Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/14/2012 – Andy Kindler

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/14/2012 – Andy Kindler

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/08/2012 – Release Date 09/14/2012

Andy Kindler, Live from the John Lovitz Comedy Club

Andy Kindler making his 2nd appearance on the ACS, his first visit was right after the podcast switched formats. Episode #9 of the ACS which originally aired on 06/11/2010, you can hear that episode by signing up for the official archive.

Adam is starting the show Live from the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club/Podcast Theater, Alison was using the bathroom as they started the show and Adam wants to know if it’s harder for a man or a woman to interrupt the flow of urine. Andy is chiming in that this is his first live podcast experience and has some comments about the peeing.

Adam is riffing on his wife going on the road to follow Bruce Springsteen, he’s recounting when he returned home from the Ontario improv while she was out of town that he walked in on a couple puddles of his dog Molly’s diarrhea.

Adam is now asking Andy about his annual “State of the Industry Address” he does and how it pisses people off, Andy agrees that is does piss people off and Adam is actually quoting lines from it. Adam is recalling how Andy pissed off Daniel Kellison by ripping on “The Man Show” a few years back, Andy is explaining it and going in depth on the people he’s pissed off.

Adam was shooting a documentary the other day and he was thinking about why it is that some people want to know everything that is said about them, Alison chimes in with some personal anecdotes. Andy is explaining he hates confrontation and is attempting to say these things without having the people find out.

Adam is now recounting his most recent trip to “Modelcuts” in Studio City for a haircut, he ran into “one of the guys he’s most fascinated with” he’s now describing a Danny Bonaduce’esque “douchebag biker guy” in his 50’s and he gets Ray to chime in from the audience to further make his point. Adam is making a larger point using women getting tramp stamps at 22 and not caring how it looks at 50 as a metaphor for how nobody is planning for the future and we’re all doomed.


Audience Questions, 1st question from Kimberli, she wants to know if Adam could be a woman for a day the first thing he would do, Adam’s replies are all hilarious! Adam is recalling seeing an F1 race where it took 2.8 seconds for all 4 tires to be changed during a pit stop and how that was considered slow. Adam is going further in depth on what he would do, Alison and Andy are joining in with some assists and making it even more hilarious.

2nd question, Joey wants to know what Adam’s worst “fear scenario” would be, Joey gives his example and Adam mocks him first for trying to give his example. Adam gives an example and is now riffing on his “Vitamix” style blender and the lack of multiple speed options that the lower end consumer models have. Adam is now riffing on restaurant supply stores, Andy is jumping in and they’re talking about all the items sold there.

Andy is giving his examples for situations he fears and Adam is weighing in and getting him to further expand his thoughts, they’re now breaking down all the talent shows on TV. They’ve now segued into school talent shows and field trips, Adam is recounting the field trips he went on. Adam is now creating a “minimum wage” scared straight program based off his field trip to McDonald’s.

3rd question, Ray wants to smoke weed with Adam. Adam wants to know the obsession of stoners wanting to get high with everyone else, he’s now riffing on being a car guy and liking wood working, he’s making analogies out of both for the pot smoking topic.

4th question Dan, He thinks he’s heard Adam say he has ADHD, Adam corrects him that he has “hyper vigilance” and he’s explaining how his wife thinks he has “aspergers” and how she tries to get other people to jump on the bandwagon. Dan wants Adam’s take on ADHD, now Ace is launching into his opinion on all of these conditions people now have, Andy jumps in with a great one liner. Adam is now ranting on people who won’t turn right on red lights when it’s legal.


Alison’s News, Adam is explaining he was considering locking Molly out of the house tonight so she couldn’t shit up the place, but he decided against it after thinking back on the time she almost drowned in the pool, he makes a killer joke I won’t spoil. Adam is now riffing on Molly’s dog food and the expensive kibble she won’t eat.

Alison’s top story, Oreo cookies have released a limited edition candy corn flavor. Adam and Andy are riffing on who would want to eat these and Adam is going off on Oreos in general, candy corn, nerds and now grape nuts cereal, Alison is really adding to the topic. Adam is now talking about churro cereal he saw in the store and his plan for people who buy it.

Alison’s 2nd story is about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream suing Ben and Cherry’s porn company, Adam is now exploring a hypothetical situation with Andy, great concept I won’t spoil and even greater quotes from Adam. Adam is now explaining that new porn no longer has to be produced, that there is enough unique footage that you couldn’t run out of new/fresh porn in an entire lifetime.

Alison’s 3rd story is about a murderer in prison who is going to get a sex change financed by the state, Alison fumbles on the explanation and they all riff on her misspeaking. Adam is going off on his take and what he will do when he’s in charge, great “Cool Hand Luke” riff! Adam is now going off on “Richard Speck” and the comparisons to what this guy is doing.

Alison’s 4th story is on how listening to people who complain is bad for your brain and can make you dumb.

Alison’s 5th story is about a guy who faked his own death in order to create a super elaborate proposal for his girlfriend, Alison is reading the quotes from the guy explaining why he did this. Adam is now talking about his stripper ex girlfriend who was studying to be a practical make up effects artist and how she created a giant bloody gash in her leg and fooled Adam with it.

Alison’s 6th story is about body language myths, she just revealed when she was on “Red Eye” they had her pretend to be their own personal body language expert and she would get requests from other shows. Adam is now riffing on how he always stands with his arms crossed and was doing it while visiting his dad today and thought people might perceive him as pissed off.

Adam is now explaining how he would self censor after 10yrs of Loveline, and Bryan reminds him that he used to reach for an imaginary hold button when people would bore him in conversations, he just made a call back to the 2nd audience question. Alison wraps the news.


Adam is now asking if it’s extra hot in the room and if anyone else is noticing, he wants to know if the AC is “on the fritz” he is now pondering the origin of the phrase. Alison just revealed fritz was the name of her first gynecologist and has a great anecdote with some funny quotes, Adam is getting her to elaborate and is blown away by her experience and has some hilarious quotes.

Alison is now further explaining how her parents intervened by requesting her gynecologist to speak to her about the risks of sex, Adam has a great in character riff as Dr. Fritz and is further giving his take on her experience.

Adam is now sharing the story of  the one time he had a prostate exam and how the guy made a crack about Adam knowing the procedure, Andy is jumping in with a Jay Leno impression, Adam is doing a live read and wrapping the show.