Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/22/2014 – Nick Santora and Walter O’Brien

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/22/2014 – Nick Santora and Walter O’Brien

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Nick Santora and Walter O’Brien

Recorded 09-18-2014 – Release Date 09-22-2014

Production Number #1415

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Adam is opening the show to a great intro from Dawson referencing the excellent Nick Santora’s one line description of ‘Mangria’ and Adam welcomes him and Walter O’Brien, Adam references that recording for ACS #1017.

Adam explains how Nick Santora finds these great characters and people and works with them and helps tell their stories, he chimes in to tell them that Walter was brought to him.

Nick shares an anecdote of running into Mike August and hearing legend of the new Mangria formula.


Walter explains his early IQ testing and humble dairy farmer upbringings, he joined a gifted children’s society and Nick jokes about Adam being in the same group.

Adam is now sharing his recollections of “The Donkey Squad” and Walter is kindly asking if he also exhibited signs of intelligence, Adam mocks himself and they’re back to Walter being able to learn new computer languages in 2 days.

Walter tells them about the blueprints to the space shuttle Columbia before the internet existed, Adam is now setting up a new porn service that tracks down the people who dislike online porn videos, and he’s arguing a historical appreciation angle for the argument to cane these people.

Walter explains why the government teamed up with him and how he made his fortune, a precursor to the ‘Geek Squad’ model and he’s bringing up the personality and EQ imbalances among his peers in the tech world.

Adam is now back to adults being so stupid and how you always assumed they had it all figured out.

Nick cites seeing Walter’s eyes glaze over while Nick is struggling to communicate with his genius and Nick backs up how Walter has trained himself to have a stronger EQ to regulate this.


Adam cites his own frustration with the dummies in his life, Adam says being Walter or a gifted kid is like being Ferrari stuck in traffic.

Nick brings up the higher suicide and substance abuse statistics for geniuses, Nick says that Walter is a different species due to his brain density and has a solid dick joke, that I actually believe to be reality based on Nick’s over “Nick’ness” and Adam is now setting up a story from the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ reveal and pre-roll video argument he had with a young female producer.

Adam is now asking Gary for the clip, Adam calls her a dingbat cunt.


They’re now watching the clip with the Karate Kid Theme dubbed over it, Adam is explaining the “agree to disagree” line she gave to him which was met with an apology to the cameraman and sound guy before telling her to shut the fuck up.

Adam is now having Gary play the legit clip and how fucked up it would’ve been had she had her way, Adam says they’ve seen enough.

Nick calls it “Dug in Dumb” and Adam tells people to have an argument with guys like myself who have a shitty Camry with a beat up cloth interior, instead of coming after him.


Nick tells Adam how he told Walter he will never lie to him upon working together and Walter was honest in return and thanked him for that, Nick says that Walter told him he has no feelings and they can’t be hurt as they don’t exist, Wow!

Adam shares his advice for his wife about putting her keys in the same spot every day and her “why are you riding me” reply, Adam references people in his life who refuse to write things down.

Walter is now giving his take on how people live their lives and lack self-awareness, thinking about thinking and philosophy, how people need to get over a basic hump of logic, he explains how he would disregard Adam’s hacking and computer advice but would listen to him about construction.


Adam explains how he had to hire a money manager and what would have happened had he not, hilarious getaway car with Wesley Snipes riding shotgun riff, gold! Ace Awards 2014 material.

Nick says he has found many similarities between Adam and Walter, he brings up Adam’s lack of nerve endings and the similar advice and willingness to learn from other experts, Nick is making a connection, and he’s doing it!

Nick talks about Walter’s ability to read IQ’s and his super considerate reasons for not often doing it as it can send us normies spinning, either insulted as it’s too low or feeling like a failure for not doing more with our limited time on this planet.


Adam is doing a Reverie bed live read


Adam now calls back Walter’s story that Adam cut him off on back before that last jag, began, Adam is very reverent and kind, Walter tells him about pulling up in a 1984 Lamborghini Countach, the car predated the reporter who wanted to know if it was a new hybrid car, he jokes about the clip that later played with a shaking camera due to the cameraman appreciating Walter’s funny gag.

Nick explains the evolution of this project starting, how Justin Bieber’s manager led to Justin Lin who directed the best entries in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, Nick reveals that Justin Lin is a huge Carolla fan, how cool!

