Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/18/2013 – Mark Geragos and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/18/2013 – Mark Geragos and David Wild

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Guest Mark Geragos and David Wild

Recorded 09-17-2013 – Release Date 09-18-2013

Production Number #1166

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David Wild is in studio for his 45th visit and Adam is telling the gang about seeing Sonny in a play with his fellow 2nd graders, he’s explaining how it reminded him of “Defending Your Life” one of his all-time favorite films.

Adam is waxing poetic on the themes of Albert Brooks’ film and how it should satisfy people of all faiths and even of now faith like Adam himself, David calls it “The Jewish a Wonderful Life”.

Adam is bringing up the scene that reminded him of Sonny’s play, they’re now playing the clip from the movie.


David wants to know what it was like for Adam interviewing Albert Brooks on ACS #241 his only known Podcast appearance, David just got Adam to admit he never actually read the book and the long held suspicion that Lynch did and gave Adam some cliff notes now seems to be close to accurate.

David is telling the gang about touring with Neil Diamond or something, now Adam is bringing up David’s Elvis Costello song for the show and he’s trying to recall if he had a discussion with David about listening to a live recording of his on satellite radio.

David is now taking the gang back to his early college days in England, following Elvis Costello around from show to show.


Adam is now setting up a live song from the Hammersmith “Let Them Talk” and he’s giving some light live commentary explaining why he loves the horns, hilarious topless David Wild comedy!

Adam is now explaining his early music credit, going back to the late 70’s and why he never saw many live shows as a youth.

BB is asking if Adam ever tried to call in and win tickets from a radio giveaway, of course not and now he’s on a “Dantanna” car phone riff.


Adam is listing the concerts he did see “John Hiatt and the Naught Sweeties” for free and the time his friend bought tickets for “The Cars” and David is joking with Adam about their the one band you don’t need to see live.

Adam is telling them about seeing John Hiatt open for Graham Parker in 1982 at The Greek, another live show and the time he saw him acoustic in 1997 possibly the “McCabe’s” show just mentioned after he booked him on Loveline.

David has a song that came out Tuesday, it’s Elvis Costello and The Roots, he’s brought the track “Walk us uptown” and he’s giving some light commentary about the complex arrangement.


Adam is now declaring Elvis Costello the most impressive party guest, due to his cool eclectic persona and almost universal acceptance, Adam has really played out a scenario and even David Wild notices it.

Now David is claiming he might be able to book him on the ACS as he introduced Elvis to his wife, Hey David Book John Hiatt and Bad Religion, please!

Adam is playing into the comedy joking about David not having to guest with Elvis and now David is saying he doesn’t care for the duet between John Hiatt and Elvis Costello, he doesn’t hate it but it’s not his favorite.


Dawson is now playing something he thinks is a live version, Adam is now asking why YouTube tries to promote alternate versions of the thing you’re actually looking for.

BB is now bringing up his wedding dance, the live version of “The Lido Shuffle” played, the “half a cunt hair” off carwash version.

Adam is now back to his son’s in-classroom play, where the tables were turned on the parents quizzing them about the constitution.


Adam tried to guess the math portion, Adam answered 8 to the question of what 2/3rds of 12 is, Adam was sent back to 2nd grade and then the teacher was corrected by the smart tattooed father up front and just blew past it, what a horrible experience.

Alison’s reactions are great, she’s as invested as I am, and Adam is describing the moving on mode she was now stuck in, probably thinking about her next sugary coffee beverage (different teacher).

Adam was then corrected by the woman a “double dry fister” from the teacher once again corrected him with the sing song’iest tone.


Adam is explaining how he will buy being told he’s wrong in almost every scenario and how she corrected herself mid sing song double correction, of course nobody witnessed and BB is saying he would be upset about that scenario for the rest of his life due to the core of injustice.

David claims he would take a different revenge and Adam has now learned his lesson to never raise his hand in a classroom and to never participate with his kid’s school ever again.


They’re now playing the Elvis Costello and John Hiatt cover of “The Spinners” and Adam and David are having a back and forth about some different band from the UK.

They’re now discussing “The Spinners” and David is bringing up the live shows with Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake.

Adam and David are discussing Cee Lo Green, LL Cool J and the teachers special that David worked on, a teacher in the special had a nose stud which gets Adam to reveal that was one of Sonny’s past teachers who had the go-go boots and nose ring.


Adam’s got a killer fake question during David’s description of Cee Lo’s upbringing and even funnier protesting mouth noise scoffing at the idea of him having a worse childhood than Adam.

Adam is now sharing the most racist yet telling reaction from, he’s using LL Cool J’s life story and how people react to that vs. how they would react if Alison told the same story, brilliant.

They’re now going further in depth on the life of Cee Lo, Adam has tons of questions and this is very interesting.


They’re also talking about Cee Lo’s “E True Hollywood Story” and the birth of the southern hip-hop.

