Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/21/2015 – Greg Fitzsimmons and Justin Fichelson, Live from The American Comedy Co.

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/21/2015 – Greg Fitzsimmons and Justin Fichelson, Live from The American Comedy Co.

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Fitzsimmons and Justin Fichelson, Live from The American Comedy Co.

Recorded 09-20-2015 – Release Date 09-21-2015

Production Number #1663

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Adam has a pre-recorded intro with some live reads.

Greg Fitzsimmons is joining once again, fast approaching his 50th appearance, Adam is talking about his engine troubles at the qualifying races for Coronado, and he blew up his engine.

Adam is talking about the suicide prevention hotline ad in the middle of the road, above a lane divider.


Greg is riffing and Adam is now asking why homeless people don’t jump off bridges more often in San Diego, Adam is crushing this.

Adam is saying homeless people shouldn’t commit suicide but…

Gina chimes in and Adam has a killer homeless puppy riff after an insane one liner with a puppies and suicide.


Adam says they were staying at the hotel in the penthouse across from the Salvation Army building, he says she got bold enough to yell at them from her perch.

Greg is sharing an anecdote of a hobo jacking off, that feels about right for Greg at 8min into the show.

Greg now has Adam riffing on Dance-A-Thon’s and how they don’t seem to be around in today’s world, Adam asks about donating to ‘Live Strong’.


Adam talks about the hotel pool and the bar, Adam says he puts sunscreen on his kids and does other things just to avoid getting shit from his wife.

Adam is commenting on his own lack of familiarity with the WNBA season, BB has a killer one liner and Adam comments ‘Bryan we have two shows!’ implying he’s drinking heavy?

Adam is now ranting about Yoko Ono and how she should never be mentioned in the same sentence as art, BB has an anecdote of a dinner with art history professor who was a huge fan of Yoko.


Adam is now giving his take on Lou Reed and says it’s not on him that he doesn’t know Yoko’s best work, it’s not his job to track that down.

Adam has a funny “in the back of my van man” line while talking about some rare bootleg being the good stuff for Lou Reed and ‘The Velvet Underground’.


Adam has a killer Bjork pissing into a HEPA filter line after Greg throws her into the overrated pool, Gina has a decent impression of her.

Adam is further riffing about lying about being from Iceland, Greg talks about Icelandic vodka.

Greg has a funny ‘The Garden State’ line and now Adam is riffing about pool chairs and how they’ve expanded along with most Americans, Adam says it’s an almost homoerotic experience to be on one along with your son.


Gina brings up the cabana, Adam says the rafts are bigger than Shaq’s bed, Adam is now playing a clip of him recording the music they had blasting at 10:45am with some cool “gamer” chick who also asked for the bartender to turn it down.

Adam was told they must play this music and everyone agreed they hated it, all of the employees and customers, he’s crushing this riff.

Adam is now joking about booger sugar and night time club music vs. early morning Steely Dan chilling.


Adam is talking about the blonde he was sitting near, funny drop work from BB as if they were in love.


Q and Ace

1st Q Mike Goldberg, not the Goldberg Adam wanted, the wrestler.

Adam wonders if Carlsbad was named after a shitty mayor, Carl is Bad.

Adam is now going after Homeless and wants a more romantic and kind term for people on the street.

Greg is now chiming and Adam jokes about Greg’s rate as he changed the subject, Adam is commenting on Greg’s Carlsbad story.


Mike wants to know the last time she had really regrettable sex, Adam is commenting on the post sex shiver women do when they don’t like a guy or feel badly about the experience vs. how men mostly beat off to the memories.


Adam is talking to Greg and BB about this, Adam says he had regrettable sex in San Diego, he says he met a girl at Barney’s Beanery and was communicating with her for months, hilarious descriptors from Ace of what she must’ve been doing while he was waiting to see her again.

Adam was pot committed for the weekend, he says they made it through the evening, Adam got drunk, called his old girlfriend and tried to get back together.

Lied the next morning and said he had a gig he needed to get back to Los Angeles for, Adam is now sharing how his comedy traffic school told him and the other comedians to lie about their experience and history.


Adam says that her friend pulled Adam aside and told him she took the day off work for him, Adam then bit the bullet and hung out.

Adam shares the rare closing bit where she came back to Los Angeles and Ray ratted Adam out that he was home to poor Jenny, Aceman broke her heart.


2nd Q Amanda, Adam interrupts with a tangent attempt that gets shut down, she has a What Can’t Adam Complain About.

WCACA – How does she complain about being married to a retired military guy?

Adam is asking her husband about being retired and is now sharing the experience of the military guy the ran into at Coronado, he’s now joking about the negative sides of being around someone involved in the armed forces.


She tells him that he’s next doing law school, Adam comments on his old assistant Jay and his father and how difficult the bar exam is.

Adam is now further joking about what it’s like to live with him, funny boot camp imagery.


