Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/18/2012 – Darren Bousman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/18/2012 – Darren Bousman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/17/2012 – Release Date 09/18/2012

Adam just announced they’ve already sold over 500 bottles of Mangria just in pre-orders, Bryan is chiming in with some quips. Adam is explaining his preferences when it comes to booze, that he hates plastic bottles and artificial ingredients, he’s giving examples of margarita mixes, Alison and Bryan are adding some comments.

Adam is describing when people say too much and reveal their inner thoughts, he’s explaining that he went to visit his dad, Bryan is interrupting with some well timed Joel McHale drops that have not been used for a very long time. Adam is now further recounting what happened during the visit to see his dad from last week and connecting it to his visit today and how he had to be across town at Kimmel’s place to run over some of Kimmel’s Emmy jokes with him.

Adam is explaining the story of the person saying too much, Adam was chatting with the security guard at the hospital who made a huge social faux pas, it was so insulting Adam even started jotting down a note about it right after the security guard said it, Bryan is chiming in to help Adam reenact the scenario.


Adam is now going off on the record setting heat he came home to, that it was so hot when he returned from Tucson he actually wanted to turn back. Adam is now explaining that he made it onto the Urban Dictionary once again and a fan alerted him. Said fan was Ed aka @griffin_t_a on twitter who actually consulted with me, in order to locate when Adam coined the term blacksimile, nice work Ed!

Adam is now recounting his flying experience for the Tucson trip, Adam is now making random noises and Alison chimes in with a great one liner. Adam is on a tangent about how when he flew from L.A. to Florida, he noticed many coach passengers using the first class bathroom but when traveling from Dallas, not a single passenger did it and the rule wasn’t even being enforced as far as Adam could tell. He’s making a point about the types of people found in California and Florida.

Adam is now going off on the people in 1st class who were travelling with “sympathy/service” dogs, Adam is now ranting about the odd rules with flying where you can’t have a peanut but dog dander is fine. Adam is really fired up, apparently the two dogs fought at Adam’s feet during boarding. You can see the photos here, Adam is now explaining how he had to ask permission to keep taking photos and that people assume he’s going to be using the pictures to make fun of them, so he lied to the woman to explain what he was doing.

Adam is now riffing on a new airline just for these people, Alison and Bryan chime in with some great one liners and Adam just mentioned Richard Belzer, who revealed on ACP #162 that his wife and him fly with a “sympathy” dog, Adam is now mocking the concept and science behind the claims. You can hear ACP #162 from year one, by purchasing the Year 1 DVD I created for 14.99 or a very rare signed copy for 24.99 or by simply signing up for the official archive for 7.99.

Adam is now riffing on the 2nd woman who had a “sympathy” dog for her anxiety, he’s explaining that these people are actually narcissists and he has the control room fire up her photo. Adam is now firing of some amazing quotes, one involving getting a note from Dr. Drew to bring his own service animal on board. He’s now going off on how you can get doctor’s notes for anything you want.


Alison wants to know what Tucson is like, her boyfriend is from there and she’s never been, Adam is explaining there were mosaics built into the side of the freeways and he was perplexed as why they weren’t defaced, as they would be in L.A. Adam is now describing that Tucson knows it’s Tucson, he’s making a great analogy.

Adam is describing the landscaping found in AZ, comparing it to L.A. Bryan and Alison are chiming in and helping him refine his point, Adam is now recounting the broken sprinklers he would encounter while driving to the old KLSX morning show.

Adam is now playing a clip from the Prager live shows in Dallas, that pertains to the events in the news. You’ll be able to buy the full album on itunes very soon.

Alison is chiming in to clarify some point from the clip, Adam and her are now discussing it.


Listener Calls, 1st caller Tony has just begun taking improv classes, he wants some tips from Adam. Adam offers to perform a quick improv game with Tony who is hesitant, Bryan and Adam bust his balls a bit. Adam jumps out of the gate on fire, hilarious! Tony is struggling to keep up, Adam is giving him a break though and really trying to assist.

Adam is now giving him tons of great advice on how to excel at improv and really get the most out of his classes.

