Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/21/2012 – Jay Chandrasekhar and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/21/2012 – Jay Chandrasekhar and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/20/2012 – Release Date 09/21/2012

Adam opens the show explaining that Alison Rosen had an emergency related to her big move so she couldn’t make the show but Gina Grad is filling in and Alison will be back Monday. Ray is in studio and Adam is describing their visit to Nick Offerman’s wood shop earlier in the day that will be featured on an upcoming episode of Ace on the House.

Adam just announced that they’ve now sold over 1500 bottles of Mangria in pre-orders alone. Adam is explaining that he was tweeted an article about black men having lower graduation rates in America and he wants to get into this controversial topic. Adam’s now reading the facts from the article and  explaining the term for white people “white non latino” that is used in the article.

Adam is ranting about the article stating it’s not the fault of the individuals or family units but society as a whole keeping them down, Adam is now explaining some clips he saw on Dr. Drew’s HLN show. Adam is ranting about the parent’s responsibility, echoing his long held opinions on this subject and ranting about the female reporter from the clip who did a crappy job by not getting at the real issue.

Adam has the control room fire up the clip again, further exemplifying her skipping over even mentioning the families the kids come from. Adam is making some very sincere and valid points about how it’s racist to not bring these issues up, Bryan just chimed in with a killer reply.


Adam is now having Ray help explain the multicultural group they ran with in high school, where everyone ended up etc. They’re now quickly recapping the time Ray peed on their buddy Alex while he was driving right after he bought Ray a burger. Adam is plugging the upcoming live show, Ray just interrupted Adam to tell him that he bought 10 tickets and is bringing all his brothers.

Adam is now explaining the time he put his foot in the mouth while mocking Ray’s family to Jimmy Kimmel for all of his siblings having names that begin with an R. Adam is now trying to get Ray to reenact the conversations he would have his with his mom about making food and what he would do to his brothers food.

Ray is fucking around and not “yes and’ing” along with Adam’s improv, Adam teases that Weird Al will be at the live show and Bryan chimes in with how excited he is to have Al on the show. Gina Grad is asking about Ray’s drinking and drug use as a youth.


Ace on the House, Adam interrupts to ask if something makes him a bad dad, he’s explaining he’s going to Coronado for the races and last time they went there was a s’more cookout on the beach and Adam wanted to skip it this trip but Lynette reminded Sonny about it.

Ray just reminded Adam of a traumatic incident involving a flaming marshmallow. Ray is jumping in and interrupting again and now Adam is full on yelling at him, hilarious! Ray chimes in again during the end of the story and adds to a comment by Gina, Ray is hilarious!

Adam is explaining the DTR parties to Gina, how they came to be, Ray hates it. Gina is joking with him and Ray comes back with two killer replies, good stuff!


1st caller Tom, bought two Don’t Tell Ray combo packs. The limited edition signed copies of Adam’s book with a DTR shirt, there are only 250 of these, so make sure to order here while supplies last.

2nd caller Tracy wants to replace the oven in her apartment, she wants to make it seem like the oven is broken without actually damaging it so the landlord will be forced to replace it. Adam has a great angle for her to play in order to get a new oven without committing any crimes or vandalizing the oven.

Adam is launching into a stripper DJ bit with a new twist, hilarious! They’re now looking at a picture of her from twitter at her behest. She’s explaining she has her brows “threaded” and what that is, Adam is now explaining to Ray that he told the story of the time Ray shaved his ass and paid him 20$ bucks to do it. Ray is now telling everyone about the “Shave Dave” party, Ray is killing it!

3rd caller Owen, his home was robbed the other night while he was at work. Ray didn’t hear a detail of the story and asked Owen a redundant question, everyone is now mocking him, Adam has some great quotes while doing the “Cop Talk”.

Owen wants to replace the door they broke through, he want’s know what he should replace it with.

4th Caller Frank, his toilet sounds as if it’s running all the time and wants to know how to fix it, Adam machine gun delivers step by step instructions for him to fix it.

Another person had all of their wall sockets installed upside down, wants to know why. Adam and Ray are explaining the people who installed them were just lazy idiots, and are quickly giving safe instructions for the person to unscrew them and flip them around.


Adam welcomes Jay Chandrasekhar to the podcast for his first visit, he was originally supposed to stop by for ACS #539 that aired on July 20th of this year, but had a scheduling snafu at the last minute, coincidentally Ray was also scheduled that day and ended up knocking out a classic episode. Jay did appear on Adam’s KLSX morning show though.

Adam is asking about Super Troopers, how long its been since it was made. Jay is explaining that everyone is always asking him about a sequel, he reveals the sequel is written but there is a legal issue with Fox, that’s holding up the production. Jay claims they can only fuck it up and ruin the first movie, Adam is explaining that “The Naked Gun” was able to maintain quality through it’s sequel.

Adam and Jay are now discussing their mutual love of “Police Squad”, Adam is now recommending that anyone interested in the Zucker movies check out “Kentucky Fried Movie” to see what they were making in the infancy of their careers. The gang are now talking about the Zucker movies they prefer.

Adam is plugging Jay’s latest movie “The BabyMakers” which you can buy via the Amazon link on, they’re now talking about the cast and the other projects they’ve been in, Jay mentions one of the cast members was in “Lars and the Real Girl” which Adam hasn’t seen but hears is a good movie.


