Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/25/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 178

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/25/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 178

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 09-22-2014 – Release Date 09-25-2014

Production Number #178– Guest host Dr. Bruce

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Adam starts the show with some love for Bruce, he gets all insecure and Adam tells him to shut the fuck up.

Adam says he loves smart and that’s why he loves Bruce, he loves Dumb and sweet and smart people, he hates dumb posers.

Adam is now doing a plug for the new Mangria formulas and the 3 pack options, he says it’s the same taste but smoother and Bruce references his own lightweight status. Adam thanks all of the guest hosts for filling in for him while he was gone, how nice!


Adam is now asking if this kids have chosen a favorite pizza topping, he mentions his kids non-related personal success and then quickly reveals their “broccoli” pizza topping preference, Adam argues against Bruce’s ‘Time’ Magazine cover argument by going right to Hitler.

Adam is now ranking pizza toppings, he lists black olives and pineapple, my own personal favorite toppings.

Adam has a killer “pussy” line after Bruce says he would rather eat, he gets cut off, GET THAT DROP!


Adam says that everything California touches gets fucked up, how other states don’t pull the same bullshit, what state has more disdain and less trust for its citizens than California.

Bruce throws Vermont onto the list and Adam says not enough people live there.

“Man I miss pulling rebar out of Mexicans” – Adam on Bruce returning to the E.R.


Bruce shares the progress with drugs like Suboxone, Adam uses his “But I want” argument for laughing gas at the dentist.

Adam says he doesn’t need a lot of things but he wants them and has a fucking checkbook so start pumping!

Bruce is now bringing up the notion of replacing one drug with another and Adam has a great 2 glasses of Everclear replaced with two glasses of red wine and brings up Drew’s idealist “hey just kick the booze” angle that’s bases in his care for others, he doesn’t think it’s right that what’s ok for pilots and doctors is a different standard than people who do something considered lesser for a living.

Adam is now bringing up how Dr. Drew told and threatened him about his Hernia surgery, how it was going to destroy him.


Dr. Drew’s Hernia Saga

Classic Loveline – SUNDAY, MARCH 16, 2003 – GUEST: NO GUEST • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

Classic Loveline – SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2003 – GUEST: NO GUEST • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

Classic Loveline – SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2003 – GUEST: HAYLEY ARP • HOST: ADAM, DR. BRUCE



Adam’s non-dramatic Hernia surgery

Classic Loveline – TUESDAY, JULY 6, 2004 – GUEST: NO GUEST • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW


Classic Loveline – THURSDAY, JULY 8, 2004 – GUEST: NO GUEST • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW


Adam mixes up the details with this surgery and his other surgery the Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy, the Hernia was done on Wednesday July 7th 2004, not a Friday, the Endoscopic sympathectomy may have been done on a Friday.

Adam is now sharing how he wanted nice closet doors and invented his own mirrored doors, he used thick frames found at a framing store.

Bruce asks if this was the Hollywoodland house, Adam now describes the hanging of closet doors the next day, he mocks Lynette’s morning sounds.


Bruce shares his reaction to Vicodin and Adam gives his own disappointed reaction, like seeing ‘The God’s Must Be Crazy’ and having a bad reaction to a thing everyone else claims to love.

Adam is now plugging some live dates.


Adam is doing a live reads for

Bruce does the legalese, nice job!


Adam is now bringing up his weekend with Sonny, Bruce shares his version as told to him on ‘For Crying Out Loud’ and Adam is arguing against the notion of “Breakfast” being the most important meal of the day and then choosing to feed the kids cereal and premade pancakes.

Bruce says it’s sort of a guy thing, Adam asks “that we’re smart?” and Bruce is now trying to explain himself, Adam is giving his feelings on how cheese, nuts, fruit are all better than sugar covered grains.

Adam says that kids will let you know when they’re hungry or thirsty, the inverse of having to go to the bathroom, Adam is now arguing against the weird obsession of constant consuming to stay alive.


Adam shares how his wife quizzes Sonny about what Adam fed him and he mocks Sonny playing it up to get sympathy and has a killer riff about him saying that Adam sucked the nutrients out of the grapes before giving them to Sonny.

He has not technically had dinner, but he’s had appropriate sustenance and caloric intake, it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have mashed potatoes and gravy, he brings up the hypocrisy of a pizza slice vs. a handful of nuts, Lynette possible putting her own tastes onto the kids, not actually supporting what they need on a caloric level.

Adam says this nation would be in far better shape if people never ate pancakes and pizza again, he’s got a great “What!?” in reply to Bruce agreeing with him.


