Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2013 – Jimmy Kimmel and Dennis Prager

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/11/2013 – Jimmy Kimmel and Dennis Prager

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Guest Jimmy Kimmel and Dennis Prager

Recorded 09-10-2013 – Release Date 09-11-2013

Production Number #1161

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Adam is opening the show with a nice #TopDrop from BB and they’re immediately getting into the topic of the “Twerk Fail” video reveal on Kimmel, as it turns out the video you can see via the link above was a prank Jimmy Kimmel Live pulled on the planet earth and was just revealed on his show last night.

Adam is explaining that he didn’t get advance info about the prank and it was only coincidence that it never came up on the ACS.

Adam is getting into his policy on Schadenfreude and shaming in general, he’s using the “glass breaking at a crowded restaurant” scenario to make his point.


Adam is sharing how he had that very discussion and debate with Drew on their podcast “The Adam and Drew Show earlier in the day.

Adam’s series of examples about being able to “cut a diamond, perform a bris and put in a contact” while a car backfires is painfully hilarious!

Adam is taking it back to his conversation with Drew and he’s citing the various examples he used to win the argument and get Drew to finally agree.


Adam is explaining that he’s a hero because of his lack of interest in seeing other people get knocked down, he’s talking about the illusion of superiority one can feel when judging someone else for making a mistake.

Alison is asking Adam about society being graded on a curve and he’s got a great point about Schadenfreude.

Adam is connecting his general demeanor on this topic kept him from falling for this prank, He’s teasing the phoner with Kimmel later in the show.


BB is in full ass kiss mode shooting down Alison’s comment about the “Tosh Audience” which some could argue is supremely possible so both points are accurate.

Adam is explaining how the mainstream news picked this up and how Jimmy has actually exposed an interesting element of our society, something that needs to be addressed before we fully descend into “Idiocracy”.

Adam has a great point about Alison’s dereliction of news duty, as she didn’t report it either, almost suggesting the ACS was aware in advance, none of the cast saw the video until last night.


Adam is now asking Chris about the facts regarding the production and release of the video, Chris and Gary are now on mic straightening out the facts.

Adam – “I should’ve just stopped him right there and just punched him” regarding misinformation from Engineer Chris Laxamana.

Adam is bringing up his earlier ranting about the goal posts with Dr. Drew from earlier in the day, he’s playing a kick from over 25 years ago to make his point.


Adam is on a “these kids today” riff describing his nephew who has no desire to learn to drive in contrast to 16 year old Adam and Drew.

Chris now on mic to explain the best part when Adam was walking off he asked Chris about the kicker in the footage they just played and perfectly timed his punch line regarding his nephew to the name “Rich Carless”.

Chris says he walked away like a cool guy walking away from an explosion.


Adam is commenting on his realization that he could book Jimmy on the show and the total views count on both videos with a scary “What else does he have out there?” closing thought.

BB is bringing up a historical “We Pilfer The news” the example featuring William Randolph Hearst, very interesting BB, could have gone longer IMO.

Alison and Adam are asking about the social implications and BB thinks this might be taught in journalism school in 100 years.


Adam is now talking about today’s guest Dennis Prager, he wants to pick his brain regarding Russia and China not taking more of the “sanity” burden and assisting in preventing our mutual destruction at the hand of crazies.

Adam is bringing up the fall of the Berlin wall and asking what happened to the “good vibes” post Rocky IV.

Adam is now explaining the “Prager University” clips that Dennis provides and BB is suggesting himself for his interesting anecdote, I would actually like to hear that.


Adam is explaining that he’s done a few himself and wants to bring up the one devoted to WW II that they played last year and he knows if they start playing it, Jimmy will call in time to interrupt it, using Adam’s own just referenced “absence of luck”.

They’re now playing “Prager U” for “Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Bomb”.

Adam has a great follow up point about the people who still debate that logic yet refuse to provide an alternate answer, almost as if they live in a fantasy land of nonsense.


Jimmy Kimmel is now joining the show for his 10th appearance, Adam is asking him how the video cam about and he’s telling them about the challenge he initially issued to his writing staff and he’s got a killer reply to Adam’s question about the original plan.

They’re now going through the prank video and Jimmy’s reveal at the end and how perfect it was.

Jimmy said they only had 3 tables and were able to accomplish it 3 takes despite someone yelling cut during the 2nd take that Jimmy says was just fine and didn’t need to be stopped.


Adam has a funny “coming out” question and Kimmel runs with it, Adam is now implying he’s extorting Jimmy not to reveal their gay past, good stuff!

Adam is now complimenting Jimmy’s wife Molly on the Gaboriau Sidibe prank at his wedding, she’s sitting right beside Jimmy while driving home and he’s complimenting her genius as well.

