Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/15/2016 – Neil DeGrasse Tyson and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/15/2016 – Neil DeGrasse Tyson and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Neil DeGrasse Tyson and David Wild

Recorded 09-14-2016 – Release Date 09-15-2016

Production Number #1902

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Adam opens the show to a funny “carpet cleaning was his passion” intro and Adam says it’s his dad’s birthday, he was planning on calling him but his dad contacted him with a “Pre-emptive Strike” at 10:30 A.M.

Adam dodged the call and let it emulsify, he’s doing that and will keep the gang posted.

Adam and David share their love for Paul Simon, David has a funny Milf riff and a nice ‘Star Talk’ plug/reference.


Adam is setting up a commercial he saw the other night, he brings up the fuckable woman in the ad and how they just frump the women up enough, David says a slight aging R.E.M. groupie type.

Adam is now further mocking the logic of these proposition political ads.

Adam is now doing live commentary over the local political ad for Prop 56.


David talks about the freeze frame that revealed the ad was payed for a bunch of cigarette companies, Adam is now saying this his favorite time of year and he loves these spots, he mocks the women in them who know about every issue and are in the process of some elaborate and difficult physical activity while addressing the camera.

Adam talks about political nerds and says he’s not judging nor choosing words that hurt, he’s just trying to make a point about getting a political buddy to fill out your ballot for you.

Adam says he would hand his ballot to his grandfather and asks him what he would do, Adam says his grandmother hated John Wayne and whatever he would do, someone’s ringer or message alert goes off.


Adam asks David about Cat Stevens upcoming performance and this festival he’s plugging and they move on.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Steven, he wants to know if Willy T Ribbs has brought up Wendell Oliver Scott the first black race car driver in Nascar, BB asks if Willy is still racing and Adam is now talking about the way older drivers will rent out their services to drive for car owners.

Adam is bringing up the tittle ‘Uppity Nigger’ that Willy T Ribbs wants to use for his title, BB is right and insists he must use it and David objects, of course!

Adam is making a great point about trying to sign up to be a Crip at the next meeting, hilarious racism in all forms example from Adam.


Adam is back to the Willy T Ribbs story and David predicts that everyone will credit Adam with the title and tells him not to do it, missing the point entirely and BB is 100% right.

Adam says Jules Dash is directing this one, so it will be received as a bold choice.


2nd Caller Kevin, he has a Colin Kaepernick theory and Gary has more data about it, he’s been doing it all season and it wasn’t noticed until recently.

Adam now says that passive acts just get you ignored and Adam jokes about the whupping his Rams put on the Colin’s team, mocking the Ram’s epic loss.

Adam says solute with your palm out and march in place to satiate the NFL, gets some choreography going even.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

Adam brings up his recent night out with August having some Italian food after a bottle signing, he says he loves a chopped salad.

Adam says Mike made the mistake of asking the waiter what he liked, he says the octopus was the best thing on the menu, Adam was hesitant and ultimately went along with it.

Mike didn’t touch his and they ended up leaving it behind, they both just got railroaded into ordering octopus.


“what do you like here?” – Adam

“your mom’s titties” – Waiter



Everyone is now commenting on the proper way to listen to a waiter, Adam thinks he should have prefaced it with “a lot of people don’t like octopus” and they move on to the tweets.


1st Tweet – Wells Fargo apology for their Teen Financial education day

Adam is now talking about what the egregious thing was that Wells Fargo did, Adam mocks the people in the arts and how they got their panties in a bunch about the language used.

Adam says working with your hands and building makes you smarter, much smarter than acting or the arts.

Adam is ranting about Wells Fargo fake apology that they don’t mean, he rants about the pussies in the arts who wouldn’t have a problem with people taking little white boys aside and telling them they will never play in the NFL., they would be ok with that.


Adam is now riffing with David Wild about former radio show host Dr. David Viscott, Adam not only knows him but it’s the only impression he does, hilarious!

Adam and David bust out an improv scene and then add to it, Adam explains he was an A.M. radio psychiatrist.

