Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/22/2015 – Greg Fitzsimmons and Brian Howie, Live from The American Comedy Co.

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/22/2015 – Greg Fitzsimmons and Brian Howie, Live from The American Comedy Co.

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Fitzsimmons and Brian Howie, Live from The American Comedy Co.

Recorded 09-20-2015 – Release Date 09-22-2015

Production Number #1664

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Adam has a pre-recorded opener/topper for the 2nd live show, he’s doing some live reads with a marching onto year 7 comment.

Adam really wants you to watch ‘The Last Man On Earth’


Adam welcomes Gina and BB back for the 2nd of two shows from the uncomfortably hot San Diego, Greg is off stage on his phone, his mic might be hot and that might be causing a slight buzzing sound.

Adam is talking about the place he ate lunch at, Greg is joining them on stage and Adam is talking about fat dude jogging with his shirt off, Adam says it’s always a white guy, hilarious riff about cops chasing other races shirtless.

Adam tells Greg he can chime in, Adam is now asking if fat guys shouldn’t be fined for being topless in public like women are if we’re going to make it illegal for them, Adam’s standard take on butt crack and titties on ‘Survivor’ being blurred out vs. ‘The biggest Loser’ and Adam is riffing about this jogger.


Adam has a theory about a 400 guy now weighing 250 and still being fat but not being as aware of it as they’re aware of how much they’ve lost so far.

Adam is now bringing up the positive sides of being black, elderly male hair dying is normative, Adam and Greg are now riffing and Greg talks about trying to dye his hair.

Adam is talking about how women know they can’t color their hair themselves, guys are too hands on and falsely confident about stuff like that.


Adam is talking about his son getting out of the pool, he had to pee and asked if he could use the restroom, Adam is talking about how great of a guy he is.

Gina asks if they pee in the pool as an adult, Adam shares his adult peeing out of the pool arch move, Brewing 2.0 it seems.

Adam doesn’t thinks his kids understand the concept of a public pool, he’s riffing about it and Greg shares his fears of flaking poop clogging the filters and then going up your nose which leads to Adam’s crazy ‘Dookie Loogie’ riff that has a funny ‘Doogie Howser M.D.’ reference woven into it.


Adam says if you time it just right you can miss water parks, he talks about his era of water weenies and slip and slides.

Adam says they didn’t have water parks until he was like 29 and would feel creepy cruising one solo as a young man.


Adam talks about going to a water park with Jimmy and Cousin Sal, he says Sal pissed on him while they were in attendance and shares his Terminator like reaction from years of shit smearing across his ear and face.

Adam pitches his ‘Fuck You Al Qaeda’ water park, Adam is bringing up Griffith Park and says all you need to do is bring every impoverished person on earth to the mini train and donkeys provided for kids.

Greg is joining in and Adam says “you know you’ve arrived as a nation when your pack animals just go in circles”

Adam gives out some plugs for Fitzdog


Blah Blah Blog

1st Blog Russel Brand, Emma Thompson or Noel Gallagher?

Adam riffs about the “friendly bear” concept that’s fed to kids as referenced in the blog, akin to his longer riff about his son and the polar bear heavy gift shop at the Coca Cola museum.

This riff led to one of the funnies on stage moments I’ve ever witnessed in Kirkland Washington in 2010 when I found a google image of an overweight dude with a polar bear behind him on a bed, the crowd lost it in conjunction with Adam’s brilliant words, and he even lost it, gold!

Adam riffs about the gas pump sleeve that often clicks the kickstand back, Adam is talking about being too deep with the gas nozzle, Adam asks about the gas fume vapor and the plastic foreskin.


Adam shares the super confusing “I already paid” comment from a middle eastern guy on the other side of the pump, Adam had to then drive around to the other side despite running late for the show.

Adam and the gang all weigh in.


2nd Blog Harry Shearer, Harry Anderson or Steve Zhan?

Adam wants to know if anything can happen without being Ronald Reagan’s fault and traced back to his presidency.

Greg has some details on the gang recidivism rates and moving people away from their bad communities.

Adam praises ‘That Thing You Do!’


3rd Blog Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

Adam is now giving a pro-tip to all blowhard, he mocks the “I see some new faces” intro for all of his kid’s school meetings.

“Why don’t you start with that you cunt!?” – Adam on the Mrs. Dash packaging that lists many things you can put it on before listing “anything” and has a hilarious grandma one liner.

Greg asks him some follow ups and the move along.


Adam talks about Hillary and her verbal treadmill way of speaking, everyone is now weighing in and Greg says it’s the countdown to Trump calling Hillary a cunt, his bit from his podcast.

