Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/14/2015 – Live in London: Rich Hall and The Zombies’ Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/14/2015 – Live in London: Rich Hall and The Zombies’ Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone

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Guest Live in London: Rich Hall and The Zombies’ Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone

Recorded 09-10-2015 – Release Date 09-14-2015

Production Number #1658

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Adam opens the first and so far only show from Europe to some enthusiastic fans, Adam explains they landed just two hours prior and he describes the 127 degrees in Los Angeles and how nice it is in London in comparison.

Adam is mocking the way they give weather reports in California, how they start with the lowest temps in Malibu before going to the pit of hell he lives and works in.

Adam is praising the European maturity and ability for adults to act like adults re: public drinking, the same observation he first had upon visiting in the early 2000’s he went a couple times for Goodwood and travelled around a bit, as he told back on Classic Loveline.


“England where and adult gets to be a fucking adults” – Adam

Adam talks about circumnavigating the city and doing a few laps of Heathrow upon arrival, Adam is now riffing about his fear of drinking in public or taking drinks outside to blow a fag, hilarious!

Adam says it’s awesome that they’re trusted to be adults, Adam is now asking about the Heathrow men’s room with full stall doors, protecting privacy.


Adam is joking about shitting not being a spectator’s sport, hilarious scat porn director line that leads to a funny Japanese cultural extremes example.

Adam brings up the missing dividers at the airport urinals and wants to know which is it, Adam mentions Rich Hall and talks about trying to eat and drink his money back out of his 1st class ticket.

Adam is now thanking England for the music he loves and bitching at them for the music that pisses him off, which leads to David Beckham getting paid millions per goal when he came over to the U.S.


Adam talks about his cock losing weighing inside of Posh Spice, hilarious carrot line.

Adam is now riffing about Coors lite and is telling them about going to the Coors brewery and the fresh rocky mountain water and St. Louis municipal water.

Adam is now listing some cars he thanks them for and cars he hates them for.

Q and Ace

1st Q Dale Winston, the audience loses their shit at this point.

Adam brings up Lyndsey/Katlyn and the lack of terms for corpses that wash up on the beach in England.

Dale wants to know if Adam thinks ‘Top Gear’ is worth 160 million and wants to know if Adam would “present” and Adam is now talking about doing the US version in 2008 that never aired.

Adam is talking about Jeremy Clarkson and his love of smoking, he’s now commenting on the producer incident and riffs about the importance of punching people for solving interpersonal and even global conflicts.

Adam is talking about grade 4 vs. 4th grade and asks them if they want to be lumped in with the Canadians or with the winners.


2nd Q Edgar, he wants to know the important less he’s learned since becoming successful that he didn’t know before, Adam says he didn’t know it would make him miserable, he complains about taxes.

Adam is now asking the audience about their version of Uncle Sam and asks if they agree that our president should be forced to dress up in the outfit.

Adam is talking about Donald Trump ripping of Margaret Thatcher’s hair and says she should have copyrighted it.


Adam talks about not being able to bribe cops and the other negatives of being rich in the modern era.

Adam welcomes Rich Hall to the stage, Adam is now trying to give out Rich’s plugs and he asks him what made him decide to move to the UK 20 years ago.

Rich mentions the racist morning zoo appearances required for American road comics.

Rich is telling Adam about all of the reasons he decided to leave and now Adam is on the cunt topic thanks to Rich.


Adam is now asking the audience about using the C bomb and how they overuse it vs. how we save it like a derringer in our boot.

Adam wants to know how “fanny” is a bad word and jokes about them having a Gatling gun and banana clip of cunts but being offended by the 1 ½ that is “fanny” in comparison to cunt.

Adam is crushing this riff, hilarious!


Adam is now asking Rich about spending half of the time in Montana and the UK, Adam mocks Rich’s eyebrows and the show derails a bit.


Adam is now riffing about the eye of the tiger and now Adam is talking about the comedians they know who are more into comedy because they’re lazy then a love of the art.

Rich and Adam are now riffing about booze and drinks, Adam is talking about people in the states who drink and act like it’s the first time they’ve been drunk.

Adam talks about trying to get Mangria to the UK and how he can’t even get it to Indiana let alone across the Atlantic.


Adam is talking about the graffiti in Los Angeles and Adam jokes about praying the guy who is doing the dangerous work lands on his hood, Adam has a killer Mexican line that nobody responds to.

Adam asks Rich about his marriage and Adam jokes about being too lazy to get divorced and says going strong is just a presumption for long running marriages.

Rich has some funny lines and Adam is telling him he should work for Hallmark as he talks about his marriage and his version of sentiment.


Adam jokes about blinking to make his twins age in the blink of an eye, in an attempt to make the saying literal.

Adam is joking about bucket of jizz and Rich is in the mix, he’s hilarious too!

Adam is asking Rich about his kids and says his own kids were completely useless for moving at age 9, funny reaction form Rich and the crowd, Rich is enhancing this intentionally and making it funnier, nice back and forth.


Adam is riffing about his dad being fine with taking all of the family allotment of college diplomas for himself while Adam went to dig ditches.

