Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/25/2013 – Greg Proops, Live at the Ventura Comedy Festival

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/25/2013 – Greg Proops, Live at the Ventura Comedy Festival

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Guest Greg Proops, Live at the Ventura Comedy Festival

Recorded 09-24-2013 – Release Date 09-25-2013

Production Number #1171

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Adam is now opening the show with the full cast and his excellent “Pussy Lips” #TopDrop, perhaps the all-time greatest drop.

Greg is joining the show for his 3rd visit and Adam has a tease for some breaking Dr. Drew news, his health? Ruh roh! Spill Ace!

Adam and Greg are now riffing about his standup special recorded at “Musso and Franks”, Adam is now mocking Greg’s pronunciation of celery and Alison is joining him along with BB.


Greg is bringing up Robert Mitchum and the legend about his passion for weed.

Adam is now explaining that Drew actually had prostate cancer, not testicular like many fans assumed.

Adam found a couple years ago that he had prostate cancer and kept it quiet since then at Drew’s behest, they got all the cancer and he’s going to be fine.


Adam is now bringing up how people will often show you their semi intimate scars, he’s questioning why they’re so eager and has a funny riff with Greg about a gun tucked in your belt, another mock of Greg’s “Celery” too.

Adam is bringing up how they removed his prostate, he now has the smokeless cigarette penis as Adam puts it.

Adam is now riffing about “leave in conditioner” mocking Drew’s dirty talk with his wife upon healing from surgery, comedy gold!


Adam and Greg are riffing about inserting silly string containers in place of the prostate, another killer riff.

Adam is explaining that Drew’s surgery was performed by a robot and Adam has a killer south of the border one liner that even Greg laughs at then agrees with Adam’s logic as to why he did.

Adam is now brining up how robots are evolving with us, “there will be people who will be hit by drones and be put back together by robots”

Adam is sharing his no denim in the future/space riff and Greg has a question about post-apocalyptic motifs.

Adam caught “Time cop” on cable and it took him back to seeing it in the theater in 1994, he’s riffing about the year 2000 and how movies and the public perceived it, how we allowed a lot of changes based on the magical number of “2000”.

BB has a killer deadpan one liner summing up Adam’s thoughts on the movie and Adam is bringing up the all the stuff they missed, including Twerking and the Kardashians.


Adam is now bringing up Mike August and his current food situation, Adam is explaining how and why he envies Mike for his more animal than man status.

Adam is bringing up their urgent attempt to get to the liquor store on time and how it lead to Mike August riding up another cars ass and getting sprayed with wiper fluid in protest.

Adam is riffing about a little of water making things dirtier rather than clean, Adam is declaring that the guy was “Gleeking” on the windshield of their car at 80mph.


Adam is now mocking the “James Bond” and “Transporter” movie tropes regarding changing license plates and border stops in the Swiss Alps.

Adam is mocking the new emo Bond of the Casino Royale era of films.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

Greg is now chowing down on some nachos, possibly fulfilling Adam’s complaint about Mike August telling guests to order food right before show start time.

Adam and Greg are now mocking his delivery of “Celery” and Adam is telling everyone to let Greg chill with his nachos while they’re still prime temperature.

Adam is now ranting about the roof of the human mouth, saying it should be like the shell of a horseshoe crab, why so sensitive, Greg seems to love it and riffs along mid chew, awesome!


Alison has a great one liner and BB gloms on to it, BB has Adam riffing about nachos again and their very limited shelf life, good stuff.

There are now riffing about Adam’s riff with the Columbus ship references, Alison has a great point about everyone having the names memorized and Adam’s black coffee with a dick in his mouth riff is referenced again.


1st Topic Airline Pilots, Adam is ranting about their leather brick of a briefcase, it’s the container for the flight log and manuals, and they have electronic ones on some carriers but some do both physical/paper and tablet copies.

Adam is riffing about pilots suggesting passengers look out their window, how it automatically rules out 85% of the people on the plane, good point.

Adam is ranting about not needing the speed in knots nor any of the talk regarding the queue to depart or delays.


Adam is now bringing up the cockpit and how it’s being phased out because female officers probably don’t like their office having that name, Adam however would love work in the titty room.

Adam doesn’t need to know where the crew is based from, because it then makes him try to figure out the math of their travels, he’s predicting it will only result in a rape.

Greg now has a chilly dog and Adam’s disbelief was awesome, Greg is feeling bloated and Adam is instructing him to enjoy the dog.