Adam and Alison are now asking how she actually pulled off the stunt/rig and Adam’s asking how the set looked, it only took 12 minutes to film all 3 takes according to Jimmy.


They’re now discussing how to make things seem real by adding superfluous details to throw people off and Jimmy is telling the gang about his attention to detail regarding stuff like that.

Jimmy wants a Fund Anything campaign to stop people drinking from empty cups in movies, Adam agrees and is riffing along with Jimmy, block of frozen coffee –hahahaha.

Adam is wrapping up with Jimmy as he heads into a screening of Jake Gylenhaal new movie “Prisoners”.


Adam just announced that Mangria is now available here in Illinois at “Binny’s” liquor stores and he’ll be signing bottles at the downtown location off of Jackson on Sep. 28th, I’ll be there as well so be sure to say hello!


They’re returning from break to a listener voicemail and Dennis Prager is making his 3rd appearance on the ACS.

Adam is bringing up the list of banned items at the beach, ranting about it not being government property but property that belongs to the tax payers, the people.

Dennis is telling the gang about the various things he was exposed to as a child to make an example about how he turned out and Adam has a great reply to Alison’s comment about farting while wrapped in his bubble wrap suit.


Dennis is bringing up why musical chairs and dodge ball are now banned from schools and Adam is bringing up the capitalistic pyramid scheme of life and how trying to remove it any level of development is not only futile but the antithesis of American society and ideals.

Dennis has a hilarious “ha of course, exactly” delivery in reply to his observation about what dozens of valedictorian’s means about the position.

Alison is explaining her “let someone else build the muscles” take on this subject.


Adam is now asking Dennis about Russia, and their role in the world, why they aren’t a united front with the states, Dennis is saying he is the right guy to be asked this.

Dennis is smartly laying the majority of the blame at the feet of Putin, the “former” head of the KGB, he laments the collapse of the Soviet Union and wants to compete against us.

Dennis is dead on, this is flawless reasoning and now Adam is asking them about their “great” history that they’re trying to recapture.


Adam is connecting this to the “Adam hates kids” tweets he gets in reply to his theory about free lunches for kids, Dennis has a great point about the goal of raising children.

They’re in total agreement about parenting and tough love for raising children, Dennis is claiming the people of today are adopting the French revolution over the American Revolution, our actual heritage.

Dennis is being very fair minded while discussing the progressivism movement, he’s not name calling or mudslinging, he’s arguing belief vs. belief, very interesting.


Dennis just closed out the thought with “The World Needs American Values to Triumph” and I couldn’t agree more, Adam is taking it back to making lunch for your kids and MVP trophies role in our society.

Adam is bringing up the time his son got his “participation trophy” awarded for him merely breathing, Adam loved his son’s lack of concern regarding the trophy.

Dennis is waxing poetic on “earn” and says the only happiness in life is earned, Adam agrees and he’s bringing up how he’s labeled a “prick” in response to “That sounds like fun”.


Dennis is now taking a moment to dispel the prick notion and Alison has a killer retort that leaves Dennis reeling in laughter, gold!

Adam says that most of the things people ask/comment “that sounds like fun!?/ That Sounds like Fun!” about are actually difficult tasks and take a lot of work but are rewarding and how that’s almost better than fun.

Alison is giving her POV on how autonomy and competition have benefited her life and why it’s hard to initiate in a person because it’s hard.


Adam is bringing up his mother’s lack of understanding regarding his love of the game of football, he’s breaking down the reasons why she opposed to the game.

They’re taking it back to Russia and Dennis is using his expertise to breakdown the passions of the majority of the people and how it connects to a growing movement in our country.

Dennis is describing the United States almost like Mutants from Marvel Comics, saying that we’re becoming less mutated over time, normal even.


Dennis is now sharing his theory on Taiwan in response to Adam’s questions about China and their global role.

Adam just mimed kicking of his shoes and pitting out his gum while mocking the patterns he’s witnessing in society that lead him to believe things are changing for the worse.

Adam is now listing the bumper stickers on the municipal vehicles that leave him pondering some very sad questions about where he lives.


Dennis is sharing how he has his father on once per year to tell him the differences between now and when he was a child, Dennis is sharing his wisdom at 95.

Adam is now sharing how he went to take an early tour of his daughters classroom at school and how he noticed the teach was sporting go-go boots and a nose stud, with the largest size Starbucks Frappuccino with whip cream and her name boldly facing the students.

Adam is now bringing up the snot nosed punk that walked up to Adam and told him he’s not supposed to be present at the school, Adam is describing his own plausible reactions as a child in comparison.


Dennis is sharing an anecdote of being thrown over two desks as a student after talking too much in class, Alison has some funny observations and helps the telling of the story greatly.