3rd Caller Nick Moore, Adam interrupts to talk about the postgame comments after the Rams loss, BB plays the ‘Hi Gary!’ drop from ‘Parenthood’ and now Adam is ranting up a storm about San Diego fans and Ram fans both suffering the same fate of their teams beating the best team in the league and then losing to a much lower ranked team at home, they’re not consistent enough to be a legacy franchise.

Adam is talking about the post-game interview with the Red Skins coach, Adam wants to know who needs these interviews, he’s doing an impression of the coach and he’s pissed about his team losing to the Redskins.


Nick wants Adam’s take on bumper stickers and now he’s riffing about white people losing the Trader Joe’s family sticker in exchange for Hispanic people losing the rolling memorials.

Greg has a controversial abortion modification for the stick figure family.

Adam is riffing about vans and now ‘Baby on Board’ signs and has some very funny quotes.


Adam is bringing up the fleeing signs in San Diego along with the suicide ones, he says they might have the most depressing signs in all of the country.

Adam says it’s impossible to tell him to try and avoid running over anyone fleeing, he will do his best and doesn’t want to run over any Mexicans, killer angle where he would like to do it but the car damage isn’t worth it.

Adam thinks the signs have caused more Mexicans run over, funny Horchata windshield one liner and refuses to use the term ‘Mexican Speed Bump’.


Adam gives out the plugs for Greg and Adam comments on his extreme whiteness, Adam is commenting on growing up with blue car guys and observes how the Boston guys can talk shit and fight, they have smart mouths to boot.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is now having Justin Fichelson join them for his ACS debut, Adam loves Justin’s show and asks him how he got involved in his line of work.

Justin asks why the people in the audience are booing at him, Adam comments on the anger at San Francisco realtors.

Adam tells him to ignore the heckler and tells the guy to go jump off a bridge, Adam is asking if people who are climbing out onto a bridge to commit suicide aren’t determined enough to try a variant methodology.


Adam reaffirms he will take water over concrete even at high speed falls, after Justin quotes the “it’s like concrete” line most people have heard, Adam objects to it.

Adam is now asking him how much he makes in commission and what his largest ever haul was, he closed a 16 million dollar deal.

Adam has a great callback to the “fattest girl you’ve ever fucked” and Justin brings up the place Adam met that poor gal.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a teenager forced to plea-bargain after being charged for having his own nude pictures on his personal cellphone.

Gina has all of the details and BB has a great “I’m in trouble deep” line, quoting Madonna.

Gina gives more details, Adam says this is the move of a well hung dude, he is now joking about the guys who are super eager to get naked, he comments on the from behind shirt removal that ripped guys often use.


Adam and Greg are talking about urinals, Adam brings up the bits they did on ‘The Man Show’ where Jimmy would talk to strangers in public bathrooms.

Adam is now sharing his own “hey I’m on the phone” experience, Greg loves it and Adam explains the guy said “How’s it going?” and Greg shares an even more embarrassing story of waiving a window washer.

Adam comments on this being another example of white people trying to be kind, he wouldn’t have responded to toilet stall guy had it been a white dude, he felt he should keep it going to be kind and then got burned but the shitting cell phone guy.


2nd Story is on Organic vs. regular produce, Adam jokes about his wife’s demands for free range Mexicans to handle all of their produce.

Adam says that Pocahontas is coming on stage, Adam says this is a move of a hot chick and she wants Adam to sign her poster again.

Adam tells her to look at the ground when she walks past the retired soldier in the audience.

Adam has a funny closer about feeding a kid all of this expensive healthy produce only to have them die after getting hit by a van at 12 and you’re out all this extra money, wow.


3rd Story Gina has the details on a Shanghai Sperm Bank offering iPhones for jizz, Adam is riffing about that sounding like the most derogatory term for a sexually liberated foreign exchange student.

“You talking about Mitsuk? The Shanghai Sperm Bank?” – Adam

Adam is crushing this, Greg has a funny drinking sperm line.


Adam is on a funny “threat from your agent” riff, he says you will be going from booze cruise to jizz cruise overnight.

Greg loses the crowd with a tiny penis joke and Adam spins out of it, Adam is now riffing about JizzWells a snack company after talking about Greg going to the Jizz well one too many times for this fickle crowd.


4th Story is on the extremely limited run of McRib’s at McDonalds this year, everyone is now weighing in on the McRib and Adam is now riffing about not having Ginger Lynn’s pussy at home, he wants the real thing, he clarifies his point as I think that was on the table for him if he wanted it in the Classic Loveline days, much like Christy Canyon and her revisionist memory.

Adam is now quizzing Justin about his McDonalds mascot knowledge, Adam is on fire, this is hilarious!

Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam on the hole in his engine edition.

The Kids didn’t care about Adam’s broke car edition.


Adam gives out the plugs for Justin, he compliments his show and hopes for another season, he gives out the plugs for Greg and wraps up the show.