Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/25/2012 – Jeff Timmons and Keith McCants

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/25/2012 – Jeff Timmons and Keith McCants

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Recorded 09/24/2012 – Release Date 09/25/2012

The show is opening with some funny comments from Alison, Adam is now introducing Keith McCants from an upcoming “ESPN 30 for 30” documentary covering professional athletes who end up living in poverty.

Adam is now explaining he’s come to realize that the human body is not designed to play football or more specifically carry on after a football career. Bryan has shifted the discussion to Obama’s health care reform policy.

Keith is chiming in with some inside info and laughing his ass off at Adam’s analogy comparing his dad to ex NFL players. Keith is now explaining the amount of money he earned and spent. Adam has some great comments as Keith is laying down figures.

Adam is explaining his “Platinum Club” idea, they’re now discussing the time Left Eye of TLC burned down her boyfriend Andre Risen’s house. Adam is explaining what happened and the control room feed him some info.


Adam is now breaking down his weekend, he’s explaining the one on one time he got to spend with Sonny. Adam is explaining how sweet his son is and how he volunteered to be in Adam’s pit crew for the race. You can see photos here, Adam is now explaining the ghost story he saw on the in room tv channel about the hotel while staying at the “Hotel Del Coronado”. Adam’s on a great riff about how nobody really believes in ghosts or they wouldn’t put such a cutesy spin on the stories, Alison is chiming in with some great comments.

Sonny was snoring up a storm and Adam is explaining when confronted with the information the next morning, Sonny denied it just like Kimmel did. Alison is asking Adam about what kind of snoring he was dealing with, Adam is now on a riff about snoring and how rhythmic snoring you can tune out.

Adam is explaining the nice relief of being at the hotel with just Sonny this time, because he could take advantage of the free food, instead of having to go to the restaurant and spend money on the same food like he had to do last time when the girls were with him.


Adam is now explaining he couldn’t drive in the race because of his commitment to Jimmy Kimmel, he was able to drive the qualifying laps and they’re now playing footage of a lap and Adam is doing live commentary. Alison is asking him if he gets nervous before he has to drive and Adam is explaining he’s more worried about doing something stupid in public. He’s explaining the situation from last year right after his knee surgery where he didn’t get to practice the track and drove into the wall.

Adam is now describing Matt driving him over to the Staples Center for the Emmy awards. Adam is recounting some confusion backstage with Seth MacFarlane thinking Adam was going to be presenting due to him being in the holding area off the side of stage while wearing a suit.

Adam is now explaining a rerun of “Modern Family” he saw a couple weeks back, there was an “AD” that popped up on screen right as the characters were discussing “ADD”, Adam is telling the gang about his bizarre reaction to it because it was so confusing. On you can see the clip as well as behind the scenes photos from his weekend.

Producer Gary gets on mic to explain what the “AD” service is, because Bryan is trying to imply it’s unique to Adam’s cable provider. Alison has a great observation about Gary, Adam follows it up with a killer one liner, so funny!


Adam is now describing how he ran into Steve Levitan the creator of “Modern Family” at an Emmy after party, Adam explained the episode with the “AD” logo stepping on the joke and Steve had no idea what he was talking about. Adam is now having the control room find photos of Mark Cuban to compare with Ray Romano because he’s declared that Steve looks like he could be their offspring.

Alison has a comment about Frank Stallone and Mike August, Adam has a great one liner reply. Adam is now getting into the Soho house after party, he ran into Jon Cryer his old neighbor and frequent ACS guest Bryan Cranston. Adam is now describing what a great guy Bryan is and how he remembers when Jon’s career and personal life weren’t going so great and how nice it was to see him with his Emmy.

Adam is now describing running into the cast of “Modern Family” many of which are big fans of the show, he also tried to explain the “AD” thing to them and was met with a similar reply from every cast member. Adam ran into Julie Bowen who was a huge fan of the morning show, he once again attempted to explain the “AD” thing to her and then Ty Burrell.

Adam is recounting all the celebrities he ran into and how many were fans who might soon be guests on the podcast.