Alison is asking why the parents have shifted priorities so greatly, she’s got a great bit of logic regarding it.

Adam is now discussing the march towards evolution and how it’s great for the majority of issues but not all social movements need to change, he’s citing civil rights as a good example and buddy parenting as a bad example.


Adam is on a “different for the sake of different” rant while stating not all things need to change unless it’s towards a better/healthier/equal way of living.

Adam is asking Dennis where he sees the United States in 10 years, Adam is worried in a simple way describing the increasing group of freeloaders who get equal vote.

Dennis is saying free things are harder to kick than opiates, he’s citing the anger people feel when entitlements are stripped away, as a child of welfare parents I know he’s right.


Dennis predicting a “TBD” gender option on birth certificates and is explaining how bad he feels for the kids of today with the removal of gender realities from daily life.

Adam is bringing up his take, how this movement popped up in the late 1970’s. He’s citing the “pop gun/dolly” analogy and his own kid’s rebellion against that faulty logic.

Adam is using Sonny’s sweet disposition and love of guns and cars to make an example of the difference between boys and girls.


Adam is citing the car seat and pull ups incidents and his kids natural love of their gender specific interests.

Adam wants to know why colleges spout the lies regarding gender after witnessing his kids choose their own interests, fully allowing any option.

Adam is bringing up the “2+2+5” style logic of teaching these things at institutes of higher learning, Alison is explaining what he’s talking about and why they’re taught in various courses.


Dennis is bringing up his “Prager University” courses that are being released to combat this campus indoctrination.

Adam is bringing up his counter argument “that’s how it is” to people who ask why men and women have had traditional roles throughout history.

Dennis is bringing up the president of Harvard who gave his daughter trucks for Christmas and found out later that she had named the trucks “Daddy” and “Baby” flying in the face of his attempt to manipulate her interests based on his intellect.


Alison is bringing up how she’s been using the men’s bathroom at the warehouse after the women’s room light has been out for several days, great pee by the light of her iPhone one liner.

She’s bringing up the urinal and how she’s been standing in front of it for her lipstick application and has observed why Adam likes peeing in the sink because the urinal height was surprisingly low.

Adam is now explaining his sink peeing technique and how it actually saves water, he’s telling them about the “falcon” waterless urinals.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the new iPhone’s the 5C and 5S, she’s reading the differences between the models and Adam wants their take on the fingerprint identification.

Adam doesn’t use a code on his phone and BB is of course the only person in the room who does, citing his prankster “friends”.

BB is now predicting that Jimmy Kimmel must have the same policy and now Adam is telling the gang about Cousin Sal getting his hands on a text message spoofer and how he sent Bill Simmons a text from Kevin Hench about Adam being upset that Bill didn’t contribute to “Road Hard”.


Adam is citing his pin being written on the back of his debit card and why he doesn’t care or worry about it, Alison wants to know if Adam’s ever been burned and he’s now explaining the sheer number of things that never seem to happen despite preparing for them.

He’s telling them about the time the fire alarm was pulled at his hotel with Drew and how he rightfully predicted it was a prank from the prom going on downstairs, Adam is sharing his 2nd floor jump logic that kept him comfy in bed.

Dennis is agreement with Adam and explaining how he only uses 2 passwords, smart logic.


Adam is explaining how the iTunes password always burns him and requires a reset, how the fingerprint scanner would solve this problem for him.

BB has a hilarious “did you just give out your iTunes password” incredulously, like if anyone was able to figure it out they’d be able to use it on a different machine.

Gary is now on mic explaining the new color/material and Dennis is sharing a point about Samsung overtaking Apple and how the United States doesn’t get any credit for intervening and keeping South Korea from being overtaken by North Korea.


Adam has a killer point about the U.S. involvement in the Korean War and how much he doesn’t like people critiquing the United States for always picking up the metaphorical check.

Dennis says that Korea is the single biggest example proving the doubters wrong regarding America’s military interventions.

Dennis is highlighting the differences between the Korea’s and Adam wants to know why this goes on in 2013, the constant dialogues about humanity and kindness, he’s contrasting the level of importance between doing away with dodge ball and piñatas vs. prison countries like North Korea.


2nd Story is on a recent study that says men with bigger testicles are worse fathers, Alison has a hilarious one liner in reply to Dennis asking who thought this study up.

Adam is now having Bryan join him for an improv where he pitches the study, this is hilarious!

Dennis is jumping in and messing up the scene, Adam now pitches his areola size and IQ idea in reply to BB’s testicle study.

And Scene, fantastic!


Alison is reading the logic behind the findings and Adam is taking the improv out of the scene into the real world, yelling at Alison, gold! Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read with BB. Giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.