Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/15/2015 – Jim Jefferies

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/15/2015 – Jim Jefferies

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jim Jefferies

Recorded 09-14-2015 – Release Date 09-15-2015

Production Number #1659

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Adam opens the show to a Greg Fitzsimmons #TopDrop, Adam is fresh from a 12hr flight and came straight from the airport, oh my god.

Jim is joining them for his 10th appearance on the podcast, he was first on ACS #84 (feat. Jim Jefferies) and then again on ACS #145 (feat. Jim Jefferies), ACS #237 Live from Brea (feat. Dana Gould, Andy Dick & Jim Jefferies), he came back again for ACS #486, ACS #816, ACS #991, ACS #1260 Jim Jefferies and Jacquelyn Byers, ACS #1402 Jim Jefferies, Brian Ray, and David Wild and on ACS #1494.

Adam teases some epic Mike August stories from the road, Adam talks about the sword of Damocles of a live show after a long day, Jim totally agrees and understands his pain.


Adam is talking about the experience of getting through customs and the mere 20min nap he got upon arriving at the hotel.

Adam is explaining that he and his itinerary were separated at LAX, he blames all of the pockets and folds in his backpack.

Adam says August took the itinerary unbeknownst to him and explains the customs experience after booze and jetlag haze.


Jim is in the mix and shares an anecdote, Adam found himself on all fours on the plane, looking around his seat like a madman.

Adam explains he was being asked a bunch of questions and was asked about his mates travelling with him, Adam is sharing his attempt to explain what he does to the customs agent.

Adam mentions Charles was with them and he asked whose itinerary he stole to get through customs, Adam is sharing his back and forth with August, Gary confirms it and now Adam is channeling his anger from the moment.


Adam says he was screaming at August, who said Adam told him he was supposed to come to the back of the plane.

BB and Jim are both in the mix, Adam was trying to get caught up on all of the bios of the guests for the podcast, and Jim says that Moe from the Simpsons was based on Rich Hall.

Gina is sarcastically responding that Adam must’ve got an apology, Gary shares his near heart attack reaction to the customs guy, Jim says that’s the British sense of humor.


Adam now says a 35min nap and he August supplied him with some 99 cent store beef jerky, Adam was hoping for Crave, Adam is now talking about the wild range of jerky and Jim is telling them about different jerky varieties, Adam has a self-serve yogurt shop that serves Jerky business idea.

Adam is talking about the Goodwood Festival and Jim is now weighing in, Adam has Gary pull up some pictures and explains everyone must don the appropriate garb to attend the event.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam vows to drive in the Goodwood festival next year, he’s trying to figure out the process and thinks he might have to buy a car and then leave it there.

Adam is now having Gary confirm what an insane event it is, Adam is describing the insane car value on the track and the 35 million dollar Ferrari GTO, Adam is talking about 20million dollar cars with duct tape after getting banged up on the track.

Adam is having Gary share some pictures, Adam says the show was great and the audience was wonderful!


Adam is giving out the Jim Jefferies plugs and tells people to check out his dates.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Christian, he thanks Adam for turning him onto ‘Go like Hell’ which is the base of Adam’s next documentary.

Adam is commenting on the interviews they were doing while at Goodwood, Adam also recommends ‘The Arsenal of Democracy’ and BB has a killer reaction about Adam’s sudden literacy.

He wants to know how to deal with the “I Told You So” moments with his wife, Adam is talking about not taking a shower since deplaning and how you can’t talk people out of these things.


Adam asks if everyone else presumed that time and date stamps now prevent people from lying and trying to “agree to disagree” and now Adam is bringing up the latest fantasy draft and how Mike August filmed it and tuned the camera from vertical to horizontal after beginning filming.


Adam says that when Dave Dameshek comes back in they’ll get into this even more, what?

Gary gets on the mic and says he was blamed for something, hmmm.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


2nd Caller Ben, he wants to know how Adam would compare and contrast the audiences in America vs. The UK.

Jim is now weighing in and Adam is bringing up a Mike August GPS mix-up while walking to the club, Adam shares Mike’s “yep, that’s right!” reaction to the phone leading them in the wrong direction.

Adam mentions the 9am departure from the house they were renting, Adam shares August’s “when it’s behind me” logic for forgetting trivial things, but Adam pointed out this wasn’t from the past, it was present day.


Jim shares an anecdote and now Adam is bringing up another Mike August faux pas, where he asked how Bruce McLaren died at Goodwood, hilarious reply from Adam.

Adam is now asking Gary about the international audience from the standup show, not Goodwood.

