Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2017 – Lilian Garcia

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2017 – Lilian Garcia

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lilian Garcia

Recorded 09-10-2017 – Release Date 09-11-2017

Production Number #2155

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Adam opens the show to a “skip the jokes at Florida’s expense” intro, Adam teases the news schedule for recording podcasts and an anecdote form walking Phil where he ran into a fan.

BB has a drop from last week of Jeff Cesario for today’s #TopDrop

Adam jokes about bringing sonny along for the day so he could “host” the festivities during football Sunday, which has changed their schedule for Sunday recording, now much earlier in the day instead of the normal time.


Adam talks about the ‘Man Show’ light up sign that he kept and how much those things are sold for, Adam explains that Jimmy gave it to him and how he had it refurbished.

Adam explains that Sonny tossed a football into the sign and broke the lights at some point last year, he didn’t say anything nor get upset.

Adam brings up his childhood friend’s fathers and how they would come home pissed, everything had to be correct and they had pent up hostility.


Adam jokes about his son being the polar opposite of the kids he grew up with who had scary dads, joking about his kid nonchalantly playing a video game and not even caring if Adam is there or not.

Adam is bringing up ‘Bewitched’ and the bygone era of perpetually filled ice containers in home bars, so the Oldman can fix a drink upon arriving home from work.

Gina brings up how she was sent home from a sleepover due to a spilt strawberry milkshake, Adam takes it back to Mr. Vendig and he tells the story of the time a badminton racquet was unwinding in his hand as he attempted to play with the family.


Adam was horrified at the situation and the bizarre time in the world that was, Adam says we need to land somewhere between that and his destroyed Man Show sign.

Adam talks about bring a childhood “pantry gazer” which he needs to pronounce and say carefully, Adam knew Brian Wood was lousy with instant pudding.

Adam says his family just had cupboards with rats waiting to die, Adam is explaining the instant pudding to BB but interrupts himself to deliver a live read.


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Adam is talking about how all kids love pudding and he tries to rank his favorites, BB asks if Adam was ever able to mix chocolate and banana flavors, as it sounds like an awesome combo, sounds like?

Adam is sharing how he would try and desperately convince his buddies to eat or make food, Adam was scared of his friends’ parents and it was often surrounding food.

Adam talks about his friends’ kids who will be fine eating tacos off their lap on the family couch without a concern.


BB is now telling them about his own badminton nightmare, Gina has a “cider donuts” story, she first explains what a cider donut is to the guys, she says they’re incredible.

Gina is telling them about the field trip day and how she didn’t have her $2 dollars, she refused to take a donut and a cider, unaware her mother had prepaid.

Adam talks about being a hungry kid, he says Sonny is not a hungry guy and has to be reminded to eat, Adam says when he was a kid it would be something huge, waffles, Belgian waffles!


Adam is sharing how active he was a kid and how they played “ditch” on foot in the schoolyard, an insane amount of running mixed in with his horrible parents and the desperation they created in him.

Adam is going over the competing factors citing his undying hunger, Adam tells them about ordering the same thing as his buddy as he wouldn’t “go past” the kid he was accompanying when their parents were paying.

Adam recalls eating at his friends’ houses, dying for a 2nd portion but unable to take one if the kid he was dining with didn’t get a 2nd plate.


Adam is now sharing how Ray was able to demand food and eat often, he describes his spitting on his brother’s pancakes to force his mother to make another stack for him while Ray at the snot cakes.

Adam jokes about Ray’s brother not talking to him and Ray not knowing why, Adam does, he was there and witnessed it.

Adam is now marveling at Ray’s lack of shame and describes the time he put his dick into his mom’s friends ear, Adam clarifies he was 17 at the time, this was assault.

Adam tells them about the time Ray was brewing on their buddy Alex after he bought him lunch, a double king cheese and fries.

Adam is explaining what a big item that lunch was and Ray’s indignant reaction to being thrown out of the car after peeing on the driver, Adam jokes about Ray putting his dick into Cathy’s open ear, my god!


They plug the cruise and Gary tells them about the free time they’ll have to spend off the boat, Adam says the thing he loves about ‘LoveLine’ and then corrects himself, he’s thinking of ‘Love Boat’ and he rejects BB’s attempt to pick apart the notion he would recall loving anything about working on Loveline.

Adam is sharing his appreciation for ‘The Love Boat’ and how the world was by about 1978-1979, party we did, on ‘The Love Boat’ which he is describing the premise of for an ignorant BB.

Adam is telling them about ‘Fantasy Island’ vs. ‘The Love Boat’ stating that ‘Fantasy Island’ was basically ‘The Twilight Zone’ and every fable or biblical story where things go wrong.


