Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/20/2012 – Brandon T. Jackson Live from the Irvine Improv

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/20/2012 – Brandon T. Jackson Live from the Irvine Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/19/2012 – Release Date 09/20/2012

Adam is opening the show with first time guest Brandon on stage from the top, Adam is asking Brandon about the middle initial he uses and wondering if it was for SAG reasons. Brandon is explaining why, Adam is recapping that Brandon told him he was originally from Detroit and now Adam is explaining his trip there and wants to know if Brandon can explain whats up with that city.

Adam is having Brandon explain what it was like being the only black kid at his school, Brandon just revealed he quit drinking today and the gang are all blown away. Adam is describing how he drinks wine, how he goes to bed thinking he only drank half a bottle and will wake up and check only to find a couple drops left.

Brandon just brought up the availability of internet porn and now Adam is riffing on it, explaining how it was when he was a kid. Brandon just revealed his dad was a pastor and Adam is riffing on how he’s going to explain to his son the efforts he had to go to in order catch a glimmer of side boob.

Brandon is further explaining his family to Adam and the audience, he says his brother recently skyped him from jail.


Audience Questions, 1st question is from Bob who wants Adam’s take on waterbeds, Adam is now riffing on them. Alison is chiming and Adam is getting to some really funny stuff. Adam is giving a quick recap of his “mid coke/pre aids” theory for sex, he’s now explaining what cocaine is like to Brandon.

2nd question is from Curtis, wants to know if Adam has ever “shaved his junk” Adam is now explaining how Ray once paid him 20$ to shave his ass, Adam is explaining to Alison that ray shaved Adam’s ass and paid him. Loud female audience members chime in and they’re now on mic explaining they preferred shaved men. Adam is now mocking their drunk speech, good stuff.

Adam demands that Mike wrestle the mic away from the drunk lady, Adam is now explaining that shaving your pubes is the fastest and cheapest way to make your dong look bigger, Brandon is chiming in with some comments.

3rd question is from Mike, he has a funny one liner for Brandon. Mike read both of Adam’s books and is asking about Adam’s “list of guys he can’t hang out with” Mike explains he is the guy who gets up to swim at 6am but he then beats off and naps, he is wondering if Adam will make an exception for him.

4th question is from Alex, who is wearing a tie, Adam is very curious why he’s sporting a tie and explaining he was forced to wear one when he taught comedy traffic school. Alex wants to know what Adam would do if he were made president, Adam just invented “the lizards tail” a snap off tie made specifically for street fighting defense.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on Kevin from Kevin and Bean becoming the source of a new internet meme, called “Kevining” she’s explaining how it came to be, Adam is saying he loves these trends, partly because they show how officially out of problems we are as a culture. Alison is explaining dog shaming to Brandon, Adam just came up with a hybrid meme.

Adam is now riffing on his shirts, how he wears the shit out of them and never regrets losing one even if it’s relatively new, he’s making some great analogies and now riffing a “Toy Story’esque” scenario where his shirts are self aware.

Adam is now quickly explaining how long he’s known Kevin and Bean, he’s admiring their commitment to always wearing shorts, he’s now riffing an analogy about guys who don’t have to wear wedding rings, Alison is chiming in, lots of great one liners.

Alison’s next story is that Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly are going to be selling a live debate, Brandon seems to have given a picture of Bill the finger, the crowd are going nuts. Alison wants to know if Adam is interested in doing one of these debates, Adam is explaining that James “Babydoll” Dixon is in town and happy as can be because 3 of his clients are nominated for Emmy’s and another is hosting the show.


Alison wants to know if Adam’s high school had prep rallies, Adam is now riffing on that and some images that are being thrown up on screen for the live  audience. Adam is now riffing on gatorade commercials. Adam is now explaining to Alison what it was like taking a “Stress Test”, Adam is explaining he started getting chest pains circa late 2005, when he was filming several TV shows and prepping for the KLSX morning show.

Adam is now recounting the time he signed up to be a firefighter, explaining that affirmative action should be based off your parents lack of income and not race alone. Adam is fully explaining the story and the 8yr gap between the application and the test.


Alison’s next story is on a recent study about the swimming patters of human sperm, Adam is asking Brandon if he has ever had his sperm tested. Adam is  explaining the man show bit where he and Jimmy had their sperm tested, great quotes!

The Man Show clip is fired up for the live audience, Adam is throwing in some live commentary. Adam is explaining to Alison how that bit came about.

Alison’s 3rd story is about Sir Patrick Stewart getting into a twitter war with Time Warner cable, Alison has her own horror story of dealing with them. Adam is explaining this happens to Lynette all the time, he’s recounting Lynette yelling at him from the other room so he could give permission for the Time Warner rep to speak with her.

Adam is explaining that Patrick shouldn’t be tweeting, he should be using his voice as it has such gravitas and shaming ability, Adam is now polling the audience about Patrick’s sexuality. Mike Lynch chimes and informs Adam that Patrick is married with two kids. Adam is recounting the Cindy Crawford/Dekalb story for Brandon and the live audience.


Alison’s now reporting on PETA protesting “Animal Practice” for using a monkey as a cast member. Adam is on a great riff about a medieval PETA chapter, he’s now describing a giant “Medieval Times” he drove past in Dallas, lots of great quotes!

Alison reveals she’s been to a “Medieval Times” Adam is joking about her being the first Jewish person to attend, Alison is now describing what it was like and how she didn’t feel the need for a larger venue.

Alison’s final story is about a man who was apprehended in India for smuggling an endangered  Loris in his underwear. Adam is now on a riff about the “Butterfly Effect” concept and tying it into this news story. Adam is now riffing on how the poorest countries are home to the coolest animals and insects.

Adam does a live read and wraps the show.