Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/23/2014 – Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/23/2014 – Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson

Recorded 09-22-2014 – Release Date 09-23-2014

Production Number #1416

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Adam is opening the show with news of the ‘Mangria’ Re-Launch promotions, he mentions guest Paul
Williams who was on Classic Loveline #122 from MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1996.

Adam explains the new tasty formula, screw top bottles and the shipping deal they have in place, agreeing with fans complaints.

BB has a “Put Your Boners Away” drop from Alison as today’s #TopDrop and Adam brings up Paul’s influence on his childhood.


Adam now references the movie ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ that Paul worked on, Adam is going off on the film and how bizarrely of its time it actually is.

Adam says that Paul Williams in his prime looked exactly like a 9 year old Jodie Foster, Gary shows an older picture and Adam forgives him for admitting he’s horrible.

Adam defends his laughing and says his expectation with computers and pictures is too inflated, Adam is going off on getting the proper picture, he’s walking Gary through it and referencing some off air talk they must have had.


Adam needs the version of Jodie that’s on the edge of Polanski’s wheelhouse, he is now moving on as Gary searches for the right era photo.

Alison is giving Gary an assist with a possible movie title Adam can think of.

Adam brings up his weekend race in Coronado with Sonny over the weekend, he’s back to the photo of Jodie Foster and BB says he was right 5min ago when he said ‘Freaky Friday’ and Adam is now bringing up the photo of Jodie wearing frameless glasses.

Adam is now taking the age limit out of it and Gary is defending himself, Adam is now protesting and back to the story of the weekend he spent with his son at the race.


Adam brings up the super thoughtful move Sonny pulled with his used ‘Breathe Right’ strip, BB has an announcement about a sniff upon seeing a still from ‘Freaky Friday’ and Adam rejects it, nice reactions from A-Rose.

Adam is back to the race weakened and the tech inspecting that ended with a kiss from his son, funny car net comedy and Adam describes the long day of events and why he wanted Sonny to be present.

Alison shares her quitting smoking technique of skipping every other cigarette and BB has Adam explain why they went to the Jonas Salk museum, he describes a super cute father and son outing, rad.


Adam now shares the last minute call from Babydoll about a last minute gig back in L.A. for a nice fat payday, doing some ‘Light Lifting’ and Adam cites his legal fees and his rational mind trying to figure out the weekend of events.

Adam describes Sonny’s rockstar treatment and how he then joined him on Stage followed up with him watching him from the front table beaming.

Alison says this truncated weekend sounds still pretty fun for a kid, Adam is now explaining his follow up with Babydoll and how the job was ‘Saturday or nothing’ and then lost the job, Adam is now back to the notion of a price tag on time spent with his son.


Adam now cites THE GREAT MAGNET and his thinking about it all being a sign or a favor from the heavens to understand the value of time with his family.

Babydoll called back and the deal as back on, they offered a helicopter and Adam couldn’t do movie night on Saturday night, BB has a weird “wow” reaction to Adam’s alternate plans for Sonny.

Adam explains how fancy the resort is and how good of a boy Sonny is, he was offered a free toy from the “treasure chest” they offer all the child guests, Adam has a hilarious description of what Natalia would’ve done.


Adam describes the menageries of stuffed animals that Sonny brings, Petey, Buddy, Owly Owl and Colin Caperfred.

Adam describes the gig, screwing with some kids playing a video game, Alison defends Adam’s actions, saying he’s not such a bad dad, and Adam mentions the helicopter they offered.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed live read saying it’s what he missed most, BB mentions Natalia and mocks him.

Adam says that if he finds a picture tomorrow that’s better that Dawson is fired tomorrow, Gary gets on mic to defend him and refuse the deal with flawless logic.

Adam teases the guests.


Alison gets to her surgery and she tells listeners to put down their forks, she references the “scraping off mushrooms” description of the non-fibroids they found, it was polyps.

Adam is now suggesting doctors and dentists stop with their horrific and graphic analogies and metaphors about producers, bodily functions and everything else they say that’s creepy and or gross.

Alison is back to the thing Adam said about the moments before going under, how they are the most pleasurable in life.