Adam is now asking for a list of guest stars from the shows, He explains to Gina how the guest stars would function on the show and the type of people that appeared on it.

BB says he’s familiar with the tropes of the show, why didn’t he say so earlier.


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Gina reads some more guest stars and BB is now sharing an anecdote from a recent football game he attended, he tells them about the dude brazenly recording women walking up and down the aisles of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

BB says Christie wanted to say something but he forbade her from chiming in, he asks Adam is this guy a hero or creep?

Adam says he doesn’t like being sat near other people and doing things that alert the whole group around you to nefarious behavior while you sail through it without batting an eye, part of Adam is very jealous of that guy and his lack of humility/shame.


Adam explains how he can’t keep people waiting in a parking lot, he’s insanely jealous of the people that must return texts before leaving, Adam says he could never ever do that.

Adam now weighs in and says this guy is a creep and a douche, BB says his worst fear would be that Christie would say something and her worst fear was this guy was a sexual predator intent on stalking these women.

Adam wants a “fucking distraction” zone for people who attend games and can’t pay attention, resulting in you getting sucked into what it is that these non-fans are doing instead of experiencing the game.

Adam now calls is the “Distraction Douchebag” zone and further describes these awful people.


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Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike, he’s been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’ and brings up the topic of graffiti.

Mike is using the facts from the book to compliment Adam, citing the “broken windows” theory and how NYC implements measures to clean up the city which did change things.

Adam is now talking about the era we exist in where everyone is trying to talk everyone else out of instincts and simple facts we already all know.


BB compliments the book and goes in depth on ‘The Broken Windows Theory’ and Adam talks about the pushback against the cleaning up of NYC and the stop and frisk profiling.

BB and Adam talk about TSA lines and security measures his feelings about being asked for identification if spotted driving in his own neighborhood.

Adam is fine with it and he’s fine with men being profiled by cops, more than women, it’s based on crime data and it doesn’t bug him.


Adam says he was also at the USC game this week, his neighborhood friend who is a big construction supervisor and invited him along, he tells them about the new soccer stadium and the early completion incentives they’re set to receive.

Adam is now sharing how long it’s taken so far, soup to nuts.

They tore out the first piece of concrete back in December and the new facility will be open by March, Adam explains the knotholes and stripes found in the construction of old buildings, due to dimensional lumber, they didn’t have sheets of plywood, when forming cement walls, they had to use 1×6 pieces of wood to form concrete.

Adam explains the new stadium wanted to match the old-school look so they took modern plywood and had a lumber mill cut the plywood with a rough side.


Adam tells them about the anti-graffiti sealant that is used on every single wall, Gina asks about the old technique for forming concrete and Adam clarifies it’s just done for the look, the modern plywood method is superior.

Adam is sharing his feelings about the anti-graffiti spray and then heads into a live read.


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They’re about to head to break but Adam stops to ask Gary for a photo of the new construction, Adam shares his feelings about the attractiveness of building, seeing so much efficiency and so much simultaneous labor and effort.

They head to break


Good Sports

Dave laments the kickoff to the NFL season and the loss for New England, Dave mentions his buddy and Adam says “Pocket Hercules” and then tells Dave about shaving and whacking his razor on the sink, only to have the head/blades of the razor pop off, shouldn’t it have more strength.

Adam jokes about having to tap the razor with the grace of an heiress smoking a cigarette.

Dave shares his demands for a razor, Adam tells Dave about the only gift his dad ever gave him was an electric razor, it was the method that utilized gel and would burst with homoerotic undertones all over his face, why use gel with the electric razor, you’re only one step away from going full blade and water.


Adam brings up John Henry and Dave jumps in to clarify the old story, Adam asks if the moustache hair looks down on the nose hair, ‘Magnum P.I.’ vs. the booger encrusted nostril hairs.

Adam is talking about the lack of a border between his nostril hairs and moustache, Adam is now riffing in character as his moustache hair discriminating against his nasal hairs.

Dave brings up the outer ear hairs and the way his eyesight deteriorated upon turning 40yrs old, Dave mocks the notion of the human body being ‘the ultimate machine” and Adam says god didn’t want humans to see their 43rd birthday, he’s convinced.


Dave takes it back to the NFL and asks Adam about a hypothetical situation, would he prefer being clean shaven or rugged as he hits the field, Adam goes with a 1-Upper and suggests white guy with dreads hanging out of his helmet, like a 1990’s action movie bad guy and he’s rock stylized shaved chest hair to match Kimbo Slice’s design.

Dave is teasing the discussion on the fantasy league and they wrap things up for this edition.