Adam wants them to drum up some Viscott tape and Adam recalls a sketch they used to do back in the day where his buddy would play Viscott and Adam seemingly learned some of the impression from him.

Adam says art is a luxury and you are much better off with a metal and wood shop over a drama club or department.

Gina says arts and a life pursuing them has left her dumb as a bag of, Adam cuts her off and tells her to shut up jokingly, as he knows she’s smart and she knows it too.


They are now listening to some David Viscott, Adam calls him the Tasmanian devil of daytime talk, Adam wants a stretch of him doing the “my friend” thing and Adam recalls the time he heard his stepdad calling into David’s show.

David Wild asks about it and Adam jokes saying he heard John his stepfather complaining about his mom’s pussy being dry, he calls back the calamari and jokes that he “ordered the titties” and Adam quotes the “I get along pretty good with the boy” from the call he heard.

Adam talks about the other countries that do things right that we should implement over here, Adam is now talking about how he could see his neighbors and hear them across the street on their decks when he lives in the canyon near the Hollywood sign.


Adam is now recalling his life at the time and how he was always awoken by back up beepers, he recalls the time a guy left his truck shifted into reverse and they had to come out and ask him to turn it off, he teases the UK solution of backup beepers and goes to a live read.


Zip Recruiter


2nd Tweet

Adam has a video clip from an English construction site and an announcer who shares why they use white noise bursts instead of beeps.

Adam says if they had one politician who would talk about this he would never stop sucking their dick, just one attempt to make things better for the citizens.

Adam brings up Mayor Garcetti who didn’t know about flashing arrows that are used everywhere else out of the state.


3rd Tweet something about red turn arrows, Adam and Gary disagree.

“read what makes me right” – Adam

Adam is talking about the article calling for more red turn arrows, Adam says now he has to read the whole fucking piece and thank you Gary for that.


Castrol Edge

Neil is still eating in the parking lot edition

Adam as David Viscott edition


Adam is now giving out the plugs for David and the ‘Global Citizen Festival’ and Gary tells Adam about the ticket opportunities for the Grammy Museum event with Paul Simon.

They head to break, David was hilarious!


They’re back from break with Neil DeGrasse Tyson making his ACS debut, Adam compliments his appearances on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and comments on his various guests on ‘Star Talk’ including Buzz Aldrin.

Adam is saying that Neil is able to attract A-list talent and Neil explains why and how the geeky natures of some of these people is finally allowed to come out on his show.

Adam is talking about his envelope house and the thermal bridges that BB suggests he explain to Neil, which he does and does so correctly.


Adam is making some great points about basic energy conservation, Neil makes a larger point about science literacy and how the school system doesn’t set people up for what would be ideal.

Adam talks about BB’s home and his wife who is currently there, 200 years pregnant, hilarious!

Adam is talking about the thin layer of drywall separating his wife from the heart, Neil makes a point about going one step past conservation and getting the heat to work for you with various methods, Gina coins the term heat Aikido, Adam gives his Jew-Jitsu joke and they move along.


Adam is asking Neil about his journey, he quickly touches on it and moves to the current generation, he predicts a future where people are more enlightened and scientifically inclined, they’re not in power yet.

Adam predicts an apocalypse scenario where Kevin Smith gives him the geek thumbs down and he’s executed with his family, he describes a graphic scene where they’re all being executed via hanging.

Neil spins off again with some brilliant insights into exactly what Adam is getting at, Adam asks him what he would instill in kids before they were allowed to graduate from high school, Neil lets Adam know that’s a very pertinent and intelligent question.


Neil would like kids to be able to sniff out bullshit before they are allowed to leave high school, Adam brings up his engineering education via building and learning with his hands, seat of his pants style as Neil observed.

Neil is talking about innovation and new thoughts, Adam is now using his “comedy factory vs. comedy warehouse” theory for comedy and how that’s akin to kids memorizing facts and lessons instead of actually learning.

Neil talks about his tweets that often result in inflamed reactions from people who don’t realize he’s not making a statement nor picking a “side” in the made up argument.


Neil cites his observation about Walmart’s gun sales and music censorship hypocrisy.