Adam is asking if they think there is a disgruntled ‘Apprentice’ season one contestant with a cunt laden email from Trump, Adam talks about the glory days of putting the n word in the subject line of an email just because you could.

Adam is commenting on Hillary, is everything she does calculated?


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam tells Dawson he’s not drunk or high enough.


Brian Howie from ‘The Great Love Debate’ is now joining them on stage, apparently the show is new to Carolla Digital, and Adam asks him about the history of the program and the idea behind it.

Brian is commenting on the “men are from mars, women are from Venus” element of relationships and hormonal decisions, Gina has a fine point about men’s own hormonal biases and decisions made with boners.

Adam is talking to them about guys who take their rings off in public, Adam is sharing his first world problem of having to finger a bottle of Evian to get his ring back on his hand.


Adam is talking about the guys who “told their wives they don’t do that” when it comes to wearing a ring, Fitzsimons has a funny one liner about single women seeing the sadness of matrimony in his eyes and that working as the same deterrent as a wedding ring.

Adam gives out the plugs for ‘The Great Love Debate’.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a Tinder “Super Like” option, Adam is talking about weird fuck circle of men and women we’re evolving/devolving into.

Gina says its fine and BB chimes in, Greg talks about his son on his way to the greatest era for casual sex.

Adam is now trying to figure out the sweetest month for fucking in all of history, his sex related time machine idea.


2nd Story is on North Korean’s airline and their horrible standard of service, Adam talks about taking Tower Air from LAX to JFK.

Adam is blaming it on the cheapness of the radio station, Adam talks about the all economy cabin and Brian cites an unnamed European airline that has a standing room only class of service.


3rd Story is on a British man who endured a 5 day erection after taking 35 pills in an hour as a joke, Adam feels bad for the guy who just wanted one boner pill and there were none left for.

Adam gets a shot of Patron or angry fan piss, he takes it back and you can hear the burn in his throat.

Greg talks about his alcohol problem and sobriety, this akin to the other time he tried to get Greg to drink Mangria, Adam’s got a great “more pussy for me” response.


4th Story is on the Divorce Selfie and Adam is talking about the lack of possession often being related to the mood of the divorce and participants.

Adam is riffing about his dad flopping at his mom’s parents’ house after the split up, the conscious uncoupling as Adam quotes Paltrow.

Adam jokes about cars swerving around his dad’s one bedroom apartment.


5th Story is on cannabis personal lubricant, Adam asks when we decided fucking was broken and pizza as well for that matter, he’s riffing about trying to improve a blowjob.

Adam is talking about receiving oral with the best of them, nobody receives oral like the Aceman, and Adam doesn’t want tingling mints or fingers up his ass.

Adam is now riffing about “finger time” all of the times he would like a finger up his ass, while taping ‘Catch a Contractor’ or while doing his taxes, put a finger up his ass when he’s otherwise uncomfortable, not when he’s getting blown.


Adam is riffing with Greg, BB and Gina all chiming in.

Brian takes it back to the food and Adam is sharing a recent anecdote of dying out with the kids and he talks about how they always forget to bring the BBQ or ranch to the table for the fries.

Adam now gives a funny sketch of the dumb fucks who work at chain restaurants, Adam is on fire with his new riff.


Adam is pitching a condiment belt, like an old timey change belt.

Thousand Island included, nice.

Gina brings up T-shirt cannons and Adam says it’s gets too close to bukake territory and then he would be sued as the restaurant proprietor after the patron was killed and eaten by seagulls upon leaving the building, hilarious off the cuff riffing from Adam, this is good stuff.


6th Story is on the auction listing for Heidi Fleiss’s “little black book” and she gives a quick recap of the book, she asks if anyone gives a shit about people from 1993.

Adam brings up the “do we have to go there” element of now deceased people named in the book, BB tosses out the name John Ritter to a loud reaction.

Adam is sharing the ‘Ordinary Extraordinary’ show he was going to tape with John in Orlando, Adam talks about being brand new to show business and their discussion about John being named in a book that exposed his extramarital affair.


Adam is talking about the way hot chicks can overcome any amount of resistance from any man, Adam then says he’ll be missed and wraps up the anecdote about John and the whore with the tell all book.

Adam says the book entry makes you a whore, not the actual sex done on your own time and not used for tarnishing the other person’s reputation and making you wealthy.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Audience assisted Edition


Adam is giving out the plugs for Greg Fitzsimmons and Brian Howie and wraps the show.