Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/27/2012 – Lisa Lampanelli

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/27/2012 – Lisa Lampanelli

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/26/2012 – Release Date 09/27/2012

Lisa’s making her 5th appearance on the ACS, you can download and listen to her earlier visits by signing up for the official archive.


Adam is opening the show with Lisa on stage, he delivers a couple great compliments about her appearance. They’re now discussing Lisa’s battles with dieting and overeating along with some “Celebrity Apprentice” talk.

Lisa is now revealing that her and her husband “Jimmy Big Balls” both had a “gastric sleeve” operation after she finished “Celebrity Apprentice”, they’re now interacting with an audience member in a wheelchair. Adam is recounting an old Loveline visit from Larry Flynt where Larry explained the penis implant he had to allow him to perform sexually.

Adam just invented a new policy for handicapped parking, he’s now explaining what kind of a guard he would’ve been at Lisa’s fat camp, lots of great comedy.


They’re now back to discussing “Celebrity Apprentice” and Lisa’s recent post show interactions with Donald Trump, Adam is on a great jag about him and his hair. Adam and Lisa are going off on their fellow cast members, Lisa seems to hate quite a few of them, Adam is indifferent.

Adam is now explaining that his kids came home with candy bars to sell and how his wife supports the idea but Adam does not, lots of great comedy about the rich kids from his kids school and very specific computer themed one liners.

Adam is now explaining his long standing dislike for parents selling/forcing candy upon their coworkers that their kids are selling for school, Alison just chimed in with some great observations, Adam is on a new rant about the shitty generic chocolate the schools provide.

Adam is now explaining the conversation he had with Lynette where they disagreed about him bringing the kids candy into work with him, Alison sets him up for a “Stripper DJ” bit, Lisa is now giving an anecdote about a conversation with a cab driver in Wisconsin. The staff find a picture of the strip club Lisa mentioned and pop it up on screen.


Adam is now explaining how his daughter announced she’s done with pull ups, he’s got some great comedy about Sonny. He’s now recounting a recent incident where Sonny showed up with toilet paper, gross and hilarious!

Adam is now using the technique his step grandfather Lotzi employed to cure him of his bed wetting for his own children. They’re now discussing Lisa’s surgery again and the concept of a “fat friend”. Adam is now riffing on that concept and has a great analogy, awesome quotes!

Adam is now recounting a story from the other night when someone rang his front gate buzzer unexpectedly. He’s giving some plugs for Lisa’s upcoming gigs.


Alison’s News, Her top story is about L.A. allowing the testing of Google’s “Driverless Cars”, she’s asking Adam’s take on it. Adam has some great one liners and is describing an incident while driving to the live show tonight, Alison was in the car with him and witnessed the whole thing.

Adam is now riffing on cab drivers and the horrible conditions found in most cabs. Adam is further riffing on driving and the idea of these cars.

Alison’s 2nd story is on the in store McDonald’s TV channel, Adam is now riffing on the surefire sign you’re staying in a crappy hotel. Adam is now on a jag about hotels with their own channel and all the things about it that bother him.

Adam, Alison and Lisa are on a great riff about hotels, the room service menus, the stationary and Adam’s idea for where they should leave the TV remotes. Adam is now going off on the hotel staff who recommend activities and sights for you to see while you’re staying in their city.

Adam has Mike Lynch fire up the picture of the hotel “do not disturb” sign from a recent trip that has euphemistic language on it, the gang are all now riffing on stealing toilet paper.


Alison’s 3rd story is about Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day heading to rehab after a recent outburst during a live show. Alison is explaining what happened and the staff fire up a clip from the incident. Alison is giving some history of Billie to shed some more light on what might be going on.

Adam is describing a recent interview he did with Wyclef Jean that will be airing on the podcast very soon. He’s explaining they talked about some old radio festivals where the shows had to be wrapped by a specific time. Adam is now explaining that “The Fugees” showed up late and were cut off before they even got to their 2nd song.

Adam is recounting the only real meltdown he can remember was when he was at “The Shyne Awards” after Alison just commented about witnessing Lisa go off on some audience members. Adam is describing the incident and how it was inspired by the horrible publicity shot him and Drew hated.

Adam is further describing the photo and how much they hated it, Lisa chimes in with a “Who’s the Boss” reference and Alison comes in with a great reply. Adam is now walking them through how he freaked out in amazing detail, he reveals the bad photo we always assumed he was talking about is not the photo in question.


Alison’s 4th story is about “The Insane Clown Posse” suing the FBI for declaring their fans a gang. Adam is describing a recent encounter with Bobcat Goldthwait who had just performed at “The gathering of the Juggalos”. Adam just reiterated that he does like ICP, they were frequent Loveline guests and have even guested on the podcast.

Alison is reading from the ICP’ lawsuit, Adam and Lisa are jumping in with “Claymates” the fans of Clay Aiken who was their “Celebrity Apprentice” costar. Adam has some great one liners while recounting running into some of Clay’s fans while filming the show.


Alison’s final story is about “AirAsia” implementing child free zones on their flights. Lisa just revealed she has a “sympathy dog” and her doctor gave her a bogus note to get away with. Adam is recounting his recent trip where he had to contend with two of these dogs, Alison has a killer one liner.

Adam is explaining that if you ever see him asking for photos or being interested, it’s a clear sign he’s gathering information in order to later mock you on stage. Adam is now seguing back to the news story and he finishes with some great jokes, he’s now doing the FOX Sunday night line up live reads and wrapping the show.