Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/23/2015 – Rob Cohen, Phil Rosenthal, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/23/2015 – Rob Cohen, Phil Rosenthal, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rob Cohen, Phil Rosenthal, and David Wild

Recorded 09-22-2015 – Release Date 09-23-2015

Production Number #1665

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Adam has a thank you for telling a friend intro, he says it’s a nice community and talks about all of the stuff sent their way, they’ll check out your links, eat your free food and sign your merch.

Adam says he saw ‘The Foo Fighters’ last night, he took his buddy Kevin Hench as his wife was still recovering from her dental surgery after the NYC white porcelain chopstick incident as discussed on her show For Crying Out Loud.

What’s The Plan Phil? Covers the injury from back in August and Stick to Wood covers Lynette’s procedure and postop nightmare, bone grafts, yikes!


Adam talks about Dave Grohl and his broken leg, he transitions to his friendship with Pat Smear, he talks about the random kind emails he gets from Pat while they’re on tour.

Adam talks about hanging out with Pat and how that led to these tickets and backstage passes.

Adam talks about his moment of surprise regarding the special guest, Adam was offered to be tipped off about it and chose to experience the surprise.


Adam says Jack Black came out and sung about half of ‘Tom Sawyer’ and hints at an uncomfortable moment backstage with Dave’s mom.

Adam is sharing his experience trying to conjure who the special guest was, he calls the first band “The HAIMS” (HAIM) and his conversation with Kevin Hench about the band as he knows them from taking his daughter to see Taylor Swift.

Adam says next was Stevie Nicks, she kept handing shit to other band members, hilarious riff.


Adam is now riffing about her on stage, he says she sounded good but wasn’t moving around too well, Adam cites her drug history and BB brings up her advanced age.

Adam interrupts his own story to get to


#MangriaMoment Winner Danielle, she snuck the Mangria bottle into The Gorge in Wa State for a concert, Adam asks who the Foo’s brought to Washington with them, and she confirms there were no special guests for that different show, of the same tour.

Adam has Gary tell Phil and David Wild to hold another 10min while they get to other show content, Adam is riffing about Taylor the drummer for the Foo Fighters and his experience backstage with him, his wife and Pat Smear.

Adam is now talking about them performing ‘Stop Dragging My Heart Around’ and Adam plays some ‘Gold Dust Woman’ the song Stevie performed solo, Adam is sharing his distaste for the song while contrasting against music he truly hates.

BB likes the song and Gina has her own interesting take on it, saying it never really starts.


Adam says he saw a big celeb back stage, someone he hasn’t seen in a while.


Adam is doing a Nature Box Live Read


Adam says Dave was probably rehydrating via iv backstage, Adam talks about his couple of photos he took of the guys on stage, Pat told him he was thinking about Adam and wondering if he made it to the show, Adam was flattered.

He ran into Fergie and her husband actor Josh Duhamel, Adam is recounting his history with ‘Wild Orchid’ and the time Fergie hit on Adam, Lynette stepped in and told her to “back off” at a certain point, wow!

Adam is skipping over Fergie’s brave recounting of her drug history and addiction on THURSDAY, AUGUST 26, 2004 – GUEST: BLACK EYED PEAS • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW.

Adam is wrapping up the conversation and they move on.


Adam is now doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


Adam is now adding David Wild and Phil to the line, David is making his 92nd appearance on the show and Phil is making his 5th appearance (Camoes count!) and he was also on episode #8 of ‘Take a Knee’ available via the archive for premium subscribers.

Phil gets some plugs from Adam, he’s chiming in about his show and David Wild is on the line telling them about ‘Naked Lunch’ their new show, David explains the premise and Adam asks about some upcoming guests.

Adam asks Phil about being back east, Adam is coming that way on Monday and gets a pizza offer from Phil, he offers to shuffle around his schedule and Adam suggests swapping plugs with Phil, Adam is doing Howard Stern.


Adam wraps with David and Phil, they’re now singing the praises of Phil being such a mensch and how much they appreciate his kind nature and upbeat attitude, he’s not fishing tampons out of filters all day, hence his happiness.

Adam is telling them about running into Dave Grohl’s mom and how she recognized him and remembered he lived next to her daughter.


Adam is about to get to the “Dave Grohl Incident” and possibly tell a new one, but he always forgets about this first incident from 1997.

