Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/19/2012 – Frank Stallone and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/19/2012 – Frank Stallone and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/18/2012 – Release Date 09/19/2012

Frank Stallone is returning to the ACS for his 4th appearance, you can hear him on ACP #134, ACP #211 and ACS #130 by signing up for the archive for a mere 7.99 and you can hear his triumphant Basic Cable Commentary for his brother’s film “The Specialist” with Adam by purchasing it on itunes.


Adam opens the show with Dameshek in studio, the gang all get in a couple quick jokes about each other. Adam is now introducing Mangria to Dave who enjoys it despite his initial off air misgivings. Adam is now setting up a clip I cut from Frank Stallone and Adam Carolla’s Basic Cable Commentary which you can purchase via itunes as mentioned/linked above. Adam is now explaining the premise of the film to Dameshek who has shockingly never seen it, Adam is riffing on James Woods performance.

Bryan has just revealed he has never seen the film either, Dameshek is giving an anecdote about Will Smith in Men In Black 3. Adam is explaining that Will Smith jumped the shark with the “Wild Wild West” and now Dave is chiming in with his take on remakes and the TV show of “Wild Wild West”.

They play the amazing clip from the commentary and Adam is now further selling Dave and Bryan on seeing this movie for the first time. Dave is now asking the gang about the worst movie death, Adam has a killer reply!

Dave is now giving Adam a hypothetical scenario and Adam has another hilarious one liner ready to go, Adam and Bryan are now weighing in on various famous movie deaths. Bryan is giving another Film Vault anecdote, quickly explaining a ghoulish movie he recently had to watch. Adam is now earnestly backing up his initial reply to Dave with sound logic.

Adam is giving his theory on pain thresholds and injuries that max out your capacity to feel pain, comparing a chopped off finger to banging your bare toe into a metal bed frame. Dave is now chiming in and giving his argument.


Adam is now responding to a tweet that pissed him off, a fan reminded him of flavored cream cheese. Adam is now ranting about it in a similar way to how he rants about passion fruit iced tea. Adam is going super in depth and getting Shek to weigh in.

Adam is now on a tangent about watching football on Sunday with Bill Simmons, Cousin Sal, Dicky from the Bosstones, Dan Dratch and Nick Santora. He’s explaining they all did a 20min riff on “James Dean” by The Eagles, Bill Simmons brought up the show “2 Broke Girls” and the busty lead actress Kat Dennings. Adam is dismayed that several of the “internet/sports” nerds there had no idea topless photos of Kat leaked onto the internet a couple years back.

Adam is now explaining the same crew of guys didn’t notice the black collars that have been added to many NFL team uniforms, Dave is now ranting about people criticizing him for noticing uniforms. He’s explaining the reason for the uniform modifications to Adam.


Dave’s #1 Sports, Dave does the Mangrate live read in character as Bill Simmons, Adam jumps in and they’re now doing dueling impressions, hilarious! Adam interrupts to explain he’s run out of cars and is now forced to use his Aston Martin as his daily driver/grocery getter and how it disgusts him.

He hates the attention and he hates the idea of using such a work of art for mundane tasks. Adam is explaining the super insulting “Just kicking it, huh?” exchange with the security guard from the hospital where his dad is staying to Dave.

Adam was at Kimmel’s and saw his son’s Mini Cooper, he asked Jimmy if he could drive it and got the go ahead as Jimmy’s son is out of town at college. Adam is now explaining he still has the downtrodden voice in his head that makes him fear that Jimmy would say no or have a bizarre set of rules to allow him to borrow it.

Adam is asking the gang to give their take, what they would do. Alison gets where Adam is coming from, Bald and Dameshek don’t quite get it and now Adam is explaining the “work of art” aspect of the car to them.


Dave’s opening story is about the USC loss, he asks Bryan if he’s up to speed. Adam is weighing in on the game and Bryan’s lifestyle. They’re now going super in depth on USC, Alison jumps in with a semi relevant comment and gets approval across the board, charming!

Dave is discussing the 2-3 days of tailgating they do in Buffalo and how he quizzed the team and cheerleaders and not a single person could tell him why they’re named “The Bills” Adam is recounting his trip to the Coors plant and the tour guide not being aware of “Smokey and the Bandit” when Adam was asking her why they had to bootleg the beer in that movie.

Dave quizzes Alison about the Bills, Adam is defending her for getting up in her head, explaining she probably knew the answer but it seems like a trick question, Dave hits up Dawson and he fires off a guess and is correct.


Dave is now asking them about a game from over the weekend, Adam is giving an analogy comparing it to boxing and MMA. Alison has a great riff on “Bachelor Pad” Dave jumps in and tells her he actually watches all those reality shows and is now explaining why.

