Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/19/2013 – Diamond Dallas Page

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/19/2013 – Diamond Dallas Page

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Diamond Dallas Page

Recorded 09-18-2013 – Release Date 09-19-2013

Production Number #1167

Show Page

Adam is opening the show with a great sounding Alison and hilarious #TopDrop from BB, he was apparently shaking in bed thinking about Adam’s finest moment of “Pussy Lips” from yesterday’s show and his wife had a hilarious realization and quip on witnessing it, gold!

Adam is excited to have DDP on the show for his first visit, he was on the original ACS morning show on KLSX in 2006, July 28th, August 23rd and October 24th.

He was promoting his “Yoga for Regular Guys” at the time and the guys are bringing up the HBO “Real Sports” and how Diamond Dallas Page is helping his fellow wrestlers find success after the ring, Adam has a great prolonged broken toys type of description of how society throws away wrestlers.


Adam is now bringing up how fat used to be fat, he’s using Fred “Rerun” Berry to differentiate between the truly obese of today and the “fat” of yesteryear.

Adam is all dolled up for a big time dinner with Bi-Coastal Power Agent to the stars James “Babydoll” Dixon.

Adam has an extended original content live read for Lumosity with Alison Rosen really making it interesting.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Bryan saw Robert DeNiro and Luc Besson’s “The Family” and he’s giving a very in depth “it wasn’t bad” review and Adam has some great follow up thoughts and commentary, addressing both DeNiro’s unfair comparisons to his past work and the ad campaign along with month of release.

Adam has a great point about the use of turquoise, it works for seafood advertisements but not for pizza.

Adam’s been revisiting “Little Miss Sunshine” while getting hammered on Mangria, he was stuck on his least favorite scene where Steve Carrell couldn’t cover up his “Suicide Chippendales” cuffs.


Adam’s giving a full dissertation on the film, he will always hate this movie.

Alison has Adam’s reaction to “Napoleon Dynamite” and Adam is explaining why he didn’t care for it either but also views it differently because of the lack of celebrities.

BB just had a comment about Greg Kinnear leaving “The Soup” before the film, but it was “Talk Soup” and that was at least 12 years before “Little Miss Sunshine” entered production.


Adam has a great “hobo yelling your pussy smells” reply and Alison is having fun with it, comedy gold!

Adam is calling “Napoleon Dynamite” an overhyped movie and citing some other examples and Alison just brought up American Beauty that they all seem to still appreciate despite it being overhyped.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

Adam is doing some plugs and bringing up short guy vs. tall guy humor, he’s got some great compliments for Brad Williams and a theory on Brad Garret being the first guy to practice “Tall Guy Comedy”.

1st Tweet, a Jay Leno photo and Adam is riffing about bringing one’s dog anywhere but the beach.


2nd Tweet is a menu description of the most un-club Club Sandwich complete with Guacamole and portabella mushrooms, Adam is now ranting that they don’t use the name “Club” with a bluebird St., way, rd. and why names are used to differentiate things.


Adam’s now bringing up the Matt’s and Mike’s he’s surrounded himself with, flying in the face of his rule about different names for different things.

He’s now saying that everyone who uses Club needs to be beaten with a club and he’s now riffing about the lean times for the seal club manufacturing facility.


3rd Tweet is of a pair of feet on a bar at “The Bellagio” in Las Vegas, they’re now debating the foot in the photo, full foot or partial shoe.

Adam is now riffing about everyone turning the earth into their giant lay Z boy chair, he’s mocking the guys like me who drive in almost full recline position.

Adam is now discussing Mike Altier, the new goomper, the latest employee to Carolla Digital and Adam is bringing up his fighting of a ticket that Adam was financing.

Mike is now on mic explaining how he ended up getting a two year extension on his court date and Adam is now wondering what the F is going on with Los Angeles with things like this, the 50% hit and run rate and the 10k prisoners to be released due to overcrowding.

Adam doesn’t know how the state is always running out of money despite the constant flood of income.

Mike is sharing his experience at the courthouse and his perception of their inefficacy, it’s remarkably similar to the experience I had here in IL except the delayed hearing.


Alison is now on mic explaining her own ticket dilemma and why she is hesitant to fight it and doesn’t want to follow in Mike A’s footsteps.

Adam just said “she does piece work” which might be a clue to the way she and Bryan are paid as opposed to staffers who might be on salary based on Adam paying for their time off, interesting.


Adam is now welcoming DDP back to the ACS after a 7 year absence, he’s explaining how he didn’t achieve a successful wrestling career till he was 40.

