Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/13/2012 – Michael McDonald

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/13/2012 – Michael McDonald

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/12/2012 – Release Sate 09/13/2012

Adam is opening the show with a quick mention that he knows Michael from back in the late 80’s when they were at “The Groundlings” together.

Adam doesn’t mention it here but Michael is the guy from the story he tells from time to time about going back to “The Groundlings” in 1998 to guest on their FX network TV series, Michael was impressed with Adam’s career and was picking his brain, but the whole time Adam was impressed because Michael rose to a rank in the improv troupe he never made it to.

Adam is now explaining that he appreciates all the fans who tweet at him and that he’s flattered when fans tweet links and news items that confirm things he’s been ranting about but he says he doesn’t need the confirmation from us, he already knows he’s right when he’s ranting, it’s why he’s doing it to begin with.

Adam is now launching into produce wash and how items like this only exist if you have caring women and mothers with disposable income and you instill fear in them about new dangers. Adam is now recounting his son telling him about his “walking recess” where the kids would walk from “cool zones” to other “cool zones” to avoid the heat instead of playing.

Adam is comparing this to his pop warner football “two a days” he would be doing around this time when he was a kid and he’s ranting about the soft kids this is creating, Alison has some great one liners and Bryan is chiming in with his experiences. Alison is sharing about the warning she got at her new place about the lead paint.

Adam is now talking about taking a walk with his kids and how his daughter will always bring tons of junk along with them and then make Adam hold and wear it, Natalia wanted up on his shoulders as always and he’s now going into an explanation about how you don’t smell shit on the first inhale. Turns out the shit was on her shoe a few inches away from Adam’s face, Adam is ranting about how relentless Natalia is and the super careful process of removing her from his shoulders to avoid the shit covered shoe.

Adam is now recounting visiting his dad earlier in the day, the good news is Jim is recovering but Adam says the bad news is he actually has to pay attention.

Adam is now describing watching the police chase from the hospital room and how it reminded him of one a few years back that he ranted about on Loveline, where the cops followed a guy through Beachwood Canyon and allowed him to exit, even though the area he was in only had a single entrance that they failed to block off.


Adam’s Favorite Tweets, The gang play Rich Banks new intro song for this new segment, Adam is explaining how he was going off on the passive aggressive cyclists who are the new bikers when it comes to their anger and attitude. Adam is explaining how he can breakdown and analyze people’s anger. He’s now explaining a recent incident where he encountered a group of cyclists hogging the road when he was leaving the studio and the tactics he had to use to avoid them.

Adam is now telling the story of a guy in New York who’s car was attacked by a group of crazed cyclists that was tweeted to him, Alison has a great one liner describing the victim. Alison is now reading the details of the story and correcting some of the information. Adam is now telling Bryan and Alison about the time the Man Show cast decided to crash a frat party in Santa Barbara and how they were mobbed in a van with Cousin Sal at the wheel.

2nd tweet, Adam’s last name being misspelled on the marquee outside the House of Blues, Adam is riffing on this.

3rd tweet, A menu with multiple types of passion fruit iced tea and worse flavors inspired by it, Adam is riffing on fucked up tea now, Bryan weighs in with a comparison to the opening montage from the movie “Enemy at the Gates”. Adam is now going further in depth with the WWII comparisons and has a great quote.

4th tweet, Peel away graffiti protectors over municipal signs and billboards, Adam is explaining how this works to Bryan and giving some examples of how this could help out locally.

5th tweet, Graffiti from Seattle that says “Have a good day”.


Michael joins the show, he wants Adam to explain the listener voicemail where a woman just described running red left turn arrows, Adam is breaking it down for Michael and he tells Adam that these lights are a pet peeve of his too, Adam is really getting into it. Michael is giving his take on the arrows and how it “breeds timidity into people” Adam loves it and is jumping in helping Michael elaborate.

Alison is chiming in with how Adam’s driving style is inspiring and she never felt unsafe with Adam behind the wheel.

Adam is giving a quick recap of Michael’s career, and asking him about his big upcoming movie.

Adam is describing having a flashback of his first live show in Washington state, Michael was talking to Adam off air and was telling him that he followed Adam the week after, Adam wasn’t sure why Michael was so down on the venue until he realized he wasn’t talking about the Moore Theater, he was talking about Laughs comedy club in Kirkland Washington(GIO’s hometown btw).

Adam and Michael agree the people there are super nice but the green room leaves a lot to be desired, Adam is now on a riff of on the sofas in the green room of comedy clubs. Adam is explaining that the club used to be a pizza restaurant but can’t remember which one, it was a Godfather’s Pizza, I’m actually the person who informed him of that.

Interesting side note I actually ran the laptop for Adam the 2nd night, 3 shows back to back, one of the all time rarest Carolla standup events.

Adam keeps reiterating that the people who run the club are great and mentions being offered something, he’s right about that too.

