Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/24/2013 – Mark Steines and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/24/2013 – Mark Steines and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mark Steines and Jo Koy

Recorded 09-23-2013 – Release Date 09-24-2013

Production Number #1170

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Adam is opening the show with Jo Koy in studio, making his 6th appearance and they’re bonding over both experiencing a security breach at “Cobbs” comedy club, Alison is out for the day and there is no fill in news gal.

Adam is bringing some analogous situations to shine a light on the absence of security or rule enforcement at many comedy clubs.

Adam is explaining how people will tag along and try to pretend like they belong in comedy club green rooms despite not knowing anyone involved in the show.


Adam is sharing a specific anecdote and Jo is wishing he could embrace Adam’s method of handling these encounters, Adam is telling Jo that regardless the person in question will consider you an asshole.

Adam has a “if it doesn’t make you happy, if it doesn’t make you money” analogy for people hanging around an “If it doesn’t give you pussy and it doesn’t pay you” variant.

Adam is now joking about hiring an “Ax Man” and Jo is riffing in a black guy voice as Adam’s new “Ax Man” and Adam’s got a hilarious response to his liberal use of motherfucker.


They’re still riffing, now about Adam’s Rider on the road and Jo is on a tangent about “Flo-Rida” the hip hop artist.

Jo is now “ax’ing” Adam a few questions, this is Dag level stuff and needs to be considered for Ace Awards 2013, Jo’s “Big E” character is funnier than all of his other characters and Big Momma even, this is gold!


Adam is now bringing up week #2 of the NFL and another game with a kick that you can’t call due to the uprights being deficient.

Jo’s telling Adam his idea still stands, a crow’s nest atop of the field goal post, great voice work form Joe!

Adam is bringing up how he made his NFL picks last week on air with DDP, he’s explaining their mutual inability to win when gambling.


Gary is now on mic while Adam tells the anecdote of how he joked about going against Adam’s pick and ended up losing his shirt, his probably tall shirt.

BB is breaking down Adam’s picks, the 37/0 game with Eli Manning and the Giants putting up a goose egg.

Jo is asking Adam and BB about sports prognosticators that charge premium subscriptions to their weekly picks, Jo’s description of Adam’s lack of gambling prowess is comedy gold!


Adam is bringing up watching TV earlier in the night with Lynette, they were discussing these mentally ill people who seem to be snapping every day in the news, Lynette wanted to know why we don’t put any effort/capital behind eliminating the causes.

Adam is now listing off various initiatives and campaigns, he’s making a point about mental illness not really being covered.

Adam is ranting about the boating related PSA’s he hears while trapped on the 405 and Jo is now busting out his “Cyndi Lauper” in response to Adam’s riffing up a PSA on the spot.


Adam is now telling the gang about a PSA that was sent to him the other day and how they always feature a multinational gang of friends, Jo agrees and has a another point about the Asian actor never being the driver.

Adam is now contrasting the anti-DUI PSA’s and how they always feature 7x the white guys, never women nor any ethnicity that could possibly complain.

Adam is now describing the PSA and The PF Changs greeter is making a cameo with his pronunciation of “Shotgun”.


They’re now playing the railroad track safety PSA and BB’s reactions are priceless, this is great!

Jo is adding new dialogue to the PSA and Adam is joining him, this is great “It’s Na’Dinatasha, I’m from France” – Jo as his black character from the PSA.

Adam is breaking down the timeline of the PSA as they watch it again, this is comedy gold and also needs to be up for Ace Awards 2013, the “Track Smart” PSA riff and Rant, Adam’s “I DON’T KNOW!” will certainly be heard again, it’s Joel McHale’s pool 2008 level intense.


They’re now having a serious discussion about the PSA and the misuse and appropriate of fund for these PSA’s in the face of actual dangers and Adam is even referencing his “proper tire inflation” PSA idea.

They’re now playing another one of these “Track Safe” PSA’s and Adam loves it, BB has a joke at Jo’s expense that he agrees with and turns into a funnier bit.

Now the PF Changs waiter is the officer pulling over Adam in the PSA, this is comedy gold!


This riff is insane, another Ace Awards 2013 episode, shit just give all the awards to this one, wow!

Jo Koy is a huge comedy addition to the ACS and I can’t believe how much he’s been missed, 2013 has been great for the show!

Jo is now telling a personal story involving anal beads in response to Adam’s comments after they wrap up the riff with an inquisitive BB.