Adam is now asking “what did daddy eat?” and says perhaps that’s the first question that should be asked, Bruce agrees with Adam in full and Adam explains how he also knows that his kids are now aware how to manipulate and pit Adam against Lynette to gain attention and sympathy, Bruce says he’s seen it.


Adam is now doing a live read for

Adam sets up some questions and heads to break.


They’re back form break.

Adam talks about Drew being on the east coast and mocks Bruce’s all-time Jewiest delivery, “What a thing to wake up to” and Gary lays in the Dr. Spaz theme song.

Bruce now shares his kids reaction to him running red turn arrows, Adam is now offering up a law that says “you must run in place when you hear the theme song to Gilligan’s Island” analogy, do you do that? Adam asks Bruce if he’s an idiot and or a pussy retard.


1st Caller Tyler, he wants to know about Adam running left turn arrows and broke his own “look in your rearview mirror” rule this morning.

He’s advising using your sun visor or a Cub Scout salute to block out the signals, Tyler is a neighbor of Adam’s and mentions their neighborhood and some local business and intersections.

“Like a prostitute kissing a John” – Adam on breaking his own rule about checking the mirrors.


Adam explains how and when it’s ok to have a cop’s presence when turning left on a red arrow, any angle but behind you, he says the cruiser was 75 yard in front of him and he turned anyway.

Adam brags about driving through red lights and his own ability to asses threats, what’s more dangerous at 2 am.

Adam argues against the notion of this being narcissism as Bruce implies and professes he still has not got one ticket for doing this, not even after breaking his own rule today.


Adam is now asking a historical intersection hypothetical question and says he’s just carrying on a legacy of turning left when it’s safe to do so.

Adam says California has disdain for the commuters and brings up the flashing reds and yellows in other states like Texas.

Adam asks about the red turn arrows at 2 am on a Sunday, he says they don’t care about you, they don’t give a fuck about you, that’s why they are not on timers like everything else.


Adam says he started doing this back in Culver City and he’s now Johnny Appleseed with this shit, carrying it into the Hollywood hills.

Adam is bringing up the show ‘Deadliest Catch’ to make an analogy about cops needing to write tickets like crab fisherman need crab.

“They’re on the fucking crab” – Adam on the LAPD


Adam says he’s the only one smart enough to drive through a left turn arrow, so he gets away with it, his utopia of everyone driving through them is another solution.

Adam says he secretly hopes he gets a ticket and will spend 100k fighting it, Bruce hopes for it too, wow!

Chris is on mic and explains he had a guy run one in front of him recently.


2nd Caller Matt, he’s praising “The Better Man” cocktail and Adam tells people to go to the website to learn how to make the cocktail.

Matt is wondering if it’s time to ask his girlfriend to get married, Adam says doing it was a relief for him, if he’s planning on it, just do it now, he cites how every vacation can be ruined until he proposes.

Adam is citing his own experiences with Lynette and her unfulfilled expectations before he proposed to her, Adam says women get hostile as they expect something they refuse to verbalize.


Adam is now using the examples of other couples that your girlfriend who is expecting might mention, Bruce says “before” and gets his head bitten off because once again he stepped on the point and the punchline.

“You see why everyone hates you?” – Adam

Adam is now bringing up how Dr. Drew often does his own variation on this, Adam tells Matt to go ahead and get married.


3rd Caller Mike, he’s settling down after with a new woman after a divorce and wants to bring other people into the bedroom.

Adam is now quizzing him and threatens he may end up with a cock in his ear if they go ahead with the couples, Adam says that if this heading towards marriage, this is not a good plan.

Adam says she is setting him up, whether he or she knows it or not, it’s about some past events that left her with intimacy issues, Adam is going straight up Classic Loveline with is advice and expertise.

Bruce gets some advice in there too.


Adam is now doing a live read for ‘The Art of Charm’ podcast.


4th Caller Mike, he wants Adam’s take on the NFL, too big to fail?

Adam has a killer “all Jews” reply to what the NFL will look like in 15 years, Bruce rolls with this one well and has a nice follow up.

Mike brings up Chris Carter and how he might end up with some head injuries and change the public perception, Adam brings up the Cris Carter & GodZuki lookalike observation.


Adam is now arguing against the NFL doctors and their tactics that were reminiscent of the tobacco industry.

Adam says it’s racist to expect old white men to look out for and take care of young black men, a quiet racism of “why isn’t he doing more for them” and Adam takes it back to family and education.

“You can’t steer from the back seat of a car” – Adam on Roger Goodell’s inability to fix people who come into the league, it’s a societal thing.


Adam is now wrapping up the episode, part two coming soon!