Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/15/2014 – Jimmy Dore

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/15/2014 – Jimmy Dore

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jimmy Dore

Recorded 09-14-2014 – Release Date 09-15-2014

Production Number #1410

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Adam opens the show complaining about the insane heat after an intro from Dawson and Lynch confirming that Adam’s dad birthday is the 14th of September.

BB says he hasn’t noticed the heat then places a Will Ferrell drop about it, clever.

Adam is citing his childhood of two-a-day practices for pop warner and how he just runs hotter, he cites Lynette and how she runs cold and her noise made about the ceiling fan making her forehead cold.


Adam is now ranting about Corona California, he has a nice ‘The Knack’ one liner and calls the place a scorched desert wasteland, it was 108 degrees in his car while taping ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Gary is pulling up a map of how far away and desolate the place is via Adam’s demand for a satellite view.

Adam is back to the house from the latest episode and getting confirmation on the heat, he mentions he was in Whittier all day today, he wants to know the appropriate agro scale for this, where they would be.

Adam is now setting up a “10 pubes plucked” hair removal scale, he is telling them about Sonny and the trip to the race this weekend.


Adam says it’s on a naval base and he was offered by the man in charge of the historic to come drop off the laminates for him and Sonny.

Adam is explaining how he was too busy to have the guy come by any time before 6pm, Adam is bringing up his depression of the day from feeling for the homeowners in addition to the heat.

Adam is now bringing up the scene from ‘Con Air’ with Steve Buscemi and the little girl in the pool, Adam is bringing up his family spending the day chilling in the nice house that he never gets to spend time in, he wishes he made enough to enjoy the home his family gets the privilege to live in.


Adam is bringing up his desire for a quick nap before the official stopped by with the laminates and documents for the race.

Adam gave Lynette a heads up about the guy before he took his nap, he woke up 25min later and missed the guy, and he rang the gate the second that Adam put his head down.

Adam explains that Lynette told him that he didn’t leave anything, Adam is sharing his series of follow up questions for Lynette, she brings up his signature and how he showed up as soon as Adam went to bed.


Adam is now exasperated describing the guy taking off without leaving any of the forms, Adam is doing the same amount of laps he did with Lynette and gives a nice “first off” about not throwing Samurai Swords at her head and telling her to fuck off for waking him.

Adam is back at how this always happens to him “I didn’t know what you wanted” and he is now sharing his typical response about them asking him, this is him being treated like a tyrant that he doesn’t feel he is but someone people paint him as being for his very minor requests for help to support them.

Adam wanted to cry, he wasn’t mad at Lynette but blames himself for pacing for 45min then passing out, Alison pulls all of her pubes out if she was in Adam’s shoes, BB says it’s a “9 pube’r” and Adam brings up the 500k contract with Telepictures that was signed by his assistant on every page.


Adam is now back to the insurance company and the requirement for his signature to be witnessed and BB brings up the power of attorney his wife had when he was under heavy treatment.

Adam is bringing up the good news and how his sister in law can bring the papers by on Monday night, he makes note about him not being able to witness it and moves on, and he says that Lynette wasn’t that invested in his case (this one).

Adam says he was beat on a technicality and now shares how his wife being good to him, led him to this and he says there is no meteor heading toward the earth, there will be another lap on this, it will have to be rescheduled.


Alison cites the book ‘Stop You’re Driving Me Crazy’ and the concept, Adam is now back to the scene with Lynette, he wants to know about her not thinking about the down the road consequences.

Adam is doing a live read for Go to Meeting.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Zultan, he is calling because he can’t figure out Adam’s tastes, in particular the 1980’s music he does and doesn’t like, Adam now argues about the point Zultan made about Adam’s like for Phil Collins, Adam praises ‘Genesis’ and clarifies his take on Phil’s nursery rhymes that he calls songs.

Adam is now demanding that Zultan name a song that Adam likes that Adam hates, Adam praises the song he brings up ‘Paper Late’ and he says he’s indifferent, Adam is now bringing up how ‘Paper Plate’ was probably sung by many ignorant Americans, he explains the meaning as they play a snippet.

Zultan asks Adam about ‘Men At Work’ and the song ‘A Land Down Under’ and BB calls it lightweight, Dawson praises ‘It’s a Mistake’ and now Zultan brings up ‘Falco’ and their hit ‘Der Commissar’ and he mocks the “rode all night” John Mellencamp stuff.


Adam gives the song 3 pubes, he gives ‘Falco’ creative points and Dawson calls it one of the greatest things to come out of the 80’s.

Adam is bringing up ‘Warm Leatherette’ and BB has a knowing grunt, it was a staple of the Adam Carolla Show that aired on KLSX.

Adam is now playing the song ‘People Who Died’ and Adam says that’s what you do when you don’t have talent, BB is offering up a mild defense and Adam is now bringing up the punk movement and the “I fucking hate you guitar” aesthetic of bands like ‘The Sex Pistols’ and reacting to the song’s lyrics.


