Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/13/2013 – Katrina Campins, Dr. Bruce, and Tyler Balliet

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/13/2013 – Katrina Campins, Dr. Bruce, and Tyler Balliet

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS



Guest Katrina Campins, Dr. Bruce, and Tyler Balliet

Recorded 09-12-2013 – Release Date 09-13-2013

Production Number #1163

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Adam opens the show with a nice? Compliment for Alison and BB has a medium #TopDrop.

Dr. Spazz aka “Good Lenses Bad Frames” is joining the show for at least his 21st visit, Alison has some kind words for Adam’s voluminous hair and he’s explaining why it’s so full today.

Adam is bringing up Robert Wagner and his lush locks, apparently Adam was being filmed with him and had to maintain hair prowess, and Adam has killer “Hart to Hart” reference.


Adam is explaining that Robert was in the film “Winning” with Paul Newman, it ultimately led to Paul getting into racing and Robert was at the studio earlier in the day to record an interview for the documentary about Paul Newman’s racing career.

Adam has a nice description of their mutual race history because of that movie and he says that Robert was very sharp and is crediting his good genes and looks.

Alison claims to be getting turned on by an 83yr old just based on Adam’s words, Adam is now further waxing poetic on his good genes.


Adam is now contrasting Bryan’s baldness genes to contrast the arguments for and against a genetic hand, Alison is asking BB about his teenage hair loss.

BB is now telling them about his “what can you do” response to his options as a teenage bald dude and how it echoes his reaction to cancer and even his gall bladder surgery of the early 00’s.

Adam is bringing up the Dow Corning lawsuits and how they were frivolous and not based on science and Alison has an interesting point about the horror of something inside your body being recalled.


Tyler from Wine Riot is now on the line to tell Adam about the upcoming event in NYC, the Chicago event was off the charts insane and fun, reports from Boston and San Francisco were equally epic.

Adam is now giving his theory on drinking events and the Kentucky Derby being an excuse for alcoholics to indulge without judgment.

Adam is asking Tyler about his history with these events and Adam is bringing up Mangria’s representation in each city.

Adam and BB are explaining “Ox Blood” wine to Alison and BB has an interesting observation on the self-hazing aspects to many ethnic/regional alcoholic beverages.

Adam is bringing up a trek to Pink berry with Sonny to make a point about his nature and lack of interest in extravagance or indulgence involving food choices.


Adam is riffing up a storm about his internal reaction to Sonny’s “meh” to the idea of Frozen Yogurt, Adam tried multiple laps trying to figure out what he would enjoy.

Adam is explaining Sonny’s distaste for cherry flavoring due to the medicine he had to take as a little boy, Adam’s got a great theory on Sonny being introduced to cherry in medicine form and how it’s now ruined the flavor for him for life.

Adam’s logic is brilliant and he’s saying medicine should taste like medicine, he’s missing a great opportunity to flavor medicine with “Passion Fruit”.


Bruce is sharing Sonny’s super cute use of “Father” to describe Adam in response to Adam’s quote from Sonny that Alison loved about being a small boy taking medicine.


Health watch

Bruce is explaining Scabies to the gang, in light of Natalia’s recent encounter with the mite.

He’s going in depth on the infestation and how it shows up weeks before the reaction occurs on the skin, Adam has a great description of the hatching eggs that makes the skin/hairs literally and metaphorically stick up on the back of your neck.

Alison has a great STD comment that she apologizes for Adam of course takes in stride and mocks along with her.


Bruce is advising everyone in the house apply the cream and Adam is protesting the idea and the rest of the gang may be at risk according to Dr. Bruce.

Now Adam is mocking his “Very’s” and asking about mosquito’s love and indifference to certain humans, why they choose certain people.

Bruce is citing the body’s immune response as one of the causes for a reaction in the cases of bed bugs, he’s dancing around Adam’s question.


Alison wants to know about the actual odds of mice and ants crawling up ones anus, Adam is now riffing a “Mouse and the motorcycle” style scenario with ants riding mice, hitting them with a crop en route to her butt, gold!


