Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/25/2015 – Eric Stonestreet

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/25/2015 – Eric Stonestreet

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Eric Stonestreet

Recorded 09-24-2015 – Release Date 09-25-2015

Production Number #1667

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Adam opens the show to a funny intro and #TopDrop selection, Eric Stonestreet making his 3rd appearance on the show, he did a Live Episode for ACS #1277 last March and then called in for ACS
#1422 in August, with August (Mike) as a guest.

This is Eric’s first in studio visit, Adam mentions seeing ‘Ben Folds’ live earlier in the day and how he forgot about his dance parties to ‘Fergalicious’ and how she forgot about her love of Fergie after a couple years.

Adam explains how pumped she is for Eric and her love for ‘Modern Family’ and Adam praises how great the series is, Eric says there is something for everybody and he says he’s amazed at the final cut of the episodes.


Adam talks about them letting people be the people, most sitcoms don’t do this, and he’s now elaborating a bit.

Adam is praising ‘Modern Family’ and how the characters are so fleshed out, Eric shares a funny tidbit about the show and Adam says he can hear the yentas in the executives meetings objecting to Sophia Vergara being objectified by Ty Burrell’s character.

Adam talks about the realistic “flawed” heroes’ element to the show, Eric is talking about his new crop of fans he’ll have in the 8 year old demo with each new syndication deal.


Adam talks about the cast getting along so well, Eric attributes that in part to how they film the show, and Adam is recalling the time he ran into Eric on a flight on his way to his on screen partner’s real life wedding.

Adam is talking to him about Tinder “dating” and now Adam is talking about how money always weasels its way into any service or innovation, he’s asking if escorts have yet to become involved with it.

Eric is talking about the difficulties in meeting someone he would like to spend time with, he is talking about “macking” and how women should keep “not here for a hookup” in their bio.


Adam is talking about how women want to change men and the lure of a gay male celebrity, Adam talks about women liking to shape, change and alter men.


Adam is talking about how he learned that Eric is truly into traditionally masculine activities based on his upbringing, not as some reaction to the character he plays on TV.


Adam is doing a Seat Geek Live Read

BB just used the app


Adam is asking Eric about his upbringing in Kansas, he talks about his parent’s professions and his early school experiences, he tells Adam about working 4H and his first pigs he cared for.

Gina tells him about being from Kansas, Adam has a million questions and talks about how ‘Modern Family’ incorporates real life elements into the characters.

Eric is telling them about his clowning background and how that was worked into the show.


Adam is praising how they are able to steer the character away from a stereotypical background, Adam asks what the plan is, go for 10 years and then stop?

Eric is talking about their Emmy award legacy and not winning really has nothing to do with quality, Adam is talking about watching the show in syndication and watching it live as well.

Adam talks about explaining jokes to his kids and uses a “Gate Gate” joke from the show to make a point.


Eric shares his own theory vs. Adam’s for the meaning behind the joke, Adam likes the confidence and security the writers have and the actors match with their deliveries.

Adam likes how they don’t stop to explain jokes to everyone, Adam is mocking how typical writers rooms go, using Arbys as an example of a real life business that’s used regardless of regional awareness.

Adam talks about the ladies who lunch at the network and the crazy names for the black male characters on the show.


Gina has a solid question for Eric and Adam is praising Ty Burrell and his amazing work on the show, he has a very specific bit of praise for how he is able to dial things back perfectly.

Eric praises Ed O’Neil and his real life persona vs. how he is on the show or how he was playing Al Bundy on ‘Married with Children’ and Adam is talking about dudes who try to launch their own T-Shirt businesses.


Adam is sharing how Jimmy Kimmel’s brother has a “Scars Heal, Losing Doesn’t” shirt printed up and he says he told him that it was a bad idea and used his own non-healed scars to explain it to him.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adrian Peterson only played one game last year, Sonny can’t recall if Adam ever beat him edition


Adam is now addressing how he approached this conversation and was seriously asking Sonny if he thinks Adam could’ve hit him as a toddler or infant.


#LOTJ – Lord Of The Jungle Winner Jeremy, he bought new 1500$ Timberland boots, he says it was a deal.

Adam is talking about camera guys who work the sidelines of NFL games, Adam offers up some practical advice for how they can avoid injuries.

Eric has a funny “mow down cheerleaders” line in response to Gina bringing up the idea of cheerleaders being hit.


