Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2014 – Jay Chandrasekhar and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2014 – Jay Chandrasekhar and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jay Chandrasekhar and Matt Atchity

Recorded 09-10-2014 – Release Date 09-11-2014

Production Number #1408

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Adam is opening the show to an Alison Rosen uterus #TopDrop and Adam is on a “look if you would just stop what you’re doing now we could simply go on” explanation, citing his mother in law and the cops, this is in response to the intro and their return to the club from last year where the woman was thrown out.

Adam is now bringing up that lady who refused to sit down and go on with it, Adam says he’s found those people aren’t great internalizes, Matt has a dusty laugh at that one.

Adam is now asking these people to please take some of the blame, it’s not about some evil club owner looking to cause trouble.


Adam is bringing up the points made by Maria Menounos about what she gained from her time with the Tony Robbins course, Adam is explaining how people need to take blame, and he’s bringing up the connecting between the women who was thrown out of the club last year.

Adam is now citing his wife and his own barometer for good and bad and fair vs unfair, Adam is now citing the Dr. Bruce visit with his kids and their lack of favorite pizza toppings.

Adam is saying that Lynette sees him as good enough and not needing her blowing sunshine up his ass, Adam says he’s never had that relationship with anyone, he’s citing Jimmy Kimmel as another person who shoots down some of his ideas.


Adam is now citing Dr. Drew and the time with him on Loveline and his lack of appreciating for Adam’s comedic abilities, Adam now asks if Lynette has ever been to a live show, nobody can cite a time but she was at a live show with Dov Davidoff and Jeff Ross at the Hollywood Improv with Bald Bryan and Teresa.

They’re now playing the audio from ACS #1172 live in Ventura and they’re explaining the strange barking from the boyfriend, Adam is now saying he’s like Spock from Star Trek, confused by stupid humans and Matt Atchity is giving his reaction to the audio, BB compliments Adam’s rad nerd references.

At one point Adam jokes about not acknowledging the music from the audio that was embedded for the last Ace Awards.

Adam is plugging their upcoming visit to the Ventura Crown Plaza.


Adam is now giving a pox to the person who tweeted him that today was his today’s birthday, Adam explains how the last time this happened it was correct.

Matt Fondiler hit me up via email to confirm it, I told him to check with Ray who would know, and Adam confirms that Ray told them, so I did lead them to the right direction.

BB is mocking Adam for having his assistants google his dad’s birthday, BB has a funny analogy, once again I go uncredited.


Adam now references Dixy land music to fuck with the guy with the brain tumor, Adam has the details of the Easter egg cameo of Bryan Cranston in ‘Road Hard’ and Adam explains he spoke to him today and he’s busy shooting a movie in New Orleans.


Adam is now sharing the details of taking the Newman documentary over to Leno and says that the part he liked most was Adam removing himself from his own documentary.

Adam is sharing the Complisult and how he ultimately decided to remove himself from the doc, Adam is now sharing the compliment given by Jay that is was a Newman’esque move to pull himself out.

Adam described Jay’s cathedral for cars and how they all sat in the theater and watched it, BB jokes about him needing a new sound system, apparently unaware of the high tech dynamic range control and limiters that protect such systems, Adam reports they were not blown out.


Adam is bringing up his son’s excitement for their upcoming trip to Coronado for their stay in the hotel and how he counts out the days, Adam has assigned him as the crew chief.

Adam is now citing his son’s big time snoring, he wasn’t a snorer in the past but now snores like and adult, Adam says that Natalia can no longer sleep next to Sonny and has washed her hands of him.

Adam is now citing the times in life you think you’re most creative, when high on mushrooms and the realm between wake and sleep, Adam is going in depth on the thought you can’t recall that was so fucking good “it was clever!”


Alison says her are like negative 2’s, not the 5’s of Adam and he’s now sharing his last one and thinks he has to iron it out, he’s now sharing the clumsy idea and Alison seems to like it, she gives it a 7.

Adam is now doing a Lifelock live read.

Throwing fantasy sports leagues under the bus edition, BB chimes in with a bit of genius and self-satisfied sniff.


Rotten or Fresh – Football Movies Round #2

1st Movie ‘Invincible’ and Adam is now giving a summation of the plot and how they do the pickup football game with car headlights scene, them wrestling in the mud.


2nd Movie ‘Varsity Blues’

Adam is singing the praises of this movie, he says it’s one of the type of movies he likes and says it should get more appreciation for being what it is, BB agrees and does recall it was an “MTV Movie” and now Adam is bringing up Ron Lester and his former policy with hookers.

Adam jokes about it being like someone taking a rental car and getting it detailed then returning it, BB brings up Ron’s character from the movie and his very obvious “fat” persona and cites the fat woman from ‘Good Luck Chuck’ and how cruel it is to take away people’s humanity because of their size.




