Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/13/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 272

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/13/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 272

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-08-2015 – Release Date 09-13-2015

Production Number #272 – Beta Died A Horrible Death

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Drew is back with Jim Jefferies filling in again, Drew and Jim are immediately talking about backing the wrong technological horse and go all the way back to Betamax technology.

Jim is talking about travelling to Japan and Drew is asking him about getting around in the city, Jim shares the horror story of trying to find his hotel.

Jim is sharing how a guy came up and practiced his English on him, hilarious!


Jim is talking about trying to order food while in Japan and how different is from being in other countries and Jim talks about the guys who packs people in the subway with large sticks.

Drew and Jim are talking about standup specials and Netflix regions.

Jim talks about the 3 months after recording a special and how it feels to have that deadline.


Jim is talking about drinking without getting drunk, Jim and Drew talk about it being “hard to stop” and Drew is asking Jim about being on the road.

Jim is telling them about getting 100 AUD to perform in Perth, he was so excited to spend 12hrs in the car driving to the gig with the older comics.

Drew is praising the last episode of the last season of ‘Louie’ and now Jim is talking about the convenience of transportation in London.


Drew is telling Jim about doing the east coast live shows with Adam and how Mike August did a U Turn on a freeway and almost killed all of them.

Gary is commenting on how he’s leaving in 8hrs to go to London with August and Adam for the Goodwood festival and the live show.

Jim is telling them about taking a tour bus across the country for gigs and describes what life was like with his girlfriend and kid along for the ride.


Jim comments on the weird location he’s attending for the gig, Gary is giving more information and Jim tells him what they should do while in London.

Drew is sharing the story of the last time he was in London.


Jim talks about performing at a venue before Taylor Swift and the no swearing rule for shows, he says the mics were shut off at 10pm.

Jim and Drew are talking about the room and its role in public speaking, Jim shares some rules about standup and venues, Drew knows from experience as well.

Drew is explaining how he has interactions with the audience and Jim has a “if a person is going to be a jerk” rule for people sitting in the front row.


Drew is doing an Onnit Live Read

Drew asks Jim if he’s ever done Joe Rogan’s podcast, Adam is talking about the damage done from hallucinogenic drugs, once again saying mushrooms are not the one you see the bad results from.

Jim is talking about doing mushrooms in Venice, he comments on the beautiful scenario of homeless people and food trucks.


1st Caller Chris, his mother heard that his girlfriend had married a guy and took him for his money. Chris has the reality of the situation and Jim is now making a point about stealing vs. divorce settlements.

Jim asks who gives a fuck and Drew says that Chris is 25 and shouldn’t care at this point, Drew brings up the recent controversy with cops and #BlackLivesMatter and everything going on in the news.

Jim brings up the role that an armed population plays in the violence from law enforcement, Drew has some practical advice for Chris and they move on.


2nd Caller Patrick, he wants to know about finding a relationship on Tinder, Drew doesn’t know why this celebrity only version isn’t a huge scandal.

Jim comments on the single people on Tinder and is now asking a hypothetical question about ending your tinder account when entering into a relationship.

Jim offers up how long you must go before your phone is clean/safe from exes or old hook ups.


Drew is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read


Adam is asking Jim for his take on Bill Cosby, Jim defends rape jokes and makes a point about film getting away with jokes that standups supposedly can’t do.

Drew is getting some real world stats on political correctness among different cultures, Jim says Americans like being picked on the least.

Jim has a point about freedoms and Drew is commenting on the religion and god topics that come up almost constantly in American politics.


Jim is commenting on belief in god among former presidents and now Drew and Jim are commenting on Trump running for President.


3rd Caller Lisa, she’s in recovery from prescription pills and now feels a lack of motivation while in treatment for her bipolar disorder.

Drew and Jim are asking some great follow up questions about her treatment and diagnosis.

Drew comments on Jim sighing during his lengthy and in depth advice for Lisa, they talk about him yawning and it not being a comment on the discussion.

Jim and Drew are talking about the ants that have infested the studio, Jim is now sharing some anecdotes about bugs and his upbringing and his life with his girlfriend today.


Drew brings up Jim’s love of musical theater, he asks if he would like to go back to singing and Drew suggests he hook up with Seth MacFarlane, Jim likes original concepts for musicals and Drew closes out the show asking Jim to promise to take him out for the next musical they see.

Drew is complimenting ‘Porgy and Bess’ and Jim says that Hugh Jackman in ‘The Music Man’ was the best musical performance he ever saw.

Drew has a closing comment about genius booker Gary who will take in account advice and suggestions from the audience, Drew finally closes out the show for real and thanks Jim for guest hosting.