Adam says people without easy access to you appreciate you more, Gina shares how she flew all the way to NYC to see Jim at Carnegie Hall, she says the show was great!


Adam is asking Jim about knowing the difference between his performance and the crowd reaction show to show, a 10 vs. a 7.


3rd Caller Brian, he is asking them about the woman he dates who has a free apartment she doesn’t pay rent on, he wants to know if they should keep it.

Jim tells him to claim he’s a hoarder and Adam jokes about that making women super wet, Jim brings up the hoarding shows and Adam brings up the living off the land variants, the sustenance living shows.

Adam asks Jim about his overweight 75yr old mother, Jim thinks he might be able to live well past that if he just barely takes care of himself.


4th Caller David, he’s seeing Jim in Boston at the Wilbur, he’s doing 6 shows.

David wants to know why Adam moved out of his old house before he started this envelope house project, Adam says every couple years he needs a big car or construction project.

Adam is explaining his dilemma, David has a sarcastic poor people crying comment that Adam tops wonderfully, brilliant comedy!


Adam brings up his thought from the UK show about what kind of public transportation decimation the black people of London suffered, his “top of the bus” idea.

Jim has an explanation for it and now Adam wraps up the house talk, Jim shares that the new double decker busses in England are designed by a kid.

He tells them about New Zealanders as young as 10 being able to vote for their new flag design.


Adam is talking about picking a flag, once you pick it, it’s yours, no take backs.

Adam has a killer Union Jack line that ends with everyone laughing, Adam is now asking Gary for a swastika shaped rim.

Adam doesn’t get why countries don’t cherry pick the best elements of each government from across the globe.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus Live Read

Jim marvels at Dawson’s appearance vs. voice combo edition, hilarious!


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Hungarian woman who was caught on camera tripping refugees, Gina has a clip and Adam says it was a good move, Adam says there is nothing better than Mike Ditka taking a fan out back in the late 1960’s.

Adam is asking for Gary to pull up the clip of Ditka taking the dude out for rushing the field.

Adam says the best part is the announcers who have to act offended to streakers, funny streakers comments.


Adam is now back to the footage they just saw, he’s asking about her just helping the cop and says there is no better time to fall and hit the deck than 5 years old.

Adam is now talking about the moves she pulled, the 2nd one not so good.

They are now setting up the Ditka clip and Adam is talking about the argument of chasing after someone as a civilian, being a cop assistant.


Adam is now doing live commentary over the old footage, Adam says that Rosey Grier was also on the field and had a different reaction.

Adam is now setting up the ‘The Thing with Two Heads’ trailer.

Adam says that “there shooting at us” is the most unnecessary line of dialogue in any movie, Jim is commenting on the trailer.

Adam jokes about the white guy strapped to Rosey talking of his days on Broadway and being reduced to this.


2nd Story is an update on Kim Davis, Gina has all of the details of her return to work.

Jim is sharing his take and tells gay people being discriminated against to move away, Adam says all of the places with high gay populations are the best places on the earth.

Jim, Gina and Adam are further commenting, Adam says either have all gays flee Kentucky to escape Kim or all gays move to Kentucky and flush out the homophobes, funny idea.


3rd Story is on a Jet Blue passenger arrested after urinating on other passengers midflight, Adam is commenting on the story Drew told him about his college roommate who pissed on the record player thinking it was the toilet.

Adam shares a couple quick anecdotes, Gina shares the story of a girlfriend who has pissed in her suitcase twice.

Adam talks about the people who blackout with booze and how they lose parts of their memory, Adam is now talking about going to Tijuana and how they tasked Rudy with driving them back to San Diego, and his madness that ensued that evening.


4th Story is on a 13yr old boy being charged with assault for kissing a girl at school, Gina has the details on his assault charges.

Adam says we have jumped the shark on all of this stuff, Adam talks about all of the chicken fights in the pool and boob grabs of his youth and how today everyone would be a sex criminal.

Adam asks if we want to remove common sense from our society, Adam has a great point about there never being enough cops to make everyone do the right thing.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


5th Story is on Yoko Ono’s goal of creating the world’s largest sign, Adam has a killer “Yoko… Oh No!” explanation for her name, saying her original family name was Suzuki.

Adam has some brief funny accent work and brings up his pterodactyl Terry, a semi regular segment on the old KLSX morning show.

Adam is now having them play ‘Give Peace a Chance’ and says he was given a swath from some peace sheet and or AIDS quilt.

Never mentioned that before.


Adam wants Yoko to end, to stop.

Adam claims that whatever good John Lennon did was nullified by bringing Yoko into the public collective conscious, Gina wraps up the news, Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.