DDP is now explaining his relationship to Jake the Snake and how he was able to help him along with a disabled veteran, DDP is calling the veteran his greatest “Jared”.

They’re now talking about the footage of DDP and Jake from the HBO Real Sports segment on DDP’s rehabilitation yoga for his fellow wrestlers and anyone else who needs it.


DDP is explaining they show a documentary to counterbalance Jake’s previous appearance in the terrific “Beyond the Mat” documentary as mentioned by BB.

DDP is explaining how Yoga came into his life at 42, after blowing his back out upon signing a multi-million dollar contract.

DDP is now explaining that the “Yoga for Regular Guys” program was themed around a masculine angle and he’s got a similar breathing to Danny Bonaduce, Alison is getting to experience the 2007 morning show.


Adam is having DDP walk them through his daily diet to maintain his build, Adam is joking about guys who have diets that are akin to how they feed animals at the zoo.

They’re talking about the movie “Food Inc.” and DDP is sharing an anecdote about grass fed beef.

DDP is joking about his house becoming like a frat house with all the guys living with him, he now has his girlfriend living with him as Jake has recovered enough to move out and get healthy.


Adam is waxing poetic about the human’s unique ability to spiral into oblivion and pull themselves out and how simple it all is on paper along with how quick it can happen both ways.

Alison has a hilarious point about his doom and gloom and Adam is sharing another point that Alison also equally matches.

DDP is also a cursed gambler much like Adam, he quit over 25 years ago upon picking over 2 dozen losing games, He’s got a card tattoo and Adam has a great reply mocking him.


Adam is sharing the story of the time Jimmy and Sal made Adam pick the Patriots despite his best intentions to gamble.

Bryan is calling for an “Anti-Gambling Segment” and Adam is having him toss out some of his best “Locks of the Week” for people to counter bet.

They’re going in depth on the upcoming games and the various point spreads and odds.


Alison’s News

Alison has a groundbreaking Dude off idea between Dawson and DDP, they’re tossing out some great range and Adam just got Dawson to repeat him and DDP is now following, BB and Alison are getting the “Say Good night Gracie” of it all and Adam just labeled it so.

Adam is giving another set of “Dude” motivation instructions, Alison’s muffled laughter is priceless and Dawson is killing it with DDP, they need an animated series STAT!

Adam has a great “engaged to be engaged” riff for this next “Dude” comparison, whoa this one is heavy.


Her Top story is on a woman who stabbed her ex-boyfriend for not turning off the Eagles, possibly the song “Witchy Woman” and Adam is pleased and knows some more of the details from the story.

The “Dude’s” Continue, this needs to be at least mentioned on the Ace Awards 2013, Adam is bringing up Jimmy’s aunt Chippie and Alison wants to know that nickname’s relationship is to her actual name.

Alison is bringing up the nicknames that don’t have a lot to do with the actual name, tons of great examples from everyone including Dawson.


2nd Story is about the open letter from the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz regarding firearms in their establishments and Adam is explaining the “Occupy Starbucks” events that have been held in their stores without permission.

Alison is reading the quotes from the CEO and Alison is making Adam’s point about why they choose Starbucks over “Dunkin Donuts”.

BB is bringing up his blog post/open letter searching for his college professor who inspired him to write a book and Adam and Alison are joking about open face sandwiches.


Adam is predicting this will only bring more guns into their “Starbucks” establishments, Alison is now giving her take on the naval base shooter and she’s got a great point about the location not mattering as much as the news media wants to make a story out of it.

Adam is now making a great point about priority and motivation using reinforced aircraft cockpit doors not existing before 2001.

Adam is bringing up the swinging cockpit door on Aero Mexico when he was heading to Mexico for a fishing trip, flapping open and closed like a screen door.


Alison is asking Adam if he was nervous about flying after 9/11 and he’s reiterating once again why he wasn’t, the opposite of “it happens in 3’s” as it were.

Adam is bringing up the story of the time James Babydoll Dixon put his foot in his mouth regarding the safety of air travel after 2001, Adam is making a great Dorothy Hamill haircut analogy.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read and asking BB about his former college professor, the best professor he ever had, BB is quickly explaining how meaningful it was to reconnect with the man.


Adam is now riffing about contacting his old shitty teachers with nasty comments and DDP is sharing his own experience bullshitting his way through school.

Adam’s got some hilarious mentions of his various teachers, total North Hollywood teacher name drop segment

Adam is talking about the class he was inferred to be dumb to attend, the “That Class actually requires work” involving his former guidance counselor.

Adam is giving plugs and wrapping the show.