It’s unclear if this episode aired in the CLL feed, Loveline – 1997-03-xx (No Guest, Dave Grohl Incident 1) where Adam apparently didn’t pay proper attention to Louise Post (repeat Loveline guest with her band Veruca Salt) when he was greeting her boyfriend Dave, Adam didn’t immediately recognize her and she took offense which led to some friction.


Then again in 2003, Adam was going by Dave Grohl’s sister’s house to say hello, his sister lived in Adam’s neighborhood which lead to this “Adam says that Dave is pissed off at him for knocking on his door, being greeted by Dave’s fiancé and then later explaining to Dave that a floozy answered the door. He didn’t know that it was his fiancé.”


Dave did come back for WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 2003 – GUEST: FOO FIGHTERS • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW where he recounted his version of events and then Adam publicly apologized.

Then Dave came back again for THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2005 – GUEST: FOO FIGHTERS • HOST: ADAM, DR. MARCEL so clearly any remaining hatchets had been buried by then.


Adam is now describing his party house while retelling the story of an intern from ‘The Man Show’ who had a nice comment for his boss.

Adam is recounting the story of running into Dave’s fiancé who was having a late morning, Adam doesn’t recall how it all went down.

Adam was trying to gauge how much she knew about the story, he didn’t bring it up.


BB is asking about Dave being a “Clubhouse guy” and Adam is now talking about how bands can avoid fighting by keeping everyone held together and micromanaging the happiness of those around him.

Adam is teasing their upcoming guest, Adam explains that the character of Millhouse on ‘The Simpsons’ is based off of him and Adam knows him from his time on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with Rob Cohen making his ACS debut, Adam says he didn’t get to watch the full vimeo file for Rob’s movie, he watched the trailer instead.

Adam is now asking Rob about his expectant wife Jill, he says they’ll make the nicest baby in the world.

Adam is asking him about his new movie and the actors involved, he talks about Mike Meyers and Michael J. Fox which leads to Adam’s MJF airport security story, Adam brings up Mike Lynch being pulled out of line too, Adam is now combining two stories.

This happened to Adam with the Michael J. Fox story back in ‘The Man Show’ days then again when he went for a standup show in July of 2013 with Mike Lynch and Mike August.


Adam talks about the dicky customs agents in Canada that stand out due to the perception of the inherent decentness of the Canadian people.

Rob explains how it’s a passive aggressive Canadian move and Adam takes it back to the movie after bringing up Mike Lynch and his atypical terrorist physicality.

Rob is sharing how Millhouse was based on his own physicality, the Korean animators needed someone in a photograph to work from.


Rob is now quizzing Adam about ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and Paul’s career in racing, he’s doing a great job.

Adam talks about Tom Cruise being possibly more dangerous on the track due to the extra testosterone, Adam is talking about the way everyone starts out like an asshole and eventually warms up to you, whether it’s a racing team or a construction site.


Adam is talking about the “cheater” car that was built for Paul and people complained about but then thought better of due to the increased attention Paul brought their sport and industry, Rob has some insight and wisdom about Paul, very interesting.

Adam gives out the plugs and takes it back to Rob’s plug to top it off.

Being Canadian Movie


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the recent ‘Turing Pharma’ controversy after CEO Martin Shkreli raised the price of a Toxoplasmosis treatment, which is critical for immunocompromised patients, such as those diagnosed with AIDS.

Gina is firing off the details of the news story and plays a clip of Martin defending himself and the price hike during an interview.

Gina has more details, Adam is asking how much he bought the formula for, and Adam says he thinks he can set any price he wants, BB has a reasoned explanation about the insurance system.


Adam is clarifying his feelings about “big” not automatically making things evil, Adam talks about Avastin and BB’s brain tumor treatments.

Gina gives her take on Toxoplasmosis unaware that it is transmitted many other ways via feline pets than just eating their poop.

Adam has a killer cat shit martini riff, Rob has a 2$ price hike idea, Adam has a killer “Fagatini” comment while talking about Alec Baldwin punching out reporters.


2nd Story is on Nancy Lee Grahn’s comments about Viola Davis’s acceptance speech at the Emmy’s, Adam is saying that winners for acting performances often aren’t the people in society being discriminated against.

Adam has a “sit down and shut up!” from Gail Berman that was directed at a white writer, that wouldn’t have been at a black female, Adam talks about being a star and being treated like an asshole.

Adam says Hollywood is about rejection, constant rejection.


Adam is now asking how big of an epidemic this is, Rob has a point about the actress commenting on something that has nothing to do with her.

