Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/24/2014 – David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/24/2014 – David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Wild

Recorded 09-23-2014 – Release Date 09-24-2014

Production Number #1417

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Adam has an impassioned intro with a series of ‘Get It On’ reminders, BB has a toilet flush #TopDrop requested from a fan who has Crohn’s disease.

Adam welcomes the great David Wild to the show for what is approaching his 75th visit, He compliments the Mangria and Paul Newman doc that was screened at Phil Rosen

Adam explains how he wants his son to learn from the documentary, how to be a man like Paul was, live like him, Adam cites how low-key and hardworking he was.


David is now offering up some more wise insights about Paul telling his own story via these clips, from the grave.

Adam talks about Paul living in Connecticut and his desire to avoid the Hollywood element, Adam says that Leno is similar, like Paul he avoids the trappings of celebrity.

Adam is now making point using beautiful women and how men act around them, Alison has a self-deprecating joke that BB and Adam role with, pretending she’s not a beautiful woman.


Adam, explains how the gearhead world is ignorant of the celebrity, Alison cites the people’s she brought around Adam who have turned up their gear to impress him.

Adam cites the Stern parties at Kimmel’s and the pressure to perform for the likes of Ben Stiller who you might find yourself in conversation with.

David is now sharing an anecdote about working one day on the George Harrison documentary and an interview with the man that reminds him of his similarity to Paul.


David is now asking how they got to use ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ and other licensed clips, Adam explains the documentary rules for ‘Fair Use’ and now Adam is saying that good is good, praising documentaries.

Adam explains how much he doesn’t like video games and still went to see ‘King OF Kong’ he’s combatting the notion of people saying they’re not into cars to get out of experience this documentary.

BB compares ‘King of Kong’ to ‘Young At heart’ to make a point about not needing interest in a subject to enjoy a documentary about it.


Adam brings up how the other racers regarded Paul, how he didn’t need to race for money and probably ended up losing cash, David notes him not owning any of his race cars, wisely observing that Adam owns more than he ever did of his own cars.


Adam does a Nature box live read


BB wants to know when he can see the final product and David asks them about Paul’s brother watching the documentary and David brings up the element of his family member talking about him in the movie.

David has a solid Doc one liner and Adam brings up the ‘First Wave’ he was listening to on Sirius on the drive in, he’s now talking about a song he loves by ‘The Cure’ that starts off strong.

Adam is now having BB play ‘In Between Days’ then Adam explains the next song to come on was the exact opposite style of intro, plodding and annoying. BB is now playing ‘Union of the Snake’ by ‘Duran Duran’ and Adam mocks the whining before the first verse starts.


Adam now needs some more of ‘The Cure’ to cleanse his musical palate, he cites the time he mocked the program director of the channel, he’s forgetting the episode of Greg Fitzsimmons ‘Fitzdog Radio’ where they walked into the studio live on air and confronted ‘The Swedish Eagle’ one of the founders of Classic Loveline about his channel’s song rotation.

Alison jumps in and Adam jokes about BB going into remission while trying to say the opposite, Adam asks David about the George Harrison benefit/tribute he’s working on.

Adam is now saying he loves George but hates John Lennon and is now being very honest about the man’s hypocrisy and solo work.


Adam asks David Wild if he people are too scared to talk about John’s solo work and can’t seem to separate his violent and tragic end from his art, Adam calls him a poser who sang about peace and love to get laid.

Adam brings up him not raising his first son and rebukes the “St. John” status bestowed upon the late John Lennon, David Wild had a very eloquent way of sharing the same sentiment.

David praises some of John’s solid solo work, BB wants to know why there were so many crappy singles from his solo era of work.


“It’s a chicken shit move to say hey end war and then go fuck a stranger” – Adam

Adam is now joking about purposely mispronouncing the name of ISIS/ISIL, we shouldn’t care about them and how they react to us discussing them, we should be like everyone’s parents and the show ‘Seinfeld’ and now David is addressing the titles for the group.

