Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 174

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 174

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 09-09-2014 – Release Date 09-11-2014

Production Number #174 – Guest host Mindy Sterling

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Drew is opening the show with Mindy Sterling making her on air debut on the Adam and Drew show, she’s never been on the ACS but Adam was on her ‘Groundlings’ TV show in 1998 on FX.

Drew is asking for clarification about Adam’s “Get It On” intro and Chris gets on mic, he must’ve emailed me right after this moment.

Drew explains the origins of “Mahalo” in the history of Adam’s broadcast history, Drew brings up the band ‘T-Rex’ and their song ‘Bang a Gong’ but this rings 0 bells, unless this was on an episode of Loveline that’s never been heard nor recovered, Drew is remembering thins wrong.


They’re now playing the song ‘Bang a Gong’ and Drew is plugging Mindy’s social media accounts, her son is present watching the show it seems, Drew references him.

Drew is telling Mindy about actually using his own twitter account, she’s mystified by the platform and using it for content and plugging gigs.

Drew explains the Facebook cap on friends, Drew explains that his fb account is just for family and friends, he’s being told to save the plug for his upcoming public Facebook profile, probably for HLN or this show.


Drew says that Mindy and her son are the exact same color and hair shade, he is explaining the effect that she and her son had on him.

Now Drew is bringing up the color blindness he suffers from, she’s trying to figure out the explanation he gives about color cones and the sexes.

Drew is now being told to do a more complete intro for Mindy, Drew explains her role on the late series ‘Legit!’ and she is now happy to talk about it, she heard Jim’s interview about the show’s demise on this show and also feels bad about the end of the series.


Mindy is sharing her preference for dark comedy and Drew brings up the life and death of ‘Family Guy’ and the John Ratzenberger impression and eventual hiring on the show, Drew is like a superfan for the series and they’re now getting to the disabled actors who appeared on the show and how much they loved being part of the family and cast.

Drew recalls meeting Mindy at the birthday party for Ginger from the series, Drew now takes it to her character in ‘Austin Powers’, she was in the full trilogy and Drew says “Jefferson Airship” mocking himself.


Mindy brings up her history with ‘The Groundlings’ and Drew references the Ray Rice scandal before taking it back to her journey.

Mindy is telling him about her father’s history in comedy, Drew asks if he was in movies.

Mindy is recalling going to her father’s shows, she’s now trying to explain where her acting ambitions came from and how they took her out of her shyness.


Mindy explains how she met Mike Meyers and how they work shopped the characters at ‘The Groundlings’ theater and she goes to the audition process and how she literally laughed out loud during the audition.

Mindy is now further describing the thrill of working with Mike, though it was probably the other way around as Mindy is an Improv legend.

Drew is now sharing a “handkerchief” anecdote about Mel Brooks as Mindy further explains the process of filming ‘Austin Powers’ and she says the “shhhh!” scene with Seth Green was also heavily Improv based.


They’re now discussing the demeanor of Seth Green on set and how laid back he seemed to be, Drew is now asking why there hasn’t been a fourth film in the series.

They’re both speculating about why, citing his perfectionism and the possible backlash that awaits all great things people once loved.

Drew takes it back to Mindy’s childhood and asks if many people are aware of the bygone era where women had to enter comedy as a clown like caricature instead of as a person, he cites Joan Rivers as the origins of women having a full voice in comedy.


Mindy is a huge fan of ‘Last Comic Standing’ and cites some of her famous female standups, including Judy Gold who was on Classic Loveline in 1996.

Drew is asking her how she got associated with ‘The Groundlings’ and she tells him about her time at a 2 year junior college where she took typing and killed time until she found her muse in comedy.

They’re heading to break after Gary chimes in with info about Mike Meyers latest documentary project about a man he cared about who died.


They’re back from break.

Drew is plugging the swinging sounds of the Dr. Drew Podcast and explains the origins of the music on his show.

They’re now playing many samples and Chris gets on mic and now Drew is heading to the phone lines.


1st Caller Mike, he wants to know about the Ray Rice tape, Drew explains he’s heading to Colorado and the pot editor at the newspaper wants to interview him, he’s baffled and tells people to enjoy, they don’t need his permission or to use him as a straw man.

They’re now watching the video of the incident, both videos.

Mindy is seeing it for the first time, Drew is walking her through the fight and horrific scene of him dragging her out of the elevator.


Gary and Chris are giving and update on what the NFL has done in reaction to this tape, Mindy is surprised he’s not in jail and Gary cites the “mutual combat” argument from them, great video game.

Mindy is now arguing the reality of domestic violence in relationships and she says stuff comes back to get you, Drew is now asking the caller for his take on the situation and the reaction after the initial inaction.

Drew is asking Mike how his mother was able to escape her abusive relationship.


2nd Caller Patrick, he has a weird intro and assures Drew that he’ll probably remember him, he now brings up the HPV calls during the Brad Williams episode and a Doc Gooden episode of Dr. Drew’s podcast.

He’s now talking about his anxiety after quitting marijuana, Drew wants to know what he’s doing for his recovery and gets serious with him about the steps and how he can get things going.

He’s also quit using benzodiazepines and is suffering extreme anxiety, he’s resistant to the recovery process and thinks it’s all chemical, Drew is now enthusiastic about Neurontin and recovery.


3rd Caller Bill, he’s calling back about his custody dispute and references his ex and her possible borderline personality disorder.

He feels like she’s on the edge of a nervous breakdown and Drew gets him to start over as he’s losing his ability to track.

Drew is explaining how borderlines have unregulated rage and suffer from paranoia when under stress.

Drew is telling him how difficult it is to treat borderline disorders in adults, Bill is walking them through the past of his ex.


Drew tells him to use the courts to leverage the access of their mother and he explains that interventions don’t really work for personality disorders, it’s a long term plan.

Drew brings up Mindy’s work in ‘Raising Hope’ and wraps up the show asking when Adam is coming back on the show full time.

Gary is saying maybe they call Adam and ask him why he’s not on the show, Gary is being sarcastic and says that DJ Qualls is coming up and they’ll save ‘Legit!’

Gary is so emphatic about Adam telling them to jump for the ACS that she lets out a “Wow!” and asks everyone to calm down.