Adam is now riffing on gangbangs in a complex metaphor about playing 6 shows in 2 nights in Kirkland, Michael chimes in with some great one liners, Adam loses his shit between Michael’s comments and the photo the control room fires up. The last time Adam went this in depth on the gangbang topic was ACP #67 and #178 with guest James Gunn, which you can hear by signing up for the official archive.


Adam is now getting into how he first met Michael at “The Groundlings” Michael reveals he was added to the main company the week of the Rodney King verdict/L.A. riots. Adam is recounting a guy they knew who was stabbed behind the theater with a screwdriver. Adam is asking if Michael ever had Cynthia Szigeti as an instructor, he confirms he did and now Adam is launching into a super rare story about when his girlfriend dumped him.

Adam is going in depth on how depressed he was and how he confided in Cynthia that he wanted to go home and think about killing himself instead of doing class. Cynthia then announced Adam’s precarious situation to the whole class and humiliated him, he’s speaking of her kindly but explaining she was like a comedy drill sergeant.

Michael reveals that Melissa McCarthy was one of his students and now he’s rattling off a bunch of other high profile names that were also students of his, they stop on Lisa Kudrow, when she was in classes she looked very different than she does today. Adam and Kathy Griffin have gone super in depth on this topic once before on Loveline.

Michael is going through even more names of his students, for the most part they’ve all gone off and become very successful. Adam is now explaining that he’s never been able to parlay his Groundlings days into any sort of Hollywood connection.


Alison’s News, Adam explains he got roped into the “Green Room” one on one chats with fans, and they allowed him to choose how much money to give to charity, it’s coming up on Tuesday the 25th you can bid here and there are just over 2 days left till the bidding closes.

Alison’s top story is on the craziness happening in Libya, Alison is explaining the guy who supposedly created the film that started this, doesn’t even exist and it’s clearly representing an agenda. The control room fires up the trailer for this movie and Adam is now explaining that every religion needs to police their own. That when people commit atrocities in the name of a religion, the other people of that faith need to come out and condemn it and prevent it from happening.

Adam and Michael bust out a great “Tootsie Pop” commercial riff, Adam is explaining that they were so starved for entertainment they used to look forward to that commercial as kids, Alison reveals she used a tape recorder to capture the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” theme as a kid, nice!

Alison is now explaining the political turn this story has taken, between Romney and Obama. Alison is doing a great job with the serious news, impressive. They’re now playing a clip of Obama. Adam is giving his take on all this and the “only creating more terrorists” argument, he’s now making an analogy in regards to the Berlin wall.

Adam is now calling for a new United Nations, based on rationality and consisting of sane countries who know the difference between right and wrong, the opposite of cultural relativism.


Alison’s next story is on Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo of a battered woman, that people are claiming it looks like Rihanna, Adam sees both sides of the argument, that Chris makes a good point and it does look like what he says it is, but also it’s probably not a good plan for him to have this image with his history.

Adam is on a great riff on black people and women now getting tattoos and what it means for the industry, Alison has a great joke. Michael is weighing in on how he doesn’t get that people don’t seem to consider how these wont age well, Adam and Alison chime in that they were just talking about this on stage with Andy Kindler, which you can hear on Friday.

Adam is explaining that it’s an “eerie harbinger” for the future of our country, that the difference between successful people and the unsuccessful is delayed gratification and the ability to look down the road and anticipate the future. Adam is now giving his take on if someone can dance, all is forgiven in our society.

Alison is giving her take on Rihanna accepting Chris back into her life and how upsetting she finds it, Adam is dancing around the topic, Michael just called him out in jest and now Adam is explaining that as a guy who’s talked to 200,00 kids over the years he can tell when someone has daddy issues.

Alison chimed in with a great one liner and now they’re all on a hilarious MC scat cat riff. Adam is explaining he never bought into the Paula Abdul music and judged everyone at the time who was. Adam is explaining that he’s worked with people who have worked with Paula and their reactions when asked about her are very telling.


Alison’s next story is about the iphone 5, Alison reads the specs and now is chiming in that Gary Patrick Smith, producer extraordinaire is a secret tech nerd, Adam is now chiming in and giving him shit for the “slingbox” fiasco from when Adam was filming “The Apprentice” in NYC. Adam and Michael are now getting into how the iphone needs a better keyboard and Adam accidentally calls people all the time.

Adam is recounting accidentally calling his buddy Chris and not knowing what to do. Adam is now explaining his “you know you butt dial me all the time” theory and then watching your friends reactions to see how they really feel about you. Michael is explaining that he accidentally butt dialed a friend and the person recorded it and sent it back to him, very funny!

Adam and Bryan are reenacting Adam’s idea on how everyone should pretend to get rid of another call when someone calls you, to make them feel good about themselves.

Adam is now on a great Tommy Vu riff, the control room actually fire up a clip from his old infomercials for the very first time in the history of the podcast. Adam is doing the classic impression, so funny! The gang are all riffing on other late night ads and Adam joins Alison in closing the news with a “Zip it cunt” awesome!