Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/27/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 276

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/27/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 276

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-22-2015 – Release Date 09-27-2015

Production Number #276 – Vinnie Tortorich, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

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Adam is opening the show with an emphatic intro with their guest Vinnie Tortorich making his ADS debut, Adam explains he first of Vinnie via Howie Mandel, Adam talks about the great shape Howie is in and Vinnie quotes Howie which Adam jokes about sounding homoerotic.

Adam is asking Vinnie about being a trainer to the stars, Dr. Drew brings up Jon Peters the hairstylist turned movie producer, Adam has clearly never watched ‘An Evening with Kevin Smith’ and changes topics.

Adam is now suggesting an “exercised today?” replacement for “click it or ticket” and Adam is now asking what we don’t know when it comes to healthy eating.


Adam talks about the sugar realities of Orange Juice, Vinnie talks about skim milk being as egregious as orange juice, he says it can only be made worse with chocolate.

Vinnie is sharing the story of training Margaret Cho for her series ‘All American Girl’ and has some behind the scenes numbers.

Adam talks about quitting soda and adding walking, Vinnie says soda and juice are the same problem due to the sugar contents.


Vinnie is now addressing the myth of fruit over vegetables, Vinnie says it should be vegetables first, he talks about getting fat from hormones and not from calories.

Vinnie talks about insulin production to match sugar intake and how the body reacts, he’s getting in depth on triglycerides.

Drew is trying to weigh in and Adam goes to a live read first.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read

Pennies a day edition


Drew is now talking about his own his own genetic process for burning fat and what role hunger plays, Vinnie talks about paleo eating and is switching over quinoa.

Adam says Quinoa seems just like barley to him, Adam is talking about the love for carbs universal to humans, Vinnie says the least egregious grain is white rice.


Adam talks about how much his mother and her ilk hate their own whiteness and how that extends to foodstuffs and things completely unrelated.


Drew is doing a Live Read


Adam is now having Vinnie list the worst grains for the human body, he says wheat and corn.

Adam loves corn fritter, corn chowder, anything with chowder in it.

Vinnie is trying to make a list, Adam is complaining about his mom’s whole wheat pasta lumps.


Vinnie says FroYo is way worse than ice cream and says full fat yogurt is better than low-fat, Drew shares his love for ice cream.

Adam is now responding to the full fat rule of thumb, Adam is summing up some of Vinnie’s points, and he talks about putting heavy whipping cream on top of ice cream.

Vinnie talks about Mangria, he says if you add cheese with it you can cut the sugar effects down.


Adam is talking about hangovers and the old wives tales for remedies, Vinnie mentions his next book that will tackle old wives tales and bro-science.

Adam is commenting on the rule of thumb among his football coaches during Two-A-Day practices.

Adam talks about like scotch and Vinnie tells Adam he should do a glass of it over a vodka and lime, Adam is commenting on this being the opposite of white sugar vs. brown sugar and contrasts it against his mom and her carbohydrate related racism.


Vinnie is telling people that the calorie in and calorie out model doesn’t work and why exercise is not the cure for obesity.

Vinnie is sharing his own love of racing after Adam brings up the Goodwood Festival.


Drew is doing a Last Man on Earth Live Read

Adam knows Kristen Schaal when he sees and or hears her edition


Adam wants Vinnie to walk them through a day of 3 solid meals, Vinnie is sharing the rule of eating breakfast and how obese people never eat before noon.

Vinnie says two eggs and two extra yokes, Drew is talking about his own shape and they have a hilarious riff, gold!

Vinnie is explaining how he uses butter and says people can put anything they want it, Vinnie uses Kerrygold butter and he says it’s more fat than protein for breakfast.


Adam is now asking about protein bars and wants to know about turkey and white meats over steak and bacon.

Adam is asking what he should use for meat in the breakfast meal, Vinnie talks about the anecdotal history of a bygone era of American eating and the connection to heart disease and cholesterol.

Adam is sharing his theory on drinking water all day.


Adam says he’s not listening to experts anymore and talks about adding water to his daily routine and Drew advises the colon cancer and heart disease risk for certain individuals.

Vinnie clarifies his point and says you don’t eat red meat all day.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Adam ain’t paying for Matt’s wedding


Adam is back to potatoes and yams, Vinnie tells them about boiling yams over baking them.

Adam is now asking Vinnie about eating on the go, he recommends The Counter Burger chain.

Adam is asking about smoked almonds and he tells Vinnie about washing the powder and flavoring off of nuts before eating them.


Adam is asking about a choice between a sandwich with thick bread or a wrap, or thin crust pizza vs. thick.

Vinnie is talking about scraping off pizza and not ingesting the glue, Drew talks about his inability to cut bait and stop mid food binge.

Adam talks about his wife and how she can just “take a sip” of a soda, he has to finish every container, Drew has the same thing.


Vinnie is recommending his book, Adam is telling Matt to put Vinnie’s audiobook on his phone.

Drew wants to know about exercise and brings up some old school guys, Drew lets him invite himself on the Dr. Drew Podcast.

“You can tweet me at Hashtag Go Fuck Yourself!” – Adam

Adam rants about a bridge to far of parenting being to provide a simple meal like an apple or a hard boiled egg, Vinnie agrees and Adam says he would double the amount need for the school lunch program and throw it into the ocean if they would simply feed their own kids.


Adam talks about his green drink and how he has his Nanny Olga make it for him, he instructs her to keep it tasting like shit.

Adam wants to know if that is ok or if he should be eating eggs instead.


Adam is doing a Live Read for ‘The Grinder’

The appetizer is Stamos and the main course is Rob Lowe!? – Adam


Vinnie is explaining that we’re over protein focused in this country and Adam is trying to sum up what Vinnie has been saying.

Adam is asking about Howie and they talk about his pal, Adam doesn’t use labels apparently.

Adam is saying it’s sad that we have access to the right food options and are choosing less fulfilling and less healthy options under the illusion of being healthy and smart.


Vinnie is telling Adam and Drew about self-publishing and his incredibly high Amazon ranking, Adam is giving some jump rope pro-tips and brags about his full head of hair at 51.

Adam tells Vinnie to say hi to the wonderful Howie Mandel.

Adam is back to the self-inflicted health food wounds we all flog ourselves with for what turns out to be false or broken logic.

Adam wraps up the show and if you can’t get enough Vinnie you can hear him on ‘Take a Knee’ coming up soon, sign up via the show link above.