Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/18/2015 – Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/18/2015 – Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dave Dameshek

Recorded 09-17-2015 – Release Date 09-18-2015

Production Number #1662

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Adam opens the show to a funny Republican debate intro, he’s got a mandate to get it on and BB has a classic Dave Dameshek #TopDrop and Adam is now teasing the video Mike August took of Dave Dameshek at the fantasy football draft.

Adam is trying to explain how guys work, he mentions the “wheel of breakfast” at ‘The Man Show’ and why they had to honor the wheel and go to The Tallyrand restaurant.


Adam talks about that gang of guys kicking out John Hamm over guys they didn’t like, just to do the funny thing.

Adam talks about Cousin Sal in this video that Mike August took, how it’s all about the presentation.

Adam says they’ll bring Shek in and go over it.


Adam is taking it back to ‘The Zombies’ and his comment about their new stuff sounding like ‘Steely Dan’ and how Rich pulled the move Adam hates.

Adam is now setting up a clip from ACS #1658 and then has a mashup of two tracks proving Adam was right, they go over what Rich said and Adam teases another topic before a live read.


Adam is doing an Uber Liver Read

Airbnb extra bonus plug and “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” edition


Adam compliments Carly Fiorina and thinks her comments about not changing the faces on the money and declaring woman the majority that they are, it’s the ultimate feminist stance.

Adam is now having a couple of clips played, Adam is explaining he was talking with Mike August who was pre-gaming on Schnitzel, Adam was talking about Carly with August and how intellectual she seemed during the debates.

Adam says what we want is Mark Cuban but Adam doesn’t care about the having a drink with a buddy element of picking a president.


Adam says he predicted that Carly’s daughter also had an eating disorder, in part due to the intense pressure to of living up to such a great and strong woman, Adam has Gary look it up and found her daughter struggled with drugs and bulimia, a very fucked up “I told you so” and Adam explains how he knows this stuff due to his Spidey sense.

Gina asks if Adam saw all of their secret service code names they gave out, Gina is chiming and sharing a bunch of the dumb ones given out.

Adam says they’re now doing with debates what they’ve done with sports, camera moves, splits screens and graphics.


Adam is talking about the woman named Dana and the different pronunciations, BB asks who won.

Adam says that if Donald Trump singles you and starts picking on you after a beach volleyball game, you’re the odds on favorite.


#LOTJ Lord of the Jungle

Winner Tyler, he bought his wife a chop saw with laser sighting, Adam is quizzing him on the accessories, he tells him it’s still in the box and he’s unsure if it came with a blade.

Tyler reveals it’s an anniversary gift, Adam jokes about his wife being a lesbian, Adam says that most wives not including his own are more interested in homes and design than the dudes.

BB has a personal example, Adam is suggesting some gift wrap and some smaller items to go along with it, and a table saw, some routers.


Adam and BB are doing a Seat Geek Live Read


Dave Dameshek is joining them for his 63rd appearance, instead of heading to break after the live read he just snuck in, you can hear some breathing and movement.

Adam wraps up the read and welcomes him back to the show, it’s been a while.

Adam is bringing up his odyssey with his wife and filming his kids in widescreen 16×9 vs. 4:3 and now Adam is making an argument about the amount of frame you get is even less when a phone is held vertical.


Adam is commenting on the various arguments they had about the phone and now Adam is getting Gary on mic to explain how they were trying to look at August’s phone and the football draft footage.

Adam is talking about the pushback from Mike August and how Gary was able to test the phone and perfectly replicated the mistake August made that led to the bad recording of the football draft among the Kimmel crew.

Adam is asking if there was any part of this conversation where Mike August understood the mistake he was making, Dave is sharing his insights about August and what that conversation must have been liked.


Gina is now asking for an episode where people just air grievances against Mike August, Adam says it won’t be satisfying and he won’t be affected.

Dave is now sharing some of the details of the Kimmel NFL fantasy draft over the past few years and the shenanigans that have gone on.

Dave is now sharing his theory on the conspiracy that has formed against him, an evil alliance.


They are now playing the video, Gary was able to enlarge and invert the video, they’re playing a clip of the draft and Dave is peppering in some live commentary with Adam, they stop and start it.

Cousin Sal, the mysterious friend of all comedians Tall John and others are heard/seen.

Dave talks about the inordinate amount of time Tony Barbieri of ‘The Big 3’ and ‘Windy City Heat’ fame was taking during the draft, Dave gets very impassion and turns his blaster on the creep of the week, very funny.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Chuckling Dave Dameshek edition



Q and Ace

1st Caller Adam, he’s giving Gary some tips on rotating the video, Gary confirms the problem and now Adam and Dameshek are doing another lap on debating something all rational people agree upon.

Adam is talking about a typical Mike August interaction, this time regarding plugging sold out shows, Mike wants to know how it could hurt, Gary has an excellent delivery on the “200” times he’s witnessed this conversation.

Adam the caller wants to know Adam’s take on a license plate, Adam Carolla is now sharing some other license plate frames like “Yes I do but not with you” and Dave is weighing in.


Adam and Dave are riffing up a storm, this is wonderful, especially for hardcore KLSX ACS 2006 fans, Dave brings up the Helen Mirren comments about men holding their female romantic partners in public, as discussed this week on the podcast.

Adam the Caller is now reading the “I’m not spoiled” license plate frame to Adam and Adam is telling him to change spoiled to oiled and is asking him about the frame color.


2nd Caller Jonathan, Adam is asking for a two toned Cobra car picture from Gary, one they saw at Goodwood, covered in duct tape after some rough laps.

