Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/18/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 176

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/18/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 176

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest Host Orlando Jones

Recorded 09-16-2014 – Release Date 09-18-2014

Production Number #176

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Drew opens the show with classic 1 (possibly 2 time) Classic Loveline guest Orlando Jones, he was on for sure on one episode:


Drew reminisces about Mad TV and the cast’s laments about the show’s imminent cancellation during all probably 13 seasons.

They’re having trouble recalling the name Mo Collins, you can hear her on ACS #153 (feat. Mo Collins)


Drew is quizzing Orlando about his journey, after explaining how he ran into him and decided to have him guest, how unfortunate that Adam wasn’t present for the reunion, once again.

Drew references “Bang a Gong” once again, sigh.

Drew asks Orlando about his involvement in nonprofit organizations and references his bullet variant of the ice bucket challenge.


Orlando tells Drew about an 11yr old in of his programs who just invented a clip on cleat, Drew brings up Adam’s points about the hard work required to get out of poverty and public assistance.

Drew is pussy footing around the topic at hand, Orlando is being very PC and honest, they agree on the notion that life is unfair, a level playing field is the best you can hope for, and Drew references Avraham Lincoln.

Drew brings up his new Liberty party, Drew says that Orlando’s points sum up his own thinking and they agree about “human rights” and Orlando is now getting deep.


Drew is bringing up the bullet “Ice Bucket Challenge” and Orlando’s explaining how the challenge started with cancer, they’re talking about the breakthroughs that seem to be lined up and how this funding is perfectly timed.

Orlando brings up the conversation sparked by what happened in Ferguson Missouri, Orlando references the legacy of Rodney King and Drew agrees with his sentiment.

Drew brings up the ‘Django Unchained’ actress incident where she refused to present her I.D. and Drew brings up the things taught to young black men about cops, Drew cites his own experiences with cops.


Drew and Orlando are talking about Ferguson in depth and the house of cards they had built that we all saw collapse on T.V. and now Orlando is on a related tangent about inciting incidents.

Drew and Orlando agree that Los Angeles has improved since the Rodney King incident, Drew praises Rodney and how horrible that incident looks in the rear view mirror, even worse than the time.

Drew brings up organizations that are around to tear people down and Drew is now rethinking hate speech as protected under the 1st amendment, Orlando calls him on it and now they’re talking about Orlando’s family.


Orlando shares an anecdote of gaining a twitter follower, a human rights hero of his and legend in the history of the work of several great political figures.

Orlando brings up Jackie Robinson, he’s talking about his campaign to battle apathy in others and how people can make and be the change they want and hope to see.
Orlando is sharing how his great grandfather shoveled coal and experience with his father retelling a story about a man who paid his grandpa 52$ a week, an important story about racism and human kindness and how they’re not always mutually exclusive.

Orlando is now sharing his father’s reaction to him getting heated about cops pulling him over, tearing down all points of his argument and youthful indignation.

Orland is sharing his love for crazy anger and how ridiculous it is, Drew was asking for Ferguson to be more like the LAPD, citing low speed car chases the city is known for.


Drew was asking some cops about texting while driving, he was trying to get the rules and was only given vague replies, Drew shares the anecdotes about funding for police units and how small towns end up with old world gear, personnel and tactics.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Drew is having them play ‘T-Rex’ and Orlando reveals himself to be a big fan, Drew is really running this bit into the ground.

Drew is asking for Orlando to name another song of theirs, Orlando gets Gary to fire one up.

They’re bow talking about the band and history of its members.


Drew is now referencing a question he saw from last night, “where is a good place to start doing standup?” and now Orlando is naming some facilities and Orlando tells him about ‘Jokes and Notes’ and is answering how to see comedy, not how to get started, due to Dre’s mishandling of the phrasing of the question.

Drew is asking Orlando about his favorite comedians of the moment, Drew reaffirms his love for Amy Schumer and desire to meet her.


1st Caller Faith, she’s a longtime fan of Classic Loveline and her voice is wavering as she discusses her past with depression, she blames her cold.

Faith brings up her childhood ADHD diagnosis at 7 or 8.

Faith is mired in the past, she brings up everything but the kitchen sink, Drew is wisely sidestepping it and telling her to get her postpartum depression treated, recommending CBT and other therapies that might work better for her in light of her past experiences and biases.

Drew recommends #089: Jo Koy, Brandon Marshall, and Mental Health Awareness


They’re now discussing Dr. Drew Podcast #141: Susan Pinsky and Orlando says even heh as to listen that one to hear her gloat about knowing Drew’s prognosis before he could even fathom it.


2nd Caller Mike, he was a heavy Marijuana user for over 20 years and has been clean for a year, he’s been advised some meds to take, he’s been diagnosed as having a chronic depression.

Drew sniffs out Mike’s former opiate addiction and recommends a 12 step group and explains why, how his story if common of opiate addicts not in a program.

Drew raps up the first of two episode with the great Orlando Jones.