David Wild is having BB play a song, they’re not sure which version and David is giving them a lesson on the historical solo work of ‘The Beatles’ and now Gary plays the most recent Obama speech where he calls it ‘ISIL’ and now Adam is asking for BB to play some of John Lennon’s singles.


Adam is mocking the idea of a message without an actual effort to bring about peace and love for the world.

BB is now listing off some names of John’s singles.

They’re playing ‘Just Like’ (Starting Over) by John Lennon and Adam says it’s one of his least annoying solo tracks, Adam is further in defense of the talents of George Harrison over John Lennon.

David is trying to defend John and only cementing Adam’s feelings about his hackitude, they’re now playing another song ‘Woman’ off of ‘Double Fantasy’ and Adam is now asking who is a real fan of John Lennon’s solo work, Adam refuses to let David say he’s a fan.


Adam is now clarifying his Bruce Springsteen stance, he’s overrated as a writer, but not as a performer, Adam is saying he’s tough on these guys, he’s only marginally overrated as a songwriter.

Adam says most people might have John Lennon ranked in the top spot with McCartney in 2nd and George in a distance 3rd place, but the reality is probably reversed.

Adam is now once again saying that John doesn’t have any good solo songs, BB is now asking David to rank ‘The Beatles” solo groups.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read

“I gotta hear Legal Zoom!” – Alison


BB is now listing off the tracks from George Harrison’s solo work, he is asking about ‘What Is Life’ and now getting David to list them off.

David puts them in order, the best solo Albums in order.

BB is now playing ‘What Is Life’ by George Harrison

David describes the event, it won’t be televised and is only for the live attendees, David offers to arrange a field trip for Adam’s kids and Adam says he’s tired of them being cultured.


Adam is now bringing up the nice talk he had about walking with Dr. Bruce on the Adam and Dr. Drew Show, he explains how one can be alone without distractions while walking, which leads to deeper conversations when walking with others.

AD #179

Natalia wanted to go for a walk after Adam got home last night and they had a nice walk, Adam and the kiddos.


Adam is now sharing his advice for couples in his hypothetical couples counseling group, he says he would tell them to commit to walking 4 times per week, Alison clarifies, and the advice is for them to walk together, funny.

Adam thinks this would go a long way to repairing a relationship, more than sitting in a shitty office across town once per week, with the therapist and your wife teaming up on you.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Dave, calling from Tucson, he talks about the ‘Hail Mary’ and the big win for the University of the Arizona, Adam is now directing his attention towards BB to discuss the ‘Hail Mary’ play.

Adam is now asking about the time where you don’t rush anyone and line the receivers up for a jump ball, Adam wants to know why getting an extra short guy in the back instead of putting pressure on the quarterback.

Adam is now ranting about the plays that are done and how unlikely the options are, he’s basically explaining how you can stop it from coming down to a jump ball.

BB agrees and Adam takes it back to Dave after starting a liver read.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings

Adam says “free intro” instead of entry.


Dave is now asking about shirts with passive aggressive slogans, Adam is now bringing up the fan who tweeted him an example of this the other day.

Adam takes the blame back to Reebok and Nike, he blames the ‘No Fear’ line of shirts worn exclusively by losers who buy clothes at target.

Adam shares the ‘Masturbation is not a crime’ shirt he gave to his maid’s husband and how he got sent home from work at the factory, he didn’t know.


Adam is now getting everyone to weigh in on immature narcissist moves, like stick on fake air vents for cars and David Wild cites his youth in band shirts.

Now they’re asking about people on staff wearing Carolla gear, citing how Adam never wears his own shit, David references Adam’s favorite Target Mike Lowe and BB is now trying to shit on Adam’s point.

Adam is now polling the staff, Alison jokes about them being peons and equivalent to roadies, Adam is now once again mocking the notion of ”your way all day” the slogan on the shirt a fan tweeted at him.


Adam is now giving a better and more realistic version of “your way…” and David references the work of Malcom Gladwell.

Adam says that Gilbert Gottfried is on his way, unaware that Gilbert will never make it for tonight’s episode.


