Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/16/2015 – Jay Mohr and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/16/2015 – Jay Mohr and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jay Mohr and David Wild

Recorded 09-15-2015 – Release Date 09-16-2015

Production Number #1660

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Adam has an enthusiastic ‘Thank You So Much!’ intro, David is making his 91st appearance on the show, still the #1 reigning king of both guest and “friend of the show” regular segment bookings.

Still updating the archive by hand to find out exactly how many appearances, see if the numbers line up and hopefully I finish in time to get notice to the staff before his 100th visit.

Adam is sharing the story of being apologized to twice for not having his ticket handy to get his meal, Adam is commenting how he wishes he had a stick with fire when traveling through LAX, to scare off the TSA, Hilarious!


Adam is explaining he tried to use his global traveler card to get past the security line but was only met with grunts in reply.

Adam is talking about the wide range of potential among humans, how the grunters could rise to the occasion and now Adam is having Gary weighing in about Adam talking to himself.

Adam talks about saying super insulting things to them that they don’t pick up on, like talking to a gecko.


Adam has a 10k bonus for kindness incentive to prove his logic that these people could try harder, they just don’t want to.

Adam is saying that over 30% of traffic could be cleared up if people just paid attention while driving, he describes the lackadaisical drivers stopping in the middle lane at LAX as he was waiting to get picked up yesterday.

Adam had to yell at the woman in the Cherokee ruining things for everyone.


Adam is saying people had the entire time to talk on the drive there, Adam said he gave her the thumb and the “GIT!” shout.

Adam is telling the people who object to his impatience to fuck off, David shares an example of this from his life, Adam has a killer “after you die” one liner after Gina chimes in.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam is describing the drive home from LAX and the insane traffic, he says that two assholes got into a fender bender and didn’t pull over to the shoulder, Adam is now shouting “how would they know” and making a point about useless “click it of ticket” signs and the lack of awareness about pulling off of freeways for minor accidents.

Adam is sharing how someone in the car commented on the possibility it was illegal for the people to move the cars, Gary gets on mic and confirms it was him and clarifies what he said.

Dawson shares his own experience with an accident and the fear it’ll be a hit and run due to the overwhelming stats for Los Angeles accidents.


Adam is talking about speaking with Mayor Garcetti at the Sportsman’s lodge and the depressing feeling of informing them of things like “when it steers it clears” freeway signs and other super obvious things that he knows about that they somehow don’t despite it being their profession.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


David asks Adam if he would like to be asking some questions at the republican debates, he says he wouldn’t let them flip the question.

Adam is bringing up the time Barry Groveman the former mayor of Calabasas called into the KLSX morning show on 03/21/2006 and argued that Christopher Reeve’s Widow Dana, died of 2nd hand smoke.

The working in cabaret excuse, Adam shares what he said to the guy in response to his outlandish claims.


Adam is now using Barry’s own logic to mock him again 9 years later, this is fun.

Gina and BB are both chiming in, Gary already found the clip is from March of 2006.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Chad, he’s calling about some comments from Helen Mirren and her comments on men putting their arms around women in public, Adam says he would let Helen flap her boobs over his shoulder.

Gina is now sharing the difference between an arm on the shoulder vs. holding the back of a woman’s neck, Adam asks how much Helen has been held back in her career?

Adam is saying people just want to be on the side of a good cause and we shouldn’t turn to actors for advice on living or politics.


Adam says if you spend your life looking for negative things because of your skin color, ethnicity, gender or social standings because you will find them and you will be unhappy, a realistic approach.

Gina has some closing comments and they move on.


2nd Caller Andrew, he brings up Mike August and mentions the times he’s been on the podcast and is super on point and in the mix.

Adam is talking about Mike being super sharp when focused, he just can’t multitask but believes he can.

Adam is talking about needing to get some cash and Mike August holding 2k in pounds.

Gary is now sharing he has the clip, he gives off some information and Adam takes it back to August with a funny anecdote.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


Gary explains we found this before and played it on the ADS, I forgot about that, no wonder it was so easy, nice.

Gary is now playing the KLSX morning show from 03/21/2006 and Adam is roasting Barry over the coals with his Dana Reeve cause of death claim.

Adam is now picking apart Barry’s comments about 2nd smoke being one of the leading causes of preventable death, Adam is now saying that is insane, and insane statement.


Adam is mocking him for lying and uses leaf blowers to make his point and says that 2nd smoke is way below roller blades for preventable deaths per year.

Adam is saying “maybe we now have that something that is something” and says Barry is now trumpeting global warming and might be on to an actually relevant cause but it’s hard to tell as he’s lied in the past, cried wolf.

Adam gives out some plugs for the great David Wild and mentions the twitter campaign to get his follower count to surpass Rick Springfield.

They head to break.


They’re back from break, Adam welcomes Jay to the show, and Jay is making his 14th appearance.

