on FOX


1st Story is on the Huntington Beach teenager who protected a blind student and was suspended due to the zero tolerance policy.

Adam would like to take some “Saw” like measures to the people who put these zero tolerance polices in place.

Adam is listing of problems vs. problemo and Adam has a killer response to the idea of a bully named Noah.


Darren talks about experiencing violence as a youth and Adam talks about tough guys standing up for those who need help.

Gina comments on the video not being shot landscape and everyone seems to be in agreement this bully Noah got what he had coming, for his sake even, what if he killed or permanently damaged the brain of the blind student, that would’ve ruined his life too.

Adam comments on the “our hands are tied” policy, Adam uses him telling his son not to let anyone in and then forgetting his keys and being told he can’t come back in and get them.


Darren talks about participation trophies now leading to rules prohibiting people from defending themselves, Gina comments on the interviews with the kid.

Darren now has the story of the time he was assaulted on Halloween, broken nose and ribs.

Darren says his mother knew who the kids were and didn’t tell him, interesting twist.



2nd Story is on the VW methods to get past the EPA, Adam is now saying fuck the car owners who are part of the lawsuit, and he is now impersonating one of them and giving a song and dance about how the emissions affected him.

Adam is killing it, Adam says whatever damage was done was to the environment by you, unwittingly.

Gina mentions the value depreciation for the cars, Adam is saying they should use the bug and how they got other car companies to lower emissions and increase mileage just by being available as completion.


Adam is talking about a road trip they took in a diesel vehicle and Gary gets on mic to explain how far they got on so little gas.

Darren says he just sold his first car, a drunk driver hit the rear bumper and it removed 8k value from the sale price.

Adam talks about unibody frames and how they can never truly come back after being tweaked.


Adam is doing a live read for Castrol


Adam talks about taking his kids to the shop to monkey with the cars and hang out on Saturday, he explains how he had his door open while fishing some shit out after letting his kids out curbside, an oncoming motorist honked at him and scared the shit out of him for merely having his door ajar, not fully extended mind you.

Adam loves horn honkers but hates that shit.


3rd Story is on a county warning about trash and debris in water, Gina is talking about the toilet contents that washed up on the beach.

Adam is wondering if the water needs of the apocalyptic dystopian movies he’s seen had something to them, maybe water is the key.

Adam and BB talk about ‘Waterworld’ and Adam recalls all of the “bomb” predictions for ‘Titanic’ before it was released, similar in nature to what happened to ‘Waterworld’ yet somehow it overcame the negative buzz.


Adam is having Fondiler get on mic, Adam talks about studying people’s action and brings up going to get together with his dad and his sister over the weekend.

Adam predicted he wouldn’t be seeing them, Matt told him about his double booking and Adam predicted his sister’s last minute cancelation.


Gina shares a theory she read about and quotes it, Adam is now arguing that you should take yourself out of the equation in most situations.


4th Story is an update on Kim Davis, Gina has some details on her political affiliations.

Adam is talking about people asking him about appearing on ‘Bill O’Reilly’ and how some people ask him about it being rough to have different politics than other hip actor types at fancy Hollywood parties.

Adam says that only reveals how the person asking the question thinks.


Adam is marveling at humans and how we can have time for Kim Davis while all of the great science and exploration we’re involved in.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read

Would you buy plane tickets at a Travel Agent’s office today?