They’re back from break with Lilian Garcia, Adam wraps up a live read and welcomes her to the show.

Lilian is telling them how she became a wrestler, she goes through the steps to arriving in the WWE.

Lilian is going over the multiple auditions and how it was in the middle of the “Attitude” era of the WWE back in 1999, she is dropping tons of behind the scenes names.


Lilian brings up boxing and how they utilize cue cards, Adam brings up the crazy names of the boxers and then spells them out for the gang, making a point about why they need these cards.

Lilian says she was so scared that first night on stage live before 100’s of millions of eyeballs she almost ran and felt like she was becoming ill from the nerves.

Adam asks her about being the first person to sing the national anthem after 9/11, she explains how it all came about and how Vince McMahon wanted to keep the show as scheduled and not cancel the event like every other venue and organization.


Adam asks Lilian about Vince and his character, she is complimentary and says she likes working with the best and says he brings the best out of everyone he works with.

Lilian shares her own realization and internalization about becoming upset when she was getting some critiques from Vince.

Adam talks about radio station “air checks” with program directors and what the intent is to conduct them, Adam is making a larger point about the people we all know and have given up on, he segues to the homeless and why you can’t live someone’s life for them.


Lilian further defends Vince and his company, she makes a point about his singular vision and how she was able to apply his passion to her performance and make the appropriate corrections.

Lilian further shares how she realized her own shortcomings and Adam praises her for being able to internalize her feelings and the situation and learn/grow from her experiences.


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Adam is now sharing the details of his discussion with Dylan off air before the podcast began, where they talked about Lilian and her history with wrestling and announcing.

Adam is now asking about the ring announcers in wrestling and he is now correcting Dylan, explaining that ring announcers are much different and announcer giving play by play.

Adam is now talking about mass construction and he talks about watching hundreds of 6-foot-tall human ants constructing things.


Lilian is telling them more about they learned she knew how to sing over at the WWE, Adam is having them play the clip of her singing on 09/13/2001 and he’s asking her about her feelings as they listen to it.

Adam mentions the largest crowd Aretha Franklin performing for and how it was perhaps the WWE audience.

Lilian is sharing the emotional experience of singing the national anthem while touring the middle east with the WWE.


Adam plugs Lilian’s podcast and they move on to the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on Hurricane Irma, she quotes the FEMA management chief about the concerns for power being out for weeks.

Adam says he’s fine with people being told they’re on their own when they refuse to clear out of their homes.

Adam is now arguing against the “these people don’t have working vehicles nor dry food” excuses, saying that’s on you too, that’s part of the gig of being an adult, being a parent.

They had ample warning about the storm and they had ample warning in life too, he could show you a montage of these people playing slot machines, buying lottery tickets and taking vacations, they cannot afford.


Lilian says she has some friends who refused to vacate and her concerns they were focused on the material instead of safety of their families.

Adam has a killer “I’m Surge” riff with BB.


2nd Story is on the Disney parks that will be closed due to the hurricane, Gina tells them about Kristen Bell arranging hotel rooms for Josh Gad’s family.

Adam says that’s nice and they move on.


3rd Story is on the new movie ‘Klansman’ which is being put together by Spike Lee and Jordan Peele, Adam is joking about the police officer wearing his hood backwards.

BB wants Johnny Knoxville as the bumbling Klansman filling in for the police officer, Adam recalls the last time he spoke with Spike Lee and was told about his documentary about the government blowing up the levies to drown black people during Hurricane Katrina.

Adam is now joking about agreeing with Spike about the desire to drown black people, but he says white people are too lazy to put in the effort.


Adam is now sharing the illogical nature of Spike’s conspiracy theory, Gina says this is the ultimate proof of Adam’s theory about Rotten Tomatoes and the political nature of “top critics” as this movie has 100%

Adam jokes about his next movie being titled ‘Dinesh Dsouza gets fucked in the ass with a Strap-on by Lena Dunham’ and it will get 100% positive reviews.


4th Story is on the new tradition for the University of Iowa, Adam jokes about his disappointment that this story is not about a new version of the wave.

Gina informs him it’s similar, fans can now wave to all of the children in the nearby children’s hospital who can now see the game.

BB has a killer one liner, Gina explains to their guest that he can get away with that as he has an inoperable brain tumor.

Adam is back to the soccer stadium he was watching the construction of, they asked him to guess what event they want to hold there, Adam guessed it would be swimming and they would use giant above ground tubs if it goes ahead.

Gina wraps the news.


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Adam gives out the closing plugs and wraps up the show, BB has a choice cut for today’s closing drop “Dylaaaan” – Adam