Adam is learning about the flight case and Adam is mocking the audience member saying it’s the exact non personality you want in your pilot.

Adam and Alison are remarking on the closing “you have many choices in airlines…” bit and Adam is now riffing one up himself as the pilot of this show, good stuff!

They’re all joking about the wilting Greg Proops, being destroyed by jalapenos and heat on stage.


2nd Topic is kids, Adam is hitting some of the expected points as this one has come up before and Greg is now taking the reign to share his own similar experiences.

Adam and Greg are bonding over vice grips on the analog TV and Adam’s main point about kids, is how everything is now built around them and their lives compared to his childhood and the era before with its stark contrast and 0 world building around children.

Adam is explaining his moment of parental pride using his son as a gopher, had him mule his iPhone for him and it was a special day as Alison puts it.


Greg is now riffing with Adam about the car key fob with the confusing labeling for open and close, Greg is joining him for the riff.

Adam is explaining how his daughter refused to help clean up after Christmas for even 20$.

Greg is mocking Adam’s obtrusive bell and BB has a great use of Adam’s best drop in the news theme, I love you BB!


Alison’s news

Alison and Adam are telling Greg about the Fondoozi, Alison is getting quiet though.


Her Top story is on the Westgate mall sieges in Kenya ending, Adam is now riffing about outlet malls, he wants to know if they enforce a rule for the people who live nearby the outlets.

Adam is now bringing up how he got excited for the Bose outlet store until he found out about the fixed prices and was totally deflated, great use of “gabby friend”.

Alison is bringing up the sad ride home from the outlet mall after your plans went to shit.


Adam is now asking if all of us should memorize some of the Koran in case we’re ever tested in a situation like the Kenyans, Adam is joking about a Tom Brady wristband with Koran details.

Greg is mocking Adam’s 1983 mall references, his use of “Bullocks” and Adam is further riffing his idea and has a Lane Bryan joke to mock Alison who would never need to shop there.

Adam is using his own hypothetical rampage with a John Hiatt quiz and Alison has her Facts of Life variant, this is great and possibly blasphemous, hahahaha!


2nd Story is on the premium car services like Uber X and Adam is now riffing about “Uber-Ex” the super cool ex-girlfriend, gross and hilarious!

Alison is trying to get to the story about whether or not they’ll be allowed to continue to operate.

Alison is now asking the guys about their intent for using their genitals late in life, Adam is joking about doing bath salts with Kimmel and fucking women far removed from his age bracket.


Adam’s now riffing about his practical deadbolt on his bedroom door and his fictitious glory hole.

Alison is now quizzing him on why he locks the bedroom door at night, Adam is joking about “the kill zone” the area outside of his bedroom where the kids are sleeping.

Adam is explaining the practical logic behind the locked door, the “Koran Wristband or Tom Brady Pocket Koran” just came up again, gold.


Alison is trying to get back to the story, Adam is joking about guys with bunkers filled with canned goods.


3rd Story is on National Punctuation Day and she’s bringing up why this might be controversial, Greg hates exclamation points.

Adam is sharing an anecdote from his home with is kids to make a point about how far removed he is from this holiday, Adam is telling Greg he did actually end up on Jeff Foxworthy’s show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader”.

Greg is bringing up the time he, Adam and Mo Rocca all guested on “Win Ben Stein’s Money” and Greg doomed him with a mean prediction.


Alison is listing off the most used/important punctuation. Greg mistakes the “Great Story” for a frog.


4th Story is on Burger King’s new lower calorie fries, Adam is now bringing up the massive fry selection we now have among all the varieties of restaurants and fast food places.

“You’re Degrading My Meat, Bitch!” – Adam riffing on the massive bake potatoes he likes at restaurants with his steak.

Adam’s riffing about his sour cream gaining sentience trying to escape his potato prison, Adam is flexible and fair about the steak fry and accepts it with the container of ketchup to immerse the fry in more tomato goodness.


Adam and BB went out to Dinner for some great fried chicken last night, Alison has a question about KFC and BB makes sure to mention it was in Beverly Hills, a treat from the wonderful Phil Rosenthal.

Adam is calling for portion control and has an Olestra comment that Alison clears up, she also clarifies her stool consistency.


Adam is now mocking the name Airbus and Greg seems to agree with what a bad plan that name is.

Adam is giving the plugs and wrapping the show.