Adam is explaing waking up to check his twitter stream this morning to see how the public was reacting to Jimmy’s Emmy hosting, Adam is now explaining the 700+ tweets he received regarding the Ravens game kick controversy. He even got a call from Rich Eisen demanding an emergency powwow to discuss the goal posts. Alison has a hilarious comment about the replacement refs.

Adam is now explaining how everything he complains about is eventually fixed, not because he’s prescient but because he’s bothered by things before most people, he notices things with his hyper vigilance and comments about it, typically years before the general public joins the bandwagon.

Alison has a great one liner while Adam is making an analogy about how this game is the example that will change the goal post height. Adam is now thanking everyone for all the tweets and describing how he’s confused that nobody ever has any idea what he’s talking about then years later they all agree with him.


They welcome Jeff Timmons to the show, Adam is asking Jeff how he’s liking the Mangria. Adam just revealed they’ve now sold over 2k bottles just in pre-orders. Jeff is promoting his new solo album and the 98 degrees reunion, Adam is asking Jeff about his high school football days.

They’re now talking about 98 degrees, Alison gets in a good comment and Adam is asking about their hiatus. Jeff is explaining they never really broke up, but life got in the way. Adam is asking Jeff about the name and how they came up with it, Adam is explaining how hot chicks are rarely told their ideas are shitty.

Alison chimes in with a comment about naming the dog she wants to eventually get, Adam is now explaining that people names for pets aren’t always the best plan. He’s now on a riff about people getting confused by his first and last name combination and being mistaken for a Jewish guy, he’s now explaining the reasoning behind his kids names.

They’re now breaking down Jeff’s last name and Bryan chimes in with his mom’s maiden name. Adam and Alison are joking about Bryan’s life if he had that last name, Adam is now on a great riff about men not caring about women’s last names, hilarious quotes! Adam is now explaining that he blames himself for getting excited about Weird Al’s booking now that weird has dropped out of the show.

Adam is now recounting a conversation he had with his mother where they had a genuine moment of understanding, she was congratulating him on making the NYT best seller list with each book, very compelling, don’t miss this! Adam is now breaking down how his family reacts to things involving him, he’s making an example out of Kimmel hosting the Emmy Awards.

Adam is giving and anecdote about hanging out with Jon Stewart backstage at the Emmy’s but forgetting to apologize to Jon for losing him a fan, Adam is now explaining how his mom fell out of love with Jon after she learned him and Adam share the same agent, Adam doesn’t remember he told Jon this back when he did a phoner into the podcast. You can hear that episode here by subscribing to the archive.


Alison’s News,  Her top story is on the Emmy winners and losers, they briefly talk about Jon Hamm and are now talking about the events of the show.

Adam is now explaining watching Seth MacFarlane from the sidelines, that it wasn’t Seth’s fault, the stagehands failed to bring up his mic from the floor. Adam watched it all happen in real time, great behind the scenes recap. They’re now playing a clip of Seth on stage with the mic confusion.

Adam is now explaining the rehearsal process for these kinds of shows, how difficult it is to wrangle celebrities to show up, the cardboard cutouts filling seats and how he responds to requests for mic checks. They’re now talking about the Tracy Morgan prank and Jon Stewart having 10 Emmy’s.


Alison’s 2nd story is on the record breaking sales for the iphone 5, Adam is explaining the “nerd round up” version of his “dead beat dad collection” plan for the people waiting in line for days to buy a new phone. Adam is comparing it to buying cars and the depreciation that happens, that you don’t really need something right when it comes off the line and often benefit from waiting a year.

Bryan just made a callback to the 30yr old Ferarri Adam bought of Ebay during the morning show. Adam has Alison wrap the news and now he’s explaining that Dr. Drew showed up to the Soho house after party. Adam is now explaining that in the world of celebrities 85% of the people are the type who only smoke cigarettes while drinking.

Adam, Bryan and Alison are all weighing in with theories as to why it’s such a higher percentage of celebrities who do that. Adam is doing some live reads for FOX’s Tuesday night comedy line up, he just revealed that the lead on the new series “Ben and Kate” is Deaf Frat Guy aka Josh Gardener’s cousin.

Adam wraps the show.