Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/28/2015 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/28/2015 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina and Bryan

Recorded 09-27-2015 – Release Date 09-28-2015

Production Number #1668

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Adam was out with his wife celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary, after nearly 20 years of being together.

Adam is telling them about going to the infamous “hazelnut soup” restaurant that he dined at with Vince Vaughn and his wife about a year ago.

Adam is telling them about passion fruit ginger ale and he goes off on the “reddish water that is sweet” that resembles the sugar water/white paste of filmic future dystopias.


Adam is telling them about a fan sending him the bootleg video of Stevie Nicks, Adam is setting up the video and explains the sunglasses hand off.

Gina is chiming in and Adam is talking about how this is the moment when he realized what song they were going into, he hates ‘Gold dust Woman’ and it isn’t just one of their worst songs, he hates this song.

Adam has a great “twice as hard, like having sex with a corpse” comment about them having to rock out extra hard for such a shitty song.


Adam is lamenting this happening at the 1 concert he attends and has a killer riff that BB seems to enjoy.

Adam is responding to Gina who asked if Dave was aware of what was going on, Adam presumes they didn’t get to practice with the famous person and Dave was trying to elevate out of his rock throne.

Adam says they need to get some Gary drops from ‘Weird Science’ and BB plays a classic KLSX era drop from the same movie.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is sharing his “now on the clock” rule for noticing things and not remedying them, he uses noticing bald tires and not getting them replaced and the suffering a blowout on the side of the road.

Adam explains there have been an abundance of strangers visiting the shop and the studio and his new security precautions he’s undertaking.

Adam is explaining how he told everyone to lock it like the front door of their house and then returning to the studio only to find the door unlocked.


Adam is now using some profiling while sharing his story of running into two giant brothers who wanted to say hello, Adam hates the uncomfortable “what’s your business? What are you doing here?” questions and usually has Matt ferret that for him.

Adam immediately broke his own rule and explains the “not my demo” part of it, that rarely if ever have two large black guys ever shown up as fans, it’s usually the flip flop white dudes.

Adam is talking about making plan in life and then the Great Magnet brought these two guys to punish him for laying down his new edict.


Gina is asking if any hot chicks ever show up, Adam says no, that went out with MTV, sad.

Adam is talking about Dr. Drew and how he’s incapable of closing up bags of chips or trail mix, Adam says he’s had the conversation with him a million times about ruining the food.

Adam brings up the warehouse air, the ants, the occasional confused cockroach and he’s now going over how Dr. Drew can’t read social cues, Adam is bringing up the Shawn Green incident from 2013.


Adam is talking about Producer Ann and her nightly Loveline photos that are sadly not shared with the public btw, Adam says that Drew would prompt her to get the camera and take a photo when perhaps she didn’t want to as the guest wasn’t notable enough to warrant a photo.

Adam talks about bringing in two bottles of ‘Gringo Bandito’ the best hot sauce of all time, he says he left two empty bottles there to remind himself of something for the next show.

Adam explains that Dr. Drew bussed the empty bottles out of the studio, Gina further comments on the half empty can of Perrier in the bathroom that was likely left by Drew, she doesn’t toss him under the bus, but Gary does and with good reason.


Adam is doing a Live Read for ‘Grandfathered’ on FOX


Adam went to see Ben Folds live for a private session, Adam talks about the people in attendance and the gentle girlfriend with one of the music critics.

Adam is explaining how this new album is Ben playing with strings and Adam says the only thing he loves more than horns are strings.

Adam talks about them trying to skype in with the Philadelphia Philharmonic, they had a tech error and Ben just did all of the songs solo instead.


Adam is having Gary play 30sec of Ben playing Piano, Adam says if you can do that you don’t need to fake it like Yoko Ono or sample other people’s music.

Adam was talking to the music critic type guy next to him was trying to be kind about Yoko Ono as his lady friend was into it, Adam then quizzed the super gentle woman about Yoko and her “music.”

The woman told Adam Yok gives it her all, Adam then says “Squeaky Fromme gave it her all” BB is shocked and Gina agrees with the logic, funny one liner.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Cesar from Fontana, he’s called before and Adam remembers it.

Adam says that everyone who drinks is your buddy and Cesar is telling them about his drinking buddy who has found Jesus Christ.

Adam talks about the long lost promises of bygone best friends, Adam is telling Cesar to implement that in his 30’s and Adam talks about the evolution of friendships over time and as you age.


2nd Caller Andrew, he’s got two quick examples of intrusive people.

Andrew tells them about a homeless guy who asked for his food and a car salesperson, Adam stops him and says the homeless guy is the one you don’t have to worry about.

Adam says you can throw a fry and yell fetch, you can do whatever you want to a homeless guy and the salesperson is up in your shit.


Adam is now saying “either you’re lying or I’m stupid” and uses TV warranties and how you’re always being upsold, Gina chimes in.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


BB wants to know if this was mean or uncalled for, he shares what he told the insurance agent about being upsold and how their ideal relationship works.

Adam says seller be ware, if this is what you do for a living then be prepared for it.

Gina talks about working in high end retail and hating it, Adam says he got dragged into a pyramid scheme for a water filer company.


Adam explains the scam of the business and then made a feeble attempt to sell them, his mom pulled out a consumer report article on the exact model of water filters, they were 9th on the list and then he couldn’t bring himself to try and sell crappy filters to his friend’s wealthy parents.

Adam says those water filters followed him around for several moves after that, a waste of 400$ when he really couldn’t afford it.

This is a very rare story that is almost never told.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Sonny’s tutoring session, find someone who cares edition.


3rd Caller Josh, he wants to know about the last time Adam had a fist fight.

Adam is sharing the story of the time two guys attacked Chris out of nowhere and how Adam promised to deal out a beating if they caught up with the guys.

Adam shares his “hey motherfucker!” introduction after Ray pointed him out, Adam says he was built and looked like Jared Allen and was talking up how he intended to kick his ass.


Adam explains how the guy admitted it wasn’t a good idea to smash a bottle and Adam wrapped things up, he says that was probably the last time.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.