 “Get Two Chicks in the same bed, Do ‘Em!” – Ron Lester

Ron Finally lost all that weight

They are now watching the fat chick scene from ‘Good Luck Chuck’ and mocks the context, Alison has some nice commentary and BB does as well.

They’re now playing said scene.


BB wants to know about agents calling their clients for these types of roles, Matt Atchity is adding to it nicely.

Adam is bringing up how this was an excuse for comedy in 2008(2007).


3rd Movie ‘Remember the Titans’

BB never saw the full movie, Adam didn’t see it and is now giving his summation as someone who maybe hasn’t seen it.


4th Movie ‘The Replacements’

BB gives Adam credit for nailing the last one, he thanks him.

Adam is now giving his take about the movie, they’re all voting.

Matt gives his take on seeing Alison’s scores as she writes them and how it kills him, Bald has the lead by 2 points!


5th Movie ‘The Longest Yard’

Adam says it’s one of the movies that everyone likes that he doesn’t care for, he says it doesn’t hold up today he assumes, he’s going with 73, BB does 74 and is now going to win no matter what.

Adam is now adding a little known provision about dead nuts on guesses removing 5 points from the overall score, Adam is forfeiting his new convenient rule for today’s game.

Adam is now using the “golden ball” 3 point shoot off for the precedent for this new rule, Adam is asking for a 5-10 point deduction for guessing exactly.


BB takes the Game!


Q and Ace

Hilarious “real guest” one liner.

1st Caller Craig, he’s sharing his take on his buddy and his wife who won’t sign a prenuptial agreement, Adam is now saying why prenup’s exist in contrast to the super unfair divorce law, like radar detectors being part of the average citizen’s car accessories in response to cops and their radar guns.

Adam says a woman can cheat on you and then take your house, he is now making some killer points and removing gender from the equation, it goes both ways, men and women!

Adam calls it a necessary evil and explains that until the laws are fair you can’t do anything else, Alison is now giving her take and Adam is bringing it back to airport security and why it’s now mandatory.


“You’re registered at more than Macy’s” – Adam Carolla on the contract of marriage.

Adam says he should blame one of his relatives that she hates the most, a fall guy.

Adam is being told by Craig by how he’s heir to a hotel chain and how this could result in damage to the family business, Adam is now asking for the role to be reversed if she was the heir.


Adam says it’s a sad cost of doing business in 2014.


2nd Caller Trey, he wants to know if people should have kids at a younger age, he has an argument that struggling with younger parents might be a biological method to influence personal momentum.

Adam is now bringing up the “wife is my best friend” guy and “I had my son at 17 so he’s my best buddy” guy and how they’re equally weird.

“Everything gets weirder when it’s a woman” – Adam in reply to Matt Atchity.


Alison is now bringing up Adam’s star status and how his kids are able to get by without doing much, he brings up his son’s love for the military “pogs” and he’s now bringing up Alison, his cohost from ‘Catch a Contractor’ who bought a case for Sonny’s military pogs.

Alison has a great “you wouldn’t know” line about Adam not knowing his kids birthday’s, he follows it up with some classic “yes and” and brings up not getting a tweet, gold!

Adam is now asking for a music bed and he’s sharing an anecdote of his son reading ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ to him, ultimately that’s what the kids want, they want the parents attention and time, he cites the rich kids who end up dead at 24, Alison has a killer “teach Adam to read” comment, holy shit great!


Adam is back to Trey and going surprisingly in depth with some dude who called in, back in my day I had to dance for the man to get 27sec of talk time all while trying to inform Adam of much needed information that ended up being crucial for certain “reasons” this year in particular.

Alison is now explaining how Mother Nature works, nobody cares about you, it’s about replicating, like a virus, and Adam has a great ‘Ted Talk’ one liner.


Adam is doing a Go to Meeting live read.


3rd Caller Ted, he wants to know about the absence of BB drops featuring his own voice, turns out he has a super pretentious reason for not having any all in the aim of being fair and non-self-aggrandizing.

Ted is running a conversation by them about not hiring a maid, Adam has a killer one liner about the “costs 200k for a full time chef and maid” logic about mothers, and he tells Ted to avoid this conversation with his wife.

BB has some early success with drops while Ted is talking, Adam shares his “I just want to make enough money to enjoy the life my wife and kids have” dream.


Ted wraps up his angry stuff about women not being able to count being a mother as a job, Adam has a killer “you never stop being a roofer” riff mocking mom logic, clean those gutters out!

Adam tells BB he admires him not playing his own drops but does open the door, I wonder if he’s always done this, didn’t he have some of himself from the old morning show?

Alison makes a point about the absurdity of the drops, the “Out Of Context” reason that makes them even funnier, he then plays her “lustful cock monster” drop.



4th Caller Eric, he is bothered by people who spit into the sink without rinsing their mouth, Adam brings up his insane rinser status, he’s explaining how he cleans up after the slobs he lives with.