Rob has a funny diarrhea comment, Adam says both of those women are blowhards and he comments on the abundance of white people in industries founded by white people, he comments on the racism of forcing in diversity, instead of letting it occur based on interests and personal momentum.

Adam says it is what it is, he talks about ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and the common conception that we live in a racist society, Adam says there are a handful of racist people and we pretend like it’s the majority still.


Adam is arguing a point with Gina about a kid becoming an actor, Rob has some wisdom and Adam agrees about the basic point, when Joan Rivers was starting out and there was nobody like her in her profession, he sees that point and when he was growing up surrounded by idiots on construction sites.

Adam says he still found his was in, in 2015 it’s not an issue, you can be anything and he tells people to give up the pipe dream of winning an Oscar or an Emmy, it’s not important.

Adam talks about the Asian communities in America that are achieving and succeeding with or without Hollywood representation.


Adam is talking about actresses blowing hard, Adam talks about kids being raised and how sitcoms can’t save a child without parents who care about them.

Gina talks about the award show being the lowest rated event in the show’s history of being televised.

Adam talks about the Transgendered community, 1% of the population, of which you only effect a fraction of that population, Adam talks about Jeffery Tambor’s Emmy win and brings up the lack of representation of Asian and Indian people in Television.

Rob has even more wisdom about the business of making television.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam says he’s all for making the best art you can make, without compromising for the sake of diversity, let the art and the talent dictate the content, black performers don’t need a hand up, they’re just as talented as any other person of any other race or age, remember Adam agrees with the sentiment that this is an award for a profession in which children can outdo adults.


3rd Story is on a guy who lit his car on fire rather than have it towed, Gina doesn’t have many details and they move on after Adam gets a few comments in.


4th Story is on an encounter between some fans and Marshawn Lynch, Gina shares the details of the video and the off air comments he made towards them.

Adam asks who else wishes they had a time machine to relive their 8yrs of a career, he talks about NFL players becoming roofers and how they could make so much more money by doing things right and being a good person who makes smart choices.

Adam talks about signing duplicates for autograph dealers, Gary gets on mic and now Adam is talking about how airline employees tip off paparazzi about celebrities traveling on their aircraft, an epidemic of the business.

Adam knows what he’s talking about, Adam says it’s impossible to avoid and will never go away.


Adam doesn’t think he’s ever said no and Gary says Adam will go through about 40+ before saying that’s enough.

Adam talks about autograph dealers being a better job than collecting cans as a homeless guy, Adam shares the “I’m not a fan, my husband is” encounter that led to him walking away from a woman, he could only take 3 insults.

BB talks about sitting next to Chloe Sevigny and waiting to compliment her on her work in ‘shattered Glass’ and her reaction vs. what he was expecting for making an obscure pick.


Adam is talking about meeting Patrick Swayze with Dameshek and the boys and his “yeah, ok” response to them telling him about being fans of his work.

Adam says he died 8 months later, it was actually about a decade before his death.

Adam says fake it for the 2min exchange, Rob is sharing how was neutered on the spot when telling Lee Majors about his show.


Gina has a great anecdote from Tim Conway about Jay Cutler which leads to a great new drop of ‘DON’T CARE!’ , Adam tells Rob he should’ve picked ‘The Fall Guy’ and then Rob jokes about the abundance of negative Jay Cutler stories he’s heard.

Adam shares a “it doesn’t have to be that hard” comment from Jay Leno, Rob is sharing a story of meeting Geddy Lee from ‘Rush’ and BB is getting a lot of out of Gina’s new “Don’t Care!” drop.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus Live Read


Adam says if you’re going to be a jerk then go full douche/asshole like Jay Cutler, Adam says go full Charles Barkley, don’t go Swayze.

Adam says he has a weird “non-threatened” gene and will eat/drink anything, his friends were all scarier than strangers and he talks about Mike August driving like an insane escaped convict, he doesn’t care sitting in the passenger seat drunk.


5th Story is on the twitter Q&A with #AskTrump and Gina quotes him saying he had a great time, Adam doesn’t think you can do anything to him, try all you want.

Rob says he’s doing this for PR and has to know he cannot win, Adam is wondering why he’s doing all of this if he doesn’t truly believe he has a chance.


Adam is doing a Live Read ‘Grandfathered’ the new John Stamos show on Fox


They’re listing off their favorite episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ and Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, very solid episode!

BB closes it with Rob changing the narrative about seeing a woman winning an Emmy, a little girl from Texas grew up to have diarrhea on stage and inspire other young girls from the 2nd news story segment of the show.