Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/17/2012 – Dwight Yoakam and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/17/2012 – Dwight Yoakam and David Wild

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Recorded 08/20/2012 – Release Date 09/17/2012

Dwight Yoakam and David Wild

Dwight is making his first visit to the podcast for a “1 on 2” conversation, he last saw Adam back on the KLSX morning show for a classic visit and before that on Loveline in 1997.

Adam and Dwight are opening the show talking about cars and racing, Dwight loves the Gulf Racing logos and paint scheme of the studio/warehouse. Dwight is now telling Adam about Johnny Cash, a couple quick anecdotes. Adam is describing that Dwight is now unbuckling his pants. Dwight is describing the scene outside the warehouse before they started and thinks Adam is super focused on starting the interview.

Adam is now explaining where his head is at, that he was trying to figure out the logistics of various things having to do with his car racing, Adam is now asking Dwight about his journey. Dwight is explaining where he was raised and how he got into music and cars. They’re now discussing old Chevy Vegas and the Cosworth Vega.


Dwight now switched topics back to North Hollywood, Dwight is explaining to Adam that it’s not as devoid of culture and history as he thinks, he’s referencing everything from Steinbeck, Merle Haggard and Elmore Leonard. Dwight mentioned “The Palomino Club” and Adam is giving his knowledge of the place and asking Dwight to go in depth about his music history with that club.

David Wild is now further steering the conversation into the music topic, Adam is attempting to reset and get the journey story back on track. Dwight is telling an anecdote about Jerry Lee Lewis and Adam is now giving his thoughts on clubs having played many himself.

Adam is talking about his old hangout “Star Garden”, he’s describing it in depth to Dwight and explaining he didn’t have any cash to go to clubs when he was a teen. Dwight is now telling David and Adam about “Marjoe Gortner” Adam has some great one liners about the guy’s hairstyle. Dave Mason comes up and Dwight and Adam both start singing different hit songs of his, very great magnet!


Adam and Dwight are now talking about Nascar being introduced to Riverside, Adam is recounting a guy from Laguna Seca explaining it all to him. Dwight is further explaining his involvement and anecdotes. Dwight has now steered the topic back to Jerry Lee Lewis, Adam is singing some Charlie Rich now and Dwight is relaying an anecdote about Charlie.

They’re now back to talking about “The Palomino Club” Adam found a new “Cris Carter & Godzuki” style doppelganger pair in Charlie Rich and young Hulk Hogan, you can find all the photos here, Adam is now singing Charlie Rich again much to the chagrin of David Wild.

Dwight is explaining his early trip to Nashville and giving more anecdotes about his career. They’re now discussing “The Johnny Cash Show” and an appearance of Linda Ronstadt where she showed up sans underwear, David just mentioned the full circle nature of the topic because Dwight used to date Sharon Stone.


David switched the topic to Dwight’s new record and the upbeat tone of it, Dwight is now giving a secondhand story from Buck Owens. Dwight is now giving an anecdote about John Lennon dropping acid with George Harrison that he saw in the documentary about George.

Dwight is explaining his love of John Lennon even in the later years, Adam is carefully chiming in that he prefers the work of George Harrison over Lennon. Dwight and Adam are still waiting for the control room to find the footage of Charlie Rich burning John Denver’s country music award.


They return from break with a clip from one of Dwight’s songs off of his new Album “3 Pears”. Adam is asking Dwight about when he realized he was cool, and he’s now elaborating for Dwight. Dwight is explaining that there is a theatrical aspect of his performance and it is intentional. Dwight is now explaining that there is a language of theater and David chimes in to ask him about his acting career.

Dwight recommends the book “Memphis Boys” Adam tells Dwight about how he prefers his version of “Here Comes the Night” and was just listening to it in his car the other day. Adam recommends Dwight’s album “Under the Covers” which he’s brought up a few times before.

They now transition back to the Jerry Lee Lewis at “The Palomino Club” story, a few more tangents but Dwight is getting to it now. Adam is asking if Jerry is nuts, Dwight is now going further in depth explaining Jerry’s personality.

David changes the topic by asking Dwight about his acting career again, complimenting him on his work on the TV show “Wilfred” explaining that his son only knows Dwight from that show and loves it. Adam attempts to bust Dwight’s balls but he doesn’t know what “Wilfred” is, Dwight has a great comeback to Adam, hilarious!

Dwight is now talking about playing with Billy Bod Thorton and playing at the Gorge in WA state, he asks Adam if he’s ever been, Adam and Dwight are now briefly sharing their love for the Columbia river, Adam is explaining that he and the Mikes drove all along it on their last northwest tour.


Adam and Dwight are now discussing the differences between music, acting and live comedy, getting lost in the moment, Dwight is going in depth on it and Adam is explaining you can’t really get to that state in comedy. David just chimed in asking if Dwight has seen Adam’s movie “The Hammer”.

Dwight is now explaining where he lives and David is telling Dwight about seeing him live a couple years back. Dwight is now finishing his earlier thoughts about John Lennon. Adam is asking if John was overweight as a child, David and Dwight don’t think Adam is right about that.

The topic has segued back to Linda Ronstadt and Adam is explaining that he finds her “Long Long Time” to be one of the all time saddest songs, especially if you’re going through a breakup, Dwight agrees and Adam is now doing a live read.