Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/12/2012 – Jay Glazer and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/12/2012 – Jay Glazer and Dave Dameshek

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Recorded 09/11/2012 – Release Date 09/12/2012

Adam is opening the show with the great Dave Dameshek in studio, delighting the “Shek Republic” no doubt. Dave is commenting on the return of NFL football making all things right and the joy of watching the games with Adam, how Adam’s live commentary makes everything more entertaining(agreed!).

Dave just set Adam up to recreate a jag he went on during the fall TV promos during the game, in regards to Lucy Liu playing Watson in the new US Sherlock Holmes series, Dave is now riffing on the new show “Animal Practice” and how bizarre the concept seems. Adam is now explaining these shows are nearly as insane as the fake shows he used to film for Jimmy Kimmel Live from time to time.

Adam is explaining the premise of “Rave Doctor” one of these fake shows, which sadly doesn’t seem to be online, partially inspired by Dr. Bruce btw. You can however find the great “To Hell and Back” on youtube and I highly recommend checking that out in lieu of “Rave Doctor”. Adam and Dave are now riffing on “Mob Doctor” another real series that has a ridiculous premise.

Adam has now transitioned to the Bryshon Nellum story, Alison chimes in with a great joke which calls back “Animal Practice” Adam is now going off on how black and white flashbacks no longer work and shouldn’t be used. Alison is bringing up the use of black and white flashbacks in reality TV.


Adam has now changed topics to everyone seemingly becoming more and more aggressive behind the wheel, he’s explaining that Alison came over for a visit and he drove her through the intersection where he infamously had the “douchebag showdown” with another motorist he was attempting to allow to go ahead of him. He’s on a quick tangent about “Ralphs” discount club cards hanging from key chains and how it doesn’t win a guy points with women.

Adam is describing a new encounter with the type of woman he has described in the past as a “constant escaping of air”, Adam was attempting a u-turn and couldn’t make the maneuver with her parked waiting for him and he’s describing her reaction in hilarious detail. Alison, Dave and Bryan all jump in and add to the comedy.

Dave is now going off on people texting while driving and how it drives him nuts. Bald is having technical problems so Alison introduces the concept of “verbal drops” she quotes one of his most frequently used and Adam joins her and quotes one himself, great stuff! Adam is now explaining how every football season for damn near the past decade he has spoke of how they need to raise the height of the goal posts and why people ignore him, hilarious quotes and descriptions.

Adam is now going further in depth on how people ignore him or offer up lame counterpoints simply to argue with him, Alison jumps in with a great joke. Adam is having Dave play Bill Simmons arguing against Adam and his goal post idea, Dave makes a joke that ESPN won’t allow Bill to talk to Adam on air(fans are going to love that). Dave’s impression is amazing, great reenactment!

Adam has the control room fire up a clip of a recent NFL game that is a prime example of why his idea is needed, Dave has them fire up a game from 1987 to further prove Adam’s point, Adam is now ranting about the 25yrs the NFL has spent doing nothing to fix this despite how simple it would be to pull off.

Adam is now riffing on Robert Griffin III and his own tweet about “RG II”, how Adam thinks perhaps his dreadlocks held him back in the draft pick. He’s making some analogies to NBA players. Alison is chiming in a bit to clear things up for the non sports fans in the audience and getting some good cracks in. Adam ponders what team members are less likely to know the meaning of their teams name, players for “The Clippers” or “The 49ers”.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 sports, Dave suggests Adam should root for “The Rams” to lose every game this season, not to use negative luck to actually make them win, but so they might move back to L.A. when their contract is up. Adam is going in depth on “prevent defense” and why “The Rams” shouldn’t attempt to use it with their current line up.

Dave is now transitioning to the NFL games from this past week, and the upcoming games next week. Adam is explaining how he misses the guy from Denver who would show up wearing a barrel to all the games. Adam is talking about how difficult it must have been to pull that off the first time he tried to show up to a game dressed that way, Adam says he wants these guys to pass on their crazy outfits to a new generation of fans to wear so they never go away.

Back to the upcoming NFL games and the guys predictions, Adam and Dave are breaking down some footage of two coaches almost fighting from a year or two ago, they’re explaining it to Alison.

Creep of the Week, Dameshek is explaining the catchphrase he wanted back on the KLSX morning show in 2006, Bald steps in and pulls out some old “Jack Silver”, very funny. Dave is on his “fruit of the year” list, black cherries in particular and he wants to know when it became acceptable to announce that certain foods upset your stomach.