Alison references ‘Romeo Void’ and Adam agrees with her comparison, Adam is now mocking the lyrics and the idea of being killed by other bikers, not the ones you ratted out.

Adam is now asking about Jim Carroll and how a session guy could have been playing the guitar, Adam is now saying this isn’t a good song, its novel, he’s fine with novel, even in comedy, the Steven Wright’s of the world.

Adam is now sharing that Jim Carroll only sung, he didn’t play the guitar and Alison brings up ‘The basketball Diaries’ and Dawson shares some details about the deaths in the song, Adam then references the lyric about overdosing on Drano on a wedding night.


Zultan brings up ‘Man-eater’ and Adam shuts it down.


2nd Caller Andy, he wants to tell Adam about his life it seems, his phone went from great to the sound of a soup can.

Adam says this happens with Mike August all of the time, he then puts in the earpiece and Adam mocks the idea of him not doing it sooner, employ the answer!

Andy is in the garage and wants to know Adam’s advice about getting a new job, he says he doesn’t fit in where he lives in Utah.


Adam has a great “well you’re wrong” reply for Andy and his lot in life, he feels like he should be an operator, not a manager and wants away from the politics of the office.

Adam is saying he thinks he can take a demotion and go back, Andy says he can’t get back in the backhoe due to the federal regulations.

BB is now bringing up Adam’s logic and how change is almost always good, literally change, proactive or not, change is good.


Adam is now sharing his take on the changes in society over the past 100 years and what it means to have a good life then vs. now, funny slave abuse comedy.

Adam is further discussing people taking pride in their work and skills in bygone eras, people now all feel like there is something better out there for them, some life unlived waiting for them to tap into it via the right moves and choices.

Adam mocks rooftop parties in commercial messages, Adam says be satisfied in what you do and tells parents to take pride in their job, it is a job, being a homemaker, raising kids, some sexist huh internet morons?


Adam is now sharing how the message of being a star and what’s out there for you, it might be in your kid’s bedroom, your garage or any other simple thing or place.

Adam has a solid ‘That Girl’ reference and Adam tells Andy to be a better father, a better parent to his kids.

Adam is getting to the monetary and personal sacrifice of being a parent, the more you are into yourself, the worse parent you are, selfish = bad parent.


Adam is now going through some examples of self-absorption and how miserable the kids are of those people.

Adam wraps up the call with some more wisdom.


3rd Caller Jason Dix, Adam asks what’s up with animators, making note of his similarities in speech and wackiness to the great Michael Narren.

Jason wants Adam’s take on the Tony Stewart race that resulted in a death, Adam is now giving his take and how uncertain he is of what happened.

Adam is going in depth on the danger of leaving your car while a race is ongoing, regardless of the proximity of other cars or the track, don’t leave your car.


Adam is saying that most of these tragedies start with something minor and tells Gary he could try and find the video instead of what else he’s trying to do that Adam is reacting to, telling him that Jimmy Dore is there?

Adam and the gang are now watching the video, I think Alison is seeing it for the first time.

Adam is now sharing his take on what happened, he thinks Tony may have been sending a little “Chin Music” to dust him off the plate, not to kill him with a ball to the orbital socket.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read

They’re heading to break.

A plug for my podcast Classic Loveline is played.


They’re back form break, they’re holding the Baldywood until tomorrow.

Jimmy Dore is now making his ACS debut and Adam plugs his latest podcast that hails from the ashes of ‘Comedy and Everything Else’ and says he hasn’t seen Adam since Montreal.

Jimmy is now sharing the premise of his book and how he feels about his status in a family of 12 kids, Jimmy says he was the last kid born, his mother adopted one more after him.


Jimmy is sharing some funny insights about his family and parents after shutting Alison down and kind of dismissing her question.

Adam and Jimmy are now bonding over the blue collar roots Jimmy hales from, Adam brings up his own experiences with those guys, Adam brings up the “set for life” proclamations about the guys who got injured on job sights, how it was looked at like winning the lottery.

Jimmy is back to his own antenna for people not being that into him, he shares how the government isn’t that into the American people.


Jimmy is calling Obama a republican and the corporate class, Adam brings up his own feelings about politics and candidates from both major parties, you can’t tell the difference between Stoli and Grey Goose.

Adam says you wouldn’t know who was running the country if you were kept unaware for several years.


Jimmy is bringing up the estate tax and how his brother is worried about that despite making only 50k per year.

Adam is now bringing up the “Rich Man Poor Man” concept he loves, citing the people with 4 cars.

Jimmy is now bringing up the way that people are angry at poor people on welfare, Jimmy is riffing and Adam is now giving his take on welfare as a product of that system, Adam jokes about scamming the system.


