Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/23/2012 – Dr. Drew Bonus Episode

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/23/2012 – Dr. Drew Bonus Episode

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Recorded 09/21/2012 – Release Date 09/23/2012


Adam opens the show by explaining the deal for the fans, a free bonus episode with Dr. Drew for you simply telling a friend about the show and spreading the word. Adam has Drew sampling Mangria and is explaining the ingredients to him.

Drew is going off on the TSA pulling people out of line, he’s telling Adam that Jesse Ventura was even pulled out of line while he was the Governor. They’re on a quick sarcastic “everyone’s the same” jag.

Drew is contemplating the idea of him on a show promoting a potent alcohol beverage, Adam somehow convinces him not to think about it and now they’re talking about the Emmy’s. Adam will be behind the scenes and Drew’s not sure he can stay the whole show.


Adam is plugging Drew’s various projects including Loveline, Adam is telling him which shows he likes. Adam is now explaining the clip and news story from Friday’s episode to Drew and he’s going to play the clip of the reporter speaking to see what his reaction is. They’re now joking about what the reporter said, Drew’s got a well timed “how dare you”.

Drew is filling Adam in on Mike Catherwood only buying American made goods and how it was interpreted in print media as an example of how much worse it is than television. Drew is giving Adam another example of print media having bias and being full of inaccuracies.


Adam reveals he went to visit his father earlier in the day, he’s describing his condition to Drew and going very in detail about the cardiac arrest. Adam is explaining that Drew also enjoys Dennis Prager and is explaining the live shows and how they’ve sold over 20,000 copies.

Adam is now playing a clip of Dennis from the live show for Drew.

Adam wants to know Drew’s thoughts about the ideas in the clip, Drew is explaining the scientific side of the point Dennis was making.

Drew is making a counterpoint to the opening explanation from Dennis about his failed marriage, Adam is making a great analogy to Drew’s profession and Drew is trying to give a new angle on his point.


Dr. Drew just announced what we’ve all hoped for so long, Drew is joining Carolla Digital, he will be doing a regular podcast for the network, IT HAS BEGUN!!!!! Drew has the control room fire up his intro music for the new podcast, Adam and Drew are trying to figure out who created the music and are reminiscing about the “70’s rape rock” discussion on the last Drew bonus episode.

Adam and Drew are now talking about “Soul Bossa Nova” by Quincy Jones, Adam is explaining how he’s been a fan of it for a long time and it’s cultural revival with the Austin Powers movies. Drew interrupts to ask Adam if he’s seen the new documentary about Woody Allen, Adam mocks Drew’s phrasing.


1st Caller Juan wants to know if he has OCD, Adam cracks a great joke and consults Drew for advice for Juan then gets in an even funnier joke. They’re falling back into Loveline mode, complete with bogus call accusations.

Adam announces to Drew that Jim, Adam’s dad also has the “Hyper Vigilance” that haunts Adam, he’s now floating a theory about people with the condition that he’s never expressed before.

He’s telling Drew how his stepmom revealed to him that when she travels with his dad they have to change hotel rooms five to six times, because Jim is disturbed by sensory overload. Adam is now explaining he thinks his dad has to “tune himself down” when he leaves the house because his surroundings can be overwhelming.
Drew is explaining why Adam’s theory is right, Drew says he is massively fascinated by this topic and is further getting into it with Adam.


2nd Caller Brandon, he’s calling from Kent State and Drew explains he’s been to the university including the very spot where the kids were murdered. Brandon acknowledges that Adam and Drew often discuss their low self esteem, Brandon is asking if the trend of teens with inflated self esteem is something unique to his generation.

Adam and Drew are giving Brandon some great advice about surviving his teens with low self esteem, Adam is giving some great examples of his buddies Ray and Chris. Adam is telling Brandon how to improve himself through discipline and working out, Drew is advising him to try to restrict his sleep.

Adam is giving a great anecdote about Sonny coming into his room in the morning before school to make a larger point about proper sleep.


3rd Caller Ryan has arthritis, Drew is explaining his condition and dangers. Drew is now telling Adam how arthritis attacks the body and the possible causes.

Instead of taking a final call, Drew suggests the talk about their wives. Adam and Drew are now discussing the Emmy’s and how they might meet up after the show. Adam is plugging all of Drew’s projects, Rehab is the new show, Lifechangers is off air. Drew jumps in with the observation he’s never spoke in depth about “Teen Mom” with Adam.

Adam wraps the show!