Adam is now riffing on men now being very quick to announce things that are unflattering, how there used to be good attention and bad attention and now there is just attention and people do it as a bizarre form of control. Dave announces the guys who inform you of what makes their stomachs upset as the creep of the week and wants to know if they can actually do a live tailgate show sometime for the podcast.


Jay Glazer is now joining the show for his 5th visit, as always you can obtain his previous 4 appearances by signing up for the archive only 7.99 for 1 year of unlimited access. Jay was holding the focus pads for Adam during the break, they’re both a little out of breath from the workout. you can watch the video of them here, make sure to pay attention to the background and watch Dave and Alison closely, Hilarious!

Adam is recounting the last time he ran into Jay and how it’s telling of what type of guy he is. Adam is now going in depth about how Jay has really blazed his own trail and carved out a very specific and unique career. Jay is explaining how he gets his “scoopage”. They’re now going in depth on his other projects and the difficulty of MMA workouts.

Adam is setting up the infamous “Deacon Jones” clip, Adam’s all time favorite NFL films clip about the “head slap”, Jay’s reaction is priceless. Adam is asking Jay about his schedule and sleeping habits, Adam coins a great term for Jay. Adam brings up HBO’s “Hard Knocks” and Chad “Ocho Cinco” which is leading to a conversation about athletes no longer getting a pass and instead society makes an example out of them.

Adam is doing a PSA in character as Jay, Jay is now trying to do his own version. Jay is explaining his “shithead clinic” to the gang.


Alison’s News, Her top story is about the guy in Florida who owns a pizza place and gave Obama a bear hug, the picture is all over the internet and now the guy is getting horrible “Yelp” reviews from people across the country. Adam is now explaining that all you have to do is make a single political comment and half the population will crucify you and the other half will praise you, that the angry people are the only ones who are going to go online to attack you.

Alison asks Adam if he would take a photo if Obama were to visit the warehouse, Adam has a funny reply. Alison is asking if everyone else dislikes being picked up off the ground or if it’s just a girl thing, Jay weighs in and Adam starts riffing on his take and the gang go further in depth, Alison has an anecdote about Greg Fitzsimmons and a funny comment to boot.

Adam proclaims he thinks Obama is going to be reelected due to the standard popularity contest stuff that got Bush reelected, Bryan weighs in and Adam further explains his point. Adam has a great riff about having a beer with Lincoln.


Alison’s 2nd story is about the most dangerous celebrities to search for online, searches that might lead to spyware/malware infections on your computer, Adam has a very funny initial guess. There is only one male celebrity on the list and it’s someone closely tied to Adam, Adam is now theorizing why that is.

Adam is now recounting talking to Jimmy and how he’s prepping for the Emmy awards, Adam is going to head over to his place so Jimmy can run all his potential material by Adam and see what sticks, Adam just announced he is going to be in the punch up room this year and writing jokes on the fly to help out. Adam has some great one liners.


Alison’s 3rd story is about Joe Francis and Steve Wynn, Joe is claiming that Steve threatened to kill him and lost 40 million in a lawsuit, Adam recalls that Steve’s daughter was kidnapped and the control room fire up the story to prove him right, those who remember Joe was actually kidnapped too and discussed it in detail back on Adam’s morning show in 2006. Alison is fleshing out the story of the lawsuit.

Alison is asking the gang what they would do if forced to make a ransom call, would they play it cool or freak out, Adam further elaborates and explains the actual situation that would arise and the one typically depicted in movies.


Alison’s final story is about the women of “The Talk” starting their 3rd season without makeup, she wants Adam’s take on make up, Adam is explaining why “The Talk” will go for many more seasons, he’s going off on the audience.

Adam is explaining what happened when he went on the show a couple months back to plug his book. Adam is now on a rant asking when it became necessary for people to explain to you in detail their sexual preferences and their feelings about it. Adam is going even further in depth on “The Talk” and how you can tell when people interview you what they have going on inside by looking in their eyes.

Bryan fires up a “Jimmy Brusca” drop from the 2006 morning show which leads to a conversation with Jay who works with him, Adam is now ranting in character as Brusca and bringing up some very funny past moments for all the fans who heard the morning show.

Jay is asking why he hasn’t been on the show in over a year and Adam wraps the show.