Adam is now asking Jay about his journey, he’s asking him about India and the class discrepancy found there. They’re back to Jay’s upbringing and he’s giving a a really good breakdown of how he got into comedy, Adam, Bryan and Gina all have some funny comments.

Jay is explaining the origins of “Broken Lizard” leading up to the creation of their first film “Puddle Cruiser” the precursor to “Super Troopers”, Adam is having Jay do his dad’s accent to reenact moments from his past, hilarious! Jay is now telling Adam that MTV hit up both “Broken Lizard” and “The State” for a TV show but were only going to pick one, the “State” was chosen, possibly because they auditioned 2nd.

Adam is having Jay bust out more of his dad’s accent, Jay reveals his dad loves Short Circuit despite/because of “Fisher Stevens” portrayal of an Indian man. According to Adam the accent Jay is doing just keeps getting funnier because he’s imbibing some Mangria, Jay reveals he is too and it’s delicious, such a great energy in the room, this is a great episode!

Jay is explaining how they got financing for “Super Troopers” very energetic telling, really compelling story. Adam is quizzing Jay about what it would take to make that movie today, Jay is explaining how much his latest film cost and why they didn’t shoot it on digital. Adam and Jay both have 6yr old twins and Adam reveals the last time they ran into each other was at a function at their kids school, Adam has a great quote.

Adam is now ranting on the puss dads without jobs who make him look bad for not having free time to attend every school function, Adam is saying he’s a father at the worst possible time in history when it comes to respect for being a provider.

Gina chimes in that she saw Jay at the UCB doing some live comedy and he wasn’t exactly like he is tonight, Jay explains he was drunk because he had to smuggle in his own bottle of vodka and didn’t regulate it well. Adam is going off on businesses that force you to become an alcoholic by not serving booze.


Gina’s News, Her top story is about Paris Hilton getting into hot water for some comments she made about gay men. Adam is now explaining his biggest problem with Paris, is that she buys very expensive supercars but doesn’t even know how to drive them properly and how it fucks it up for all the guys who like cars.

Adam is now riffing on gay guys and their sexual appetites, tons of great quotes, even better is Jay’s muffled laughter in the background, Adam is going off on the concept of glory holes. Adam is inquiring how Paris makes her money, Gina is filling him in and confirming his suspicions.


Gina’s 2nd story is about an incident at “Knotts Berry Farm” where a ride was stuck for over 4hrs, Adam gets in some great quotes, Gina is now explaining she was once stuck in a stalled roller coaster. Jay reveals his grandmother had hair down to her feet and it once got stuck in a roller coaster, he’s now recounting the experience from her POV in her accent, hilarious!

Adam is now on a jag about seeing more Indian women back in the day with the super long hair, he’s now on a very rare “Crystal Gayle” jag. Adam is now riffing on how it occurred to him the other day how shitty it must be for Jimmy Carter to be the yard stick used for an ineffective president, great quotes.


Gina’s 3rd story is on the NJ state motor vehicle dept cracking down on smiles in Drivers license photos, as it may interfere with facial recognition software. Gina busted out a Tracy Metro’esque “wholeheartedly” while explaining that she doesn’t buy the official reason.

Adam is explaining that he had a friend who had a “puss on” in his license photo, Adam asked him why and the guy told him it was because when he gets pulled over he doesn’t want the cop thinking he’s happy about it.


Gina’s 4th story is on a new study that says eating rice once a day can raise arsenic levels in the body by up to 44%, Adam is asking Jay if there are any novelty Indian drinks, he’s on a quick horchata riff and talking about other cultural delicacy beverages, great accents and quotes from Adam. Adam is now explaining Kefir to Bryan. Adam explains he once had a yeast infection, after making a joke, Gina explains that men can get them.

Adam is now describing the visit to the health clinic, “a little Yeasty on the Peckeroo” story. Adam is explaining how he was so poor at the time, he wanted to sell the remaining topical cream after his condition cleared up.

Jay is explaining he slept with a woman in college, Adam makes him bust out his dad’s accent one more time, Jay is saying that the woman accused him of giving her chlamydia and he had to go get his urethra swabbed, Adam gets in some great one liners.

Gina just asked Adam if he’s ever had anything jammed into his urethra, Adam’s reply is hilarious! Adam is telling the story of his roommate who had crabs, great analogy from Adam and Jay busts out the accent once again, still hilarious!


Gina’s 5th story, The ACLU in Rhode Island is trying to do away with gender based events for kids and parents. Adam has a great “Dallas” the TV show analogy and is explaining that there will always be somebody who has something you don’t have, that it’s your job not to be shamed by the things other people have that you don’t.

The gang are weighing in on the idea of father daughter dances, Adam is explaining an interview he did the other day where he was asked who inspired him to get into comedy, he’s recounting his answer and motivation for the gang.


Adam asks Gina to bring it home, i.e. close the news. Instead she gets to one more story, She tells people to avoid “text neck” and quickly explains it, Bryan closes her news with an awesome drop from her Paris Hilton story. Adam does a live read and gives a plug for an upcoming gig at a Casino, Bryan asks him he ever gambles at these gigs as if he honestly doesn’t know the answer, come on Bryan!

Adam quickly explains he is absent of luck and never gambles, he gets Jay to do a plug for “The BabyMakers” in his dad’s accent, they both agree the Mangria is “good shit” and wrap the show.