Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2015 – Daniel Kellison

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2015 – Daniel Kellison

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Daniel Kellison

Recorded 09-08-2015 – Release Date 09-11-2015

Production Number #1657

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Adam is opening the show with a funny Danny Two Sheets intro, BB has some Special Ed for today’s #TopDrop and Gina immediately asks Daniel about the Dixie Chicks incident.

Daniel is great on mic, I wish he was on the show much sooner already.

Adam is now walking through all of the beats of the incident and they talk about the panties almost immediately, Adam riffs his “call up the former classmates of female comedy central executives and hear their reactions” idea.


Adam gives out some plugs for Danny Two Sheets latest projects and is now back to the story, the “I was just watching you on TV” moment.

Adam shares the “What Else You Got?” interview Adam was doing that led to ‘The Man Show’ coming to fruition.

Adam is talking about Jimmy and Daniel first working together after Daniel spent time working for Letterman.


Adam and Daniel are talking about the early days of ‘The Man Show’ and BB brings up ‘The Rosie O’Donnell Show’ which leads Daniel to reveal he’s Adam’s inside man, all these years of Adam talking about Rosie faking the cutie Patootie nonsense, it was Daniel who told him, wow!

Adam has a great cheating analogy for the workplace and being fired, Daniel explains how he went from Letterman to Rosie only to end up against the wall.

Adam talks about liking the new Rosie and mocks her former “queen of nice” label and Daniel mentions her being in the closet at the time of her 90’s talk show.


Adam is talking about energy and how it often reveals a more sinister motivation, often a hypocritical or self-hating one.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Daniel claims that Adam admitted to have never shampooed his hair before Daniel stayed at Adam’s house, Daniel is now sharing the “Danny Two Sheets” story.

This is hilarious!

Adam says Daniel is like a product whisperer, telling you the best items to buy and use to increase your quality of life.


Daniel is telling them about buying a bread box.



Danny, he just bought an old jeep and admits to owning two sheets along with a comforter, he bought a modern radio head unit to play the podcast in his old car.


Adam is now bringing up the time they were “scouting Juggies” at Crazy Girls and Daniel lends insight that his fervent demands for them to reimburse the costs was more about being angry at the “partners” involved in the show who did 0 work and just collected profits.

Adam is talking about the ‘Too Late’ conversation with the executives about the Steve-O incident and his fight to get them to air it.

Adam tells Gary they don’t need to watch the Steve-O incident.


Daniel is talking about executives playing it safe and Adam brings up the modern distribution methods of Netflix and Hulu and that disrupting the old ways of doing business.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Chad, he compliments ‘Road Work’ which he bought on iTunes and Adam explains what it is to Gina and BB who don’t know despite it being brought up a few times in front of them.

Gary tells Adam it is available now, Chad wants to know about The Kardashians, he has a very specific question and Adam is now going off about their crazy work ethic and ability to make money with plus sized asses and selfies on vacation.

Adam is talking about the plus sized gal who Daniel complimented and was then accused of sexual harassment.


Daniel explains his side of the interaction and is very clear on what happened and how the “hot cha cha” means nothing.


Adam tells people to knock it off, Adam is mocking the diversity and harassment education in corporate environments and how it only increases lawsuits.

Adam says he thinks this woman has no history of cat calls or attention from men and was extracting it for the record that this happened to her, hilarious short skirt around the freedom tower construction site comment from Ace.

Daniel explains this woman contacted him looking for a job recently, he told her to send in the resume assuming she’s unaware of the turmoil she caused him, wow.


Daniel talks about going through the whole shows run without any sexual harassment suits and Adam tells them about Daniel shitting up his dressing room before the show.

Adam talks about Letterman, Scrabble and Seafood, the common bond between Jimmy and Daniel.

Adam is talking about their mutual disinterest in cars, Adam is sharing the story of trying to get Kimmel to buy a nicer car once he hit it big in Late Night TV.


Adam is sharing Daniel’s take on being sick and napping, Adam agrees with him on sick days but disagrees on naps and explains their necessity, and BB chimes in with a cute anecdote.


Gina’s News

Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


1st Story is on the Damon Wayans interview with Power 105, Gina has the details and some soundbites along with the controversy after this aired.

Adam wants a coffee table photo album like his “black proms” idea, this would be of host’s facial expressions while talking to someone with controversial opinions like this.

Adam is talking about spinning plates a comedian and coming up with a take to be entertaining, Adam is in defense of Damon Wayans and his role on that show, the pressure dictates something edgy or controversial if you can’t find the funny take or comedy in the conversation.


Adam is sharing his policy on alleged rapes and Gina shares some further quotes.

Adam says all comedians should have massive strokes before 70 and explains that narcissism and grandiosity lies behind a sense of humor and describes how they devolve into know it all blowhard over time.

Adam is now sharing the ‘Time Magazine’ cover featuring Molly Ringwald and how he defended her to those that said she was becoming bitchy and full of herself.


Gina has a great Don Rickles point and argues he probably doesn’t have a psychological disorder, Adam turns the conversation back to himself.

Adam says he’s allowed to act like an asshole as he’s not an asshole, Adam is commenting on nice Rosie and her bright colored sweater con on North America.

Adam talks about actual racists who are trying to hide their beliefs, explaining he can’t be racist due to his willingness to broach certain topics and make off color jokes.


Adam is talking about Woody Allen and his cathartic nature for his writing, Daniel has some insight from the documentary about him.


2nd Story is on a kid who was arrested for a snapchat school shooting prank, Adam is talking about off limits jokes and now asks Daniel what he and Jimmy would’ve done if they had smart phones in their youth.

Adam talks about pantsing dudes at school, Gina has the “push him over” addition from Nate, Adam’s film production partner.

Adam is sharing the story of the time Ray and Chris tried to drag him out of his house nude to humiliate him in front of all the students from his school.


Adam is sharing how he used the cup of piss Ray left him to get him back, hilarious retina damage one liner.

Daniel is sharing how he grew with Adam and Jimmy and their senses of humor, Adam is commenting on the Man-O-Vation dog shit explosives.

Daniel tells the story of Ray shitting in Jimmy Kimmel’s desk, his first week of the show.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read

Hilarious opening comment and BB is peppering in some funny comments.


Adam is now telling story of Ray shitting in Jimmy’s desk, Adam says that in Ray’s mind it was payback for the Dixie Chicks prank.

Adam explains how he instructed Ray to break into the studios overnight and get the poop out of the desk.

Daniel is telling the story of the time Ray had ringworm at Adam’s bachelor party, Adam is now talking about Ray’s psychological sleeping habits of trying to claim bed territory.


Adam has a killer train to Auschwitz comment about the smells coming from the room with Jimmy and Cousin Sal, Gina has a nice DTR mention.

Adam is sharing the story of the bachelor party, Adam is mocking the best of Lenny Kravitz cd and the photos of the man accompanying the disc.

Adam is talking about their legendary parties and the unspoken agreement among the guys, he talks about bringing new people in for these parties and how they leave early and tattle on them.


Adam is doing a Nature Box Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, hilarious part black closer.

Adam gives out the plugs for Daniel and wraps up the show.