2nd Caller Danny, he hears Adam calling all the time and want’s his take on German vehicles, he’s bringing up Carcast and offering Adam to come out and check out his rides next time he’s in Seattle.

Adam is now bringing up the documentary about ‘Audi’ as narrated by Jason Statham, he says it’s about their back to back wins at ‘Le Mans’ and he’s now going in depth on the preparation required to run a car for 24hrs, including rebuilding cars within 20min to keep them in the race.

David is bringing up the Paul Neman doc and how Paul couldn’t get any space when racing overseas, in the U.S. he was left alone and now Adam is back to the Audi doc.


Adam says that ‘Truth in 24’ is about Audi and how they were able to battle Peugeot and he explains how huge losing 3 seconds a lap is for racing, he says you would be surprised how fast 10ths of a second can be, comparing it to the 4-4-40 time for the NFL.

David now joking about genocide and Adam mocks the caller Danny for not having seen the documentary, he then praises the golden pipes of Jason Statham, and the guy you do want narrating your doc.

David plugs Gilbert’s podcast, citing his episode with ‘99’ from ‘Get Smart’ and David says he did a TV land awards with her about 15 years ago.


Alison has a sexy dream about DAG last night and wants to know what that means, Adam says that half of the dreams you have are related to thinking about events, and others are random and have nothing to do with your daily thought patterns or some subconscious desire.

Adam is now bringing up how he sees Molly moving her leg while sleeping, like she’s pushing a skateboard, the brain’s way of jangling keys in front of your face.

Alison says she couldn’t’ wait to get it on with him and BB sets up some audio form Alison’s dream as they reference the date Dag took Teresa on during the KLSX ACS days.


Adam is now bringing up the taboo of a black man’s sexuality and how women use their weird “what would daddy not like” element to their sexuality, the naught thing.

Alison says she used to be drawn to the bad boys who were always destined to hurt her, poor Daniel hearing this.

Adam says that sonny won’t be dating a woman to get back at mom, that won’t happen, but Natalia will date a guy to piss Adam off, perfect logic.


Adam is now bringing up how super short guys who brag about nailing full size women, the Brad Williams of the world, Adam brings up the lack of a reverse bucket list/fuck it list for men, men don’t seek out little people for sex the same way.

Adam is now back to DAG and Alison, asking her to examine her thoughts and attraction, she says she feels this is less about her dad and more about being married, this is the weird part for her.

Adam is now bringing up the dream sex he had with Fergie, hilarious “BEP or Dutchess?” question from Alison and Adam is further riffing about dream sex makes you feel guilty.


David once again takes it back to Gilbert, Adam is now saying that he probably won’t make it, Adam is joking about his “phoner?” investigative questions when a guest he is eager for is supposed to come in, but then they no show.

Adam lists Norm MacDonald as well, citing David Wild and Jo Koy as guys who don’t ever no show on you, he now has Matt Fondiler on mic asking him about the guests.

Matt is now confirming how Adam does get burned when he does follow up with the guests scheduled, Adam is now disagreeing with Matt and says that Gilbert is not an A lister, it’s not about celebrity in all cases.
When Adam does ask his batting average is pretty dead on, the curse of Adam.


3rd Caller Hannah, she just moved into a place with her boyfriend, she wants advice on how to live with him, she’s done it before and it ended horribly.

Hannah brings up Alison’s dream of fucking DAG, BB has a killer drop placement and Adam asks for as many of them as he’s got.

Hannah is now sharing her “emotionally unavailable” accusation from her ex and Adam jokes about her having a sister, Adam is now saying that’s the cop equivalent of you asking a cop if they’ve been drinking when they pull you over and approach your window.

BB has another excellent DAG drop, Adam is now asking Hannah if she plans on marrying this guy and what her aspirations are, Adam wants to know if he hasn’t talked her into waiting.


Adam says if you’re living together and thinking about getting married, fucking do it, don’t put it off for 3 years and he cites the disappointed return trips from vacations where you didn’t propose as expected.