Adam’s doing a hilarious E-Voice live read, complete with hilarious “Free Trial” Mark Geragos joke.


Mark is now back on the show for his 8th appearance, Adam is now keyed in on the information Dr. Drew laid down in episode #79 “Fish and Chips” of the Adam and Drew Show.

Mark used to promote bands and had an affiliation deal with KROQ, they’re discussing Wendy O. Williams and Perkins Palace, and the 1808 seat theater Adam saw the mosh pit of with his buddy Ray.

Mark is telling them about blowing up a car at Perkins Palace, the charges failed and Adam just revealed he was also at that show, that’s the very show where Ray battled a man for the torn in half guitar, Ray had a hold of the neck.


Adam is describing witness thing explosion with glass flying at his face and his own attempted removal of the steering wheel where he may have been chastised by a younger Mark Geragos and an actually young Adam Carolla.

Adam is saying he actually went to two Plasmatic shows at that venue and he’s explaining how he got roped into the 2nd show.

Adam is saying he loves “The Waitresses” and their song “Christmas Wrapping” David is listing off the other bands like “Romeo Void” (Thanks Alison!) and even the “Dead Kennedy’s”.


Adam is trying to get some pictures of the “Plasmatics” up on the screen to explain them to BB and the gang, Alison probably knows and Mark is now telling some old tales, including buying her a school bus.

Adam is now giving an in-depth description of the legal obligation for a specific motor accident during a sanctioned and insurance race, where a car with historical value was destroyed.

He’s asking Mark for his take on the 300K required to fix the million dollar car and Mark wants to know why it was racing a 100k dollar car, Adam is defending the races and the drivers, Mark is calling it kind of an admission of risk.


Adam and Mark are discussing Ferrari California’s and Adam is joking about the “retired” rich guy code and Adam is remarking on the photos of the Ferrari’s, Alison finds them cute.

Adam is now asking for a photo of the GTO revival from the 2000’s, Mark is bringing up the Daytona model and Adam really seems to be into the GTO.

Adam is explaining how he had a guy who ran “blown insulation” company that pulled up to his house in a chromed out Hummer, I think that’s the guy Adam counted as the “high” quote and didn’t use when getting his infamous 3 quotes for a job.


BB has a question about the legalities regarding providing photos and mocking people via social media, Mark is now giving his own example of something like that happening to him.

Adam pulled up next to a woman with a very self-inflated license plate frame “Not Spoiled, Well Taken Care Of”.

Adam is trying to figure out what cars belong with what careers, he cited the very infamous 3 quote scenario and they’re figuring out why you want certain people to seem successful in certain profession and not in others, Adam is admitting it’s an elitist almost caste system.


Alison’s News

Adam is interrupting the news with more Ferrari obsession, retractable roof is the name of the game on this one.

Her top story is about the new reveals about the past of the Navy Yard Shooter, Adam has a killer one liner in reply to him hearing voices.

Adam is now calling for the person who makes mouth noises and described what gunshots sounded like being interviewed by local news, Alison is right in step and agrees with him, “pop, pop, pop”.


Adam is commenting on the assault rifle being included in his list of weapons and how it was done intentionally, as it’s in line with the agenda to ban assault weapons.

Adam is clear he’s no gun nut and has even ranted about the need for assault weapon bans many, many times in the past 17 years but he doesn’t like the hypocrisy.

BB is bringing up how it does end up hurt their agenda and Adam is bringing up how Mark was manipulated by CNN telling him the shooter did possess and AR-15.


Adam is now bringing up “what you want it to be vs. what it is” and how it doesn’t work in the news.

Gary found the Ferrari 575M Maranello “Super America” and Gary saved his job, Alison’s reaction is great.


2nd Story is on photo request from solitary confinement and Adam has a killer instant replay in a great black inmate voice, comedy gold!

Adam is explain how “The Brady Bunch” made him feel depressed in comparison to shows like “Sanford and Son” and he’s saying prisoner should want pictures of worse prisons instead of things they’ll never see again.

BB just played his greatest and newest drop, he demands to know why everyone is dying in laughter, it was too quiet, but Adam’s vocal delivery is beautiful and they are discussing the beauty of San Quinten’s real estate and Mark says it would solve the California budget deficit to sell the property.


Adam is having Mark walk them through the typical parole hearing and what cases are actually eligible, Mark is waxing poetic on the theater of court.

Adam is now explaining why women respond to relationships in greater numbers than men and BB finds another choice moment for Adam’s great new drop.

Adam is bringing up “Mystery Date” and going further in depth on the fantasy of dating someone behind bars.


Alison is asking Mark his take on Solitary Confinement and he’s now explaining how truly torturous that form of incarceration is and Adam is lamenting the non-futurism of the modern day prison.

Adam is explaining how many illegal activities that could have roped him up in the legal system and now he’s saying he wants a therapist or sociologist running society instead of president.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is now doing a live read for