Adam is now riffing on the Bachelor and Bachelorette, he’s talking about how he finds the trip home to visit the women’s fathers the most creepy part of the series, Dave chimes in and backs him up, very funny riff, good quotes.

They’re now talking about some upcoming NFL games, Adam is making an analogy to the previously discussed USC game. Dave is now tying it all together and explaining Adam’s take on the Rams echoes his sentiment from earlier in the show during the worst movie death discussion.


Creep of the week, Dave fires a blast off at the players and cheerleaders in Buffalo who had never heard of “Bratwurst” Adam has a great reply and keeps using a hilarious phrase I wont spoil.

Dave is now talking about NFL replacement referees, Adam is explaining that every year he learns a new obscure rule in the NFL season and how it doesn’t quite make sense and is giving an example from the other night’s game. Dave is giving some professional insight and is now asking who grows up wanting to be a referee and is going off on the people who end up in that position.

Adam is comparing referees to meter maids, Dave declares replacement referees, and referees of all kind the Creep of the Week!

Adam is doing a great Legal Zoom live read, Bryan is jumping in and they’e on a great “Boston” riff, Adam is singing, do not miss this live read! Adam plugs Dave’s podcast and blog which you can find here. The latest An Evening with Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager is now for sale.


They play a listener voicemail asking Adam about “Freakonomics”, Adam is now welcoming Frank to the show and plugging his upcoming gig at “The Feat of San Gennaro“. Adam is now explaining the origins of the festival and how Jimmy was inspired to create it. Adam is now giving his take on the “Freakonomics” question and saying he loves the truth, hence he likes the information from the books, podcast and documentary.

Frank is asking Adam about “2016” Adam hasn’t seen it but has heard many right wing radio guys praising it, Adam is now explaining Tyler Perry to Frank and ranting about how horrible his movies are. Frank wants to know which movie of his brother’s they are going to tear apart next on a “Basic Cable Commentary, YES!

Adam and Alison are now explaining Kirk Cameron’s born again movie career to Frank, now they’re transitioning to “The Expendables” Frank is now explaining that out of all the guys who got a career from working with Sly, Dolph Lundgren is the only one who’s been loyal through all the years. Frank is explaining where all the guys came from before working with Sly.


Adam is now riffing on “Action Jackson” Bryan has no memory of it, Adam is explaining what the movie is and Frank is even a little confused. Alison just admitted she thought the “Not Interested” drop was Dr. Drew since she started on the show, they just explained to her it’s “Carl Weathers” from the KLSX morning show.

Bryan brings up old movie posters referencing other movies, Adam is now on his “Farrah Fawcett” in “Logan’s Run” riff and explaining it to Frank. The control room fire up the old “Action Jackson” toy commercial, Adam is doing live commentary on it. Frank just revealed there is an action figure in his likeness from Rocky and that he gives them out at his shows. Adam just did an improv theme song for the Frank action figure and now he’s singing Frank’s “Take You Back” and he gets Frank to sing some A capella.


Adam is explaining that song sounds slightly like Taboo 2 and Adam is trying to explain it to Frank. Bryan is giving an anecdote about visiting a restaurant and hearing some great music, it turns out it was Frank singing. Adam is now recounting running into Frank at an Italian restaurant while waiting to meet Seth MacFarlane. Frank is now explaining what he was up to that day, finally solving the mystery!

Adam and Frank are now talking about what a great guy Seth MacFarlane is, Frank is being super honest, it’s very entertaining and refreshing. Adam is explaining the spade logo to Frank and now they’re discussing wine and their lack of a preference.

Frank is now explaining all the family he’s lost in the past year, he’s even talking about Sage, he’s still being super honest and revealing. Adam is now riffing on the auction at the San Genarro festival. Frank’s calm and agreeable reactions to Adam’s hilarious quotes are really funny. Frank’s jumping in on the live read and even that is hilarious!

Frank is now explaining Sly’s various injuries on the first “Expendables” and “Rocky Balboa” and going super in depth, very interesting. Frank and Adam are now discussing boxing and Frank has some interesting claims about Roy Jones Jr. Frank is now recounting being attacked by a rooster while jogging. Frank came back the next day to get some payback, holy shit this is gold!

Bryan chimes in with a comment about Frank’s story, Frank is further discussing his war on birds, Adam is pledging to get Frank a job so he has less free time. Adam is reinforcing Frank’s hatred of birds, it’s like Adam’s famous quote “Birds are flying dinosaurs that hate you!”. Adam is now doing a “The More You Know” NBC style promo as Frank.

Adam is wrapping the show.