Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/20/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 274

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/20/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 274

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-17-2015 – Release Date 09-20-2015

Production Number #274 – Autobahn

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Adam has a “miss you on Loveline” intro for people to listen to this if they miss the old formula.


1st Caller Tommy, he’s calling with a follow up after talking to the guys a year and a half ago about his fiancé cheating on him, Adam has a great joke about him not following his advice to kill himself, as if disappointed.

Adam is talking about the importance of career for young men and he says the good news is that time is on your side.

Adam talks about calling guys he didn’t even like to go see movies, just to get something done and he compares a 26yr old’s mentality to his mentality today.


Dr. Drew has some practical advice for helping him with his codependence, Adam talks about not being codependent but does find himself almost explosively angry after a hard day of labor if someone calls him out on taking a minute for himself.

Adam says if he’s been busting his ass and he takes a beat to sit on the couch and sip a diet coke and then someone comments on him “just chillin” while everyone else is working hard, he comments on the huge balls of those people who would speak to their boss that way.


Adam explains how he gets livid quick, Adam shares Lynette’s recent “where’ve you been?” for him and he has a funny “spill the same blood in the same mud” reference while talking about her picking the wrong hombre, women get frustrated so they yell, which is fine but pick a direction and go with that.

Adam talks about unloading on Lynette the next morning, Lynette told her side on FCOL ‘Rancho Relaxo’. Adam thinks he was heard, as Lynette retold it she did include some of her famous Italian words mocking Adam’s big casino mouth.

Adam doesn’t appreciate the attitude of him not providing or pulling his own weight, as he pulls the weight of entire zip codes of Los Angeles, let alone at home.



2nd Caller is not there. What was the best live Loveline tour/appearance they did between 1995 and 2005?

Adam and Drew are now listing off different college gigs, they get heavy into their visits to Texas.

Adam is giving his take on performing for those gigs and Drew has a specific memory of an ironic moment in Texas, they recall the school chants/fight songs and Drew describes them being warned about the conservative student body only to be met with a rather extreme prostitute horror story from a student right at the top of the show.


Adam is talking about paying their dues on the road and going out to dinner was the highlight, and earned meal after a hard day of travel and performing.

Getting that steak dinner and sipping that wine with Drew after going from the airport to the school, dealing with less than ideal transportation and not always the most professional of students in charge of their itinerary.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


3rd Caller Kerry, he pre-apologizes for being nervous and explains his recent bulging discs diagnosis, Drew tells Kerry not to make anything of that and explains that Adam and Drew both also have bulging discs.

Drew says do not let anyone operate on you, Adam talks about all of the physical therapy, Drew says only motor problems are reason for going under the knife.

Adam is talking about gastric bypass vs. diet and Adam is now asking Drew if he would recommend the lap band over a back surgery, Drew explains if the back surgery was being sought for pain management than yes he would.


4th Caller Scott, he wants to know why drywall is used for interior walls, why not something else?

Drew ads on to the question, Adam is talking about the market dictating the minimum wage with some sound logic that could result in higher wages for everyone.

Adam is bringing up the poll they took regarding day laborers and the average wage for under the table workers found at home depot.


Drew is doing a Live Read


Adam is back to interior walls and Drew is asking even more follow up questions about construction and why the concrete style walls aren’t done today.

Adam talks about the invention of button board and how that led to the invention of drywall.

They’re now talking about potato salad and Adam is talking about guys who eat things separately and Adam says the best part is when the baked beans drip into the potato salad.

Adam comments on celery being more texture than flavor.


5th Caller Kyle, he’s calling about his younger brother and his concerns about Asperger’s symptoms, Adam and Drew don’t think he has it.

Adam is talking about being a sea sponge for advice and input when moving up the ladder, Dr. Drew is now bringing up his frequent guest Ryan Holiday and has an interesting idea he presented.

Adam is talking about getting from poor to successful, Adam says that he knows everyone wants everyone to thrive, rich guys don’t want their homes broken into by poor people.


Dr. Drew predicts that Kyle’s brother is a hoarder and says his symptoms sound more schizoid and says it might be indicative a theater shooter type.

Drew says this guy is 30! THIRTY! And asks about the brother smoking pot.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus Live Read

Funny riff about the last caller


6th Caller John, he’s calling about the bullet train in California, Adam talks about the years of soil reports before they even start building it.

John wants to know about an Autobahn like system in the states, Adam says there already is one but its being limited and ruined by pussy cops.

Adam and Drew are going back and forth on this and making great points, Adam is wrapping up the show and gives out some plugs for Drew and Road Hard.