Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/27/2013 – Lee Loughnane, Peter Pardini, The Tweet of God, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/27/2013 – Lee Loughnane, Peter Pardini, The Tweet of God, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lee Loughnane, Peter Pardini, The Tweet of God, and David Wild

Recorded 09-25-2013 – Release Date 09-27-2013

Production Number #1173

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Adam is opening the show with a nice guest referential intro from Dawson, David Wild is in studio for his 46th visit along with “The Tweet of God” twitter account operator David.

Adam is asking David about his work with other David, DJ as David Wild calls him.

Adam is having DJ brag about himself a little bit to make the listeners aware of his work they’re probably familiar with.


Adam is now riffing and has the killer line “I Just Booted in her Cooch” holy shit, DJ is agreeing and they’re talking about “The Daily Show” and how it’s been shaped over the last decade with John Stewart as host.

Adam is now getting into how launching a show is the most scrutinized and difficult part of production, he’s got a nice factory analogy that makes sense.

Adam is comparing his experience backstage at the Emmy’s last year to David’s experience with DJ this year, Adam is now sharing the Dick Clark anecdote of mistaken Kimmel identity again.


Adam has a funny reaction to the increased audience this year and David is now explaining why Neil deliberately took a low-key approach with his Emmy’s intro.

DJ is now in studio as “God” this has two ways of going, either “Jack in the Box” or “The Shaman”, Adam is perfect when rolling as the straight man but it all depends on the character to bring it too.

David has informed Adam that DJ has just sampled his first taste of Mangria and DJ has a somewhat hackneyed reply that Adam mocks and enjoys with a “good stuff” then a killer moment where he calls Bullshit on Ace, pretty good!


Adam is now asking God/DJ about the battle over land in the Middle East, Adam is calling it the world’s worst gold course and he’s now bringing up military Drones as a possibly blasphemous form of warfare.

Adam is now asking God about the movie “Drive” and even he doesn’t recall it, now his memory is jogged and he has a nice subtle moment breaking the 4th wall.

Adam is asking God weather John Mayer is or is not a douchebag, the 2004 Loveline where Adam loved the guy still doesn’t seem to factor into the calculation.


Adam is now further riffing with God, asking him more questions including something akin to his theory about dictators and their golf scores.

Adam is now asking if a child is killed before adolescence can then be kicked out of heave for being an unruly teenager, now God is explaining the no roughhousing rule in the lord’s kingdom.

Adam is telling the gang about passing a freshly TP’d house on his way home, he’s calling it quaint and explaining why he liked it, a disposable and almost friendly form of vandalism.


Adam and God are now riffing about his role in NFL history and Adam is sharing how Dr. Drew cheers for UCLA when they play against USC, BB just revealed it sickens him and Adam thinks it’s worse than chemo.

Adam is bringing God into a Carbonite live read along with BB and now they’re doing a long riff plug for his twitter account and David Wild’s battle to surpass Rick Springfield on twitter after besting Rick Astley, his own form of “Rick Rolling”.

Adam is now asking God “What the Fornicate is up with Passion Fruit?’ and explaining his gripes with the fruit being added to every product on store shelves and god feels the same way about kale, he’s now telling Adam he loves Passion Fruit, no wonder he’s an atheist.


Adam is telling God to pat himself on the back for the existence of Rainer Cherries, agreed!

Great maraschino cherry humor involving blowjobs and Adam’s junk being witnessed by God, this has really evolved into a funny back and forth.

Adam is bringing God into the “” live read and giving a small tangent mocking Eva Longoria, he’s asking everyone to get the name of the older brother from “La Bamba”. Esai Morales and God is the one to mention it, he was on Loveline arguing about HIV and AIDS with Dr. Drew in a “Thou Protest Too Much” fashion.


Adam is now mocking Eva’s movie “Over Her Dead Body” and Adam is adding that to the list of movies like “Face Off” and “Raising Helen”, God is adding “Poetic Justice” to the list.

Adam is now bringing up “Oh, God! Book II” in response to David asking God about the first film and they’re now remarking on the John Denver movie “Oh, God! You Devil” and it’s cast including “Ted Wass” who directed one of Adam’s pilots.

Adam is now asking God to stick around for another bit, he’s sharing the beat by beat of the live shows from the night before.


Adam is remarking on the “black chicks can be crazy” super infrequent comment between Adam and Gary, that harkens back to the time Adam was assaulted by a black girl as a child, it was in response to Gary telling Adam about a story in the news regarding and NFL player being assaulted by a black female stripper.

Adam is now playing a clip to explain the context of last night, Gary is now showing Adam the cell phone footage of her outside the club losing her shit, wow!

Adam is now asking God his take, how he was telling her how to stay the rest of the show without being forcibly removed from the venue.


Adam is asking where the “Dude Maintain!” dudes are, he’s commenting on the boyfriend of the woman who only encouraged her behavior instead of gathering up his wife.

Alison has a funny reply to Adam’s comment about Rob Schneider, Alison and BB are verifying Adam’s take on what happened and giving a fair recollection of the events.

Adam is now riffing about using Brad as a projectile against the woman and how Brian Posehn would’ve been a much superior buffer.


Adam is asking God how he feels about the guy outside saying Adam really isn’t that funny, he’s now stumbling through a hilarious Compisult in reply.

Adam is now mocking the special with Eva Mendes, Adam is saying he won’t watch as he is following her lead by only supporting things made by people of his ethnicity, good natured barbing with David Wild who threatens to bring her in to the studio.


Peter and Lee are now in studio making their ACS debuts, Adam is explaining how Peter is working on the documentary about Chicago and Adam is explaining how he loves docs about bands and seeing everything evolve and change over the years.

Somewhere Jimmy Pardo (He Loves Chicago) is listening to this.