Adam says you can’t order a decaf coffee without it being political today and Neil has a great reaction, he’s fully agreeing with Adam’s roll about school, he says there is nothing Adam has said he doesn’t agree with… so far.

Adam is now asking him about energy, he cites Manoj Bhargava and his idea to generate electricity from the very earth itself, Neil is now telling them about geoengineering the planet and using various elements and forces to provide energy.


Adam shares his feelings about efficiency and how he would pay double to be effect, Neil lets him know that’s noble and is verging on a but before Adam thanks him for being on the show and jokes about him leaving before he can finish his sentence.

Neil says the cost has to be equal or less, they talk about construction and Adam has a killer unleavened bread “time to lean, time to clean, hey Levine” riff.

Adam says “that’s where homeless people shit” when Neil brings up the Los Angeles river and how we already harness the earth’s forces to avoid disaster on a daily basis.


Neil is talking about earthquakes and how much energy they release, Adam brings up Nuclear power and asks about fission vs. fusion technologies.

Neil explains both in premise and function and argues against the saying “energy is too cheap to build” and uses a lightbulb left on in the kitchen as an example of something most people won’t turn around and get out of the car to turn off, it’s not worth the energy, the cost is too low.

BB and Gina bring up Adam and how he might turn back and take care of it, his wife comes up and Adam drops a killer one liner about the light on above the dining room table that even BB has to stop and admire, preach BB!

“Well my wife assumes the table has a good idea… it’s thinking, leave it alone” – Adam


Adam wants new words for fission and fusion, he brings up other similar terms like micro and macro and gets to his push and yank idea.

Neil is now talking about the element iron and how it leads to supernova in stars.


Neil says the sun really powers hydro electric energy, wind power and other elements on earth, the only thing that is not entirely driven by the sun is tidal energy, it’s only partially controlled by the sun, mostly the moon.

Neil wants to tap a volcano but before he can finish his sentence Adam finishes it for him and says “Keg” and they all now riff about Neil being a man before a scientist etc. comedy gold!

Neil shares his volcano tapping idea and he explains how Potassium 40 works, re-energizing the earth’s core and he explains how it all leads to volcanos exploding.


Neil uses a soda can to explain the science and he asks if anyone else is going with the Volcano theory, he jokes what if someone tosses a virgin in the volcano and messes up his whole plan, deactivating it.

Neil says we would know if that worked by now and Adam says he’s not so sure, the science is still out on it.

Neil is now riffing about how most men would prefer a pro in the sheets rather than a virgin, ala the played out 72 virgins type material.

“Hey we’re looking for folks to dump in the volcano, let me see you twerk sweetie” – Adam Carolla

“I get it; the volcano god doesn’t want a blowjob from a chick in braces…” – Adam Carolla


Neil explains the Kardashev scale and how we’re a 0 ranked civilization, Adam jokes about Neil being a motivational speaker and mocking his negativity about the human race and our meager energy accomplishments.

Neil is now arguing for the dinosaurs, explaining they were alive for longer before the meteor that took them out than they’ve been gone and how they would have interrupted our evolution had we coexisted.

Adam is now mixing up asteroid and meteor, Adam jokes about watching ‘Hard Knocks’ and a fella on the show who doesn’t believe in any of this.


Adam sets up a teaser question for Neil.


Draft Kings


Adam asks Neil where we would be if the dinosaurs had never gone extinct, Adam is going to blow Sonny’s mind with this factoid.

Neil is talking about his fears about other creatures outliving us, he brings up rats and how they only stay small due to our plumbing and pipes, he brings up his idea of rat museums dedicated to human history and BB jokes about rats who deny science and human history much like the climate change deniers of today.

Gina asks about aliens and the latest headline grabbing stories, could there be alien life etc.


Gina asks why humans presume other beings would need the same elements we need to survive; Neil cites a funny ‘New Yorker’ cartoon with an alien dying of thirst for ammonia.

Neil is now breaking down the most common elements in the universe and how we’re made up of the very same stuff in the same order, BB says we’re the basic bitches of the universe.