The audience continues to pepper in some stuff, Adam is sharing how he reacted to finding out that America ripped of ‘Threes company’ and how he felt betrayed for beating off to some imported idea.

Adam is now asking Rich about ‘The Zombies’ and they’re getting into their musical tastes, Adam asks the crowd about their tastes and mentions his own personal lack of appreciation for jam bands.

Adam is talking about interviewing ‘Blur’ on Loveline in 1997 and how they were drunk the whole time, he says they just chose that name as it sounds good when you’re hammered with a British accent.

CLL #384 – 03/19/1997 – Wednesday Night Show – Guest: Blur

Adam says fuck Chumbawamba who also guested in 1997.

CLL #547 – 11-03-1997 – Monday Night Show – Guest Chumbawamba

Adam is trying to bring the band out, they are being told there is an intermission coming up.


3rd Q Shaylin, whatever happened to Lynette’s spa and Dr. Bruce’s fancy laser.

Adam is talking about combining the cunt bomb and the failed spa for one angry speech down the road, to really give it to her.

Adam is talking about the promise of lasers that didn’t really pay off for medical intervention, Adam is talking about cosigning for the laser and losing 50k or 100k.


Adam brings up his former ditzy blonde assistant he wasn’t fucking who was less than helpful with the laser arm sitting under her desk.

Adam has a funny back and forth with Rich, who looks like he could use another lukewarm bottle of water.

They head to an intermission.


They’re back from intermission, Adam says backstage they had a continuation of the “Cunt” conversation, Adam welcomes Rich and The Zombies back to the stage.

Adam wants to hear some of their music and talks about how much he loves how ahead of their time their sound was, Adam has some funny commentary over their lyrics.

Rod and Colin are on stage and telling Adam about using the name The Zombies despite their musical style not really matching the name.


Adam is now going over the band’s history a little more, Rich seems to have his mic down and Adam jokes about bands not being able to sustain such close proximity to each other and the feuds that develop.

Adam jokes about going on tour with Rich and how after an extended period of time the bloom would be off the rose for Adam and Rich might think slightly less of Adam too, mocking the obvious tension or unspoken critiques of Adam’s humor and abilities that Adam presumes Rich feels based on his body language and funny but stinging sarcastic one liners.

Adam is asking them about their band’s temperament and talks about Rod Stewart devolving through the disco era, he wants to know why they never went punk.


Adam has a killer riff about mods and scooters with giant mirrors slowing them down, the guys from the band are chiming in again.

Adam is asking them when they first experienced billboard success.

Adam has a funny “Elvis’s land” riff and asks them if they ever got to meet Elvis, Adam has a killer “claim your corpse” comment and now Rich shares a Bruce Springsteen story, Adam has a funny “Your boss is here Elvis” line in reply.


Adam jokes about the Elvis movies and how they’re all basically the same thing, pomade, hot blonde, he punches a dude.

Adam is joking about The Zombies in Memphis visiting Elvis, this is great.

Adam is talking about “casing the joint” and wants to know about bands they opened for or who opened for them that became huge.

They talk about the band KISS and Adam is telling them about the KISS casket they sell and the Gene Simmons trophy room he hung out in while taping ‘Take a Knee’.


Adam is now asking if they should hear something from the band and asks them again about being together for 50+ years and wants to know how they don’t hate each others guts.

Adam asks what they did with the black folk on busses in the 1950’s, did they ride on top of the bus?

The band share an anecdote of the time and Adam is invested and has a killer “troop transporter” line while they talk about ‘The Velvelettes’ and Adam mentions some other contemporaries of theirs.


The band are sharing another anecdote and Adam brings up KISS again, he’s now asking them about crowd funding their latest record.

Adam talks about ‘Verve’ and ‘The Verve Pipe’ and how crazy we were about the Verve in the 90’s in America.

Adam is sharing his distaste for robot music and what he likes about beautiful women sans plastic surgery, even small flaws make them more attractive than seemingly perfect fake boob chicks.


Adam is bringing Rich back into the mix and now Adam is riffing about sampling other comedians comedy bits and now They’re listening to some of ‘The Zombies’ playing live on their new album.

Adam is sharing his love for ‘Steely Dan’ and Rich tells Adam they were the best live show he ever saw, he then gets in a dig about never being looked in the eye while on stage, unaware of Adam’s lack of eye contact preference.

Adam is now going over ‘Steely Dan’ and mentions Graham Parker, Rich says this stuff sounds nothing like ‘Steely Dan’ and Adam is trying to describe what he picked up on.


They’re further listening to music and now Rich is sharing a deep cut with Adam, Adam gives out the plugs for the band, they have another music bed that Adam requested.

Adam is now telling Rich to hold on as the band weigh in on the track to say if it is similar like Adam was saying.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam has a great one liner as the crowd reacts strongly to the notion of American Football.

Adam thanks the guests and the crowd and wraps up the show, very solid 1st outing.

I hope they finally due Australia, even if just for Superfan and caller Herbert.