Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/17/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 273

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/17/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 273

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-17-2015 – Release Date 09-17-2015

Production Number #273 – Pint in a Glass

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Adam opens the show with Dr. Drew playing with his phone, Adam fills him in on the kind fans he met while in London, he compares the relatively short trip of flying from Portland to Los Angeles vs. London and a neighboring country.

Drew is commenting on it and Adam clarifies his point, Adam talks about their cameraman from Germany and his short flight between there and London.

Adam is telling Drew about the flattering factor of an audience being available in Europe and says he thinks they will do a whole tour.


Adam has a killer joke mocking Hitler’s accomplishments and thanks Jim Jefferies for filling in for him while he was gone, he praises the man and his talent.

Drew is trying to recall something from one of the episodes and moves on, Drew remembers Adam’s appreciation for smoking and drinking outside of pubs, perhaps recalling his return from Europe for the first time on Classic Loveline in the early 2000’s.

Adam is commenting on the way Americans interact and deal with Law Enforcement and the “3rd strike” laws we all disagree with, while still having a thought about the choice of stealing that bag of Doritos.


Adam is now talking about walking out of a bar with a beer bottle and what could possible happen to you for simply trying to refill your parking meter.

Adam is commenting on getting busted for a beer on the beach and says we’re pretty shitty with everyone in this country.

Adam is now sharing the memory of walking to the park to watch fireworks on the 4th of July and being concerned about his beer label getting them in trouble.


Adam wants to know when California became the epicenter for chicken shit law enforcement, Adam says its post 9/11 goodwill and now just an excuse for an increased presence to give out said shitty tickets.

Adam is talking about the cop parking on the freeway onramp near his house, trying to catch motorists heading home from work, where they pay taxes to pay his salary.

Adam is explaining the cop chose this open bit of freeway to catch people speeding unconsciously due to the road conditions and performance of modern vehicles.


Adam is commenting on Mike August getting in his car and the dangerous position the cop puts his car in, Drew is talking about the slippery slope of second hand smoke.

Adam comments on sitting in a room with a candle for two hours and that level of secondhand smoke.


Drew is doing an Uber Live Read

Matt drove 4 hours last night


Adam now mentions what exit the pussy cop sits at and tells people to use WAZE to alert other motorists about this asshole trying to steal more of their money.

“Like a coward, like a fucking pussy” – Adam on this cop.

Adam is asking Drew how long he’s been screaming about cops working for us, he wants anyone else in media who has been talking about this since 1996, he wants other people to take up the cause with their blogs or podcasts and radio shows.


Gary is now on mic and talks about almost physically grabbing a guy leaving a bar with a beer, he’s so trained by life in America he couldn’t adjust on the fly.

Adam is commenting on the mega weeds pushing up through the joints between concrete and asphalt, Adam talks about tent city in Los Angeles.

Drew is sharing his own observations about the land used up for the tent cities, Adam is talking about the mayor and wants to know what effects the city more than traffic, Adam says the homeless populace is thankfully small in comparison to the total amount of people, traffic effects everyone.


Drew talks about seeing parts of his home state via WAZE routings due to surface roads being faster than using the freeways he pays for.

Adam is talking about getting pulled over for “no front license plate” and blocking a lane full of traffic to give him a shitty fix it ticket.

Adam is talking about how people would be fined for having old non roadworthy vehicles that break down on the freeway, smart laws to motivate better choices and improve traffic through the people driving.

Adam asks about the priorities of the mayor of Los Angeles and wants to know what Traffic isn’t the only topic until it’s been improved.

Adam has some great factory efficacy metaphors for fixing driving in his city.


Drew is doing a Bulletproof Coffee Live Read


1st Caller Josh, Adam is unclear what his question is after he has a bit of a rambled explanation, Adam is now asking what Hilary Clinton is going to do in 4-8yrs and wants to know what Obama has done for Black Men in the last 8yrs.

Adam is now asking who voted the black man in and grilling Josh with his rhetoric that’s based in emotion and not reality.

Adam is making a point about the overwhelming amount of white voters for Obama, Adam asks Josh how the Democratic Party has warped his brain into hating white men and fearing them.


Drew brings up ‘The Day After’ and Adam tells him to stop hanging around with the coffee shop types, Adam praises a response from Carly Fiorina.

Josh tells Adam and Drew they both need to take responsibility for how white people perceive and treat black men.

Adam is now asking for an organized list in order of who white men are racist against, Adam calls him a pussy and tells him to have a guy shove a hacky sack up his ass.


Adam is saying this is life in Boulder Colorado, hilarious.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is telling them to hold the calls for the next hour and is wrapping up the show with some plugs, he’s telling Drew about the upcoming race at Coronado and the live show afterwards.

Adam has a ‘Take a Knee’ plug for the latest episode with Richard Roeper, hilarious ‘White Privilege’ comments and he closes it out.