Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/20/2013 – Corey Taylor

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/20/2013 – Corey Taylor

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Corey Taylor

Recorded 09-19-2013 – Release Date 09-20-2013

Production Number #1168

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Adam is opening the show with a vibrant Alison Rosen and not valid #TopDrop of “That’s a dud of a story” Alison is wisely defending that story regarding Cassette tapes from the Monica Mehta ACS episode #1137.

Adam is telling them the details about his big dinner with Jimmy, Babydoll and the boys, Adam is plugging the establishment and their fine meat selection, Adam seems most pleased to get the nice and now rare face Tim with Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam is explaining that he declared Jimmy has officially arrived due to his custom cardboard cutout used for lighting and camera setups/testing before the upcoming Emmy Awards.


Adam is bringing up the comedy between Cousin Sal and Babydoll’s Amex card, Alison wants to know if the gang feels entitled to fuck with Babydoll’s money because it’s earned from them or because of the sport of it, and Adam says it’s just the sport of it.

Adam is telling the “Man Show” wheel of restaurants “The Tally Rand” was included despite the universal disdain, Adam is making a point about what guys do.

BB is bringing up the irony of Sal being the lowest earner (his words) for Babydoll and spending the most of his money, Adam is explaining that is indeed part of it and how Sal even printed up a fake bill for this shindig, Adam is explaining how and why Mike August is needed for these dinners to a querying Alison.


Sal added 1k dollars in gift cards to the bill, they all left Sal to protest and pay, Adam is actually possessing two of the gift cards as one guy was heading back to New York.


Q and Ace

1st Caller James needs breakup advice, Adam says this is the most painful thing to do to someone who is on love with you and Alison is getting him to elaborate on his certainty and resolution to breakup.

Adam is explaining why he’s so eager to go along with the break up twinge from James, he’s channeling his own and Dr. Drew’s past experience and how they need to find out “nothing” but needed to know it was nothing.

Alison is predicating Adam’s doom of 6 months of beating off and then crawling back, Adam is trying to cite online dating as a constant hive of activity for singles and Alison has some real world experience to set things straight.


2nd Caller Robert, he wants to know if Adam regrets not having kids sooner and he’s describing things like Adam’s too old play ball with the kids.

Adam is now breaking down the sweet spot for starting a family and he’s explaining why his own growth was retarded in this area due to his career choice and family of origin.

Adam has a great one liner regarding “Grand Theft Auto” and he’s joking about getting a hip replacement while the kids are in Jr. High.


Adam is on an extended jag explaining how to be a good parent and he’s now launching into a thematic live read with BB assisting.


3rd Caller Jamie, he wants to know why Adam need an agent still if he can solely rely on the pirate ship.

Adam is explaining how necessary Babydoll was to get Adam a better deal on his new Spike show and how they’re going out to dinner tonight and Adam is joking about Babydoll taking some of the sting out of the Cousin Sal incident du jour.

Adam is bringing up how Mike August is driving everyone else nuts with Mike August and his love for Mangria, Adam doesn’t even know what August makes per bottle, and Mangria is heading to BevMo! Liquor stores.


Adam is bringing up how he negotiates deals and knows the intricacies more than anyone, Alison and BB are joining in and Adam is bringing up the most important point, love, he loves the man like we all do.

Jamie wants to know how many bridges Adam thinks he has burned in Hollywood, Adam’s interrupting to say he doesn’t care and doesn’t think about it.

Adam is telling the gang about going to get a drink with Vince Vaughn, his new neighbor and Adam is bringing up how Vince has a family oriented view possibly akin to his own.


Adam is bringing up asking him about his career and his views, Adam is bringing up how talent can override politics and personal life choices in every business, people on the cusp have to watch out.

Adam is using Randy Moss and BB is using Chad Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens to mirror his point.

Alison has a solid follow up question and Adam is bringing up Vince Vaughn’s deniability, BB is walking them through the man’s film career and Adam is summing up the point about his own career.


Adam is bringing up “Wedding Crashers” and how he recently revisited it and found it to be a great big budget comedy that holds up.

Adam is bringing up yesterday’s “Dude Off” and Alison is bringing up how DDP’s initial Dude got stuck in her head well before the beginning of the “Dude Off”, oddly I could almost hear that and it also stuck in mine.


Corey Taylor is now making his ACS debut and on air guesting debut with Adam, never on Loveline in the Classic “Adam Carolla” era of loveline, nor Adam’s TV shows, nor even the morning show.

Corey is telling Adam about his journey and how Iowa lead to Denver, he’s right about Colorado being superior to Illinois.

Adam has a great joke about the stimulation of Los Angeles, great bum on fire joke and an even funnier joke in reply to Corey’s phrasing, about being forced out of town due to his gimp arm, holy shit!


Adam is bringing up his former girlfriend, Alison has dubbed ex stripper Lyndsey from Houndslow Adam’s first “Mike Lynch” and Adam is telling them about the super rare story of buying a “Tandy” word processor and he’s now having them look up the correct circa 1990 models.