Adam is now saying that Alison’s procedure and doctor would be the prime gig for raping a patient, unlike a dentist its okay for your pussy to be sore.

Alison has a killer one liner and now they’re all riffing about sore pussies and Alison tops it again.

Adam mocks dentist rapists and how their actions lack insight, they should instead go into surgical gynecology? Alison’s uterus is A-Okay and BB offers to give a pre-coitus pep talk to Daniel.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tuna, he is calling to ask for a campaign to do away with people saying they’ll give anything over 100% effort, Adam is now defending figurative speech and has a couple funny examples to change the mood of the call.

BB is now joking and along and making a solid point about how he has come around on this and Adam is now bringing up people who dig deep and do more than they think they can give or have inside of them.

Adam reveals that Bean Baxter is the man who called Adam the “Ninety Five Percenter” and Adam famously followed up with an excellent turn of phrase and profound truth about himself and his work ethic, also was very funny, it was during the “20k CD rack” carpentry job.


2nd Caller Ryan, he’s calling about needing a black person’s haircare product and wondering if they would or would not carry a black marketed product or section at his local CVS, he wants to know if he’s racist for this line of thinking.

Alison wonders what they call that section, they’re discussing the various sections in the grocery store, and BB brings up black greeting cards.

“Oh sorry your friend got shot in a drive by, is that what you are expecting?” – BB mocking Adam’s probably thoughts in response to learning about them, BB admits to giving them out to his friends as a younger man.


3rd Caller Roger, he wants Adam’s take on Cris Collinsworth and Adam likes him, so does BB, Adam is now bringing up the record and overachieving life Cris has lived so far, they both say he may be smug but is great on air.

Adam is now asking BB about being an expert in smugness and BB kills it with a great acting moment in reply, Adam enjoys it.

Adam reads some impressive information about Cris Collinsworth’s athletic history, they now discuss Bob Costas and Adam says when the dust settles they are the best at what they do.


Adam is now saying that Bob’s hair is staring to bother him now, saying he has an 11yr rule for a man’s face age and hair color, he accuses Bob of having died grey into his temples, strategic hair aging.


4th Caller Matt, he wants to know about Adam’s attempts at standup before he started Improv and sketch work, Matt wants to know what inspired Adam.

“Super-hot, miserable and uncomfortable life” – Adam

Adam says he looked down the road at age 23 and thought his life would suck, he cites his atheism and the notion of only one chance at a life, the one he had blew.

Adam describes the “looking to survive” and possibly going to the lake way of life he wasn’t made for, he says the biggest joke you could’ve ever played on him would be a gig working for his father’s shitty company in a hypothetical life.

Adam asks Matt for jokes and then hangs up on him, nice reaction from Alison.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read and Alison sneezes, she’s allergic to cash.


They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break, Paul and Tracey are both making their ACS debut, and Adam plugs their book and asks Tracey to catch the gang up on her history with Paul.

Adam is now denying the women aren’t funny nonsense when Tracey references it, Adam is now using BB to make a point and has a great NBA analogy.

Paul and Tracey tell Adam about meeting in Robert Mitchum’s bed, Adam is now getting it back to gratitude and how he was trying to have that as his mantra and lesson for the New Year.


Paul says “no is a gift” and Adam is asking them about the book, what’s the key point and they say it’s about turning your life around, she now references Adam’s age 23 reflection to make a point about the book’s theme.
Adam is now asking Paul about his music work and how he was first published at age 27, he claims to be 74 but sounds like he’s in his late 40’s or younger.

Adam is now brining up ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ and Paul tells Adam he was the only one to see the movie, the great lesson he learned from that movie was never to write a project off, he mentions his work on the ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ stage show and how he ended up on the ‘Daft Punk’ album al because of that movie.

Paul says he was an 8ball a day cocaine user and is now 24years sober, he mocks himself as a younger man how he was not a good person when he first met Tracey.


Adam is asking Paul what the problem really was, he says it was him and not the drug.

Paul says it’s a new language on recovery and takes the methods and translates it for the masses, Tracey says she never did drugs and was turned off to them by ‘Reefer Madness’ and she explains her issues stemming from her childhood that she used to drag around from relationship to relationship.