Either just get married and do it now, or don’t have friend and don’t go on vacation, he says that the late 20’s through early 30’s is when everyone is getting married, avoid the drama.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam says he feels like he’s lost touch with Neosporin and Bactine as an adult in response to the ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ and now Adam is joking about a party where Binaca and Bactine bowed out of society, letting some newcomers into the marketplace.

Adam says in the same weekend in 1981 both products seemingly faded away, they both spritzed, caused pain and were supposed to fix something but instead just hurt.

Adam is now riffing about Bactine and Binaca doing a “you know go first” simultaneous talking joke, he’s now bringing up “lens cap humor” from bygone 1970’s sitcoms and BB references backward spyglasses and telescopes.


Alison’s News

Adam is doing a Lifelock live read

Adam talks about the bygone era of your car being a little piece of your home you left out on the street, he’s saying that identity theft is the modern version.


1st Story is on the sentencing for Dinesh Dsouza, who has been sentenced to 5 years of probation, 8 months in a fancy prison and counseling sessions.

Alison now explains the charges and Adam can’t understand how crimes that don’t involve you hurting someone physically (except robbing old people, i.e. Enron type stuff) end up with people doing time in prison.

Alison is now further explaining the crime and BB even thinks there is much worse going on in the world, Adam is now bringing up the hypocritical NFL suspensions, weed vs. domestic violence.


Adam once again brings up the guys doing time for selling tabs of ACID at a Grateful Dead or ‘Phish’ concert who do more time than the guy who killed Dominque Dunne.

Alison quotes the ‘All hat, no cattle” line the judge used in response to Dinesh’s claims about targeted prosecution, Alison has a fair bit of glee or “I told you so” tone, as if Adam is responsible for the work of Dinesh or in any way books his own show.


2nd Story Is on the cast announcement for ‘True Detective’ season 2, Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell, Adam and Alison discuss how the casting was being closely watched by viewers and Hollywood insiders.

Gary is now on mic and Adam wants to know if Woody and Matthew from season 1 wanted to return they would allow them to, unaware of the plot and story.

Alison explains the plot, Adam wants to know what year it takes place, and Gary explains the period piece nature of the 1st season.

Adam now wants to do a 14 month old period piece, Alison wisely tells him that how ‘The Newsroom’ works.


3rd Story Is on the death of ‘Eric the Actor’ and Adam is now complimenting his good run and brings up how the modern age allows one to live longer and defy expectations, regardless of your condition or handicap.

Adam is now saying he never met Eric, he did meet ‘Crack head Bob’ and mentions Jimmy Kimmel’s tribute to Eric and call into the Howard Stern show to reminisce.


4th Story Is on Darrell Hammond taking over for Don Pardo doing the announcing on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Adam is saying that Darrell should do a different voice every time, he says it would be more fun to have him off camera, trying to figure out the impression doing the intro.

Alison wants to know why Dawson doesn’t do that and he gets on mic and has some fun with the gang.


5th Story is on the return of ‘Fashion Police’ and the blessing of Melissa Rivers. They’re now talking about Kelly Osbourne and Adam references the 2003 Loveline where she guested and came of like an idiot and showed her own hypocrisy and privilege, then doubled down on it when proven wrong and less educated than she wanted everyone to pretend she was.


Adam explains the incident and shares how many actresses give him the same replies about their fathers flying jets in the air force and not knowing any of the details, as they’re not interested in it.


Adam bought into Kelly’s claims but then she couldn’t name the allied and axis powers in the war, Alison steps in and jokes with Adam about Kelly’s hubris and his refusal to let someone cling to shitting on his premise when they’re wrong and full of shit.

Adam doesn’t blame her and has a super classy explanation for her teenage behavior, he says we’d all be much worse if brought up in her circumstances and he comments on the people he knows who would be complete monsters if they had even a little bit of juice.

Adam wants to know what Kelly brings to the table “is she Melissa Rivers funny?” – Adam asking about Kelly and her input on the show.

Alison is now wrapping up the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Pella Windows.

Adam is now wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.