Neil shares how Jon Stewart called carbon “the slut of the periodic table” on his Star Talk Radio show before the TV program began.


Neil talks about nature making life as early as possible and they riff about lazy sci-fi and ‘Star Trek’, aliens all hot enough for Shatner to bang and Adam jokes about writing the hate mail to the show about the first interracial kiss on TV that Neil just brought up.

Neil now talks about the insane chasms in genetic variances on earth let alone in a system that consist of none our rules of science.

Adam brings up the scale of Dolph Lundgren (the greatest human) to Jellyfish and how if we can have that insane diversity here, what exists elsewhere is truly beyond comprehension.


They’re all singing the praises of Dolph, Neil brings up his advanced degrees and BB once again emphatically shouts about him being a Fulbright scholar.

Dolph famously appeared on the KLSX ACS on January 22nd 2008 and delivered one of his finest interviews of all time, revealing tons of great details about his life and impressive background and education.

Neil cites a scene from ‘The Expendables 2’ and Gina is amazed at how impressive Dolph is, Adam has a killer if Dolph was from Florida comparison for who he would be after saying Europeans are just better than us.


Adam asks why Neil couldn’t have taught in his high school after he tells him he summed up his point better than he could have attempted with the Dolph to Jellyfish scale.

Neil talks about the common ancestry among beings and life forms and how it can cause one to pause or think twice before eating a living being or cutting down a tree, Adam jokes about Neil polishing off a burger before he came in, from The Habit actually.

Adam brings up Neil’s role on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and he asks how he started his career, he shares his line about how the universe is his publicist and booking agent.


Neil says he comes up with some solid sentences, he tightly packages information and doesn’t dumb thigs down nor condescend.

Adam says that when they book shows they are looking for local and “puts out” when it comes to frequent guests.

Adam says booking agents have booking pride and they only put it aside when someone cancels, Adam says he used to do the same for ‘Politically Incorrect’ and now Neil is sharing how he came up with his first tweet that exemplifies his signature style.


Neil comments on the first tweet and the follow up about red lights that exploded even more, he says he just shares with people how different the world looks when you apply a scientific lens.

Neil has an NFL example of how physicians can be attached to topical things people care about, Adam teases one more question for Neil.

Adam brings up the man of science vs. man of faith argument and wants to know Neil’s stance on faith.


Life Lock

If you’re smart like Neil is, you should have Life Lock Edition


Neil now explains how many scientists are truly religious, is he citing ‘Evolution, monism, atheism and the naturalist world view” by Greg Graffin?

Neil is now going over the stats on religious scientists and he explains how they remove the parts of the bible that pertain to physical elements or the world, keeping only the spiritually fulfilling parts.

Neil is now sharing how people pick and choose the parts of faith they want to engage in, he has a killer belly of a tarantula line and Adam jokes about that being the worst dentist office waiting room.


Neil only accepts the label of scientist and begrudgingly will say he’s agnostic, he says he’s not anti religion and atheist now is defined as anti-religious.

Adam agrees with Neil and Neil cites all of his favorite things that pertain to faith and religious things, he talks about reading to his kids from genesis during Hurricane Sandy when the power went out.

Adam brings up his conversations with Dennis Prager about morality and Neil brings up the scary other side of the coin of Dennis’s argument that faith imbues people with morality they can’t otherwise possess.


Neil is now making a point about the punishment of god and Adam argues about repenting on a deathbed, he has a killer “stabbed a guy 41 years ago” example that Neil finds oddly specific.

Neil brings up the various dogma that controls people and how dangerous it can be; Adam invites him back any time he ever wants to return.

Adam further plugs his works and projects and wraps up the show, Adam gives out his own plugs and BB has a killer “Your mom’s titties” closing drop from the Mike August Italian dinner story segment of the show.


Adam has already proclaimed via tweet that this Neil was the best guest of the year, let’s see if that holds true come time for the Ace Awards 2016.

Solid episode, Adam may be correct! I’ve heard Neil on countless shows and he’s never come across quite like this, the perfect balance of his nature, sense of humor and casual educational encouragement.