Tracey brings up ‘Phone Addiction’ and Adam is now citing how many people you see removed in their phone during almost all events, people can escape being forced to be in the moment with the people around them.


Adam talks about the kid he saw sitting inside near the track, right near all of the amazing cars, he was playing games on his tablet instead of enjoying the rare experience of being there.

Adam is now asking Paul about doing coke while driving, racing in particular and he cites driving his kids and sneaking coke as a worse example, Paul starts whistling on his S’s, for a moment.
Paul references ‘Ishtar’ and the gap in quality of his work, he address the notion of the 1980’s being a lost decade for him, he tells them about how recovery saved his life, to turn things around.


Paul is now bringing up Adam’s atheism and his work with atheists as a drug counselor, Paul tells Adam that there is something powerful inside of him, taking it back to the book and the message they are trying to get across.

Adam is now bringing up a conversation with his wife about people who metaphorically and literally “rob a liquor store with no cash in the drawer” and then takes it to the New Year’s Eve party noise complaint story.

Adam brings up how Ray wanted to bring a friend of his, Ray fought him on the invite and Adam was hesitant and Ray brought him anyway, he was passed out on a table, Adam was pissed at Ray and banned him from the next 5 parties.


“You shan’t be coming to the next 5 parties” – Adam who speaks in old English when he’s upset, he comments on it, gold!

Paul is now taking it back to Adam’s intuition about this guy, Adam says he was just playing the odds, based around him knowing Ray.

Tracey is explaining how people would rather be right more than most things they actually need in life, Adam is now saying he rarely takes a stand over nothing, BB says that’s the entire reason the show exists.

“Ray has all the issues, if you’re missing issues Ray will have them” – Adam on Ray and his possible paternal and other psychological and emotional issues, gold!


They’re now all weighing in patterns and the repletion of cycles we all have in our own lives and listing several examples, Adam brings up his mom’s bathroom drywall process that ended with an “I don’t like you’re tone” reply. Adam brings up his recent episode with Walter O’Brien the super genius.

They go off on a tangent about Adam’s relationship with is mom, he’s got a funny joke reaction to their topic regarding “dicks” and launches into a live read.


Adam is doing a live read for Legal Zoom


Adam is now on a “the relationship you have crafted/earned” explanation and cites the moment with Sonny shutting off the light while Adam was still in the bathroom, he explains why he didn’t react in the moment and his intent, he doesn’t want to make people feel bad, he wants to help them accomplish things.

Adam wants to know why we must have these rudimentary conversations with adults, Adam brings up his wife’s keys and how threatening it is for him to ask her to put her keys in one spot.

Adam is now doing a super soft ass kissy sensitive version of the same advice with BB laying the “The more you know” music and Alison says all women want that sensitivity and Adam thinks it’s condescending.


Adam is now ranting against the notion of “that’s what she hears” and Tracey cites an example of her teenage daughter.

Adam is on a tangent about using the expertise of others to help guide you, he gives an example of constructive and non-constructive criticism and Tracey has a hypothetical about Adam’s mom’s bathroom wallpaper swatches.

“She has a stepfather” – Adam answering the question asked, the right way, but from his POV, they mock him and he jokes about his mom referring to his stepdad, as stepfather.


Adam is now doing a “Gin Rummy hand of life” and the guest invite list of life series of analogies, Tracey already knows Ray so well, Tracey takes it back to the chapter they were discussing about dicks and the people you can’t remove from your life.

Adam has a great “Quiet, Douchebag!” reply to Paul whispering his response to Tracey sharing how honest people in recovery are and how refreshing that is.

Tracey takes it back to Adam’s mom wallpaper and how she could simply own her issues that keep her from being able to do things like normal people.


Adam is now doing a Lifelock live read.


Paul is whispering about needing or wanting to wrap, Adam says they will wrap up, Adam is now sharing his theory on immediate decision making, you are your purist at the beginning, the more time that passes the worse you get.

Paul calls Robert Mitchum “The Goose” and Adam jokes about what Tracey said about Bob’s late wife not having to hear these stories.

Adam is now wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs, BB plays the “Pussy sore” drop from Adam’s first volley at the dentist rapist riff form earlier in the show.