I actually explained the plot and recommended ‘Better Luck Tomorrow’ to Adam on his first standup tour in Denver, we were getting Starbucks and I explained the role of ‘Han’ in that movie and how he was then brought into ‘Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift’ and then into the 4th, 5th and 6th movies as part of one of the most elaborate timelines in movie history, guy is a movie god and must guest on the show!


Adam praises Nick and explains how television production works, they have a great back and forth and Adam takes it back to Nick’s instincts, shit it must be awesome to work for or with him.

Nick now shares how the show came about and the humor was allowed to be kept in the script, how CBS added this show to their Monday night comedy block.

Adam is now asking Walter what his role is on the show, he tells them about meeting with the writers each week and shares some of the non-classified material they can now discuss, they have essentially saved the world 4 times over with these genius groups.


Walter is now bringing up the questions he gets and the discussions had about the ways geniuses will talk with each other, citing some fun examples.

Walter explains how this/his company works and how they cherry pick geniuses from around the globe, like a real world ‘Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters’ and how they made the company name the real name in the show, and the leader uses his name, to make it easy for geniuses to find him in the real world.

Adam cites the Gavin Newsom interview and Walter answers all of the questions, he says you can be right or popular, he now shares his idea for a president getting an 8 year term and a billion dollar paycheck, and he’s making great points about why it would work in minimal words.


He is now adding an “unless 10 other countries agree” provision to the U.N. policy on assassinating the leaders of other countries and he mentions the wars that would’ve prevented.

Adam is bringing up his goal post argument that was finally done after many years in review only to be rejected each time, he’s arguing about the wasted time.

Adam is now mocking Corona and Whittier and how much of a ‘Delight’ it is for him to be present for these sad family scenes without air conditioning, he’s bringing up the fly covers for the craft service trays.


Adam once again describes it as the landscape from the end of ‘Con Air” the scene where Buscemi had tea with the little girl.

Walter is now explaining why Adam benefits from the gap between him and the people who can’t augment their behavior and improve, he adds him to the above intelligence list and Nick tries to jump aboard too.

Walter references Reverie Bed and explains an anecdote about a man who discovered the rule of thumb for train tracks, Adam cites SUV’s and compares them to the footprint of a train car, how perhaps it’s not the best design.


Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom.


Adam is now asking for a picture of the back of gravel hauling trucks, he’s now citing the bar that would impale you on the back of them if you were to get rear ended.

Adam is now having Gary pull up additional images and Walter jokes about hypothetical street racing he might do and how one can get pulled over if they have an led under their car to indicate, due to the lumens being a safety issue, he then cites the flood lights used on the freeway at certain times and the obvious hypocrisy and faulty logic.

Adam now brings up his wife and her love for the kids, how she uses ‘Veggie Wash’ on produce for the kids, Adam brings up the exposed swimming pool danger at their old home and how he coached up the gardener.


Walter cites the stats, a pool is 25 times more dangerous than a loaded gun in the house, and Nick brings up the project Walter is working on to end death.


Adam is now doing a live read for ‘Dollar Shave Club’ and shares his idea for the service that fills up your car and charges you less for gas.


Adam is taking it back to the mortality thing, Walter shares the idea of doing more good things for the world if you don’t die, and how consciousness should and could go on.

Walter uses body part transplants to make a very Ray Kurzweil point and the notion of a prosthetic brain, he explains how stem cell and “organoid” bodies that could be used in the future.

Adam is now joking about how you could use Pete Sampras brother to recreate him, he mentions dying in a fiery car crash.


Walter is now sharing how you could back yourself up every night like a computer, Adam is now getting to the selective element and how it’s not needed for everyone on earth.

Adam is now sharing his theory and questions about how much pussy he could’ve got with this brain in his 20yr old body.

Walter brings up a wise point about women also having 80yr old brains, Adam jokes as if he didn’t even consider that idea.


Walter tells them about self-accelerating knowledge and the idea of uploading your consciousness across continents and calls this reality ‘PBS’ and teases of the ability to build our own realities.

Walter shares his vary ‘Louis C.K.-esque’ complaints about nonfunctioning Wi-Fi on a recent flight, he leaves us with a great “Make a better idiot” quote.

Nick shares the cast for the show and tells Adam that Robert Patrick himself will be on the show next week, he was a highly sought after Classic Loveline guest, his brother form the band ‘Filter’ guested semi frequently and promised to have Robert guest.


Adam wraps up the show with a Draft Kings Live Read.


Adam invites Walter back anytime with or without Nick, he says it could be an endless conversation and teases the new screw cap variant of Mangria.

Watch ‘Scorpion’ on CBS! I know I will be.