Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/23/2013 – Mick Foley

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/23/2013 – Mick Foley

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mick Foley

Recorded 09-22-2013 – Release Date 09-23-2013

Production Number #1169

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Adam is opening the show launching into his corporate gig in San Diego, Alison is right with him bringing up the details of the time of the event and how receptive people are to comedy at that hour.

Adam is now ranting about the time it takes to get to the gig, hilarious “it fucks with your brain man” reply from Adam to his own lamentations.

Adam is taking to the car with Mike, how they were running late due to the extreme traffic that seemed to exist without reason, Mike has a hilarious and very Mike reply about the delay.


Adam is really breaking down this series of traffic misfortunes and I’m in total fear of getting the guys everywhere on time this coming weekend in Chicago based on this story.

Adam is bringing up the people who want you to be somewhere but don’t act like it, he’s citing the handicapped parking being held for them.

Adam is telling the gang how it was part of a giant mall with the store perpendicular to the street and was hard to see from the road, he’s asking why people never bring up these details regarding their businesses they want you to appear at.


Adam is now describing how the parking space reserved for them was being blocked by a guy rocking his 1950’s restored cop car, Adam is lamenting this person’s interference and firing up of the siren to alert attention to their presence.

Adam is now breaking down his love and hate for these guys, who let their 7300$ worth of restored cop car run their lives, letting it become their thing/life and he’s got a great 13k Yaris and 19k Camry follow up points.

Adam is asking what the role is of the person who is taking your parking like the gent from this story, he’s got an analogy about appointments at the home and he uses Lynette’s attitude about it to contrast his own and Alison says she’s in the same boat as Adam.


Adam is bringing up how “Jerry” was absent upon their departure which prevented Adam from yelling at him and now Chris is on mic to explain he has a photo of the marquee, showing the venue changing his name and Chris actually got the venue to change it.

Adam is now sharing how people are always sending him pictures of his name misspelled right next to other examples of it spelled correctly.

Adam is bringing up how his family hanging with Drew and Susan made at the Rose Bowl made it extra painful for him on the road, he’s now touching on the “emotional thing” one experiences with a schedule like he had.


Adam is bringing up how he tried to delay everyone from arriving at his house for his race in Coronado, he cancelled his qualifying laps and Jeff Fox was the only one to arrive at 7am, Adam is explaining the awkward position he was in and how all the creatures were stirring at his house.

Adam is mentioning the photo of his wrecked Bob Sharp car from a couple years back and telling fans they can view it via the show page link at the top of the sidebar.

Adam is now waxing poetic on children witnessing their parents having fun and enjoying life and how important is for children to experience it.


Alison has a wise add on point using one of Adam’s other ideas into this tangent.

Adam is doing a live read and effortlessly exiting out of it to resume this discussion with BB and Alison, he’s getting into the pain in the ass of life that’s required to do things and create fun.

Gary is now on mic setting up a series of clips featuring Adam at Coronado, Adam is doing live commentary and explaining why he has his shift patterns written down.


Adam is explaining how he talked to a person who thought a mystery driver had clipped the chicane and wanted to find the motherfucker who knocked the “orange thing” over, Adam was behind him and witnessed him commit those very offenses he was so perturbed about.

Adam is doing a live read and bringing Mick Foley into the show

“Wrestlers age like cottage cheese in the dessert” – Adam contrasting Mick against his deflated aging peers.


Adam is now bringing up Mick’s only other known appearance on air with him, back on MTV Loveline where he explained the nature of his characters “Mankind”, “Cactus Jack” and “Dude Love”.

Adam is explaining that if you’ve heard the name of a jockey, wrestler or car driver and the public knows your name you have officially made it, this is a long form compliment for Mick.

Adam has a nice reference for Randy West and his working class penis.


Mick is now plugging his next book “Hug It Out” a children’s book featuring a Muppet babies esque version of the current WWE roster.

Adam wants to know the current state of wrestling and what’s popular in the scene, Mick is filling them in about it.

Adam is now sharing the anecdote of the visiting his dad at the hospital to compare it to a new similar incident while trying to get something framed.