2nd Topic, Bruce has a study done bras, that it does more harm than good and results in saggy breasts in the long term as it weakens the muscles.

Adam is thinking this is easy logic to figure out and Bruce is trying to explain the weight of this data in the face of common thinking about the purpose and efficacy of bras.


3rd Topic is on the higher risk of Alzheimer’s in countries that over sanitize, cleaner environments lead to autoimmune diseases and he’s explaining the theory on why people’s immune systems end up attacking themselves.

Adam is now over simplifying it and connecting it to the physical effects of living in zero gravity to make a larger and metaphorical point about the constant fight all humans’ needs to be involved in to stay healthy.

Bruce is bringing up the lack of immunization increasing the deaths of children from formerly eradicated childhood diseases.


4th Topic is on the monkey head transplant from the last century, the classic internet fodder.

BB is asking how long a head can remain conscious after severing and Adam has a great point about blinking eyes not meaning what you think.

Bruce is explaining that the blood is required to power the brain and Adam is a on a riff about the movie “The Thing with Two Heads” and he’s trying to explain it to the unruly gang while I assume Gary feverishly looks it up.


Bruce jumps in to admonish BB mid live read, it’s so poorly timed that everyone is laughing uncomfortably, he then tries to tailspin out but steps on Mike Dawson’s legalese.

Alison has a great drop for BB, regarding her continuing to wear a bra after the earlier study from Bruce.


5th Topic is on how verbal abuse and yelling punishment is just as harmful as physical abuse and Adam has a hilarious one liner that is actually a quote from my own mom, so it’s doubly hilarious to this Superfan.

Adam can’t stop itching, between the scabies and Alison’s anal invader fears he’s been ruined.

Adam has a great point about the highest cases of truancy among children without parents.


6th Topic is on a story regarding a girl in Colorado who supposedly had her “brain” eaten away by synthetic marijuana, Adam is mistaking “spice” for just super powered pot.

Adam is calling for a middle ground on the Marijuana argument and explaining how it has affected the wake and bake stoners he knows.

Bruce is now clarifying and nullifying this argument by explaining that the girl developed an Encephalitis in her brain and that’s what damaged her.


Adam is now asking how high one has to get, he’s missing the mark again because often these people use Spice and K2 and other synthetic’s because they’re not legally allowed to consume their preferred substance while not on duty at work or in school due to draconian drug laws and practices put in place by lying criminals.

Bruce is reiterating his point about the potency and possible damaging effects of synthetic cannabinoids.

He’s bringing up pure “Molly” and its possible dangers in addition to ruining the limbic system and causing lifelong mood disturbances.

BB just demonstrated his great new Bruce drop, gold!


Adam is now playing the new Michael Narren animated “The Most Interesting Man in The World’s Ex-Wife” Mangria parody commercial that you can find on the Mangria Facebook page and via the show link above.

Narren will be creating more of these over the coming months and Adam is saying some kind words for Michael Narren and his newfound gainful employment over at Family Guy.

Adam is giving the Michael Narren thumbnail sketch, he’s once again leaving out Superfan Giovanni’s role in tracking him down and bringing him over to Carolla Digital.


We got Gay Eye made, I produced it and Narren then parlayed his fantastic work on that to a request for Adam to hook him up with a job interview.

Adam is now sharing how he sees Michael whenever he comes into the Family Guy to record some VO sessions, Adam is complimenting Narren and his quiet non demanding nature.

What a Love Fest for the great Michael Narren.


They’re back from break with another listener voicemail complaining about Adam having Joe Walsh guest on the ACS and the callers distaste for “Life’s Been Good”.

Adam is now defending his work and the novelty song nature of the song in question, BB is now playing some of it and Adam is giving some live commentary and contrasting it to songs like “Dirty Laundry” that actually blow hippo ass.

Katrina is making her ACS debut and Adam is giving her some plugs, he’s explaining that he’s a junkie for all types of real estate reality TV shows.


Katrina is explaining her career origins and how they connect to the legendary “U” Miami football team as depicted in the ESPN “30 for 30”.