Adam is asking him what games he covers and if he travels with a team, how does it all work?

Adam is asking him about his proximity to Cam Newton at the games, Adam says the brothers don’t get the praise they deserve for impressive physical feats, like John Stamos taking weed through the airport vs. some famous rapper.

Adam says his kids just entered the studio and he’ll bring them in.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam is praising the show and shares how he was hoping Eric would be heavily featured on the premier, he mentions how other shows often have episodes with character missing for entire episodes and story arcs.

They’re heading to break


They’re back from break with Eric still in studio, Natalia and Sonny joining them.

Adam is asking the kids about how much of the series they’ve seen, Adam is asking Sonny if he thinks Adam ever beat him.

Adam is now quizzing Natalia, Adam asks if he’s saying this because he doesn’t pay him for his stupid ringtone, Natalia is sharing her favorite episode.


Adam has a funny “do some lines” comment that Eric turns on a dime, hilarious!

Natalia is talking to Eric about his work on the show, she is sharing some of her favorite moments and Eric is now doing some one of his reactions from that episode.

Adam is sharing how he likes building sets in shows and he likes how they pulled it off, Natalia quotes “wow factor” and Adam asks if Sonny would like to contribute anything to the show other than abuse claims.


Natalia is afraid she might not be getting any FroYo

Eric is telling them to go back and watch the first season in order, which will help them appreciate the show more.

Natalia has a funny anecdote and Eric invites them to the set, he then takes it away and gives back the invite.

Adam wraps up with the kids, hilarious and adorable as per usual!


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam is asking him about his work in movies and he brings up “pube on the coke can” Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas case adaptation they’re working on.

Eric talks about doing some improv at a local theater, The IO West.

Adam says he was surprised how solid Eric is on his feet, he noticed when they did the live show #1277.


Adam is now describing the toilet calendars that were made by Jerry Lambert, Will Ferrell’s former roommate pre-success.

Adam says kind things about Jerry and Gary has a photo of one of the toilet calendars from 1989.


They play the news intro but go into Baldywood instead, Adam calls an audible.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Black Mass’ and talks about the advertising campaign, they used a complete scene for the movie trailer.

BB now plays the scene, BB is giving his take on the movie, and how it felt a little too familiar.

Adam brings up Johnny Depp and now he’s riffing up a storm with Eric about him not getting other calendars from his costars, hilarious riff about Julie Bowen and Ed O’Neil.


Gina lists of Johnny Depp’s last several movies and their Rotten Tomatoes scores.

BB says it’s very much a character piece, Adam is now riffing about a 3rd calendar that Eric is not in the loop on.

BB gives it a B+ and an 85, Gina gives it a 68.


Adam is doing a Live Read for ‘The Grinder’ the new series on Fox


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Pope’s visit to the states, Adam talks about the bad homeless problems and the lack of money we always here about.

Adam is now pitching his new idea on relocating funds spent on LAPD payouts, Pope Visits and potential Olympics infrastructure/committees.

Adam is talking about wanting to follow that kid that the pope kissed on the head, he wants to follow him over the next 20yrs just to prove that being kissed by the pope will do nothing for that kid.


2nd Story is on the two football players who attacked a ref, Adam is saying the ref’s two foot pony tail wasn’t justification for the assault but its close.

Gina has details of what the now retired coaches did that led to the kids assaulting the ref, Adam is mocking the guy’s hair and brings up Nic Cage’s son and his Goth band.

Adam talks about how not learning a native tongue holds you back in your new country, Eric is offering up some insightful commentary.


Adam talks about the flopping cameraman who fake injuries and monopolize emergency crews that aren’t available for a guy stroking out in his apartment.

Adam says this is a real assault and could’ve ended up much worse for everyone involved.


3rd Story is on a viral video of two fishermen catching an unusual sea creature, Gina shares her lack of regrets in watching this video multiple times.

Adam loves anything crazy from the ocean, he says he would cum if he saw a giant squid battling a whale in deep water.

Adam asks if Fish are retarded, he wants a picture of these unusual fish.


Eric has another anecdote and Adam brings up the Australia episodes of ‘Modern Family’ and Gina’s news closer fails to play.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read


Adam is talking about his hyper vigilance disorder and talks about the ref and his huge mane of hair, Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, very funny episode!