Adam is telling Jimmy, a shocked Jimmy about living poor, he explains his roots, how his grandma bought a 10k house and let his screwed up mother squat in the 2nd house.

Adam is now sharing how his mother reacted to welfare and food stamps, he’s being very insightful, you need less money than you think to survive, he’s citing his horrific upbringing and how he didn’t know any different and was able to survive.

Adam brings up the free lunch program, he thinks it stifled his mom and he’s carefully explaining this to Jimmy, he’s agreeing and going along with it.


Adam is sharing why he doesn’t like the school lunch programs, not because he doesn’t like kids, he wants parents to take care of their kids, to do the work.

Adam is bringing up how giving people just enough to get by is helpful, Adam thinks his mom getting welfare hurt her and fucked her up, a methadone drip of cash that stifled her life.

Adam is reacting to Jimmy’s comments about the experiment not going into effect, Adam clarifies that it did, he got by.


Jimmy is bringing up his catholic upbringing and has a weird “there’s a joke for you Adam” that makes no sense, were they talking off air about his type of comedy?

Jimmy is now sharing his take on college vs. experience for working in entertainment.

Jimmy is now back to the politics of his book, Adam is now addressing the “was this always going on” ide and way of thinking about the corporate influx in our politics.


Jimmy is now mocking Rupert Murdoch and his ownership of almost all media, he’s now breaking it down to idiot terms for people listening, a little condescending.

Jimmy is now bringing up Andy Cohen and his one foot in politics, about gay marriage then steps out of the conversation, Jimmy is now saying that he political by existing and working his job, Jimmy wants everyone to be invested in politics always, not when it’s convenient for your pet project and issue.

Adam is now bringing it back to the book and giving a plug.

Alison is now asking why he’s bugged by people claiming not to be political, she cites women who turn their noses up at feminism as they’re ignorant of its true tenants and how it’s inherently their cause even though they reject it.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.


Alison’s News

1st Story is a Happy Birthday to Bald Bryan, the day after Adam’s dads and BB says he doesn’t make a big deal out of his birthday.

Adam brings up how he talked to his dad and shares his own take on celebrating birthdays, Jimmy is in the mix and Adam is sharing how his adult life is him telling people how non important these parties and birthdays are.

Adam is now getting into the “what are you doing here?” reaction when he shows up at events that other adults pressure him into attending under the guise that people are counting on him, Alison has a knowing Tiramisu reference.


Jimmy is sharing his take on wanting his parents around, he cites his little league days and his parents being in attendance, he didn’t want it.

Adam cites the glow from the lights while he was playing all central valley and his dad was too preoccupied in his own living room, too busy to attend.

Jimmy thinks he’s found the crux of Adam’s angst, Adam explains that his dad went to only 2 games, Adam was used to the neglect and not bothered by it.


Jimmy references his mom seeing him live doing standup, his dad had some critiques too, Adam is also now pissed about his parents not participating.

Adam is asking for his Gary to do the math for him on the distance for the ‘Tonight Show’ studio to his mom’s house.

Adam didn’t want them at any events, he doesn’t get why it’s so crucial for him to be around, and it was 3.4 miles, less than his 4 mile estimate.


Jimmy cites the parents who were too vocal while cheering for their kids, Adam references the parents with buttons and BB brings up the homemade T-shirts he saw recently.


2nd Story Is on the meme of the Cover girl model with a black eye, Adam and Jimmy are reacting to the campaign.

Jimmy brings up the tail hook hazing and how hired killers might blow off steam in crazy ways, he doesn’t condone it but this is to be expected and not some outrage.

Adam is now back to the idea of not losing sight of the person who perpetrated the crime, instead of looking around for Roger Goodell to take the blame, Adam says the punch out in the elevator is an “impulse buy” and not something you can stop, you should try!


Adam says that by firing him you won’t change a thing, Jimmy is now giving his similar take and Alison wants to know about the board that Roger has to answer to and Adam brings up the realities of concussed young men raised in gang infested areas without fathers and how hard it can be to flip the switch from their upbringing to their new lives in the spotlight.

Adam is now bringing up Aaron Hernandez and how if 22 million can’t stop you from shooting people, nothing can.

Adam now plays the Deacon Jones “Head slap” clip for Jimmy to prove this isn’t new, this is something that has been with the league since Deacon’s era.


Adam is predicting that the 1970’s ‘Raiders’ were doing a lot of this stuff, Adam cites his own history and how he can’t hit a woman, even after being punched by them.

Adam says that for the few men that do have the capabilities to punch women, it’s going to be difficult to stop them in the moment.

Adam is slightly offended by the “big problem with men” and how he’s never known anyone who hits women, the idea that we need to correct the behavior of men is very insulting.

Jimmy jokes about trying to punch a meter maid, Alison agrees with Adam.

Alison wraps the news


Adam is now doing a live read for

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, he nails the name Kulap for Alison’s plug.




3rd Story