Adam was dictating to her, trying to get her to type a script, this is a super rare store, he’s suggesting it was possibly made by MEAD, I’m guessing that or Texas Instruments.

Corey is now telling them about his migration from “Stone Sour” that lead to “Slipknot” and he’s explaining how Ozzfest ’99 was their big break.


Corey is telling the gang about the lineup for that tour, Corey is trying to come up with a crappy band that used to wake them up every morning and it’s “Pushmonkey”.

Adam is now telling the gang about going to dinner with System of A down, the classic Loveline guests and fan favorites.

Adam is now telling the “No Cannot” sandwich story, where they had to order sandwiches take out despite the biggest Armenian celebrities of all time being present with them, at their local favorite spot.


Adam is now telling Corey an the gang about his all-time weirdest exchanges with Armenians involved in food service, he’s referencing the Zankou Chicken 50/50 Shawarma plate story but not telling it.

Adam is back to the System of a Down chicken wrap story, telling it with full comedy including all of the beats and laps with the server.

Adam is now referencing the Classic Loveline where John called in to tell him he had a copy of Adam’s long lost “Taboo II”, Adam actually left loveline early to meet with John before he left for Las Vegas, yes this actually happened and Adam called back into the show on his drive to John’s house.


The Episode was: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1999 – NO GUEST • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW


Adam is now asking Corey about his new book, he’s explaining the title and theme of the book.

Corey is bringing up the encounters he’s had with the paranormal over the years, he’s telling the gang about staying at Rick Rubin’s place and seeing a spectral tuxedoed man.

Corey is bringing up the real world history he was told about the manor from someone at Kerrang! Magazine.


Adam is now bringing up Kenny Kingston, but he can’t pull the name and BB has him on a Larry Zonka/James Van Praagh tangent.

BB is admitting this must be before his time, Corey brought up John Edwards and Adam is trying to take it back to Kenny Kingston, he’s telling them about how everyone detected a presence in his old 1920’s home.

Adam never experienced shit and is now wondering if this is more of an antenna thing, Adam’s doesn’t pick up the signal out of the millions in the solar system, great UFC/satellite TV metaphor from Ace.


Alison is asking Corey how he views all this stuff as a more science minded atheist and he’s now sharing his theory on object permanence through energy, like people leaving their shadow on a wall after nuclear blast.

Adam is using his great uncle Robert’s suicide and his grandma moving into the house after his death without a concern to make a point about how much the Carolla’s aren’t into the supernatural.

They’re still searching for Kenny Kingston, Adam is bringing up how he told his grandma about the real estate law regarding suicide, complete with hilarious one liner about the ghost of grandma Carolla past.


Adam is using his late grandfather’s enrollment in the “Neptune Society” to explain his family’s “pragmatism”.

Adam is now mentioning Kenny Kingston, this is right after Matt Fondiler reached out to me on email, I replied within 3min and from the bathroom while punishing porcelain.

Adam is now having Alison read the disclosure regarding death and suicide within 3 years of buying a home, Adam is now joking about rookie ghosts, BB is joining him and this a great riff.


Adam is now asking more about Kenny Kingston, still no credit for the sourceL.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Insane Clown Posse being sued by their former publicist, she’s now reading the details of the lawsuit and claim.

Adam is now joking about the job title as publicist for the ICP is like a joke job one’s publicist boss would mention while screaming at them and threatening their employment.


2nd Story is about the clown that is terrorizing citizens in a small English town, Corey is explaining something else he read about this possibly being a promotional attempt for a horror festival.

Adam is now bringing up “Bozo No No’s” and they’re discussing Bozo and Cookie.

Adam is now saying you can’t out-spook the UK, due to the climate and history mostly.


Alison is now summing up the image of the clown, making the noise she hears when she sees it.

Adam is bringing up the happy/jolly clown that Eric Stonestreet plays on “Modern Family” and he’s bringing up the “clown tightrope” we walk as a society, citing how clowns can go from friendly to Tim Curry on a dime.

Adam is now bringing up panel vans and how they should be outlawed along with clowns and possibly duct tape and zip ties, hilarious riff about well-meaning inventions being used for sinister activities.


They’re now discussing “The Tall Man” played by Angus Scrimm in “Phantasm”, Adam is joking about his appearance with Corey while mocking the plot.

Adam is now inserting himself into the movie suggesting more typical teenage fun and mischief, trying to avoid the spooky and malevolent stuff, comedy gold!


3rd Story is on Bill Simmons no longer using the team name “The Redskins” when reporting on the NFL, Alison is explaining the growing movement and how Bill didn’t make a huge statement, just subtly transitioned to using the “Washington DC’s”.

Adam is reporting on Bill’s doubling down of the gluten after a dip into a gluten free lifestyle and Adam is bringing up how other people on a diet can ruin a meal for him.

Alison is getting him to elaborate and Adam is now mocking gluten free pizza, good stuff!


Alison is now wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read and wrapping the show with the plugs and a great couple drops from BB!