Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/24/2012 – John Popper and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/24/2012 – John Popper and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/09/2012 – Release Date 09/24/2012

Another 1 on 2 interview, just like the Dwight Yoakam episode. This is John’s first appearance on the podcast, though he’s a 3 time Loveline guest and did appear on Adam’s morning show.

Adam is explaining the last time he saw John was at Kimmel’s place on the football Sunday when “Rowdy Roddy Piper” choked out Cousin Sal.

Adam and John are now making fun of Bob Dylan’s harmonica technique, John has Adam pick one up and is guiding him how to use it to do an impression of Bob. Adam is telling John that he likes the fact John keeps a variety of weapons and now he’s reminiscing about the Cannon John once told him he owned.

Adam is getting John to elaborate on the news story where he was arrested with a large supply of guns in his car, he’s telling all the details including a side story about a woman who was stalking him. John has a great anecdote about Ted Nugent, David Wild is giving his own personal story involving Ted.


Adam and John are talking about their parents, John tells a story about Fox News and Adam is explaining how his mom wants a copy of his 2nd book and how he keeps dodging having to give her a copy. Adam asks John how he discovered the harmonica and they’re now in a discussion about “The Blues Brothers” and their mutual love for the movie.

John is telling a few stories about mistaken identity after Adam relays a quick Phil Rosenthal story. John is now finishing his arrest story with a lost ending the media didn’t report.

They’ve now circled back to how John discovered the harmonica and got into music and Adam is asking John if he was growing up today would he have been able to master the harmonica the same way.

They’re now discussing how John flunked out of school, David Wild is chiming in with his take on John and John reveals he wrote a song about the “Challenger” shuttle explosion. John is now singing the song a cappella. Adam makes a joke about “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” and how his kids even know that song, making an analogy to the “Rod Stewart/Stomach pump” urban legend and how it was able to spread pre internet.

Adam is now riffing on Rod’s “Passion” how it’s a song that just wont end. The control room fire up the song, John is chiming in with an example of a song like that from Alanis Morissette. Adam, David and John are discussing Cat Stevens vs Rod Stewart’s renditions of “The First Cut Is The Deepest” and quickly make a series of analogies to other artists.

Adam is on a “Hall and Oates” jag, the control room fire up “Family Man” and John jumps in on the Harmonica, awesome!


They return from break discussing John’s new record, he’s explaining his creative process and how this record is his attempt at a new way of writing music and lyrics. Adam is making a great analogy to buying a house, comparing it to John bringing in fresh eye’s and ears to help him change up his recording process.

John is explaining that Adam talking about his song “Look Around” reminded him it even existed, that he was listening to the show and they’ve now added it to their set list. John is explaining the label his band have given to this song as the control room fire it up.

John is discussing an upcoming show he’s doing with “The Spin Doctors” where they’re going to recreate a transition between the two bands playing but he’s not sure it’s going to work as it did in the 90’s when everyone was high watching them.


Mike Lynch had the great idea to have John accompany some other most hated songs of Adam’s on the harmonica, first up is “Abracadabra” by Steve Miller. Adam has declared John “the bacon and melted cheese” of music, adding him over the top makes everything more palatable.

Adam is now on a Steve Miller rant, they’re talking about his song “The Joker” John is singing a cappella and doing live mash ups. Adam is explaining how the next song is controversial because it’s Prince and everyone besides Adam loves him.

John and David both claim to love “When Doves Cry”, John jumps in on the harmonica. Adam has a great quick joke at John’s expense. Adam is now explaining that if you are to judge music without factoring in the feelings it brings up in you and just on it’s actual merit, this song is terrible.

Adam is discussing “Depeche Mode” and their song “People are People” David is explaining it wasn’t as popular on the east coast. Adam explains the east coast had “Meatloaf” but he wasn’t as heavily played out west.

They’re now breaking down “People are People” John is giving his take on how this song became a success, Adam is disgusted by how crappy it is. Adam now has the control room fire up “Family Affair” by “Sly and the Family Stone” citing it as a piece of shit that people accept as a good song.


Adam has the control room fire up “Duran Duran”, John’s now jumping in on harmonica over one of their songs. Adam is asking who has gone further with less talent than “Duran Duran”. John chimes in with an anecdote about Simon Le Bon, holy shit John is a good guest!

David weighs in that their worst song is “Wild Boys”, the control room fire it up and all 3 guys start tearing the song apart. Adam has them play “The Reflex” and then turn it down before he loses it, Adam and John are discussing who should be blamed for forcing this music on society. Adam has a theory it’s payola and is explaining how people get songs stuck in their head regardless of quality.

Adam is now on a rant about program directors, John is taking it in and offering a great counterpoint while agreeing with Adam. John brings it all home with an idea linking Adam’s earlier statements about the availability of porn and the development of musical talent.

Adam has John lay in some harmonica to back up his live read and wraps the show.