Adam is now sharing his story of the time his dad wanted to come see him at the “El Portal” but truly wanted to perform as an opening act.


Adam is now revealing that his dad didn’t actually clear out, he just moved his chair to the side of the stage and watched a 90min adult show with Adam.

Adam is now telling the gang about performing at “The Aladdin Theater” in 2010 where his nieces and nephews all showed up, I was actually there and got to watch it happen live backstage, or above stage to be more accurate, even had a great “Joran Van Der Sloot” joke/moment with ace between shows.

Adam is now asking Lee about the band Chicago and their early days on the road, he’s asking them about Janis Joplin and if he senses any impending doom for her.


Lee is now explaining how Jimmy was tired off what he was doing and “felt like he needed to find some new licks” and Lee has the reaction everyone has to finding out Jimmy was only 27, Alison and Adam are now listing the other famous musician 27’s.

Adam is now asking how much or death is dictated by an “I’m done” feeling and Lee has an interesting reply but Adam is now taking it cosmically and Alison has a “Cosmic/talent wad” summation that makes great sense.

Adam is using Joan Rivers as the opposite to Kurt Cobain and Alison is bringing up her own theory on the inverse example.


Adam is apologizing for missing their live show a few months back, the show where Al Pacino made a cameo.

Lee is telling Adam they had plenty of audience reaction to Al Pacino showing up and how that came to be.

Adam is commiserating with Lee over the fees regarding recording your own live show if it’s done at a theater or symphony hall.


Adam is telling the boys about his upcoming gig at the theater in Waukegan, Lee is familiar and Adam is contrasting his ticket sales.

Adam is asking Lee to elaborate on what movie Al was filming, he’s not sure at all and has no idea what the reception will be, insightful take on filmmaking.

Adam is using his own example of his role as a donut in “Wreck It Ralph” and how he completely forgot he even recorded the VO.


Adam is explaining his rule of thumb for creative endeavors and how it connects to his building work and why he’s reluctant to give a deadline.

BB is telling the gang about hitting all of his deadlines and how he was able to finish it up in scant 4 months as part of his contractual obligation.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the new and “snazzier” 100 dollar note for U.S. currency, they’re all remarking on the bill and Adam isn’t sure he would comfy doing coke with that bill, he might take a straw in its place, hilarious!

Adam says he doesn’t have any relationship with cash anymore and BB is an agreement with some examples of the few instances most people encounter cash on a daily basis.

They’re all now into a deeper conversation about tipping, Alison has a solid point and Adam is explaining how he can’t ask for change and ends up giving out whole 20’s as opposed to get 10 back in change.


Adam is bringing up how cash only and cashless airlines need to announce their policies clearer and has a funny hospital food riff in reply to Alison’s cash only cafeteria anecdote.

Alison is asking if they’ve ever discussed how insulting it is when cashiers check your bills with light, pens and in Adam’s case, rubbing?

Adam is talking about the rubbing, saying it’s like old timey black guys shining shoes, that same motion.


Adam is comparing a cash machine rejecting a crinkled bill to someone discriminating against the elderly.


2nd Story is on a black bear that walked into a bar in Juno Alaska, the bar tender yelled at the bear and it turned around and walked out.

Adam is bringing up the rule of thumb about making noise to divert bears, Adam is riffing about his own plan as a bear, how he would eat the guy just because he was annoying, BB has a an awesome reaction to Adam-Bear’s choice of booze.

Adam is now joking about Bear’s being the ultimate wanderer’s, aimless and the opposite of a monorail according to Adam.


Perhaps they’re the ultimate rambling Animal, Adam’s got some killer one liners and BB is jumping in.

Adam is now suggesting a bear symposium, he’s using “Home Alive” self-defense programs and BB has a great one liner reference.

This is comedy gold, Adam is suggesting women not get used to fighting off people wearing defensive gear and he’s now doing an improv riff of what would happen at his symposium.


Bear’s addressing being shot by wandering places, he’s mocking the evening news footage of bears falling out of trees while tranquilized, and this is wonderful!

Adam has a killer closing remark for the other bears to modify their tactics with humans playing dead, Alison’s reaction is priceless.

Adam just topped it with an even funnier finishing move, holy shit gold!


3rd Story is on the new Johnny Carson miniseries based on his life being produced by NBC.

Adam is bringing up how Carson is one of the guys who would be in a lot more shit had he been around today working on the tonight show.

Adam has long held had this take on Johnny and his known dark side.

Adam is now trying to explain his rep to Alison and BB, he’s not citing his son who killed himself as he has in the past.


Adam is riffing about porn being shipped in discreet wrapping and how it’s now a giveaway of what‘s inside.

Adam is back to Johnny and giving some examples of how Johnny related to other people like Ed McMahon, Johnny was Johnny …

Adam is using his own connecting to Jimmy Kimmel to solidify his point.


BB is praising Lee and Peter for this documentary and how much he’s interested in it over a miniseries and Adam agrees with him about how much more interesting it is to see a real depiction then a recreation of a person’s biography.

Adam is citing “Behind the Candelabra” as the one example that goes against his rule of thumb, hilarious riffing with Alison and BB.

Adam is saying when the dust settles Johnny is probably Letterman-esque at best.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is now asking Lee about the name of the band surviving all the original members by some point.

Adam has a great Chiclets in Tijuana one liner while mentioning his show “To Catch a Contractor” coming up on Spike.

Adam is asking for listeners to suggest their cases bases on proximity to his house and he’s got a plug for Artie Lange’s new book “Crash and Burn”, his last one was terrific, can’t wait!


Hilarious back and forth with Gary and Dawson regarding a plug for an appearance in Minneapolis, great half delivery from Gary telling Dawson not to go back for a 2nd lap, awesome!