Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/26/2012 – Harland Williams and Rich Eisen

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/26/2012 – Harland Williams and Rich Eisen

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Recorded 09/25/2012 – Release Date 09/26/2012

Harland is making his 10th appearance on the podcast, you can download his previous visits by signing up for the official archive.


Adam opens the show with Rich Eisen on the line, Adam Called into his show because of the NFL goal post controversy over the weekend, now Rich is calling in to discuss that and the replacement referee controversy. Rich is filling Adam in on the details of the Seahawks ruling flub and who was really responsible, he’s giving Adam his take on how this could be prevented.

Adam is giving Rich his take on what happened and how it was a textbook example of “offensive pass interference”, Adam is making a great point about the rules in the NFL. They’re going super in depth on the game and the call, Bryan is weighing in and backing up Adam’s take, Adam has a couple great quotes.

Adam just invented a “Pulp Fiction” inspired position for an NFL referee, Rich loves it and adds some great comedy. Lot’s of good riffing about “Pulp Fiction”. Adam has Rich Eisen reveal what time he wakes up on Sunday morning to head into work, just to make everyone else feel better, Bryan jumps in and shits on Adam’s point and then follows it up with a funny one liner, Alison just topped it and added a new twist.


Adam is now teasing Harland Williams appearance, he quickly references Harland’s MMA parties, Bryan is shocked. Adam is telling the gang he went to visit his dad earlier in the day, he’s now explaining his condition to Bryan who’s shocked that he’s still in the hospital.

Adam is now explaining the relationship between the level of technology in your hospital room vs your condition, with the parking lot being the ultimate statement on your health. Adam is now explaining the old people who volunteer at the hospital and he’s now describing the filthy water fountain at the hospital.

Adam is now explaining his investigation of the substance he found in the water fountain and how he obeys the must wash hands and purell policies while at the hospital as not to get anyone sick. Adam took a photo of the substance he found in the water fountain when he was exiting the hospital, he’s now ranting on the savage who left his filth in the drinking fountain instead of using the trashcan in the nearby bathroom.

Adam is now on a larger point about the absence of decorum in modern American society, how it’s apparent with each of these small inconsiderate actions. Adam is explaining that people no longer are able to process the existence of other human beings and how they effect them. Adam is making a great analogy about the interiors of microwave ovens being a microcosm of the loss of decorum in society.

Adam is now explaining that we need to bring judging and shaming back into play for these individuals, Bryan and Alison are chiming in, Alison is adding to the rant and agreeing, Bryan is making a point about social media. Adam wishes a specific fate on the gentleman who left his filth in the fountain, Bryan agrees but it takes a few laps for them to understand each others point, Alison makes note of it.


Adam just brought Harland in, he’s apologizing for missing the latest UFC party at Harland’s house. Adam is explaining what usually happens at these events, Harland is backing him up, Alison has a great one liner.

Adam asks Harland if their are any “bird calls” on his official app, Harland typically will do a few of them each time he visits the show. Harland is refusing to do any bird calls on the show and he’s explaining that it was never part of his act, just something he does for Adam on air.

Harland is asking Adam about “Angry Birds”, Adam is telling him that Sonny is into it and now Harland seems to be doing an improv about playing the game in a park, Adam jumps in and kills it with a one liner.


They’re now discussing the most recent UFC fight and Jon Jones injuring his arm. Harland is now asking Adam about his appearances on the “O’Reilly Factor” and why he looks so strange on the show. Adam is explaining that Lynette noticed how bizarre he looks on the show too, Adam has thrown his hands up in regards to trying to fix how he looks on the show.

Adam and Harland are further breaking down appearing on shows via satellite and how the audio delay ruins comedy, they’re joking about some hypothetical situations, Adam has a couple of great one liners.

Adam is using Harland as the prototypical comedian living in a prolonged state of adolescence, he’s now making up a competition for Harland to face off against Doug Benson, to see who can put off living like an adult the longest.


Adam is now explaining that Natalia is now wearing underpants instead of pull ups, he’s making a great point about not being immediately aware of the difference, very funny. Harland is now throwing Adam off and onto the topic of Sonny’s “corrective helmet” that the doctor tried to force upon him using scare tactics.

Adam is now explaining the ending to the Natalia story, he’s having the control room fire up more photos of Sonny to show how normal looking he is and how the corrective helmet was total bullshit. Harland makes a “Nelly Furtado” joke and Adam tries to force him to make a bird call once again.

Adam is now ranting about how he wants to take Sonny into the helmet specialist and yell at him while accusing him of being a charlatan, Harland chimes in with a comment about bent penises and Adam chimes in with Peyronie’s disease the clinical term and a killer joke that’s a callback to Harland’s earlier topic about Adam appearing on a certain show.

Alison just came up with a great term for a hypothetical device at Harland’s behest, they all get some good comedy out of her idea. Harland is now chiming in with an anecdote about his ex. Harland is jumping in on the mangrate live read and telling some stories of actually utilizing it.


Alison’s News, Her only story, more than 50 public high schools are making the morning after pill available to teenage students. Adam is totally on board and even trumps the idea with his sterilizing agent for 3 racially diverse beverages, Alison makes a joke about feeling uncomfortable, perhaps she is not aware Adam has been sharing this idea on air since the mid 90’s.

Adam is now jumping in with his Loveline expertise, how Plan B is not an abortion pill like RU-486, Adam is explaining how stupid people are and they just combine the two different drugs in their minds. Adam is now recounting appearing on “Politically Incorrect” and explaining the concept of Plan B to representative “Maxine Waters” off air, who had no idea what it was and said the science is still out on it.

Adam is further explaining his take on why Maxine wasn’t interested in preventing more unwanted children among her constituents. Adam is now giving an analogy about the drought in California during the 70’s and the water saving measures that were used by the local government.

Adam is now explaining the right vs. the left when it comes to lying to their constituents, Adam argues against both parties and how they’re not helping society.

Adam is busting out some live reads, they’re now on a jag about old commercial jingles. Bryan busts out some well time drops of Harland doing his bird calls from a previous visit. Adam plugs the upcoming live podcast and wraps the show.