Jay almost immediately gets into ‘Big Momma’s Got It All’ while talking about the Ontario Improv, Adam is doing a back and forth scene with Big Momma and BB is chiming in.

Adam brings up Urban Frank Meyer, the college football coach and mentions him coaching player Arian Foster and they’re still rolling through the Big Momma scene.


Adam and Momma are talking about her son Champion and her current beau Lorenzo Lamas, Adam is talking about him flying helicopters and Jay has an anecdote of flying with him, holy shit.

Adam is having Jay bust out some Colin Quinn and praises his acting chops in ‘Trainwreck’ and Jay as Colin points out his work on the show ‘Girls’.

Adam brings up ‘I Am Farley’ and asks Jay about Chris Farley, Jay shares what a beautiful man he was and clarifies they weren’t friends but coworkers.


Jay shares the funny welcome he got to the show, Adam plugs Mohr Sports Los Angeles and the PodcastOne app.

Adam thinks there are a lot of fans who want to hear Jay just talk sports.


Gina’s News

Adam is having Jay bust out his Johnny Depp while talking about the various posters of him and his “style” the tattoos and bracelets.

Adam is mocking his turkey buzzard tattoo, Adam wants to know what’s with the affectations and wants to know if he can’t just be good looking.

Adam is asking if he ever gets embarrassed by his own persona and look, he’s 50 years old what the fuck is he doing, Adam comments on Eddie Vedder as Jay’s impressions start to merge.


1st Story is on OJ Simpson’s rejected appeal for his prison sentence, Adam is now arguing if they were to just judge this case on the stolen merchandise facts, forget everything else.

Adam has a Gale Sayers example to see if the same sentence would’ve been doled out, Adam concedes he’s aware there is some more to the story, it wasn’t just a harmless demand for his stuff back.

Jay is now doing some NFL films VO and Adam is talking about the David Hasselhoff pay per view that an abysmal disaster and he claimed it was due to the OJ Simpson chase overshadowing him.


Adam has the Deacon Jones headslap clip played once again.


2nd Story is on Tom Hardy shutting down a guy who asked about his sexuality while on a press tour, Jay is singing the praises of Tom Hardy and Adam is getting a refresher on who he is exactly.

Gina has a clip, she explains the context and Adam is now bringing up the difference between women having a past with other women, vs. men having a past with other men.

Adam is telling Gina not to lie and say what people want to hear, what she would actually feel about a guy who used to sleep with men, she describes the difference between her liking gay porn vs. a partner who has a bisexual past.


Adam talks about Elton John saying he was bisexual, Adam’s theory on Bi being bye bye to heterosexuality, Gina is asking Adam what he thinks about the Kinsey spectrum of homosexuality.

Adam is saying that if men thought fucking other dudes would make women hot we would lie about it to win favor, Jay is now sharing a conversation he had with his beloved wife post coital, would he allow her to penetrate him if she grew a magical penis, would he allow the roles to be reversed in their relationship and still want to be with her?

Jay shares that his wife asked every guy she ever slept with her whole life and he was the first guy to say yes, Adam is now breaking it down and thinking about his actual feelings.


Gina describes pegging, she explains you’re not gay for wanting anal penetration unless it’s from the same sex.

Jay shares the story of blowing other 9 years old and Adam says that boys shouldn’t be able to get a boner pre jizz, he explains that they don’t know what to do with it.

Adam describes his early boner confusion in front of the neighbor’s playboys.


Adam is doing a LegalZoom Live Read


3rd Story is on Adrian Grenier’s controversial tweet on 9/11, she has the message from the tweet.

Jay says that if Tim Robbins said this nobody would care, BB and Gina both share their experiences in NYC in 2001.

Gina explains how she was watching everything from the CEO’s window in a CIA building, Adam is now recounting his experience on 9/11.


Adam explains his stepmother told him to turn on the TV, he presumed he was on it and saw the chaos and madness and decided that was the day to speed on the freeway, this was the day to get away with it.

Adam says Adrian Grenier is not the brightest bulb (He’s Guested on the podcast) and Jay defends him and mentions his documentaries, Jay also praises Jerry Ferrara, he is awesome.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read


4th Story is on a diverted American Airlines flight due to a drunk and unruly passenger, Adam is now launching into the reason he doesn’t attend college football games, he talks about them removing booze from every forum, he’s telling alcoholics to unite, he says one more story of this and they will ban booze from planes.

Adam has a great impassioned plea about drinking on the plane being the only thing “we have” and Jay is now chiming in too.

Adam and Jay are both commenting on air travel and actual dangers with flying.

Gina has the clip from the incident with the drunk and unruly woman.

Adam says we need the cage from ‘Con Air’ to prevent this.

Gina wraps the news to a hilarious “kiss and put it back in his mouth” drop from Adam.


Adam is doing an Avant Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs for Jay Mohr and wrapping up the show.