Adam is going in depth on his clean up routines, he uses a dirty sock and jokes about wiping up other substances (Jizz and shit?) and gets a knowing nod from Atchity, gold!

Adam is giving out the plugs for Matt and the site, Jay is running late (again?)


They’re heading to break.


They’re back form break.

They play a “Nicaraguan Name That Movie” for ‘Goodfellas’ and Adam asks if that was in reference to their reference of the movie earlier, Dawson says yes but I think it was coincidence.

Adam is now asking Jay about the premise of his new Amazon Pilot and he’s sharing an anecdote about taking his kids to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant.

Jay shares the real life joke that inspired this, he also address the restrictions on network TV and how he can’t really get into them due to the limitations.


Adam is asking about their pilot program at Amazon and how it works, Alison asks how he feels about the ratings so far and now Adam asks about the possible crowd sourcing for ‘Super Troopers 2’ and he explains the deal they have with Fox Searchlight.

Adam is asking about the possible budget for the sequel and the original’s budget to contrast, Jay has a knowing comment about how crowd sourcing the original might have benefited them even more.

Adam says everyone is now getting into the content business, Jay loves it and Adam asks why not and then Jay explains how Amazon Prime works.


Adam is back to the sitcom rhythm, the ‘Gilligan’s Island’ rhythm and how they’ll never get off the island, Jay sums it up nicely.

Adam is doing a live read for


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on Mike Tyson appearing on a talk show in Canada and endorsing Mayor Rob Ford, Alison quotes the rapist comment from the host and they’re now playing the clip.

Jay agrees with Mike Tyson and Adam has a killer one liner misunderstanding Jay, I love when Jay comes on the show!

Adam is now addressing the comments and Jay calls it a bitchy thing to do, Adam says he feels most sorry for the guy sitting next to Tyson, who has to be their uncomfortable.


They’re now trying to find the question that was and playing another clip about the aftermath from the interview.

They’re now reacting to the statement and “some would say” and now Adam says give the guy credit for sitting next to Tyson and saying that.

Adam is back to the “smooth over guy” and says that Tyson is Tyson.


2nd Story is on a Law Enforcement officer who says he sent the NFL was sent a video and Adam says the cover up is what gets you now, there is no use covering things up and BB now asks what’s not going to be found out in today’s corporate world.

Adam is bringing up Chappaquiddick and how scandals of yore were “simpler times” and “The Salad Days” and now Alison is quoting the NFL statements about this possible cover up.

Adam is sharing the “hope it goes away” take people often have about these things, Jay is now sharing the reaction to the video and asks how many games Adam would have suspended him for, Adam has a killer ‘Connect Four’ joke.


Adam is now giving an example and BB disagrees with him, Adam says that during any average football game a man gets worse damage than any kind of physical punishment elsewhere, BB misunderstood the point.

Adam is now sharing his donate money idea and the symbolic punishments that are almost meaningless, he now brings up how people are forced to apologize and the concerns of management, who only care about the bottom line, not the actual victims.

Adam is now bringing up how these controversies never go toward solving the issue at hand, Jay gives his take and Adam has a killer escalator joke.


Adam likes Rubber meets the Road punishment, not symbolic shit.

Alison is now giving her take on how this makes it seem so much worse, he’s bringing up Rush Limbaugh and the Don Imus controversy from a decade ago “Nappy Headed Hoes” and says the cover up ends up getting you into more trouble.

Adam is now sharing pity for the guys now in trouble who didn’t beat their wives and just want to do business, Adam is now joking about Dawson attacking a woman with his bong and how he would react, Adam says his staff could leave and nobody would know the difference, hilarious “no one’s smiling” line from Jay.


Adam is now explaining how he would react to a coworker who beats their wife, Adam wants something to actually happen for this, take some money and give it to the cause.


3rd Story is that the ‘Pumpkin Spice’ condom hoax/rumor and the response from Durex, Adam is now a great riff about the lost spice girl.

Alison explains the “taste me” condoms and Adam asks if fucking isn’t enough, Alison doesn’t understand flavored condoms, they’re for prostitute’s people!

Adam is now joking about drunk women taking a bite out of your dick like in ‘Good Luck Chuck’ as they all riff about the horrible depiction of an overweight person.

They’re all now asking about the order of operations with the BJ and flavored condom.

“You flavored the puss” – Alison


Adam brings up the Dental Dam and how it came up on Classic Loveline in the mid 90’s, Adam is joking about his fruit roll up dental dams, hilarious reaction from Alison.

Adam is killing it!

Adam is now recommending the best flavor, hilarious apricot comedy!


Adam is now joking about rethinking your decision if both of the woman’s legs won’t fit through your fruit roll up with the bite missing.

Alison and Jay are asking great follow ups and contributing to the riff.

Alison wraps the news, to her new ‘Taste Me’ drop, not the flavor the puss one.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs, Jay has a funny “preposterous” reaction and BB closes the show to Adam and his prediction about assaulting his wife.