Adam is asking Katrina about her biggest deal to date, she is teasing her current deal and refuses to talk about it in fear of jinxing the deal, and Adam is using a Felicity Huffman anecdote to sway her.

It actually just worked and she revealed the price tag of her biggest deal, Adam is bringing up “Queen of Versailles” the documentary about America’s wealthiest time share dealer.


Adam is going in depth on focal points and women’s role in picking out designs and properties, Katrina is bringing up how scents are important in her work.

She’s telling the gang about shamanic healing her mother’s “business” that Johnny Depp also apparently believes in according to Katrina.

Adam is using the smells of a cat box and cigars as turn off for potential home buyers and Adam is asking her connecting to Jonny Depp, she was just referencing him and is not explaining her mom doesn’t actually do business with him, conversational hiccup.


Katrina is telling the gang about how she used to carry stones with her and how her mom still does it, she even reveals she thinks her mom is “a little nuts” and Adam is now on a jag about that type of nonsense only works if you have nothing wrong with you.

Adam’s got a killer unless you fell into a swimming pool riff featuring Johnny Depp and it’s amazing, comedy gold!

Adam is now asking Katrina for a piece of advice for a couple looking to buy a house, uncertain of their financial ability in purchasing a home, she’s being very honest.


They’re now talking about Katrina’s season of “Apprentice” and bringing up her roommate Omarosa and how Bill Rancic actually won their season.

They’re now discussing Omarosa’s strategy on the show, Katrina is calling her the best villain ever on reality TV and complimenting her for being a good friend in real life.

Adam is also praising Omarosa for how she was able to stick in the public consciousness despite just a single season on a reality TV show.


Alison is bringing up “Brand New Key” and Adam is now picking up what she’s laying down, saying sorry for misunderstanding her.


Alison’s News

Her Top story is on Julie Chen’s reveal about how she thinks she was required to get plastic surgery to work in TV, she admits she wasn’t quoting the person, just how she felt.

Adam is locking onto that, feeling vs. fact and how it can be misinterpreted and mixed up, he’s quoting every model on the planet who has a similar story, good points.

Adam is combatting the idea of “you’re not going to work in this town” and connecting it to “You’ll never walk again” saying that often times these are feelings and not factual statements.


Adam is making a great point about declarative medical statement and even BB agrees as someone who has received his and a dozen other guys fair share of bad news in a Doctor’s office.

Alison is bringing it back to Julie Chen and sharing how the other ladies reacted to her, Adam is bringing up how aesthetics play into her job.

Everyone is leaving out her connecting to the network head and how that might have played more of a role in her career, Alison just got to it, nice work A-Rose!

Adam has a killer “Rare Unicorn” comment to undo his funny and almost rude reply about talking and what it means about your looks.


Adam has immense praise for Aisha Tyler and her role on “The Talk” and Adam is bringing up the dude versions of those shows like “The Other Half” which had Danny Bonaduce and Dr. Drew at one point, two of Adam’s radio partners/antagonists.

Adam is now going off on Whoopi Goldberg and her work on “The View” which is odd as in 2003 when Aisha Tyler guested on Classic Loveline they talked about Whoopi on Hollywood Squares and Aisha mentioned her kicking heroin cold turkey in the 1970’s.

That comment led to the long held suspicion from our two hosts regarding her possible long-term methadone/methdose recovery which would explain her vocal anomalies along with other symptomatic effect witnessed on The View and Hollywood Squares.


2nd Story is on Carson Daley joining the Today Show in addition to his morning radio show, Adam is sharing James Babydoll Dixon’s motto of “You work so I don’t have to”.

Adam has a detailed explanation of how he got Carson a custom studio for his radio show in addition to Carson’s role from “The Orange Room” the new hipster NYC apt set to be featured on the Today Show.


3rd Story is on an Indiana man who got 8 months in prison for teaching people how to beat a lie detector test, Adam is interrupting to give a nice first world problem, Carson just remodeled his kitchen and is now moving.

Alison is asking about his family and if they all plan on moving out east or if they will be doing a bi-coastal thing.