Jo rejects anal beads and Adam would consider used beads if Adam Levine or the Dyson Vacuum inventor was the previous home to the butt beads.

Adam is now using steak and omelets to make a great analogy about not needing extra accoutrements in the bedroom

Adam is giving some plugs for Jo and wrapping the segment, Perfect!


Mark Steines from the Hallmark “Home and Family show” which actually employs Classic Loveline engineer Mike, the man who invented the drop work that BB does today, that Anderson perfected.

Mark was on the ACS radio show 5 times between 2008 and 2009 on KLSX and he was on Ace on the House back in May.

Adam is quizzing Mark on his schedule and they’re going in depth on the variations in show business along with Adam’s appearance on Mark’s show.


Adam is explaining how you can’t force kids to show interest in certain things in response to Mark talking about building some stuff for his kids.

Adam is sharing the recent discussion with a bunch of car guys where Adam had a completely different route to getting into cars compared to all the guys whom found interest through daddy.

Mark is sharing his own experience in the same boat Adam is describing, Adam just invented “Seven’Gy” for a 7 part series.


Mark just revealed his dad passed at 83 just a few weeks back, he was an avid chewer and smoker, never spitting out his chew and loved cutting grass according to Mark.

He taught the kids to cut that same grass after his dad died as an almost spiritual and healing/growing moment between generations.

Adam is bringing up his crew of guys who find reward working on his construction jobs, he’s trying to bring up their level of satisfaction and Mark is agreement bringing up his own experiences living like that.


Mark is bringing up the work he did that was tangible vs. what he does in entertainment, he’s citing all the episodes of Entertainment Tonight that are now blasting off in space and don’t have any value on earth.

Adam is connecting this to the devaluation of physical money and has a great point about how the entire country would be in flames if we all were forced to pay our taxes in cash each month.


Bald and Gay – Emmy Edition

BB is listing off the Emmy Winners from Last night.

Adam is bringing up the Paul Newman racing documentary and why he preferred racing to the awards in Hollywood.

Mark is making a point about the freedom of the cable networks in comparison to broadcast television.


Adam is making a similar point, almost calling for weight classes for Television, cable would be a heavyweight category and Mark is bringing up the Cable Ace Awards, That Adam may have appeared at and also won btw.

Adam is asking how everyone feels about the Neil Patrick Harris opening to the show, Adam loves Neil and is comparing it to a stew containing all of your favorite ingredients that you don’t end up enjoying.

Adam is making a point about SNL and the athlete hosts to explain something from the recent Emmy’s, BB is interrupting and now Adam is taking it back to Neil and this opening that he didn’t really enjoy.


Adam is bringing up how weird it was to see his friend and former co-worker Alan Kirshenbaum in the “In Memorium” part of the awards.

Adam is explaining how he was bumped seeing it, citing the Carolla curse of making anyone you know less important for existing in the same realm you do.

Adam is telling BB how they did that this year in comparison to previous years.


Adam is now riffing on how LL Cool J was worked in the list of presenters for the show, fulfilling his mandate to appear at all award shows, Adam and BB are now flexing their improv chops once again and it’s pretty solid.

Adam is now riffing about LL being inserted to awards shows filmed before he was born, this tangent has gone insane!

“He’s the brown parsley next to the award plate” – Adam on LL Cool J


Adam is now responding to Mark’s point and Gary is on mic to explain that over 70% of the writers nominated were male, including the 16 men and 1 woman on staff for Colbert.

Adam is complimenting these guys while citing how the “Wizard behind the curtain” of multiple writers ruins some of the allure.

Adam is bringing up the “women aren’t funny” bullshit from last year and how they said things about feeling sorry for his daughter.


Adam is explaining how he would send his daughter down the road of being a comedy a writer if she were to choose that as a profession over her son because of the abundance of guys like him already employed.

Adam is once again bringing up that there are more funny men than women and how that’s not debatable due to the stats, but there is room to discuss the sociology of why that is.

Mark is now making a point about Jonah Hill and his weight loss changing his demeanor.


Adam is bringing up Babydoll at the Emmys, they’re now playing Stephen Colbert on stage accepting his award with James Dixon getting a nice thank you.

Adam is now riffing on James, saying he shows up at the Kentucky Derby each year as the owner of 16 out of 18 horses.

Adam is now giving out some plugs, BB’s “bringing it home?” and Adam is wrapping the show.