Mick is sharing his own humbling anecdote with a family hard on their luck, a case of mistaken identities that left Mick deflated.

Adam is explaining the new lane in comedy for non-standup comics to perform and gain and audience, he’s got some great insights into how storytelling has outshined the classic prepared/scripted material commonly used.

Mick is telling Adam about the wrestling talk he has to include in his shows and he’s got a nice compliment for Amy Schumer along with how he started to embrace his wrestling past on stage.


Hooray for Baldywood

He saw the new film “Rush” now in limited release, he’s got all the behind the scenes facts and Mick seems to know about the real life story this film depicts.

Adam is explaining the name recognition of the participants and a quick recap on F1 racing having it’s heyday in the 1970’s.

Adam is now riffing about having a job that required him to reduce his gun (arm/bicep) size while bringing up Chris Hemsworth’s build in this film and in his work as Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe.


Adam is bringing up how much weight effects the racing and winning in F1 in response to BB’s query about extra muscle hindering speed.

BB was extremely bored, especially in contrast to the title of the film and the misleading trailer.

BB gives it an A+ for racing fans, B- for the general public.


BB is now bringing up “Beyond the Mat” and the scene from the film where Mick brings his kids to work and how it went horribly wrong, he calls it his worst parental mistake caught on film.

Mick is bringing up how “The Rock” was full on method in his character and how he reacts to people that admit they’ve watched this severe beating multiple times.

Adam is now asking him to further explain what happened during this PPV match and Mick just revealed that Vince McMahon who runs the WWE does not like him talking about the film and thinks it may have put a negative light on the industry.


Adam is now bringing up how he sees professional boxers and MMA fighters bringing their kids to see them in the ring/cage.

Mick is taking it back to the event, how they didn’t get to go Disneyland and how his daughter saw his “big boo boo” being stitched up backstage.

Alison has a key question about wrestling safe words and Mick is explaining that a match like that couldn’t happen in today’s climate.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the currently in progress Emmy Awards, Adam has a killer reaction to the first winner announced by Alison, that he tops with a funny cigarette joke.

Adam is now mocking the title of “Nurse Jackie” claiming he thought it was a code phrase for hand jobs from your spouse, BB is joking along with Adam about it, pretty good!


Mick’s friend Siri is now joining the show and it’s already reminiscent of the Crystal Method/Holly Body Loveline episode and Mick is explaining how he reached out to Christy Canyon and Siri as well, being a huge fan of her adult film work.

Siri is now telling the gang about how she was on her first date with her husband when she announced she would entering the adult film industry.

Siri and Mick are explaining how MTV loveline and Mick’s 1999 appearance all ties into this, Alison is wisely getting him to set the record straight regarding non monogamous relationships.


Adam has a great “Casa De Jizz” description of the infamous porn mansion as Siri explains her first day on the job and why husbands aren’t allowed on set.

Now Adam is riffing about the swingers on Real Sex in comparison to Siri, he’s joking about other people reacting to her presence and BB is joining him.

Adam has a great joke about pirate themed porn in response to Siri’s thoughtful explanation of the state of the industry, she’s now explaining she’s never stripped and BB just dropped the “Cherry Pie” and Adam is doing the classic strip club DJ bit.


Mick is now explaining how his son was teaching him to use his new iPhone and his daughter called him out on his adult film actress pal Siri.

Adam is asking Siri about her work and how she makes her money, she sells her own content and seems to agree with Adam that she sells her panties, but she doesn’t actually say that.

Adam is trying to get an honest “why did you get into porn” answer from Siri, she’s saying she has no traumatic past and truly enjoys the work and industry.


Adam and Alison have killer one liners in reply to Mick’s comment about Siri, Alison is asking some wise follow up questions.

Adam is now riffing with Alison about his “fount of sensuality” that can hinder his getting around in the world.

Adam is giving some plugs and BB has new choice out of context drop, Mick’s reaction is almost as priceless as Siri’s.


Adam is now wrapping the show to this new classic drop!