2nd caller, James wants Adam’s thoughts on peeing in the shower, Adam is mystified anyone would even need to ask, unlike the sink he wasn’t aware there was any stigma. Adam and Bryan are riffing on the cliche “Record scratch” used in movies during party sequences, Alison jumps in and is adding to the comedy. Now Adam is riffing on the generic party goer from 80’s movies who shows up with a tie around his head in the background.

Adam quickly responded to a question about getting into woodworking as a hobby, now he’s answering a question about eating disorders, giving his own personal examples of trying to resist eating.


Darren is returning to the show for his 3rd visit, he was on episode #308 of the ACP and episode #456 of the ACS, you can download both via the official archive for a mere 7.99 which grants you annual access to all 900+ episodes of the podcast.

Adam is explaining he had a conversation with Kevin Hench that next time they make a movie they need to do it all themselves, without studio involvement much like Darren is doing. Darren is explaining the creative accounting involved with making a movie with a studio, Adam is referencing an off air conversation about how his people had to hire an investigator to go through the Weinstein company accounting to try and finally get paid.

Darren is explaining that they took his new movie on the road and used the “4 walling” technique as referenced last week on the Greg Fitzsimmons episode. He’s now explaining the profit margins involved with DVD and digital download sales. Adam is chiming in that the profits are hypothetical because the companies won’t even respond to requests for accounting let alone even attempt to lie to you.


Alison’s News, Her top story is about the leaked audio of Mitt Romney speaking in front a group of donors, Alison thinks Adam is going to agree with the points that Mitt makes, they play some clips. Adam distilling Mitt’s comments down to “he doesn’t care about poor people”, they play more clips and Adam is seeing both sides as usual and not getting wrapped up in the controversy and making some good points about both political parties.

Adam and Alison are debating the tax rates a bit, Bryan is chiming in to clarify the hypocrisy of Romney’s rhetoric. Adam is now explaining that he doesn’t want the every man type running the country, that he likes overachievers in professional sports and many other walks of life, he’s making a school principal analogy.


Her 2nd story is about a Houston area man who paid a traffic ticket in 137 origami 1 dollar bills fashioned into pigs inside of a doughnut box, Adam is now riffing on the story and what he would have done and origami in general, hilarious!

Adam is talking about a story that was tweeted where a parking enforcement officer gave a guy a ticket who had 5min left on his meter, Adam is now explaining the passive aggressive move people do when you demand to see their badge/ID where they wave it back and forth while you’re trying to read it.


Darren is recounting a 500$ parking ticket he got for his back tires being 2 inches into the blue paint of a handicapped space. Adam is now recounting an old Philip the Juggler  story about Philip playing catch with his dog and getting a 500$ handicapped parking ticket in the middle of the night. He’s now explaining the letter of the law vs. spirit of the law argument and how we’re all doomed if authorities operate under the letter of the law.

Adam is explaining his take on the “cops don’t have quotas” argument, he completely destroys that lie/argument with a single sentence and is now giving a great anecdote about jaywalking in another city, awesome quotes!

Darren is now explaining how he was arrested the first week he was in L.A. and was caught with plastic nunchucks in his trunk, that were used for martial arts demonstrations and were clearly not a weapon, great anecdote. Adam is going the most in depth he’s ever gone  on his motorcycle being towed, he’s explaining the impassioned pleas of poverty and simple request of just moving his bike to the side street and the officers cruel behavior.

Darren had his ipad stolen and used the tracking software to locate it, he fired it up and called the cops, but the cops refused to pursue the criminals. Adam is now recounting the cops killing a thief earlier this year because the victim lied and said he was robbed at gun point in order to get them to do their job, fantastic point.

They’re now back to breaking down Darren’s arrest and Adam is getting in some great quotes about what he would say to other guys in jail when they ask what he’s in for. Adam is explaining the role of police in society and what it should be. Adam is giving some examples of guys driving alongside cops in other cities and speeding past them without incident.

Adam is wrapping the show with a couple live reads, plugs for the upcoming live shows and the latest episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend where Andrew W.K. reveals he would like to try the coprophagic diet at least once before he dies.

Adam is announcing the DTR(Don’t Tell Ray) special edition book package is now available in the Carolla Store