Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/28/2012 – Phil Collen

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/28/2012 – Phil Collen

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/24/2012 – 09/28/2012

Adam is opening the show explaining they’re going to play some “blah blah blog” the gang are all weighing in with how much they enjoy the segment.

Bryan chimes in with the diary like nature of a blog, Adam is now on a riff about the song “Diary” by “Bread”. Adam has now transitioned to his old Loveline advice for people who insist upon keeping a diary. Adam just claimed that Dr.Drew would say it was a parents duty to read their kids diary or journal but actually Drew used to say you stop at the written word and you don’t violate your child’s privacy that way.

Adam is now back to the song “Diary” and the control room are playing the song. The gang are discussing what’s worse to breathe in, a fart or a burp?

Bryan is now filling Adam and Alison in on a recent bachelor party where one of the strippers had a “sobriety ankle bracelet”. Adam is now breaking down the women you see on a strip club or agency website versus the girls who are actually at the club or show up at your party.


Dawson is reading the first entry of “Blah Blah Blog”, the choices are “Moby”, “Russell Simmons” and “Forest Whitaker”, Adam is now giving his thoughts on Russell, the gang all guess wrong.

Adam interrupts Dawson and gives his take on welfare and food stamps, how the argument that he wouldn’t be here without it is not accurate. He’s explaining that had his mom not been living off of public assistance she would have gotten a job and been better off.

Dawson is reading the 2nd entry, Adam lays in some new lyrics to “Diary” while Dawson is reading. the choices for the 2nd blog are “Paul McCartney” “Bill Maher” and “Roseanne”.

Adam is on an extended riff about old celebrity dudes dying their hair, he’s using Paul McCartney as his main example.

Dawson is reading the 3rd blog, the choices are “Kim Kardashian”, “Gwen Stefani” and “Real Housewife Teresa”, Adam is now asking if the gang also feel like everyone’s 15 minutes of fame is starting to last far longer.

Adam just had the thought of how odd it is that Kim Kardashian has had a longer run of fame than many legendary musicians, Alison and Bryan chime in and help flesh out his idea.

Dawson is reading the 4th blog, the choices are “Barbara Streisand”, “D.L. Hughley” and “Kevin Bacon”. Adam is now describing a recent Mitt Romney interview and how it was a poor choice to film it on a private corporate jet while trying to depict the “common man” aspect of Mitt.

Adam has Dawson read the 5th blog, the choices are “Andy Richter”, “Ricky Gervais” and “Patton Oswalt”.

Dawson is now reading the “Championship round” 6th blog, the choices are “Gene Simmons”, “William Shatner” and “Jeff Bridges”.


Adam is now telling the gang how excited he is to meet “Graham Parker” and telling a story of how he wrote Graham’s name on his desk in high school. Adam is recounting the time Jay Leno flew him home in a private jet, he’s explaining how bummed out the Mikes were and giving new details about the drive from the airport with Jay.

Adam welcomes Phil to the show and gives out his plugs, he’s asking Phil about his journey. Phil is explaining how he got involved with “Def Leppard”. Adam is asking Phil about the difficulty of learning new songs, he’s comparing live music to live comedy and explaining the different demands of each audience.

Adam just asked Phil “how’s the guy with one arm doing?”. Phil is now relaying how his band mate lost his arm and Adam is giving his take on what would happen if he was to lose a limb. Adam is telling Phil how impressive he finds drummers who are also the lead singer.

Adam is telling the gang about a job he once had where had to paint backgrounds and create props for music videos, he’s going in depth and explaining what videos he worked on.


Alison’s News, Her top story is about the American Society of Pediatrics advising parents to not purchase trampolines for their kids because of the potential dangers. Adam is on a great riff about how guys are wired when it comes to dangerous activity, he’s dropping some great quotes.

Adam is explaining the various dangers that exist for kids and how many of the serious ones are overlooked, he’s giving an example of drowning in the pool and filling everyone in on how his nephew was injured on a trampoline.


Alison’s 2nd story is about the rate of young people buying cars dropping, she’s explaining the multiple theories and Adam is giving his take and is now on a quick riff about Alison’s birthday, good stuff.

Adam just made a “Gran Turismo” reference without actually saying the title, Alison is telling the gang how she feels about driving. Phil just set Adam off on a tangent about buying albums, Adam is turning the “why should I have to buy a full album to get one song?” argument on it’s head and explaining that’s how you find great songs.

Adam and Alison are discussing getting rides from their parents when they were kids, Adam is explaining his mom’s 24 hour notice policy. Bryan jumps in with an observation about Adam’s mom, Adam is now on a riff about what you could get away with while driving back in the day.


Alison’s 3rd story is about San Francisco considering “micro apartments” Adam is giving multiple theories about these apartments and the concept of living in confined spaces. Adam just did a live read and now he’s asking Phil about England.

Adam is asking Phil about “The Goodwood Festival” and using Bryan to make a point about Phil not knowing what it is, hilarious!

Phil is explaining he does enjoy driving and racing, Adam is into it. Adam’s further explaining “The Goodwood Festival” to Phil and he has the control room fire up some footage of the race for Phil. Alison has a great observation about names of things that sound obscene but aren’t. Adam wraps the show.