BB is bringing up the photos of Jason Pierre-Paul’s damaged hand, Dave asks if someone can still perform with that hand.

Dave has all of the details and a funny one liner that Adam tops nicely.


Adam is sharing why powerful fireworks and M-80’s are dangerous, he explains it’s not the explosive it’s the behaviors of the people using them and escalating the danger factor.

Dave has another anecdote to echo Adam’s point, Adam is now declaring it very sad and they move on to Jonathan.

Adam is asking Jonathan what they can do for him, Adam talks about the timber of his voice suggesting he might want to try out for the NFL.


Jonathan is updating them on his car purchase, Adam asks whatever happened to the player blinded by a referee’s flag, Orlando Brown.

Adam comments on how they had to know this was bound to happen during a game, Adam asks what are the chances you are going to get a clean toss and action on that flag from your sock while running full speed.

Gary gives them his name and Dave is now weighing in the new Cleveland Browns uniform, Gary has the details on his injury and his unrelated death in 2011.


Adam is getting more details right after predicting them, including his age at his time of death.

Adam wonders why a Plexiglas eye protection shield is illegal for the NFL, Adam has more on Orlando’s post injury return to the NFL.

Dave Dameshek brings up a famous one arm umpire.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Gina is asking about the new Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms and Dave argues his stance, saying he can be objective and isn’t liking them as a fanboy.

Dave brings up a Los Angeles NFL team, Adam says he won’t be buying season tickets, Gina thought talks had cooled, Dave is quite certain L.A. will have a team in 2016.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the CNN republican presidential candidate debate, Adam is talking about getting yelled at by Col. Hardass, during his performance with Kevin Costner for a charity gig in honor of military veterans.

Adam talks about the coordinator giving him a heads up on the pledge of allegiance he needed to lead without a heads up, Adam hadn’t done it since elementary school.

Adam is talking about his performance at the benefit, as first discussed on ACS #1228 right after it happened in mid-December 2013.


Adam and Dave are delivering hilarious one liners like crazy, Dave tells them about having a catch with Kevin Costner and references shaking hands with Swayze along with Adam.

Gina has some clips from the debates, including some comments aimed at Trump, Dave asks if Rand Paul is considered good looking, Gina says he is.


2nd Story is on a fight that broke out in Japanese parliament, Gina has the clip and describes the action, and Adam is calling the rear naked choke.

Adam is commenting on Japan developing a military and simply washing your hands of responsibility is not the best answer, how about help us now.

Adam talks about rape, torture and enslavement the common result of Japanese military campaigns and what they presumed we would do to them.


Adam is giving a quick history lesson and has some clear logic about the death toll, he says don’t bomb Pearl Harbor and this never happens in the first place.

Adam talks about the Japanese attempt to set the Pacific Northwest on fire via high altitude incendiary bombs.

Gina asks if they’ve seen ‘Unbroken’ and everyone has but BB the resident USC guy in the room.


3rd Story is on Caitlyn Jenner finalizing her name change and legal requirements as part of her transition, Gina explains she feels a threat of danger for not divulging medical information.

Adam says the new default setting is “I feared for my life” and all is forgiven after you say that.

Gina has a clip from the name changing ceremony, Adam is fine with the sex change, he’s not cool with the person seemingly seeking out publicity and fame then asking for privacy, Gina has a point about her wanting to control the spotlight.


Adam is now using Jodie Foster to make a point about leading a private life and not sharing her person relationships and private time with the world.

Dave has a Mike Huckabee comment and now Adam is taking it back to his Lance Bass theory, the way humans detect differences and just want clarity.

Adam has a funny closing line and takes it back to Gina, Dave asks if you’re legally allowed to change your gender without having genital reassignment surgery, Dave is now asking if she would go to a male or female prison.


Adam talks about the year of therapy and other steps before someone transitions, Adam asks if she is moving towards the goal of removing her honker, Dave is now riffing about Calzones and is getting it back to the inciting incident that led to Mike Dawson getting banned from Jimmy Kimmel’s legendary football Sundays.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam takes it back to Caitlyn Jenner and her genitalia, he’s now quizzing everyone if they would bet their house on or Gina’s Mazda 3 on Caitlyn still having her dong in a year.

Gina has some facts now about the legal process for changing one’s gender and prison.

Dave Dameshek mentions 1780’s Guy

Gina wraps the news.


Adam asks for some 1780’s guy bits, BB says they’re from the old radio show, forgetting they’re from ‘Too Late With Adam Carolla’ and then were played on the radio show, they may have recorded some new ones but I don’t think it ever happened, they just played the videos.

Adam says this is from the old late night show, they’re setting up a clip.



Dave Dameshek talks about ‘Can Ray Break It’ the bit that sounds like it’s title, he shares some of the details of it and why he enjoyed it.

They watch a couple more 1780’s guy bits.

Dave talks about the first person to crack open a watermelon and how happy they must’ve been to find the pink flesh, Adam is delighted by watermelon’s that start to crack on their own as you cut them open, Adam likes watermelon seeds.


Dave gets his blaster out after a fruit tangent, hilarious!

Adam is talking about grenadine and asks for more 1780’s Guy bits, they have them all chopped up at the studio, I wonder if they’re using the clips I cut.

Adam is now watching another for ‘Gays in the Military’ and then ‘The Internet’ with the funny “Make Haste!” closing line.

Adam is giving out the plugs for Dave Dameshek, beloved guest, former co-host and wonderful human being!

Adam closes out the show to a funny new drop from Dave Dameshek.