Adam wants to know how you beat a polygraph and Alison is explaining that it’s odd he got jail time when many websites reveal the tricks to evading detection of deception.


Adam is bringing up George Zimmerman’s wife’s attorney and his failing attempt at a joke, just like the knock knock joke used at the jury selection process and Adam is explaining how the lawyer used the legal preamble that ruins everything to shoot himself in the foot.

Alison is saying that the iPad George smashed is now a key piece of evidence and they are trying to recover footage from the device, who records video with an iPad?

Alison is giving her take on the wife claiming George has a gun and Adam is bringing up how the police are being used a stick for people to people they don’t like.


Adam is wisely saying it’s against the logic and spirit this country was founded on, he’s saying Americans have evolved past the point of crude prehistoric behaviors and have now lapped over again.

He’s citing the end of child labor sweatshops leading to 2nd graders getting suspended for finger guns and how the sweet spot would’ve been a few steps back.

BB has some funny comments and is asking why they are throwing more resources at this case, Adam is bringing up the President’s reaction to these news stories and Adam thinks he should stay out of these squabbles and cases.


Gary now has the clip of the attorney shitting his own joke bed and Adam says it’s not so bad, Alison is reporting that George’s lawyer dropped him and Adam is calling for us to start filling the Grand Canyon with his good old pterodactyl Terry I hope.

BB is asking Katrina who she would throw in the Grand Canyon and Adam is now bringing up his pet Terry, holy shit, I predicted it!

Katrina is wanting to get rid of “energy vampires” and Adam has a killer gravel in a bota bag reply, Alison just did some brilliant gaslighting of Katrina too, gold!


4th Story is on the death of Robert R. Taylor the inventor of “Soft Soap” and they’re all weighing in on how soap evolved.

Adam is now lamenting “spittle” pre foamed soap, he’s calling it cottonmouth spittle and says he prefers the bar.

Alison explains this dead dude came up with the pump bottle style of liquid soap and she’s now asking him about soap powder, Adam does like that because he likes the dispenser, he enjoys lava soap as it means you were just doing something manly.


Adam is talking about how bar soap is a pube grabber and Alison just left another possibly choice drop about cleaning her soaps, not from pubes, but there has to be some pubes in the mix with the other hair, right?

Adam is now bringing up the shower curtain comedy from old sitcoms, the “Who’s There?” and he’s breaking down the scenarios in which it would take place.

Adam is bringing up fully clothed shower comedy too, he’s citing “Three’s Company” and claiming that all of the sitcoms just recycled jokes from “I Love Lucy”, Adam’s “Soufflé Humor” as it were.


Adam is bringing up the hiding stories of his past in response to Alison’s question, he quickly references the “Trapped in the Closet” story with Chris, his paramour du jour and his stepmom.

He’s now giving a more in depth telling of the “Nude Sunbathing Story” as classically told in 2001 on Angelica Bridges 2nd Loveline appearance and as best told on January 23rd 2008 when I made my 2nd call into the Adam Carolla Show on KLSX.

Adam has told this story in brief in front of “A-Rose” before but she’s not remembering, perhaps the detail of Beth Ringwald threw her off, Beth is also the star of another story recently referenced on the ACS, that I won’t spell out here.


Adam is going back to the story, giving a “half” telling variant, the best versions of this story are 7-13min and contain all the details, BB is using a “Trapped in the Closet” music bed instead of his great 1980’s soundtrack applied to the 2008 version which was also enhanced with Eric Stromer’s amazing chuckle and guffaws.

Alison closes the news to one of her great new drops, calling back to “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” and now Adam is launching into a live read, he’s commenting on Mike Altier, now staff member Mike, I told you Bro!

Mike was sporting a little patchouli scent and Adam noticed it when he popped into Adam’s ride, he’s now telling the other staff to smell Mike and has a killer one liner to boot.


Adam is wrapping the show with some plugs, come see us in Chicago at Binny’s downtown location off Jackson.

Katrina is telling the gang and audience about the remaining episodes and the show is wrapped with a nice thank you from Katrina.